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Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 2

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First Wonder Girl Thread





1. Buy their album from one of these sites:, or

All sales will count on Hanteo Chart ,Music Bank and Music Industry Association of Korea.

If you buy two CDs, two will refelct on Hanteo Chart.

2. Search 원더걸스 (Wonder Girls) or the name of their new album in these sites: Melon, Dosirak, Bugs Korea, Naver Music, Mnet. Do not click the search button, click on the song of WG at the suggestion bow and stay at the page for 2-3 mins before closing.

3. Stream their clip video on Mnet (One view count/refresh)

credit: sushii-viet


☆ November 20th, 2011 - SBS Inkigayo [LIVE]

☆ November 20th, 2011 - KBS 1 VS 100 (2YELIM) [RECORDING]

☆ November 20th, 2011 - DAZED Magazine (YUBIN)

☆ November 20th, 2011 - SBS Park SoHyun's Love Game [bROADCAST]

☆ November 20th, 2011 - FAN SIGNING

☆ November 20th, 2011 - KBS Gag Concert

☆ November 21st, 2011 - KBS Culture Awards [bOARDCAST]

☆ November 22nd, 2011 - SBS Strong Heart [bROADCAST]

☆ November 22nd, 2011 - Younha's Starry Starry Night Radio [LIVE]

☆ November 24th, 2011 - SBS Lee SukHoon's TenTen Club [LIVE]

☆ November 25th, 2011 - KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook [RECORDING]

☆ November 25th, 2011 - KBS Music Bank [LIVE]

☆ November 25th, 2011 - Younha's Starry Starry Night Radio [LIVE]

☆ Novemeber 26th, 2011 - MBC Music Core [LIVE]

☆ Novemeber 26th, 2011 - KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook [bROADCAST]


☆ No discussion of other artist in this thread unless they are headline together with the Wonder Girls.

☆ No spamming allowed in this thread. Make sure that your comment is longer than 2 words. Put some thought into your comment.

☆ No artist/member bashing allowed in here. Please report the person. Don't reply or give them attention.

☆ No quoting pictures. Please take out the 25u61rs.jpg

The Wonder Girls, under the care of Park Jin Young, debuted on February 10th, 2007 with their first single "Irony". They are JYP's first ever girl group and so people had a lot of expectation from them. Before their stage debut, the girls' were on a reality tv show, "MTV Wonder Girls" where they showed their fans how they prepared for their debut. It also introduced each member to the audience. Starting with leader Min SunYe, rapper Kim HyunAh, mandu Ahn SoHee, 4D Sun Mi, and finally introducing their newest member to the team, talented Park YeEun.

In late July, rapper Kim HyunAh was pulled out of the group due to her health problem (chronic gastroenteritis) and was replaced with Kim YuBin, a trainee sent from Good Entertainment. She debuted 3 days later with the rest of the members singing their hit song "Tell Me" on KBS Music Bank. Their first full length album was released on September 13th, 2007. The song quickly climbed up the charts and the girls' received their first win, against idol boy band Big Bang, on November 9th, 2007. The dance became a huge hit that it's known as the "Tell Me Virus" and that had earned the girls the title "Korea's Little Sister".

Their "Wonder Years" promotion ended in late 2007 and the girls' flew to New York to feature in Park JinYoung's "JYP Tour" along with other JYP artist like, Min, G-Soul, and Lim JeongHee. They also recorded their music video "Wishing On A Star" ft. Sohee and SunMi. While in New York, they recorded their third season of "MTV Wonder Girls".

The Wonder Girls returned to South Korea in the spring of 2008 and released their new hit single, "So Hot" in the summer. The song quickly topped charts and the girls' won their first award during their comeback stage on KBS Music Bank.

They finally ended their "So Hot" promotions in late summer and release their highly anticipated 3rd single, "Nobody" early autumn. The song reached to #1 on KBS Music Bank for 4 consecutive weeks and this also created the "Nobody Craze". At the end of the year awards the girls' won three awards, including "Song of the Year" and "Best Music Video" for "Nobody", and "Best Female Group" at the Mnet KM Music Festival. The group also won an award at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards for high digital sales. At the 18th Seoul Music Awards, the Wonder Girls won the Daesang ("Artist of the Year" award) for "Nobody", along two other awards. They won against big artist like DBSK, Big Bang, Lee Hyori, and Rain making them the top girl group of the year.

