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What are the K-Drama's that you have watched?

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So this is how it goes. When answering please satisfy all questions.

What are the kdramas you have watched as of now?

Did you watch all of it or only part of it?

Give a number rating for it? (1 for the lowest 5 for the highest) (Don't rate if you only watched part of it)

Your opinions on it. (Optional)

You may edit your post for shows you have recently watched.

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Last post since updated was the 18th post.

Posts that have been included: 3-5, 7, 10-18.

Thanks for answering.

FORMAT: Drama Name|Average Rating|Total Hits

All About Eve|4.5 out of 2 Votes|3

All In|4.25 out of 2 Votes|2

Alone In Love|5 out of 1 Vote|1

A Love To Kill|3.75 out of 2 Votes|3

Attic Cat|2.83 out of 6 Votes|8

Autumn In My Heart|4.5 out of 7 Votes|9

Bad Family|5 out of 2 Votes|3

Beautiful Days|4.5 out of 1 Vote|1

Dae Jang Geum|3.75 out of 2 Votes|4

Damo|4.5 out of 1 Vote|1

18 Vs. 29|3 out of 1 Vote|1

Four Sisters|5 out of 1 Vote|2

I'll continue this after a while.

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Watched In Full:

The Last Dance Is With Me | Rating = 5

- The kdrama that got me hooked into all this. I really liked the love story of Hyun Woo and Eun Soo

Green Rose | Rating = 5

- I loved the way Jung Hyun did all to recover his identity.

What Happened In Bali | Rating = 5

- As much as people did not like the ending, I think it was a fitting end to the whole situation.

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Fox | Rating = 4.5

- Kim Tae Hee was really beautiful here and I also found Han Ye Seul attractive.

Stained Glass | Rating = 3.5

- I liked the 1st few episodes but towards the middle it wasn't that good anymore.

Dae Jang Geum | Rating = 4.5

- This was a long one but I loved how the story went on.

Phoenix | Rating = 4.5

- Similar to Green Rose, Sae Hoon made success and did all to recover from the past.

I'm Sorry, I Love You | Rating = 5

- This was the 1st kdrama that put me to tears.

Oh! Pil Seung Bong Soon Young | Rating = 4

- Ahn Jae Wook really made this series funny.

Only You | Rating = 4

- This show made me hungry. All the food.

Watched In Parts:

Lovers In Paris

18 Vs. 29

Spring Day

Sang Doo! Let's Go To School

Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang

My Sweetheart

All In

Autumn Tale

Attic Cat

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

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Watched in Full:

★★★★★ Save the Last Dance For Me

- i got hooked to k-dramas because of Eugene noona! she was my savior. love the OST muchos!

★★★★ Full House

- cuteness. Han Ji Eun made me cry.

★★★ Hotelier

- Bae Yong Joon. 3 syllables. 1 name. that's all.

★★★★★ My Name is Kim Sam Soon

- Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin is hilarious! b/c of Sam Soon, i can eat all i want!

★★ Princess Lulu

- i dont really like the story. same old story..

★★★ Let's Go to the Beach

- i only watched this b/c of Lee Wan & Jun Jin!! lolz.

★★★ What Happened in Bali

- hate the ending! =(

★★★ Only You

- i dont know its ok.

★★★★ Sassy Girl, Choon Hyang

- love the OST, made my heart hurt when Choon Hyang sacrificed her love just to save Mong Ryong.

★★★★★ My Girl

- one of the best! made me cry, giggle, love it!

★★★★★ Goong

- also my best pick! cant wait for the nest season.

★★★★ All About Eve

- umm ok. just a pity for some characters.

★★★★ Winter Sonata

- huhuhu. just a comment. "Endless Love Dramas" never fail to make me cry.

★★★★ Wonderful Life

- ok. coz of Eugene. though i want Eugene to end up with Lee Ji Hoon. {on and off screen} lolz.

★★★ Snow White

- again, i watched this b/c of Lee Wan.

★★ Attic Cat

- not really my type. Just wanted to see how it'll end.

★★ Wedding

- not really my type too.

