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[movie 2009] Rabbit And Lizard 토끼와 리저드

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This is where Sung Yu Ri will play a Korean adoptee, right? So she must have a lot of English lines.

I'm psyched because my love Jang Hyuk is having lots of films, lately.

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Sung Yuri Is Learning English For Her New Movie

by Hanfever 02.07.09

In preparation for her first big-screen project where she will be playing a leading role, Sung Yuri is currently doing her best to learn English. Sung Yuri has officially signed the contract with the production team of “Rabbit and Lizard” and the movie is scheduled to begin shooting in mid February.

The role which Sung Yuri will portray is a character called May, who returns to her birth country after 23 years in a bid to discover her own identity. May gives out a mysterious feeling and is very open-minded in her thoughts. Although she looks strong on the surface, in reality she hides a deep wound in her heart.

As Sung Yuri is to play the role of an adopted child of an overseas family, she has began to revise on her English 3 months before filming starts, correcting on her English pronunciation and tone. The film’s production company has expressed that the set will be entirely in South Korea since the plot is about an adopted child returning to the country. Most of the language will be in Korean but there will also be some English lines. Hence, Sung Yuri is now actively learning English.

Director Joo Ji Hong who graduated from La Femis, a french state film school, will undertake this project. He was awarded a film screenwriter award by CNC Centre National de la Cinematographie and was also one of the top 10 new director of the year selected by France Emergen. He is a widely recognized director in Europe and also in South Korea.

Sung Yuri who is about to take on her first movie said: “As this is my first time meeting the audience through the big screen, I feel the pressure and my heart is beating wildly. I will face the oncoming challenge with this feeling.”

The male lead of the movie was chosen only recently and will be revealed during the “opening ceremony” in mid February.

Source: Joynews

From: http://www.hanfever.com/2009/02/07/sung-yu...-her-new-movie/


Jang Hyuk Cast As Sung Yuri’s Lover

by Hanfever 02.18.09


It is announced that Jang Hyuk has been cast the leading man in Sung Yuri’s upcoming debut movie “Rabbit and Lizard” (temporary named) and both of them will play as lovers in this film.

In the movie, Jang Hyuk will play as a cabbie Eun Seol, who is down with a rare heart disease, that is, his heartbeat may stop at any moment. Eun Seol is an inflexible and introvert character but he is also gentle and broad-minded at the same time. In his journey to assist May (Sung Yuri) in discovering her true identity, he also gradually realizes his self-value in this world.

From my understanding of Jang Hyuk’s role, I foresee this to be a melodramatic movie with possibly a sad ending. I mean once you cast a lead with such a role (may pass away anytime), it is likely you will get a sad ending. Despite this possibility, I’m sure their journey towards the end will be beautiful and touching. The film is directed by renowned director Joo Ji Hong and will begin the shoot this month.

From: http://www.hanfever.com/2009/02/18/jang-hy...over/#more-2458

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Seems like Sung Yuri is pretty busy this year with dramas and movies. I cant wait to see Jang Hyuk-Sung Yuri pairing though the story plot seems sad. :w00t::w00t:

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Sung Yuri Takes On Her First Movie


Korean actress Sung Yuri will be playing a leading role in a movie for the first time! According to a staff from her management agency Sidus HQ, Sung Yuri has reached an agreement with the production company of "Rabbit and Lizard" and will be playing the leading role in this upcoming movie.

This is not the first time Sung Yuri has participated in a movie though. She acted in both "Emergency 19" and "How to Keep My Love" in the past, but they were either a cameo or supporting role. A movie leading role is the first time for her.

The plot of "Rabbit and Lizard" revolves around the life of a girl (Sung Yuri) who was adopted by a foreign family at a very young age. She grew up overseas and only returns to South Korea after 23 years in search for her own identity.

To prepare for the movie, Sung Yuri has taken the effort to study the script everyday. "Rabbit and Lizard", which will be directed by Director Joo Ji Hong, will begin shooting in February.

Definitely a busy first-half for Sung Yuri as she has to make transverse between "Swallow The Sun" and this, but I'm sure she will be able to cope with it.

Source: mydaily

Credit: Hanfever



Seung Yoo-ri's first film challenge is through "Rabbit and Lizard"!

Seung's first role in a movie is as an adopted child who reflects on the reasons why she had to be an adopted child. This is a young road film.

Her role will be an adopted child, May who visits Korea in 23 years after her adoption. She seems mysterious and independently stron, however, she carries a deep wound that is revealed throughout the film. Seund will be challenged to fulfill this sensational melodramatic film that will bring tears to the audience.

Seung Yoo-ri's innocent and strong character in "Hong Gil Dong" helped her be casted for this role. This film will start being film this February.

Source: osen

Credit: hancinema


Sung Yuri’s film debut

Former singer turned actress Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong, Snow Queen) is taking the next leap in her acting career: movies.

She’ll be toplining the film Rabbit and Lizard (working title), directed by Joo Ji-hong. Her character May is an adoptee who returns to Korea for the first time in 23 years to find her roots.

