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Won Bin 원빈

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The Man is back!



Real Name: Kim Do-Jin Stage Name: Won Bin Birthday: September 29, 1977 (lunar date); November 10 (western date) Height/Weight: 5'10"/ 138lbs Blood Type: O Education: Yeo-Ryang Elementary School, Yeo-Ryang Middle School, Chun-Cheon Mechanical Engineering High School, Baek-Je Art College, Yong-In University (major: median and drama) Special Interest: Taekwondo, Snowboarding, Car Racing Hobby: Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Fishing, Computer Games, Photography


2009: Mother 2005: My Brother 2004: Taegukgi 2002: Guns and Talks


* Friends (MBC, 2002) * Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000) * Tough Guy's Love (KBS, 2000) * A Light at the Small Station (KBS, 2000) * Kwangki Ad Maniac / Want You (KBS, 1999) * Ready, Go (1998) * Our Story (1997) * Propose (KBS, 1997)


*Maxim Espresso T.O.P * LG Cyon * Ziozia * Foval * Omphalos * Coax * Woori Bank PR * Baskin Robbins * Namyang 'French Cafe' * Hite Beer


* 2009 UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador * 2004 Golden Filming Awards: Best Newcomer for "Taegukgi" * 2004 Chinsa Film Art Festival: Best Newcomer for "Taegukgi" * 2002 Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Awards (Japan) * 2000 Baek-Sang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (TV Drama) for Kkokji and Autumn Tale * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Best Male Actor * 1999 KBS Acting Awards: Best Newcomer award




Forum Rules Note: If you have any additional information, updates, or corrections kindly PM me so I can update Won Bin's thread :)

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Heck yeah! He's one of the hottest i ever seen. haha. gosh i love him . lol

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still hot as everrrrrr... although I prefer his boyish looks...

I think he needs to gain a lil bit weight now.. =p i know his cheekbones are so sexy and all... but he's just getting too skinny.. just my opinion..

*still drooling*

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he's still as HOT as ever!


credits to whoever who posted this up back then.


he looks so fine! AHH :D




hmm, one of cyon CF's. hopefully the caps are okay. i find tht they both look good :D

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i haven't visited the old won bin thread. i really don't know why coz he's one of my fave k actor. not only because of good looks but i find him passionate in his acting. love him in autumn tale and taegukgi

baby won bin ...


i can see the adult won bin from this baby pics :)

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