★★★ Love Story in Harvard

- this made me like Kim Tae Hee & Kim Rae Won. haha.

-- may add more a little later

Watched Some Parts:

Stairway to Heaven

-- i got traumatized by characters with ailments.. i dont want to finish watching it..

Autumn in my Heart

-- never got the chance to finish the middle part of the drama, i was always crying! damn..


-- got bored b/c Hyun Bin's character is pitiful.

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1. autumn in my heart-started me on korean dramas. what a tearjerker

2. winter sonata-the drama that started the great korean wave in asia

3. summer scent

Rain is my #1 fave korean artist and Bi-Kyo is my favorite asian couple onscreen:

FULL HOUSE - my all time fave. have seen it 13x



Kwon Sang Woo is another fave:































ROMANCE (partly)

oh so many many more. im truly hooked on this korean dramas for the last 3 yrs now.


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wow.. i have watched A LOT.. and i mean A LOT..

brb 4 the list.. but maybe without ratings.. cos i really can't remember..;)

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Watched In FULL

Full house : Rate = 5

-My 1st K-drama that got he hooked to Korean dramas.

Sassy Girl choong Chyang : Rating = 5

-The chemisry was amazing btw HCY and JH. I actually thought it was better then FH :D

My Love Pattzi : Rating = 4.5 [Cuzz I was disappointed w/the ending]

-Gr8 drama and very short. I fell in luv w/KJW watching this. It was cute and funny @ times and the setting was very refreshing!!

Forbidden Love : Rating = 4

-What I like most in this drama is the action scenes. And KTH was beautiful!

Let's Go To The Beach : Rating = 5

-Lee Wan, soooooo hot in here!!!!

Sang Doo, Let's Go to Schol : Rating = 3.5

-I would of given it a higher rating but the lead actress annoys me so much. Sang-Doo was a charmer and would do anything for her. Which I think he's done way to much!!

Wuri Family : Rating = 3.5

-Aww it's cute and it got 3 of my favorites KJW, KRW and JH. I watched in chinese dub so I couldn't understand most of the times. Altthough, I watched the whole thing.

Romance : Rating 3.5

-Nice drama. But I dun really like the student/teacher relationship much. But ended well!!

Attic Cat : Rating 3

-Funny. But too much packing and unpacking back and forth!! It got annoying!!

Only You : Rating 3

-As much I luv HCY. JHJ wasn't helping much and the supporting cast was hella annoying. I manage to watch the whole thing only cuzz HCY and the little boy was cute. Other then that it's a BIG WASTE. But so many people luv it so much. I still can't see y?!

Heaven Tree: Rating = 5

- What can I say?! The drama was heart breaking :blush:

Wonderful Life: Rating = 5 +++ :sweatingbullets:

- I luv it!!! I Luv it!!! i luv It!!! Kim Jae Won and Eugene was awesome together. I luv every moment w/them and Shin-bi.

A Love To Kill : Rating = 3.5

-The ending was horrible. I dun see y they should die like that?!. Bi was HOT though :w00t:

I'm Sorry, I love You: 5

-The 1st K-drama I watch where the lead dies. I admit I got tears flowing w/them. I can really feel their pain especially So Ji Sub!!!

Save The last Dance : Rating = 4

-It's a beautiful story but I can't help hating the other guy. Which result in a 4..

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon : Rating = 5


My Girl


We're Dating Now : Rating = 2.5

-Half of it was good then drags later.

Snow White : Rating 4.5

-Lee Wan's HOT!!

Hello, God : Rating 3

Which Star R u From?

Watched Bits and Pieces

Princess Lulu

Biscuit Teacher, Star Candy

Beiging, My Love

My 19 year old ister in law

What happen In Bali


Princess Hours

Sweet 18

Want You

Love Letter

Bright gurl, Successful Story

Prince's First Love

To marry a Millionaire

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Nope this is different.

This is asking for what you have watched. If you watch it in part or full. You may also give your rating on it.