Sung said of her big-screen debut, “Since it’s my first time trying a movie, I’m nervous and excited.” After reading the script, she had felt such a desire to portray this character that she made an eager appeal for the part.

The film is scheduled to begin production in February; meanwhile, she’s also slated for the weekend drama series unofficially called “All In 2,” aka SBS’s Swallow the Sun, alongside Ji Sung (New Heart) and Lee Wan (Insoon is Pretty), which will air in June.

Credits: dramabeans


Jang Hyuk And Sung Yuri as Lovers


It was revealed today that Jang Hyuk has been confirmed for the movie Rabbit and Lizard opposite fellow SidusHQ colleague, Sung Yuri (her debut movie) and become a couple. The movie Rabbit and Lizard is about a girl who had left the country when she was little after being adopted by an overseas family and is now back in her home country, in search of her identity. Sung Yuri plays the adopted girl who returns to her home country after 23 years living overseas. She is aided in her search by a cab driver played by Jang Hyuk.

According to the production company, Jang Hyuk's character has a rare heart disease which leaves him being cold/disinterested to anything around him. But in the journey with Sung Yuri's character, he gradually discovers that there's actually hope in life. The movie will be directed by Joo Ji Hong with filming expected to begin anytime soon.

source: coolsmurf


Jang Hyuk & Sung Yuri to Challenge the Big Screen Together


The film set has finally decided on Jang Hyuk as the male lead for the movie, "Rabbit & Lizard" (working title). He shall challenge the big screen together with Sung Yuri.

"Rabbit & Lizard" revolves around an adopted child, May, who was raised in America and returns to her homeland Korea after 23 years in search of her identity. It is a young road movie. The movie will be directed by Joo Ji Hong, who gained worldwide attention with his unique shooting and editing style. With the 2004 production, "Toothache", Director Joo has since moved into the field of French long script movie.

Jang Hyuk will portray a rental car driver who has a rare heart disease, in which his heart will stop beating at any moment. The character is a shy and boring person, but at the same time, he is a warm person with a big heart. He is helping May find her true self and during this process, he also finds the value of his life.

Jang Hyuk and Sung Yuri together will bring us a heart touching love story.

Being the first movie for Sung Yuri and the first homeland production for Director Joo, the movie "Rabbit & Lizard" will start filming in February.

Credits: www.sungyuri.org

thanks to annie for posting this in Yuri's thread

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the CHARACTER of JANG HYUK is quite familiar..... ROBBERS?! maybe?!

or... SNOW QUEEN? LOL! ><

glad that YURI & JANG HYUK will star in this MOVIE! must watch! ^^

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So glad that JH seems to be getting more movie roles. He's really a superb actor and I'd like to see him get more recognition.

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I would have wanted Jo Insung and her together in a movie. (random).

Anyway, hope the movie will fare well. It's a big thing for her.

Good luck.

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from dramabeans.com

Filming begins on Rabbit and Lizard

February 21st, 2009 // by javabeans

Filming has commenced for Rabbit and Lizard [토끼와 리저드], as you can from these newly released stills. The film is the latest project from actors Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong) and Jang Hyuk (Tazza), and marks Sung’s film debut.

In Rabbit and Lizard (which is still just a working title), Sung is placed in the role of “mysterious and free-spirited” adoptee May. After growing up in the States, May comes to Korea for the first time in 23 years in search of her identity.


In the above scene, May and Jang’s character Eun-seol meet at a bus stop, where, “sitting side by side, May and Eun-seol come to feel each other’s presence.” Their acting in the scene is described as “lyrical” as these two people “sympathize and come to share their subtle feelings with each other.”

Jang plays a taxi driver suffering a rare heart condition that threatens to stop his heartbeat at any moment. He contrasts with Sung’s character with his sardonic and gruff exterior, though it hides a warmth on the inside.

From the description, it looks like this will be one of those films that is more dependent on tone and subtle acting performances than, say, plot and conflict. I’m interested in seeing if Sung Yuri can pull off a nuanced and detailed performance; that hasn’t been her strong suit, but she’s been improving over the course of her career. As for Jang Hyuk — well, I can see him in the character already. Gruff and sarcastic? He was made for that.

Rabbit and Lizard is directed by Joo Ji-hong, a director who gained notice with his debut feature film in France, the 2004 road movie Toothache [치통], and is looking at a summer release.


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I like the title Rabbit and Lizard. They should just keep it instead of changing it to another title later on. Sounds cool....

SO looking forward to this. What I'm not looking forward to is all the sad parts though...

Sung Yuri & Jang Hyuk look good together, hopefully they'll have great chemistry together.

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Jang Hyuk is one of the most amazing actors! I loved him in "Thank You" with Gong Hyo Jin...besides that, he's very handsome as well! =D

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thanks to Laine for the above pictures..

*Credit: baidu*


bigger resolution

*Credit: dcyuri*

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