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[Movie 2011] Hype Nation 하이프 네이션

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Dennis O'neil, Jay Park, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, T-ae
Dennis Oh in Jaebum’s Hype Nation



Dennis Oh (whose full name is Dennis O’Neil) had been a part of dance-themed film project Hype Nation back in earlier casting days when it had starred singer Son Dam-bi. However, she has since dropped out and the film has brought onboard a new cast, so I’d figured everyone would be replaced. But now Dennis Oh has been confirmed for the project (again), and plays rival to its lead, played by ex-2PM leader Jay Park (aka Jaebum).

Jaebum plays a member of a b-boy group that goes up against an American group (B2K). Dennis’ character is named Tony Kane (Cane?) and basically harasses Jaebum’s character; he’s a gambler and member of a money-laundering operation.

Also cast is Japanese actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as gang boss, and taking a leading female role is T-ae, a member of the new kpop girl group Rania. The movie will be directed by Christian Strickland and has a production budget of 25 million dollars.

Hype Nation began filming on June 20 and is currently shooting in Korea. Dennis Oh, who has had small roles in U.S. drama series Forgotten and Melrose Place in the past year, will return to Korea in mid-July to join filming. This will be his first acting project in Korea since 2008’s East of Eden.

Another upcoming project he’s got planned is the Chinese remake of Autumn Tale, in which he plays the character originated by Won Bin.


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dennis oh, in a dance movie? they should've asked Lee Junki or Poppin Hyunjoon. none the less dennis is hot :) i look foward to this movie although i don't like dance movies because of its lack of plot, but the dancing is always fun.

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April 12, 2010

Park Jae-beom offered role in Hollywood film "Hype Nation"

Reporter.Kang Seung-hun Editor.Lynn Kim

Korean pop singer Park Jae-beom [Asia Economic Daily]

Park Jae-beom, Korean singer and former leader of boy band 2PM, has been offered to appear in a Hollywood film titled "Hype Nation", according to an industry source on Monday.

"Park and the film's producer Young Lee have been friends for a long time," the source explained. "From what I know, Lee had offered the role to Jae-beom back when he was working as 2PM and recently asked him again." The singer has yet to announce his plans regarding the movie, known to be about a dance contest between an American dance crew and South Korean dancers.

"Nation" had originally cast Korean female singer Son Dambi for the lead role, but Son reportedly pulled out of the project when production got delayed due to the U.S. economic recession.

Park, 22, had sparked national controversy last September after remarks -- including "I hate Korea" -- he had written on his MySpace account before his debut became public. He quit the boy band four days later and returned to his hometown of Seattle. He was expected to make his much-awaited comeback to the group this year until agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) terminated its contract with the singer last February due to "a huge personal wrongdoing" on his part.

Last month, he was seen participating in a b-boy dance contest in Vancouver, Canada with his dance crew Art of Movement.

Reporter: Kang Seung-hun tarophine@asiae.co.kr Editor: Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10.asiae.co.kr

Quoted from Soompi:[news] Dramas, Movies, Actors, Actresses

I hope it works out for Jay Park

He deserves another chance

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In a Hype Nation-related document, I found that Kwon Boa will be casted in this film but there hasn't been any official news about that.

Another news: Jay Bum will hold a fanmeeting when he comes back Korea and at the end of June, Dennis Oh, and other actors wil be filming there.


cr: facebook

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Jay's little sister for Hype Nation to be decided this week


The little sister role of 2PM's former member Jaebum's movie 'Hype Nation' casting has been attracting attention.

An associate of 'Hype Nation' stated, "We're meeting with potential casts. We think we'll be able to come out with a decision by the end of this week." According to this associate, Jaebum himself will also be returning to the nation at the beginning of next month.

However, other entertainment associates have expressed that the movie is most likely being met with difficulty in casting a female celebrity. Associates have stated that if the production plans were going smoothly, a decision should have already been made by now, further proving that the movie is running through some obstacles.

Many girl group members in the nation were offered the role but a lot of have rejected it. An associate of one such girl group member stated, "We had to carefully reject it because there was too much pressure."

Which star will be playing the role of Jaebum's little sister?


The filming will begin on the 14th June

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Hype Nation, starring Jay Park, to start filming on the 14th


Source: thekpopnation

Following his sensational Youtube hits and dance battles, Park Jaebom is due to fly back to South Korea in early June. This news has been confirmed by Jason Lee, Producer of Hype Nation, as he stated that filming for the movie will start on the 14th of June.

