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★ Timeless Soulful.... ★ SG Wannabe 7th Part 1



SG Wannabe 40.jpg

FROM 2004 ~ 2008




Sg Wannabe is a 3-member group who took korea by storm with the release of their 1st album "Timeles" in 2004. The group gained a reputation for being quite mysterious because they did not show their faces and did not star in any of their music videos. Nevertheless, their vocal abilities attracted many fans.The trio decided that they will debut faceless so as to make fans appreciate their music and vocal rather than good looks. Their music video which took after concept of drama style with famous actors and actress gained much popularity from fans of all ages. The <b>"SG"</b> in their group name is the represenation of <b>"Simon & Garfunkel"</b> a duo male singing sensation of the 70s from America

. MEMBER'S PROFILE 31025144.jpgKim Yong Jun Status : Leader & Vocal Date Of Birth : 12th September 1984 Blood Group : AB Height : 174cm Family : Parents and younger sister Hobby : Soccer & Mountain Climbing Favourite Quotes : Yesterday is the past, Tomorrow is the future, Today is an opportunity Favourite Artist : Boyz II Men,STEVIE WONDER,Usher and Kouji Tamaoki Solo Projects ~ Participated in collaboration with Ga In of Browneyed Girls, Musical Play '젊음의 행진' loosely translated "Being Young, March"</blockquote> 57392275.jpgKim Jinho Status : Main Vocal Date Of Birth : 21st May 1986 Blood Group : B Height : 175cm Family : Mother (Father passed away) Hobby : Writing songs/lyric , Photography Favourites Artist : Stevie Wonder Solo Projects/Collaboration : MBC Drama OST "Tell Me You Love Me" collaboration with Leader of M to M, Single with KCM 81584638.jpgLee Seok Hoon (Joined the group during 5th Album) Status : Vocal Date Of Birth : 21st February 1984 Blood Group : B Height : 178cm Family : Parents & Elder sister Hobby : Photography and Listening to music Respected Artist : Kim Gun Mo (who also influenced him to be a singer) Solo Projects : SBS Drama Lovers OST single, Single Album "Goodbye With Smile" with Seok Hui 80473780.jpgChae Dong Ha (Former member/leader) Left the group in 2008 to pursue his other interest in musical drama/actings



Sg Wannab~ Wannabee Vol.1 Released Date: January 20th 2004

SG Wannabe debuted in 2004 with their first album, Wanna Be+. It was produced by Lee Kyung Sub and Park Keun Tae, two famous music producers in Korea. The title track's music video for the album attracted media attention, as it featured top actors such as Seol Kyung-goo and Kim Nam-jin, and actresses Kim Yoon-jin, Kang Hye-jeong, and Seo Sung-min. Sg Wannabe popularity rose with the sales of the album soared to 230,000 copies sold offline and record breaking no. for online sales.Its was an achievement for a rookie group who have not even appear on any music shows to perform. Other hit songs from the album are I Loved You To Death, Glad We Have Loved...


Sg Wannabe Vol.2 ~ Saldaga Released Date : March 3rd 2005

Sg wannabe comeback with their sophomore album with phenomenal title track Saldaga ("While you live") along with other hits like "Sin & Punishment","Gwang",Biting Lips" and Tenderness. SG Wannabe became the only artist in 2005 to sell more than 400,000 copies of their album.


2.5 Special Album Classic Odessey Released Date : 14th September 2005

With the success of their 2nd album which has sold incredibly well the award-winning R&B oriented trio cameback with their next stunning works that lets music lovers enjoy the fantastic band's top renditions of 70 and 80's hits plus music lovers can expect SG Wannabe's brand new Classic spectacle with soothing treats as the title track "My heart's treasure box" as well as the especially soul-flavored "Dream Conversation". Other top features include the solos by Kim Jin Ho, Kim Yong Jun, and Chae Dong Ha as well as the duet "Rain on the window-pane" with Fin.k.l's Oak Joo Hyun.