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Watched in Full

*****+++Sassy Girl Chun Hyang-comedy

-This series mixed comedy and drama very well

***** All About Eve

-My first korean drama and it did very well because all the actors acted excellently and I like the plot

***** My Girl

-also a nice mix of drama and comedy, the writers are highly commended

**** I'm Sorry I Love You

-a nice heart-breaking drama

***** Autumn In My Heart

-only drama that made me cry

*** Winter Sonata

-I fell asleep in the middle (oops)

***1/2 My Name is Kim Sam Soon

-IMHO, it dragged in the middle

**** Love Letter

-I like the different plot line

***1/2 Goong

-IMHO, it shouldn't have been extended

**** Full House

-good, feel good drama

****1/2 Save the Last Dance For Me

-another good and feel good drama, I almost gave it a 5, but I didn't because the plot is quite old

***1/2 Wonderful Life

-feel good series, but dragged in the middle and Shinbi is cute

***1/2 Only You

-same as wonderful life except the dad should have known that he has a son earlier

*** Loving You


*** Gumiho/Tale of the Nine Tailed fox

-different series, but it tried too hard to be different

**** The Truth

-I'm a fan of the stars so I'm biased :P

series that I started but haven't finished for some reason

-Sweet 18

-Love Story in Harvard

-Jewel in the Palace

-Hello God

-Green Rose

-Sad Sonata

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This list of dramas was only watched because I like someone in the cast....I have watched in full:


-Song Seung Hun, Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Han Chae Young....love the OST...Won Bin got me HOOKED!!!


-Song Seung Hun, Son Ye Jin, Ryu Jin, Han Ji Hye....Love the OST


-Bae Young Jun, Choi Ji Woo, Park Young Ha, Park Sol Mi....Love the OST


-Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Tae Hee...Love the OST


-Jo Hyun Jae, Kim Tae Hee, Jun Jin, Han Ye Seul, Uhm Tae Woong...Love the OST

6.) ATTIC CAT---2.5

-Kim Rae Won and Jung Da Bin....Draggy...

7.) MY LOVE PATZZI---2.5

-Kim Rae Won, Jang Na Ra, Kim Jae Won....Didn't like it...


-Ahn Jae Wook, Chae Rim, Ryu Jin....Didn't like it...


-Han Jae Seok, Chae Rim, Ji Jin Hee, Park Ye Jin...Love the OST


-Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee...didn't like the ending...


-Jo Hyun Jae, Song Hye Kyo, Ryoo Seung Beom....ok...didn't really like it...

12.) LOVE LETTER---4

-Jo Hyun Jae, Soo Ae, Ji Jin Hee....I just liked it....don't remember why...first time seeing JHJ?...I think...

13.) FULL HOUSE---5

-Bi, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Sung Soo, Han Eun Jeong....Love the OST

14.) FRIENDS---5

-Won Bin, Kyoko Fukada, Lee Dong Gun...Love the culture clash and happy ending...

15.) ALL IN---4.5

-Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Kyo, Ji Sung, Park Sol Mi....great cast...love the OST...


-Ji Sung, Eugene, Lee Bo Young....Loved the OST


-Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah, Daniel Henney, ...Loved the OSTs

18.) SAY YOU LOVE ME---1

-Kim Rae Won and ???....didn't like his character...too wimpy...

19.) LOVING YOU---3.5

-Park Young Ha, Eugene, Lee Dong Wook....ok...liked the main couple...


-Kim Rae Won and Eugene...kinda draggy...but Shinbi is so cute!

21.) 1% OF ANYTHING---3.5

-Kang Dong Wan and Kim Jung Hwa....cute couple...

22.) LOVEHOLIC---2

-Kang Ta and Kim Min Seon...didn't like the storyline....


-So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jeong...didn't like the ending...


-Jae Hee, Han Chae Young, Uhm Tae Woong....Love the OST...Great drama...


-Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun, Yeon Jeong Hoon...love the OST

26.) GREEN ROSE---3.5

-Ko Soo and Lee Da Hae....cute couple...


-Park Shin Yang, Kim Jeung Eun, Lee Dong Gun....confusing ending...

