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I suggest you guys should really update the first post with all the links, so it would spare the rest time to browse through the pages!

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check out my blog~ I know my blog is amateur compare to everyone elses on here, but i am working on it, working on adding more stuff~ please support!


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i like: (all of them are youtube links just because i learn better when i watch...)

Enkoremakeup - http://www.youtube.com/user/EnKoreMakeup

* LOVE this guy, makeup guru indeed. Who would've thought that i would get most of my makeup tips from a guy? he knows everything about makeup and he never fails to share his input on every brushes, eyeshadow, foundation...you name it. He also shows how to apply and blend makeup which is a huge plus for me.

makeupgeek - http://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupGeekTV

- www.makeupgeek.com

* makeupgeek is really good, she knows her stuff and usually explains most of the stuff that she's doing. Her website has more detailed info on the products that she uses. And her website has every info on what products to use for your skin/complexion and where to get them which is pretty good.

julieg713 - http://www.youtube.com/user/julieg713

* this girl is gorgeous and makes applying makeup look so darn easy. She also does reviews in great detail and even experiments on a few product. I like this girl mainly because of the makeup experiments that she does.

fafinettex3 - http://www.youtube.com/user/fafinettex3 - im borderline on this one. i like her when she first started but recently all she does is show her makeup "hauls" which can get kinda annoying for me cause i watched her initially for makeup application. I think that she's really good at blending makeup and you can get a few pointers just by watching her. I have to say tho, most of her products that she advertise are mostly for her skin/complexion type so fair skinned peeps may not benefit from her videos.

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Love everything she shares :) from makeup/beauty to hair to fashion, she's someone who I constantly learn from~


I really enjoy watching her videos, I learn loads from her too! and love it that her products are mostly drugstore.


Great if you're into the cute Japanese Himegyaru fashion and like custom making items =o


I like it when she blogs about skin beauty related things like how to use kitty litter as a facial mask, aspirin mask etc ^^

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oh wow i think i follow more than like 87 DX (more than half are makeup,rest are fashion)


but here are ones i reallyreally like (:


http://makemeblushhh.blogspot.com/ she is so cute! probalby one of my most favorite azn bloggers

http://abeautyfulsentiment.blogspot.com/ another azn blogger mostly reviews (:

http://haulinbroad.blogspot.com/ i think shes really pretty!! mostly mac stuff

http://www.makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com/ one of my FAVORITE makeup gurus on youtube XD

http://helesays.blogspot.com/ i really like her she has a lot of high end products too

http://milkandmakeup.blogspot.com/ shes the best frend of the girl in the blog b4 this pretty!<3

http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com/ most updated like 4-5 pots a day? XD she buys really nice stuff and good swatches!


http://thecurrentcustom.blogspot.com/ WOW omg she buys so much high end stuff!!






http://lollipop26writes.blogspot.com/ she was the first person i started following i love her accent :]




http://aleksislovesbeauty.blogspot.com/ she doesnt update as much but my 2nd blog that i followed :P

NAILS (even tho this wasnt requested ) :P ehe.:

http://polishaddict.com/ my fave fave favee i love her nails! and her swatches are the pretties imho

http://www.scrangie.com/ second fave XD she has like over 2000 nps! danggg x.x



http://nailjuice.blogspot.com/ updatdes most probably (:

these are all really nice swatches, w/ brands like opi, essie, zoya, china glaze, orly, you name it1

haha idk y but this was fun to post :P hope this helps! i tried to not repeat ny of the blogs others have posted hope u check these out and likee!!(:

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I love bubz, jinahchae, xiaxue, blisskiss, and ricebunny.

I'm pretty over pursebuzz now - she talks too much in her videos.

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welps, thanks for the chinese ones, im gonna check them out cos of the high end brands!

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