SG Wannabe Vol. 3- The 3rd Masterpiece Released Date : 16th May 2006

Korea's avant-garde R&B vocal group, whose 2nd album caused another soul heat wave in 2005, is back with their 3rd full-length CD and first 2006 release. The group invited high caliber talents including quality composer Cho Yong Soo and gifted lyricist An Yung Min for touching songs that combine unique instruments and tempo changes.This main title track "Nae Saram - Partner for Life" heartfelt ballad comes with music video which boasted top rated artist Kim Dongwan from Shinhwa as the leading actor in the music video accompanied by the trio's inimitably beautiful voices shine with brand new glory! Another song "Saranghaesoyo" also featured Danny Ahn from the popular group G.O.D who contributed his voice for the rap portion. Other hits in the album includes "Bi Ik Jo (Bird)", "Pokpong (Storm)"


SG Wannabe Vol. 4 - The Sentimental Chord Released Date : 11th April 2007

After releasing The 3rd Masterpiece in spring 2006, SG Wannabe, With high expectations and new surprises, returned with more of their addictive melodies on Vol. 4 - The Sentimental Chord. This time around the trio voices can be heard in a grand way in the Title track mid-tempo ballad titled "Arirang", supported by a large-scale orchestra of viola, cello, and other easy listening instruments. Borrowing elements from traditional Korean music, once again teamed up with Cho Young Soo who earlier helped them composed "Nae Saram: Partner for Life".

162640.jpgSG Wannabe Vol. 5 - My Friend Released Date : 24th April 2008

For the fifth time! SG Wannabe, the soulful, mind-blowing vocalists behind chart-topping hits and the group responsible for generating a mid-tempo ballad phenomenon across the nation, finally returned with a new member Lee Seok Hoon with their fifth release "My Friend". The album's principal song La la la, a country-style music, shows a different side of SG Wannabe as a versatile singers able to strikes chord with the mainstream appeal of K-pop sounds. Incidentally, Chae Dong Ha, did not particpated in the album except a small portion of his voice can be heard in the song "Bogoshipo" this also marked the end journey of Dongha as Sg Wannabe member. He left the group to explore other field in the entertainment industry


SG Wannabe Vol. 6 - Gift From Sg Wannabe - I Love You Released On : 23rd April 2009

SG Wannabe is poised to captivate K-pop fans all over again with their soulful voices and 11 brand-new songs. This time SG Wannabe made a point to go back to the basics and back to their original musical inspiration, Simon & Garfunkel. Their efforts for a cleaner folk pop sound can be heard in the beautiful main track "I Love You". This Simon & Garfunkel-style number featuring Yurisangja's Park Soon Ha is the work of Jo Yong Su, who composed many of SG Wannabe's hits like Arirang.

sgq 7th.jpg

SG Wannane By Sg Wannabe 7th Part 1 Released Date : 19th October 2010

After 1 and 1/2 year of absent from the music scene, Sg Wannabe returns with SG Wannabe Vol.7. This time the album consist of 2 parts and the 1st part of their seventh album arrives with six new songs produced with well-regarded composers and songwriters like The Name, Kim Won, Kim Gun Woo, Kim Se Jin, Cho Young Soo, and Ahn Young Min. They've teamed with regular collaborators Cho and Ahn again for the album's title song "Sunflower". Composed by The Name with lyrics by Wheesung, the advance track Winter Trees is a melancholy winter ballad accompanied by grand orchestral sounds.







Japanese Singles and Album



1st Album ~ Wanna Be+ Timeless I Love You To Death It Was Good That We Loved</a> Dont Know Why</a></div> 2nd Album ~ Saldaga Saldaga Crime & Punishment Ver.1 Crime & Punishment Ver.2 3rd Album ~ Nae Saram-Partner Of Life Nae Saram - Partner For Life</a> Neurimbo 4th Album ~ Arirang The Sentimental Chord Arirang Stay One Summer Day's Dream</a></div> 5th Album ~ My Friend LaLaLa Leave Without Regrets/Smooth Break Up AWARDS Golden Disc Awards "Best Newcomer" (Nominated) Seoul Popular Music Awards "Best Newcomer" (Nominated) 25 Winners Team) Best Music Video (Sin & Punishment) Best Group Music Video 2005 Golden Disc Award : Bonsang & Daesang 2005 SBS GAYO DAEJON : Bonsang, SBS Producer Award (Ryu Jae Hyun) : saldaga, SBS Best Song of the Year Award for Saldaga 2006 MNET KM Music Festival Best Song Award (Nae Saram - Partner For Life) 2006 Mnet KM Music Festival Best Album Award (Nae Saram - Partner For Life) 2006 Seoul Music Award : Bonsang 2007 MNET/KM Music Festival: Best R&B/Soul Group (Arirang) 2007 Golden Disc Award : Bonsang & Daesang 17th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang (Arirang) Mnet KM Music Festival KFC OST Award 23rd Golden Disc Award : Bonsang 18th Seoul Music Awards : Bonsang (LaLaLa) Album Info credit :Yesasia

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I'm looking for SG Wannabe - The Story lyric??