28.) SUPER ROOKIE---3.5

-Eric Mun, Han Ga In, Oh Ji Ho....draggy towards middle to end...

29.) ONLY YOU---3.5

-Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young....cute kid they had....

30.) WEDDING---3

-Ryu Shi Won, Jang Na Ra, Myeon Se Bin, Lee Hyeon Woo...ok but draggy at times...

31.) MY GIRL---5

-Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Lee Jun Ki...didn't realize all the LEE's...Love the OST...


-Ko Soo, Kim Hyeon Joo, Yoon Sang Hyeon, Son Tae Yeong...very draggy...didn't like it...

33.) REVENGE---5

-Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ji Min, So I-hyeon, Ko Joo-won...Great story line...

34.) SWEET 18---4.5

-Lee Dong Gun, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hae, Lee Joon...very cute couple on screen and real life...


-Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jeong Hoon, Song Ji Hyo....cute new actors/actresses...love the OST

36.) POTATOE BOY---4

-Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Bo Young, Ryu Jin...very long but enjoyable...nice cast...like the main theme...

37.) MAGIC---3

-Kang Dong Wan and ??? (I forgot the girls name)...draggy...

38.) SNOW WHITE---3.5

-Lee Wan, Kim Jung Hwa, Yeon Jeong Hoon....Cute but draggy in the middle...

Will add more on later...

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Watched In Full:

My Girl | Rating = 5

- My favorite Korean Dramas ^^ It was funny

Bad Family | Rating = 5

- Loved it, it was funny

Autumn Tale | Rating = 5

- My first Korean Drama

The Last Dance Is With Me | Rating = 5

- Got me to really start watching Korean dramas =]

Green Rose | Rating = 5

- I loved Go Soo & Lee Dae Hae

Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Fox | Rating = 5

- Fighting scenes were cool, Kim Tae Hee was in here =]

Love Story in Harvard | Rating = 5

- I loved it<3

My Sister-In-Law is 19 | Rating = 5

- Funny, then sad, but good

Sweet 18 | Rating = 5

- Cutest drama I've ever seen

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang | Rating = 4.5

- I didn't like the beginning, but loved the middle/ending

My Love Patzzi | Rating = 4.5

- Cute, but kind of disppointed me by the ending

Stairway to Heaven | Rating = 4

- Beginning was good, then got boring in the end

Love Letter | Rating = 4

- It was a bit boring after a while but still good

Full House | Rating = 4

- Too much fighting between Song Hye Gyo & Bi (Rain) but still funny

Wonderful Life | Rating = 4

- Too many fighting between Eugene & Kim Jae Won =[

Firebird | Rating = 3.5

- Got a little boring

Only You | Rating = 3

- It was OK but still also boring =[

Edit. 06/07/01

Fashion 70's | Rating = 5

- The first few episodes were the greatest, and I liked pretty much all the characters =]

Watched In Parts:

Stained Glass

Spring Waltz

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

To Marry A Millionaire


A Love To Kill

18 vs. 29

Glass Slippers

Tree of Heaven

Alone in Love

Snow White - Ew.

Super Rookie

Wooden Carosel

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dramas i finished watchingg

I'm Sorry I Love You - 5

I really liked it. the storyline was good and the casts were awesome. I actually thought the ending was pretty goood for a tragedy...=)

Heaven's Tree - 5

Love it to pieces(: I love the Hana and Yoonsuh couple....... Park Shin Hye and Lee Wan rulesss! The ending was okay for me, i actually find it somewhat romantic LOL(:

Save The Last Dance With Me - 5

Loved the chemistry between Eugene and Jisung. I probably rewatched this drama 5 times lol.

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang - 3.5

I think its okay... the beginning was really interesting.. but when they did that "a few years later" thingg, i didna like it.. from then on i thought the drama was really draggyyy, until the finale..

