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[movie 2009] Oishii Man 오이시맨

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Lee Min Ki, Chizura Ikewaki, Jung Yoo Mi
Debuts 19 Feb 2009.

Director : Kim Jung Joong (Hers)

Cast : Lee Min Ki, Jung Yoo Mi, Chizura Ikewaki

Official site :

Daum movie site : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45453

Photo gallery : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45453 / 오이시맨

Trailers / making-of : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45453

MV :





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Press conference on 10 Feb 2009.

Credits to Mayifly2 (from LMK's thread) for photo links below.




































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Source : Hancinema

Korean World Premieres at PIFF 2008

Source | 2008/09/30 | 599 views | Source | Permalink | Share this news

The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is putting its weight behind local films this year, and, under the catch-phrase 'Way to Go, Korea!' will host the World Premier of 15 Korean features. Headlining is closing film "I am Happy" by Yoon Jong-chan, a psychiatric drama based on a novel by Korean literary giant, the late LEE Chong-jun. The fest runs Oct 2 – 10 in the south-eastern port city of Busan.

PIFF's competition section, New Currents, will see the World Premieres of 3 Korean features. "Land of Scarecrows" is the sophomore effort by Noh Kyeong-tae ("The Last Dining Table"), a poetical cross-section of the lives of Korea's outsiders in pursuit of vanishing dreams. "Members of the Funeral" by BAEK Seung-bin is an HD feature about a family mourning the passing of relative and the memories it triggers, while KIM Tae-gon's "The Pot" focuses on the uncanny happenings surrounding a small family in their new apartment.

In the Korean Cinema Today – Panorama section are several anticipated features, including offbeat comedy "Crush and Blush", the feature debut by Lee Kyoung-mi, assistant director to Park Chan-wook. The film is PARK' s first producing effort and centers on the awkward behavior of a jealous school teacher for her married colleague.

Indie-auteur Jeon Soo-il is back with a drama set mainly in Nepal, called "Himilaya - Where the Wind Dwells", starring top thespian Choi Min-sik.

Other films making their world premiere in this section are "Heartbreak Library", an erotic thriller by Kim Jeong-kwon, "Sisters on the Road", by BU Ji-young, a drama following the journey of two half-sisters after their mother's funeral, and Kim Jeong-joong's "Oishi Man", about a singer going deaf who travels to Hokkaido to rest.

Accompanying Panorama is the Vision section with several debut selections including PIFF returnee Ahn Seul-gi's third feature, "How to Live on Earth", a B-movie send up about the marital troubles of a top spy and her bookish husband, a poet. Also on the program are the autobiographical drama, "Breathless" by YANG Ik-joon, "The Pit and the Pendulum", a labyrinth of memories induced by a funeral gathering by SONG Young-sung, street-drama "Exhausted" by KIM Gok, "Let the Blue River Run" by KANG Mi-ja, "The Room Nearby" by KOH Tae-jeong, and horror triptych "VIY" by PARK Jin-sung.

In addition, a Gala presentation will be given to Korean-American director SOHN Soopum's "Make Yourself At Home", psychological drama about a newlywed Korean couple, set in New Jersey. It stars popular actress Song Hye-kyo in her US debut.

Nigel D'Sa

Japanese Actress Makes Film Debut in Korea

Source | 2008/09/08 | 357 views | Source | Permalink | Share this news

"The cup in my mind has lots of holes. No matter how many times I try to fill it, I cannot remove all of the emptiness. This is why I`ve been inquisitive about everything since childhood".

Japanese actress Chizuru Ikewaki, known for starring in the film "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish", has a mysterious face, making it difficult to guess her age. She has teenager's white and clean facial tone with the cold eyes of a woman in her 30s.

Her latest film "The Musical Note and the Seaweed" is being screened at the second Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul, which will end Thursday. The Dong-A Ilbo recently talked to her in downtown Seoul.

Achieving stardom at age 16 after being selected in a fashion model audition among 8,000 contestants, Ikewaki showed impressive performances in Japanese director Isshin Inudou's "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish", which was released in 2004 in Korea. She rejected a request to smile for the cameras, something which her character Josee would have also done.

Unlike other actresses trying to get away from being typecast by their previous roles, Ikewaki seems unburdened by the vestiges left by the role she performed at 22.