Can SG fans help me???

thanks ...

The Story ( SG wannabe ) - 매직 OST

너에게... 니 꿈속에... 스며들어가려고...이렇게...내 맘을.. 모두 바꿔버리려 해

너를 이렇게 가까이서 보고 있으면... 왜 내가.... 이렇게 아파올까....

난 너에게 네 모든 기억 속에 멈춰져 버린 단 한 사람....

그 아픈 기억이 되려고 네 곁에서 숨쉬잖아..

내 맘이 너의 기억 속으로 사라지더라도...

어딘가에서 들려오는 그 노래는 널 향하는 내 맘...

미안해 이제부턴 너를 위해 준비한 내 안에 모든걸 전부 지워버려야 해.....

너를 이렇게 가까이서 보고 있으면 왜 내가 이렇게 슬픈걸까......

난 너에게 네 모든 기억 속에 멈춰져 버린 단 한 사람...

그 아픈 기억이 되려고 네 곁에서 숨쉬잖아...

내 맘이 너의 기억 속으로 사라지더라도

어딘가에서 들려오는 그 노래는 널 향하는 내 맘...

눈 감지마요 내 손에서 단 한 순간도

그 안에서 나타날 투명한 나의 사랑 Can't you see

난 너에게 네 모든 기억 속에 멈춰져 버린 단 한 사람....

그 아픈 기억이 되려고 네 곁에서 꿈꾸잖아.

내 맘이 너의 기억 속으로 사라지더라도...

어딘가에서 들려오는 그 노래는 널 향하는 내 맘...

KTH <3

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^ the story was the song that made me LOVE Sg wannabe. THo of cuz their 1st album songs are already good and well known.

^_^ I love sg wannabe too~

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this is just a little profile on them:

David (Chae Dong-ha)

Date of birth : June 23rd, 1981

Physique : 182cm, 73kg

Hobbies : Camcorder recording, watching movies

Debut : “Nature” Chae Dong-ha’s 1st album released in 2002


Real name : Kim Yong-joon

Year of birth : 1983

Education : Anyang Arts High School

Kim Jin-ho

Year of birth : 1986

Education : Daewon High School

SG Wannabe first attracted attention by debuting through a music video of their title song of the album, “Timeless.” The music video was a mega project with about 2 billion won of production costs and was starred by top movie stars like Seol Kyung-goo, Kim Yoon-jin, Kim Nam-jin and Kang Hye-jeong. Recording a pre-sales of 90 thousand copies, the male trio R&B band was a sensation even before their official debut. The sales of their debut album was on top of the charts along with super figures in the local pop music scene such as Seo Taiji, Shing Seung-hoon and Lee Soo-young. However, the actual members of the band did not appear on television or concert stages for quite a long time since their debut creating a mystic faceless image of the band.

Their debut song was first launched on a mobile telephone service along with the music video. The 3-edition music video also attracted many viewers by providing bonus clips like making of the film and NG materials.

Music producers Lee Kyung-seob and Park Keun-tae who are famous for producing music for Shin Seung-hoon, Cho Sung-mo, Lee Jeong-hyun, Sung Si-kyung and so on, were in charge of making the debut album for the newcomers. The title song of the album “Timelss” is an R&B ballad number. The sophisticated sounds and melodies of the song matched to the hear-rending sentiment of Korean music lovers rising to the top of the charts immediately after being introduced.

The male trio was awarded best newcomers’ prizes in the year-end awarding ceremonies.

I'm in love with them

Credit to KBS World Radio

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gah i like everything about their music. i bought that package that had the second album plus the dvd of all their music videos so far. every now and then i go and watch them. sg videos are so good.

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I fell in luv with their voices instantly the first time i heard them without knowing them....every song they sang is filled with emotions and i feel like i have been somewhere and back while listening to them....its such a heavenly feeling....

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Let's keep this thread alive , SG fans!

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I love SG Wannabe especially their song, "Sal Da Ga" (such a beautiful song >_<)

But yeah, honestly speaking I do not know why most people call them "unattractive". Even though admittingly compared to other stars they are somewhat lacking in that area but if it was in real life and I see them walking down the street...the first thing that will pop in my head is "Cute asian guys!" lol, just my two cents.

I am currently looking for their newest album, can anybody help me out?


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i love them so much!! their voices are amazing and when they harmonize together ahhhh i'm in heaven xD

thanks for starting this thread ^__^

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