The Tale Of The Ninetailed Fox - 4.5

I really liked how it is so different from a lot of kdramas. I find the whole fox thing really interesting.. the ending just wasnt that good, but it made sense.. so im ok with it(:

Resurrection - 5

I lovee the plot and the casts. Seriously, they act so well, well with the exception of the 2nd male lead:/ he was okay... Uhm TaeWoong ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSS FOREVER. his acting is just.. wow.... i even bought this drama=p

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon - 3

Honestly, I didnt like it. Ppl said it was 'realistic'? or it lets the not-so-confident girls feel better.. but imo, i just didnt like it. I didnt think it was possible for a hot guy to fall in love with a fat girl... even though i thought kim sun ah wasnt fat or ugly, she looked really cute and pretty actually. But the way they molded her character made me think her and hyunbin just doesnt match... the romantic parts just didnt work with me. when kim samsoon cried, i just started at her and.... became speechless=T but the comedic parts are pretty good=)

My Girl - 4.5

My Girl has good comedic parts and romantic parts. I really liked the casts as well. But thennn sometimes it seemed a lil draggy. Its all good though(;

Green Rose - 5

Maybe im just really into the revenge kinda plots, i really liked this drama. Go Soo kicked butts, and Lee Dahae acted quite well. Go Soo pulled off his character sooo well, and i thought the plot was quite intense, except i was a stupid person who read spoilers before watching it LOL but nonethleesss i still felt nervous when they weree in that college house and all.. I actually watched this drama before My Girl.. and after watching LDH's appearance here, i decided to give My Girl a try(:

Autumn Tale - 5

My first K drama probably. Crazy tearjerker, awesome casts and plot though=)

My Love Pattazi - 4.5

Funny and awesome, except the ending screwed everything up=T

Summer Scent - 2.5

It is DEAD boring. i dont even know why i bothered to watch it. oh yes, cuz of son ye jin =)

Jewel In The Palace - 3

The plot is quite good, just that im not used to such lengthy types of dramas.

Full House - 4

Cute couple, but the storyline wasnt toooo interesting.

What Happened in Bali - 4

It was pretty cool, nice plot and all. the ending was.. interesting lol.

Wonderful Life - 4

Cute and all, but draggy in the middle.

Damo - 4.5

I really liked ittt. awesome storyline^^ ha ji won is so pretty in it too!

dramas i didnt finish watching

Phoenix - LOL nothing is bad about the plot, just that i didnt want to see Eric get dumped so i didnt watch the last few eps: P

Lets Go To The Beach - I didnt really think the main couple matches EVEN THOUGH LEE WAN ROCKS AND HES SO HOT. SO IS JUNJIN<3 but blaahh, I just didnt see the spark between the maain leads:/

Snow White - Lee Wan is MADDDDDD hot in this, I think im gonan pick it up again later. now i find it okay, somewhat draggy thoughhh.

Successful Story of A Girl (not sure about the name; its the one with Jang Nara) - I thought it was really boringgggggg>< the supposingly comedic parts seemed forced and weirddddd, so i didnt have the patience to finish it.

Attic Cat - I dont find the spark between the two main leads, and it wasnt all that funny. the first few eps didnt catch my attention. so i gave up after watching a few eps.

Love Story In Harvad - I really liked Kim Tae Hee with Kim Rae Won, but i didnt like their english during the first few eps so i gave up><

Goodbye Sadness - Its pretty good, i didnt give up on it or anything, just that im watching it slowly cuz thers a lot of eps lol (:

Super Rookie - I just hated Han Ga In's character there, no idea why. but everytime i see her in the show i get pissed off. i like the actress though:/

1% of Anything - I thought it was quite draggyyy and it has 26 eps for such a simple plot.. so i gave up after the first 5/6 eps: P

blah i dont remember all the dramas i finished/got partly done. ill come and edit if i remember lol =)

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Bad Family- 5

My Girl- 5

Wonderful Life- 5

Winter Sonata- 4

Stairway to Heaven- 4

The Last Dance Is With Me- 4

I'm Sorry, I Love You- 5

Oh! Pil Seung Bong Soon Young- 4

18 VS. 19- 3

Delightful Girl, Choon-Hyang- 4

Autumn Tale- 4

Attic Cat- 3

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon- 4

Full House- 5

Let's Go To the Beach- 3

Snow White- 2

Glass Slippers- 3

Super Rookie- 4

Romance- 3

To Marry a Millionaire- 2


Only You- boring, unoriginal, just blahhh.