Right after the promotions of "Nobody" ended, the girls' started to get ready for their first ever concert. Having a their own concert was a big achievement because the last time a girl group held a concert was 10 years ago from girl group "Fin.K.L". They were also the first girl group to hold an overseas concert.

The concert kicked off in Thailand then went to the United States (heading 3 concerts LA, OC, and NY) and then finally ending two concerts in South Korea (Busan and Seoul). After the concert ended the girls' packed their bags and flew to their JYP Headquarters in New York where they had the opportunity to be one of the opening acts for mega boy band Jonas Brothers.

The Wonder Girls' released their English version of "Nobody" on June 26th, 2009 and began their tour with the Jonas Brothers on June 27th, 2009 coincidentally the same day as Sohee's birthday. They were originally suppose to open for only 13 cities but because of their quick thinking (during a performance where the staffs forgot to bring out their mics), they were asked to stay on tour for all 45 cities.

After the tour ended, the girls went back to their home in New York and started working on their first English album, that is set to release sometime in November of 2009.

While recording their first English album, the girls joined with the teen store "Justice" and promoted their "Nobody" song, that was selling for $1 (in order to introduce it to other possible fans). This marketing tactic was a huge success that it landed the girls on the main BillBoard Chart, ranking at #76 on October 22nd, 2009.

When the girls were on the chart, they few back to South Korea to film for their new CF (Mori Coffee) and there they held a press conference to talk about their advance into the USA Market, their feeling about getting on the BillBoard Charts, and their upcoming future plans in both America and China.

After flying back to the States, several days later the girls' flew back to Korea to prepare for their Shanghai concert in December. For that reason the girls' first USA debut album has been pushed back to next year February 2010.

On January 22nd, 2010 shocking news came to WonderFuls all over the world as JYPE announced member Sun Mi's withdrawal from the group. Within a few hours, JYPE announced that Hae Lim will be taking over Sun Mi's spot as she (Sun Mi) continued her studies.

In the Summer of 2010, Wonder Girls had their own tour of the United States along with label-mate 2PM (for the first half) and 2AM (for the second half).

In the beginning of 2011 JYPE announced that the Wonder Girls will have their own movie show on Nickelodeon called Wonder Girls at the Apollo, the movie is set to be release in the Spring of 2012. They also announced that the Wonder Girls will be returning for a month to South Korea to promote a new album. Sources says that the girls will be ditching their retro style and going to a new modern style. Their new album is to be released sometime in November 2011.















(*songs performed)


☆ Cyworld Digital Music Awards (February): Rookie of the Month

☆ Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month "Tell Me"

☆ 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best New Female Group

☆ 2007 National Assembly of South Korea Pop Culture & Media Awards: Pop Music Award

☆ Korean Music Arts Festival: Female Photogenic Award

☆ 2007 Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang

☆ 2007 Golden Disk Awards: Popularity Awards


☆ 17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year

☆ 2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Singer Award

☆ 20th Korean Producers & Directors Awards: Best Singer Award

☆ 5th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song Award

☆ Cyworld Digital Music Awards (June): Song of the Month "So Hot"

☆ M.Net 20s Choice: Hot School Girl (SoHee)

☆ M.Net 20s Choice: Hot Club Music "So Hot"

☆ Cyworld Digital Music Awards (September): Song of the Month "Nobody"

☆ Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month "Nobody"

☆ 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Female Group Award

☆ 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Music Video Award "Nobody"

☆ 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Song of the Year "Nobody"

☆ 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival: Most Photogenic Singer Award

☆ 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards: Best Dresser Award for Singer Category

☆ 23rd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang "Nobody"

☆ 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Style Icon of the Year


☆ 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Star Award

☆ 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award "Nobody"

☆ 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award "Nobody"

☆ 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award "Nobody"

☆ 6th Annual Korean Music Award: Group of the Year

☆ 2009 MTV Style Gala: Best Artist of the Year

☆ 2009 Ministry of Culture, KOR: Best Artist of the Year

Main Site:



Wonder Girls Subbing Team:


