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[drama 2005] That Summer's Typhoon 그 여름의 태풍

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[sBS] Jung DaBin, Han Ye Seul
[sBS] Weekend Drama - That Summer's Typhoon 그 여름의 태풍 summer.jpg 那年夏天的颱風 ScreenHunter_039.jpgScreenHunter_040.jpg SBS Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/summer/index.html Aired Date : 28 May 2005 - 04 September 2005 (Every Saturday & Sunday) No of Episode : 30 Episodes Casting : Jung Da-Bin as KANG Soo-Min (강수민)) 320T6621_20050517101811.jpgHan Yea-Sil as HAN Eun-Bi (한은비)) summer_photo1_20050517101716.jpgLee Jae-Hwang as James HAN / HAN Jae-Hae (제임스 한 / 한지하)) 320T6143_20050517101854.jpgJung Chen asDirector KIM Han-Hee (김한희)) 320T5784_20050517101928.jpgNo Jun-Hun as HAN Kwang-Suk (한광석) summer_nojuhun.jpgLee Hyo-Chon as KANG Jung-Ok (강정옥) summer_leehyo.jpgJang Mi-He as Jung Mi-Lyung (정미령) summer_jangmihe.jpgSUH MinJung as JUNG YuRan (정유란) summer_minjung.jpgDO JuOun as HAN JiHoon (한지훈) summer_juoun.jpgPlot of the Drama Kang Soo-Min (Jung Dabin)'s parents divorced while she was still inside her mom's belly. She had never knew her father was a well-known movie director (Han Kwang-Suk) and her mom was a famous actress (Kang Jung-Ok). After her mom delivered her, she was sent to the village to live with her relatives. SooMin's father re-married another actress (Jung Mi-Lyung)and they had 2 children, a daughter -Han Eun-Bi (Han YeaSil) and a son - Han Ji-Hae 20 Years laters, the 2 half-sisters grow up and both were interested in the show business. Han Eun-Bi became a famous actress and SooMin was being employed to be EunBi's personal assistance...... The hidden secret in that summer typhoon were only knew by the previous generation, unfortunately, the secret could not be kept anymore....the secret beneath the veil was raised...what would happen to the 2 half-sisters??? synopsis_02.jpg

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i have a question.

is ohnjuwhan the guy that plays haneunbi's brother??

he looks like him but he looks sorta small to be ohnjuwhan



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I am watching an English sub part of this drama. There's the part where Dabin's real dad was meeting with her adopted father/uncle at a bar. Her real dad was explaining about his family and I didn't get all the explanation about the 2 sons (?) he had? Did he and his 2nd wife have 2 sons? or did she have another son? I didn't get that part, or the part about why his oldest (?) son went to the US?

Also, the part where the director told her that he wants her to be his wife, what was his full explanation? Did he love her? Or he just wants her to marry him but he really loves her half sister, the actress?

If someone understood, please explain to me.


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This new drama of Jung Da Bin seems intriguing..loved her acting in Attic Cat & My 19 Year Old Sister In Law..I hoped this drama will be aired in our country next year..we Filipinos miss Jung Da Bin on our TV sets!!

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repost from SBS That Summer Typhoon website









Forgot who made lol, anyway all credits to creators!



Haha, finally finished watching all episode, :o I think the ending is too rush, okay lol

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Hi there - sorry for not making any contribution to here after creating this thread....I'm back and got to see some friends were helping out....OK....let's keep this thread growing and let more people know about this drama....it's very meaningful and worth watching. If you have questions about this drama, pls raise & i'll try my best to explain to you all.

These were done by the Korean fans @ SBS - so sad :tears::tears:



credits to violet98 uploading it

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Do you remember what Director Kim HanHee said to SooMin in this sceen.

I don't think Director Kim knows how to express his love to SooMin....he loved to use hints.... :blink: :excl:


credits to Baidu - DB's Bar

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Sceens pcs of the supporting senior actress - without them the whole series would be imperfect.

SooMin's Moms









credit to BaiDu - Dabin's Bar

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hi... I just saw this thread and read the summary.... It sounds interesting... and I saw the screencaps... Did JDB and her half brother fell in love with each other??

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A story of competition between two half sisters. Kang Soo-min (Jung Da-bin) and Han Eun-bi (Han Ye-seul) both share the same father, but have different mothers. Both strive to become actresses. Eun-bi rises in the entertainment industry only because of her mother's name (a famous actress in the past), while Soo-min gives her all, striving to work her way up to become a great actress.

James Han (Lee Jae-hwang) is a Korean American working in the entertainment industry who finds himself drawn to Soo-min...

Kim Han Hee (Jung Chen) is a film director with new thoughts/ideas to bring into the Korea's entertainment industry. He also drawn to SooMin but on the other hand...EunBi falls to him.....

The 2 Half-Sisters, Kang SooMin and Han EunBi


SooMin and her birth mom


EunBi and her mom


SooMin and EunBi's father with their mothers


Little SooMin with her foster parents- they were SooMin mother's elder brother & in-law


The Four Main Leads


credit to SBS - Summer :)

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While watching this drama, not many people supported or liked Director Kim HanHee except for me, at the start of this drama, I already found this guy is very special, full of talent & dreams in making his movies, he's mature & with a sense of humor but he's an idiot in expressing his love to SooMin....

Jung Chen may not look handsome at all but his acting was excellent and to my surprise, DB & Jung were so matching in this drama.


credit to BaiDu - DB's Bar

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Here are some sad sceens of SooMin :tears::tears:

She lost her beloved mother (actually was her aunt)



James knew about the secret between him and SooYim



credit to BaiDu-DB's Bar

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Some sceen pcs


ha...ha...wuli Director Kim



Here are James HAN



credit to BaiDu - That Summer Typhoon's Forum

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