Lovers in Paris- it got scary after LeeDongGun's character got all jealous...and i never went back to finishing it cause i heard the ending sucked

Spring Day- the characters scared me, as well as the entire story

Princess Lulu- i hated Kim JungEun's character. the plot wasn't all that great either

Goong- overrated. the actors were very mediocre and the plot was draggy

Wedding- i couldn't get into the plot

Love Story in Harvard- i loved the part where the actual story was at Harvard, like it was supposed to be. after everyone moved to korea, the story got werid.

Sad Sonata- i only watched the first parts where the little kids starred. the actors didn't match their characters at all for me.

Heaven's Tree- couldn't get into it. werid characters >_<

Which Star are You From?- Jung RyuWon acts much better as the pretty, rich girl as opposed to the simple country girl. it just didn't work.

Fireworks- blah i'm giving up on it. it started out great. eventually the second female lead got more airtime than the 1st and the story was focused on her. i'm really disappointed because it had potential to be a good drama =/

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1. Delightful Girl Chun Hyang - 5

2. I'm Sorry I Love You - 5

3.Full House - 4.5

4. Bright Girl's Success Story - 4.5

5. Beautiful Days - 4.5

6. Wonderful Life - 4

7. My Sister-in-law is 19 - 4

8. Super Rookie - 4

9. My Name is Kim Sam Soon - 4

10. Autumn In My Heart - 4

11. All In - 4

12. What Happened in Bali - 4

13. Attic Cat - 3.5

14. My Love Patzzi - 3.5

15. Truth - 3.5

16. Romance - 3.5

17. Stairway to Heaven - 3


1. Little Bride - it was okay but i never got round to finish the last episode

2. Winter Sonata - didnt make it past the first episode

3. A Love to Kill - i thought the direction was terrible. it was jumping here and there and moving so slowly. only managed two episodes.

4. Jewel in The Palace - just too darn long!

5. Phoenix - this is lame but i didnt want to see eric's character go bad so i stopped halfway haha

6. Secret - hajiwon's character got too annoying.

7. Fashion 70s - didnt like the cast :vicx:

8. We Are Dating Now - omg it was so boring. even sjs couldnt keep me interested.

9. Summer Scent - it was one of the slowest moving dramas ever. soooo darrrrnn slowww.

and currently watching, A Prince's First Love which is rocking so far :)

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I'm sorry I love you



Spring Waltz

What happned in Bali


Alone in Love

They were really nice. I will never forget these ones. :):):)


Winter Sonata

Autumn Tale

Save the last dance for me

Sad Sonata

A love to kill

My Girl

My sister in law is 19 years old

Pretty nice. But sometimes, I just feel they are not original. I mean they are so look like. :P:P:P


Attic cat

Delightful girl Chun Hyang

Which star you are from

Sweet 18

Stairway to heaven

My name is Kim Sam soon

Lovestory in Harvard

They were attractive while watching. But once finished, they were gone. :phew::phew::phew:

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watched in full:

attic cat - this is the first time i saw kim rae won on tv and fell in love with him

my love patzzi

love story in harvard

which star are you from - my favorite

( i don't want to give ratings because i am a fan and definitely i would be biased )

spring day

what happened in bali

dae jang geum

full house

my name is KSS

delightful girl chunyang

stairway to heaven

autumn in my heart

winter sonata

all about eve

four sisters

hugs in the dark



watched in parts:

save the last dance

only you

wonderful life

my girl

sweet 18

summer scent

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Oh my... so many that i've watched in full... but i'll still give it a go at my memory ;)

Green rose ****1/2

-- lee da hae and go soo were great in it. tension was great and the mystery and how go soo went about for his revenge and justice was fantastic..

My Name is Kim Sam Soon *****

-- besides that kim sun ah is an awesome actress and hyun bin is just too charming, the drama seriously made me laugh like crazy

Autumn Tale ***

-- the storyline's fresh, and i like the plot and the whole drama generally... though can be kinda whiny at times.. too much crying!

