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Shun Oguri (Oguri Shun, born December 26, 1982) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and film director.
Personal Life :
He married actress and model Yu Yamada on March 14, 2012. Their first child was born in 2014
Personal Profile :

Name               : Oguri Shun, Shun Oguri

Birth place      : Tokyo

Date of Born   : 26, December, 1982

Blood type      : O

Height             : 184 cm

Shoe size       : 26.0 cm

Hobbies          : Music, baseball, skateboard, boxing, soccer, surfing.

Siblings           : Older brother : Oguri Ryo, 28 years old and elder sister.

Extra                 : -Left handed

                             -Left highschool before graduating, to  pursue acting.

                             -His best friend is the also actor,   Takashi Tsukamoto.

Profile credit to www.ogurishun.tk


Filmography :

1. Drama  .    :

            - Great Teacher Onizuka

            - Densha Otoko

            - Gokusen

            - Hana Kimi

            - Hana Yori Dango

            - Hana Yori Dango Return

            - Smile

            - Binbo Dashi

            - Tokyo Dog

            - Jui Do Little

            - Rich Man Poor Woman

            - Border

            - Nobunaga Concerto

2. Movie  .      :

            - Crows Zero

            - Crows Zero 2

            - Hana Yori Dango Final

            - Hana Kimi SP

            - Detective Conan Live Action





Gallery  :





Now on with the eyecandy. :P

If you have any pictures, feel free to add!!! More pics: [p.02].[p.03].[p.04].[p.06].[p.07].[p.08].[p.09].[p.10].[p.11].[p.13].[p.14].[p.15] .[p.16].[p.17].[p.18].[p.19].[p.20].[p.22].[p.23].[p.24]

pic contributors: fishie, Mugen, xxZeroxx, TygrrLilly, eNeRGy04, swtviet92, mzz_booo, ichigo_no_powder, LIL_5tar_87, Loser003, elizabeth, astronomic, loony_luna, x NAMi x. . shun2.jpg






Picture credit to various blogs, takashioguri.lil.to and me for uploading.

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he's SO hot!! omg...

when i was watching Gokusen, he didn't appeal to me right away because my eyes were basically glued on Matsumoto Jun (hehe :P)but after a while i was like... "who is that HOT blonde dude!?" lol~ and then i saw him in Summer Snow because everybody says his acting was really good in it because he portrays a deaf boy. but really... i couldn't tell the difference since i don't understand japanese -0-;;; and then the only other thing i watched was Azumi II and oh man... he was HOT in it!! :wub: :wub:

and right now i'm watching Hana Yori Dango and i'm SO loving him in it!!! when i watched meteor garden, i was totally a Dao Ming Si fan but now with the Japanese Version i'm totally a Rui Hanazawa fan hehe. i mean... Matsumoto's Doumyoji Tsukasa is hot too but Oguri Shun is just too irresistible!! :wub:

oh yea... and i love how he wears really tight pants in Hana Yori Dango too... :P


thanks for the HOT pictures!! :D

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^ Haha I was like you.. When i first watched Summer Snow I didn't really pay any attention to him... same thing when i watch GTO. It wasn't until I watched Stand Up and Gokusen I thought 'wow that guy is hot'... Love him ever since! :wub: And yes he is such a hot Rui!!! :P

More pictures........









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cuuute. i really need to see hana yori dango~~

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he has a cute name xD

first time i saw him was in Gokusen too ^^

he actually appealled to me right away xD

now i must watch more of his works !!!

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OGURI SHUN!! my husband!! lmao. he's very good looking!! i love him in Gokusen season 1 and in hana yori dango =p.

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Yay! It's Shun! He's one of my favorites ^_^ First time I saw him was in GTO...And then I watched Summer Snow...And what a difference @_@ He was so much taller and thinner...And just WHOA :blink: Haha :lol: I love him in Gokusen, too, but I only got up to the 3rd episode because that's all that was available...And then my computer ran out of space so I never went back to download any more @_@ I'll watch the entire show eventually... :lol:

He's so cute :wub: And I love him with the blonde hair :wub:

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this guy looks good on HYD!!

reminds me of the taiwanese guy Luo Zhi Xiang in some of the pics above heh

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