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Friendship movies

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in Korea are hard to come by?
SO FIRST THINGS FIRST, I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section. =\

I was going to post this in the Korean Drama/Movie section, but they seem a lot stricter there about opening new threads. By stricter I mean, they don't want you to lol. I looked at the already existing list of discussion threads in the KDM section too but none really fit what I was going to ask. I thought of posting this on the Korean celeb section but it didn't seem to fit, either.

So I'm sorry if this thread shouldn't be here in GD, but I kind of ran out of options.


Can anyone recommend me Korean movies about friendship?

I mean like, the fun, young, group of friends, kind of friendship movie?

With a balanced ratio of girl:boy in the group. Not 1 girl, 5 guys.

Even if the movie is not primarily about the friends, but if there's

a substantial amount of scenes with friends at least, that'll work.

Please & thanks =)

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there is a Korean movie called, '고양이를 부탁해' (Please take care of my cat) it's based on five girls who are best friends.

Their friendship is generally the main focus of the movie.

The movie is available to watch on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCGE96I-Li4)

The movie itself is a little iffy, but I'm quite sure you can find more than enough scenes in this movie

I hope that helps : )

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Joint Security Area.

Worst enemies by day, best friends by night, illegal actions, and hard decisions.

I personally think it's one of Korea's finest movies about friendship.

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