*currently down, please go to for subbed goodies

Credit: for graphics,, Wonder Girls Wikipedia, JYP Entertainment

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MNET 20s Choice – Sexy Back feat. Jun Jin

MBC Campus Song Festival – feat. Younha + Kim Gun Mo + David Kim

MNET Heroes Special – feat. Sun Mi, Gyuri, Ga In

Music Bank – Bad Girl (나쁜 여자) One Two feat. Ye Eun

Music Core MC Intro – Sunye, Sohee, Top (Big Bang)

Music Bank – Kissing You

Inkigayo – One More Time + One feat. Epik High + Wonder Girls

Music Bank – Hey Boy + Irony feat. Seo Jiyoung (서지영)

MBC Gayo DaeJaeJun (MBC 가요 대제전) Song Medley – Wonder Girls + Big Bang 2008

MBC Gayo DaeJaeJun (MBC 가요 대제전) Summer Festival – Wonder Girls + Big Bang 2007


SBS Gayo DaeJun (SBS 가요 대전) Music Drama – Wonder Girls + Big Bang 2007

Music Bank Tell Me + Lies (거짓말) + Rehearsal– Wonder Girls + Big Bang 2007

credits to andsharonx (Sharon) + Yoyo (Linda) + mariam1990 (Mariam) + xOx_diane (Diane) + dothat36 (Breezy) + evilishius (Karla) + meteorstarbb829 (Jann) + coolsmurf (Alvin) + icecube. (Ariel)


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awesome. <3 wonder girls. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future!

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wow! 2nd WG's thread. the last visit i had on the 1st thread was this morning and there were two pages more before 2000th page. dang fast! congrats girls!

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wow...already a second thread for the girls..

can't wait for their comeback on the 2nd half of 2009...

goodluck for the girls this year!

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OMG finally 2 nd thread !!

congratulation !!


V yes yes 1677 advertising!! Gorgeous rite? ..haha

credit:Wonder Equation , WGCN,WGthailand

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wow a second thread already

OMG finally 2 nd thread !!

congratulation !!

credit:Wonder Equation , WGCN,WGthailand

thanks for tihs picture.. sohee is so cute

i didn't know there was a 1677 calendar :wacko:



cr. wondergifs

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wow im suprised to see already a second version thread so soon. congrats ? LOL

they won't be around for a while, i'll anticipate their next comeback already

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finally 2nd thread!!!i'm so glad!!!

congratz to wonder girls n wonderfuls!

can't get enough to say thiz again n again,,,really miss the girls!!!

can't wait for their comeback! :w00t:

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we're here already???

oooh i love those 2 gifs uptop!!! yeeun is so funny with her nobody dance with gloves:)

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second thread wohoooo~

yeeun heared about the opening of this new thread! lol


i wish the girls were active now! so this thread wont be "empty" at it start!

cuz you know, they wont be as much news and videos of the girls now! huk..huk..

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Hooray for the 2nd thread..

gosh i miss the girls..

i can't wait for there comeback..

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someones request back in 1st thread


other themes are available here

mobile theme [240x320] nth format


download here

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Beautiful group pictures of our girls!!. Like someone said I wish that they were active so that the initial pages would not be so bare.

credit : YeEun wordpress.

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woot woot congrate on the 2nd thread for wonde girls ^^

they rox!!!!

really miss them already, cant wait for their comeback in the 2nd half of the years

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Great! Second thread for Wonder Girls, woots!

I just wanna know something.

Can anyone here more or less tell me about the September 2007 accident the girls had?

I read it from the first post of the previous thread, but it's not detailed.

Like, I wanna know about Sunye saving Sunmi.

Wonder Bakery has ended, right?

Are all the subbed videos out yet?

I've watched until Episode 5 and gosh, their personalities are very admirable.

The cakes they baked are very tempting too!

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wow 2nd THREAD for WONDER GIRLS!!!!! :w00t:

I'm a silent reader but for the girls second thread, so I have to say CONGRATULATION!!!!

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congratulation for the second thread of the wonder girls :)

may the wonder continue to shine....

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Second thread already, congrats ! =)

Hope this thread will be better then the first one, even though it was already good aha

Are they the first female group having their second thread ?

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