Goong *****

-- AWESOME!! never fail to sustain my interest

My Girl *****

-- Another AWESOME!! lee da hae proved to be such a great actress at such a young age too!

Full house *****

-- Not just Bi is my hearthrob, but he did well in the drama. he can make me laugh with his wacky expressions. SHG changed 180C from whiny Eun Suh to cheerful Ji Eun

Prince's first love *****

-- Cha tae hyun made me laugh!

Love Story in Harvard ****1/2

-- what can I say?? RAE WON OPPA and the gorgeous kim tae hee as a team = FANTASTIC!

My Love Patzzi ****1/2

-- love the cast - jang nara, rae won oppa, kim jae won. like the storyline too~

Bright Girl's Success *****

-- funny and loving jang nara and jang hyuk in it!

Sorry I Love You *****

-- fascinating~ love so ji sub! and the storyline's so sad too!!

Tell Me You Love Me **

-- Watched it cuz of my fave RAE WON OPPA, but the storyline's kind of hmmm.... not too interesting imo

Snowman ***

-- with all the veterans in this drama, it makes the show more endurable.. however the fact that the younger sister is loving her bro-in-law theory never quite sank in...

Sangdoo, let's go to school *****

-- great drama! bi was great! gong hyo jin was superb! however, the transition from a damn funny drama to a damn sad one... kinda... weird. but still a good drama

Wonderful life ***1/2

-- enjoyable, funny at times, love the casts, but storyline isn't too fresh

Romance ****1/2

-- great drama! kim ha neul is such a great actress, and kim jae won's smile just melts my heart

Attic Cat *****

-- ahhhh... my all time favorite comedy with my RAE WON oppa!! i wish someone can load this with english hardsub so i can re-watch them again!! missing it!!

Winter Sonata **1/2

-- the only thing i enjoyed in this drama is the scenery and the snow... beautiful~ other than that, nothing else appeals to me

Loving You ***

-- not much comment actually... i'm rather ok with it

19 Year old sister-in-law ***1/2

-- to be honest, even though i like jang da bin, her character in this drama kinda annoyed me and it spoilt the drama a little... but still enjoyable cuz it can be really funny... yoon kye sang!!!!! yummm..

18 Year Old Bride ***1/2

-- Enjoyable, but it bore me after a while

Glass Shoes *****

-- da BOMB!! awesome drama!! i enjoyed every minute of it even though it's really long. the 4 main casts were awesome!

Dae Jang Geum *****

-- Same as Glass shoes, AWESOME, most original script ever! and i enjoy everything about it, learning about korean culture etc

Stained Glass *1/2

-- Sorry to say, this drama BORED me... hahaha... i thought it's really really redundant that kim sung soo's role kept hanging on and refusing to let go, like... his persistence is seriously annoying me. got draggy but i hate letting dramas hang halfway so i forced myself to finish it

All About Eve *****

-- another da BOMB! awesome! kim so yeon's evil role knocked my socks off. jang dong gun's good guy role is so heart-warming. very very good drama!

Lost Path ***

-- not very known drama i guess... it's alright... lee joo hyun was the main attraction for me lol... chae rim, kim so yeon and park yong ha was ok...

Stairway to Heaven ***1/2

-- not too bad... KSW and CJW did well. enjoyed watching KTH's evil role though. she's really pretty. it'll be so much better without all those crying... hahaha

Oh! Pil Seung ***1/2

-- entertaining enough... never quite expected ahn jae suk and chae rim to be paired though.

i think that's all.... that i can remember........ B)

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Autumn in my heart

My name is Kim Sam Soon

Stairway to Heaven

Dae Jang Geum


18 year old bride

19 year old sister in law

Wonderful Life

Save the last dance for me


Sang Doo let's go to school


Winter Sonata

18 vs 29

My love pattzi


Full House

Lover in Paris


Love story in Harvard

Stained glass

Attic cat

I can't really remember all...

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