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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현 [ We will wait you!!! See you in 2019 ^^ ]

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This guy deserves his own thread. He is soooo good in WISFC. Looking forward to a drama where he is the main lead. For goodness sakes, he's older than Lee Min-ho! He definitely deserves his own drama.

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He's so cuuute *_*. I've only watched on episode of Will It Snow... and I like himm <3 I need to watch the other episode (so I can edit ep 3 subs XD)

But anwyay.. Does anyone know more about him though? I googled his name in Korean.. and I got all these @__@;; pictures.. And it's from some.. internet shopping mall... scandal? My Korean still isnt THAT good, so I put it in google translator... I got the gist of it but it's still o___O;;;?!... haha D:.

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Gosh KSH is sexy - I first saw him in WISFC, which I hope brought him a lot of publicity! I heard he was going to be in Father's House too... I'll have to watch out for that!

I didn't realize he was as old as he is though - he doesn't really look 21 (his face still has that boyish charm to it! :)).

And ArtemisRider - thank you for the links to SSGB! I didn't know that he hosted that with Seungyeon - there were a lot of funny related clips on Youtube.

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oh yay! I can call him oppa! I thought I was a noona to him. LOL..

He's one powerful volcano in Will it snow for Christmas. The scene of him at the police station shocks me every time I watch it. Soooo powerful!

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Just found out about Soo Hyun from "Will It Snow at Christmas" drama.

Really impressed me with his great acting skills plus he is so handsome!!

I thought he was younger than me at first too lol but yay he's older :lol:.

He's got potential, can't wait to see more works from him! :D

Found some pics of him on naver ^^
















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I'm looking forward to his future projects.

He played his character in Will it Snow at Christmas? really well!

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Taken from C51236 off WISFC thread.


Kim Soo Hyun left a goodbye message? if anybody could translate thanks! can't wait to see his next project!!...

link to article: http://news.nate.com/view/20091210n05347

this is about "thank you message"

i summary all it to make it easy..

" he thankful and with a honor acting beside the top actor and actress in this drama..he also learned a lot of things when he is in this drama..he also said thanks to all staff,crews,director,all casting members and also his partner for taught him how to make the best scene more alive and support him..i had doing my best and try to put a lot of effort in whatever scenes i had although the weather are so cold and always snowing,but i kept my promise to do my best for audiences..i recommended this drama to all to watch it because it full of love whether it simple or complicated one.THANK YOU very much your supports!! "

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He recently came out in a new drama!!

It's called "My Father's House" or "아버지의 집"

Very short though only two episodes


It's still a really great and touching drama!!

Credit and mad props to the uploader on youtube:D

this boy has got TALENT!!

hi! year i also really like his acting skills and i agree he's really gud looking, well i'm a noona tho... im 22! lol , too bad.

anyway, where can u find the other eps for this drama My father's house? cauz on mysoju they hav Father's house and the story is about a girl... it can't b it... so, where can we find a channel to view them?... and dyu know when it came out?? gosh, i'm really curious about him and wanna see more of him! thanks for replying

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