"Josee takes things in her life like a philosopher due to a disease that left her legs paralyzed", the actress said. "She thinks, 'Happiness couldn't come to me, and even if it does, it won't last'."

"Her thought isn't resignation but something much stronger. I got a really strange vibe with Josee, who is able to leave her first love whom she anxiously waited for".

In "The Musical Note and the Seaweed", she plays someone with Asperger`s disorder, which is similar to autism.

"I have long known this disease from books", she said, recalling her character Josee, who enumerates an endless list of complicated disease names.

"A person with Asperger`s disorder finds it hard to understand others. I think everyone has some degree of this disease. I also often find myself involuntarily hurting other people's feelings when I am immersed in something. I have been always interested in film stories of strangers associating with each other", she said.

The joint Korean-Japanese movie "Oishi Man", in which she made her film debut in Korean market, is about a Korean male and a Japanese female who gradually open their hearts to each other.

Japanese director Haruo Inoue, who accompanied Ikewaki to the interview, said, "Ikewaki is an amazing actress who has the hearts and faces of a grandmother, mother, geisha and high school teenager".

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Source: The Korea Times 02-19-2009 15:18

'Oishii Man': Magic of Love, Youth

By Lee Hyo-won

Staff Reporter


Japanese actress Chizuru Ikewaki, left, and South Korean actor Lee Min-ki star in Kim Jeong-jung's mellow romance film "Oishii Man.'' / Courtesy of Sponge

Franz Kafka once said that "literature must be the axe for the frozen sea within us,'' and good movies, like books and other works of art, sometimes have such inspirational power. "Oishii Man'' is yet another small jewel of a film by Kim Jeong-jung, and despite its prevalent imagery of the frozen sea, the youthful romance seethes with warmth.

Perhaps love and youth compliment each other like no other pair can. Kim broke hearts with "HERs,'' set in snow-covered Alaskan plains. This time, the director takes viewers to the ice floes of northern Japan. In "Oishii Man,'' two young starlets ― South Korean model-turned-actor Lee Min-ki and Japanese heroine Chizuru Ikewaki ― make music and magic.

Hyeon-seok (Lee), a once promising musician, suffers an ear problem and ends up teaching tone-deaf "ajummas'' (aunties) at a local singing class. The film shines upon hidden talents of the pretty-faced actor, as he croons rock tunes and ballads effortlessly and breaks down as his character discovers he's losing his singing ability.

He spends each day listlessly, surviving on the simplest meal in the world, a concoction of raw egg, soy sauce and white rice (though such minimalism becomes a luxury when he runs out of soy sauce). Hyeon-seok instructs his students, who can't carry a tune in a bucket, literally with a bucket. He tells them to sing with a pail over their heads so they can listen to their inner voice, but he himself cannot.

One day he meets Jae-yeong (Jung Yoo-mi, "Family Ties''), a young woman who says she was a fan of his in his better days. He feels an attraction but can't find the courage to open up to her ― even when they are both intoxicated with Jae-yeong's killer boilermaker, beer and soju mixed at a 3:7 ratio, rather than the other way around.

Feeling suffocated by his mundane existence and seeking silence from Seoul's noise pollution, he takes a trip to Mombetsu, Hokkaido. At the airport, he meets Megumi (Ikewaki), a bizarrely dressed young woman who happens to run a small bed and breakfast.

The heroine of "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish,'' a small Japanese indie flick that took Korea by storm 11 years ago, returns as another peculiar but adorable character. Like Hyeon-seok, Megumi also seems out of place in her hometown, as the only young person in a place populated by older people, where time seems to stand still. Her only comfort is smoking and enjoying a little drink on a swing outside her inn. A visit by a young foreigner brings novelty to her life.

The two, while communicating in broken English, discover a common language in food and music ― "oishii'' meaning "delicious'' in Japanese, is the first word Hyeon-seok learns. They struggle to mend each other's broken souls, and an unforgettable winter romance blooms. Ice would be the last thing one would expect to melt frozen hearts. Likewise, the movie's magical aura manifests itself in the portrayal of ice fairies, or "kurione,'' fantastic aquatic creatures shaped like small white angels that live only in the iciest seas.

The movie invites comparisons to the international hit "Once.'' Like the song-ridden Irish love story, sometimes love between two people is consummated in not being consummated, at least in the conventional sense of "happily-ever-after'' endings. While "Oishii Man'' is also about music, the soundtrack is strictly limited, unlike "Once,'' where the music dominates the narrative.

The poeticism of the movie lies in the silence between the notes. "Oishii Man'' is indeed "oishi.'' The tasteful film tugs at the heartstrings without being the least bit sappy, and does not get too heavy, with lots of comic relief.

Now playing in theaters. 12 and over. 96 minutes. Distributed by Sponge. In a mixture of Korean, Japanese (with Korean subtitles) and broken English.


Source: Yonhap News 2009/02/11 10:29 KST

(Movie Review) Being a bit of both proves difficult in 'Oishi man'

By Shin Hae-in

SEOUL, Feb. 11 (Yonhap) -- The confused main character in the movie "Oishi Man" finds himself in love with both a Korean and a Japanese woman, drowns his sorrows in soju and sake, and is desperate to find hope in either country.

Touching the hearts of two different nations, however, proves to be as difficult on film as it is in real life.

Making its debut at the Pusan International Film Festival last year, "Oishi Man" is based on an original story written by South Korean singer Kim C and features renowned acting talent from both sides of the East Sea.

Even before it hits local cinemas, the film has been stirring excitement for the country's low-budget industry. The movie was among the most anticipated releases of the year, especially for fans of Chizuru Ikewaki, who earned popularity here with Japanese hit "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish."

"Oishi," which means "delicious" in Japanese, is meant to describe the main character of the movie: he is polite enough to accept any food -- or drinks -- offered to him and say "thank you" no matter the taste.

But although "Oishi man" should be applauded for its attempt to invite the audiences of both countries, it is difficult to translate the aim of the movie, just like the characters who depend on the small number of English words they know to connect with each other.

Hyeon-seok (Lee Min-gi) is a 20-something singer who develops a problem with his hearing known as Meniere's syndrome and is forced to stop recording, the one thing that gave meaning to his life.

Leaving behind a drunken one-night stand with Jae-young (Jeong Yu-mi), a divorcee and his fan, in Seoul, the confused singer travels to a small Japanese village in Hokkaido where he meets a cheerful girl named Megumi (Chizuru Ikewaki). A petit girl who annoys him at first, Megumi slowly takes a place in his heart.

As per director Kim Jeong-jung's explanation, "Oishi man" is a romance that tries to be a little more than just a simple love story. Each corner of this cross-cultural love triangle is facing their own crisis but somehow remain hopeful throughout the movie.

But Kim's effort to connect with audiences largely misfires; the familiar themes of love and struggle are expressed neither poignantly or honestly enough to stand out against the masses of coming-of-age films.

It wasn't for a lack of trying.

"I am thankful to everyone," director Kim told audiences at the movie's preview Tuesday. "The actors and actresses were often forced to get it right the first time as we couldn't afford to take a second shot."

Japanese actress Ikewaki, who visited Korea for the first time to promote the film, said she could connect with actor Lee more deeply because she "could not understand him."

"We spoke different languages and had to depend on our English, or lack thereof," she said with a laugh. "But this actually helped us to speak from our hearts. It was a great pleasure to appear in the movie."

About 80 percent of the movie was filmed in the snowy region of Monbetsu, in Hokkaido, Japan.

"Oishi man" will hit the local cinemas Feb. 19.



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Help me please :tears: !!

i really want to watch this movie. Where can I download it??

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HERs was ok. I'm waiting for this one because of Ikewaki, but I hope it will be better.

Help me please :tears: !!

i really want to watch this movie. Where can I download it??

You may consider buying the DVD.

Oh! wait! there's no DVD yet! So I guest there's no way to download a bootleg.

=> please think before posting, thanks.

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when is the DVD being released?

The DVD was released around October, 2009, as far as I know.

I've searched for it at all the places I know to go for movie downloads but with no success. :/ I find it strange that it hasn't surfaced anywhere, yet (maybe I just looked for it at all the wrong places in which case, please link me to it? <3).

If I wasn't so broke, I'd totally buy and rip it.

eta (May.16): nevermind, it's just surfaced. finally. :D

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