Producer Jason Lee stated “Preparations for filming are going in our favor. Jaebum will be arriving at the beginning of June. We are currently mediating with Korean Airlines so that we can get the whole cast and staff to be all on one plane. Shooting will crank in from the 14th.”

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Hype Nation to be produced in 3D



2PM’s former member Jaebum’s movie ‘Hype Nation’ will be produced in 3D.

‘Hype Nation’s producer Jason Lee stated on the 9th, “CJ Venture Capital has made an investment, allowing us to produce the movie in 3D. We will be using two German cameras in order to create a vibrant 3D image.”

Jaebum is currently getting ready for the crank in (14th) and is set to enter Korea with his American cast mates and staff members. He has already completed the OST recording last April with American hip hop artists Snoop Dog, R&B singer Brandon, and popular American rapper T-Pain.

Jason Lee went on to state, “It hasn’t been decided as to whether we will include all of the tracks Jaebum recorded for the OST but regardless, everything is completed.”

The role of Jaebum’s younger sister has also not been confirmed yet. He revealed, “She is a member of a rookie girl group that is preparing for debut. She has starred in a lot of CFs such as finance.”

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Please don't hate me for asking, but will there be any Caucasian stars in it? (I'm only asking because its an American-Korean production.)

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July 14, 2010

Hype Nation thread edited upon request & goodwill.

Thread previously started by huangsy will now be maintained by eucharis with related movie info, updates, etc. Thank you for the goodwill and effort.

Everyone please keep on posting and sharing. Also please abide the Korean Dramas & Movies Forum RULES.

June 18, 2010

Jae-beom returns to Korea for film

By Han Sang-hee

Staff reporter


Former member of boy band 2PM Park Jae-beom returns to Korea

to film his new film “Hype Nation.”

Park Jae-beom or Jay Park, former leader of boy band 2PM, is back in Korea for the first time in nine months.

The 23-year-old is here to shoot his new film "Hype Nation."

News that the singer would be coming back to Korea has made the headlines for the past several weeks, with fans and the press speculating on the date and whether he would finally talk about the reasons behind his abrupt departure.

Park left a message for his fans Thursday saying that he was finally returning to Korea on his webpage Friday morning.

"Hello everyone. It’s Park Jae-beom," he started off.

Park began his message by saying that, "before I move on to a new chapter in my life, I want to just say some things and put my past to rest. I have nothing but love and support toward 2PM and I wish the fans wouldn’t fight and everyone can just get along and move on." He added, "life is too short to be angry and there are too many negative things in the world."

Acknowledging that this "might not be the answer to what some of you are looking for," he also said, "to touch the subject again will mean hurting people that I do care about, the fans, friends, ex-colleagues and loved ones.. everyone is starting their healing process and moving on."

Park was kicked out of the boy group 2PM last year after he was embroiled in a controversy regarding negative comments about Korea he had made four years ago on MySpace. After he left Korea, fans demanded the group’s agency JYP Entertainment to explain, but the firm refused, saying that the young singer confessed that he had done something more serious than the MySpace controversy. The group is now working under the same name with six members.

Park wrapped up the message admitting that he was "once young and naïve and said some things that got blown out of context," but was "proud to be in Korea. I love Korea, my parents are Korean and wherever I go and whatever I do, I will try to do the best of my ability to represent Korea well."

The film "Hype Nation" is slated for release in 2011 and will feature the life of b-boys.

Meanwhile, Park also released a single online with America’s aspiring pop artist B.O.B. this month. The track "Nothing On You," reached No. 1 on the Billboard’s single chart ``Hot 100,’’ and Park recorded a special edition of the song.

Source: sanghee@koreatimes.co.kr

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[Pictures] Jay and T-ae on the floor for Hype Nation



Jay Park's upcoming movie Hype nation is gathering a lot of attention anywhere around the world. T-ae from upcoming girl group RaNia who has a role of Jay's younger sister on the movie lays down on the floor for filming. Same with Jay.

Check out some pictures:




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Hype Nation to formally meet with the Korean press on 22nd



Park Jaebum's movie, 'Hype Nation,' has revealed that the movie will be produced 100% in 3D.

An associate of Hype Nation revealed on the 20th, "Iron Man 2's Tommy Maddox and German stereographer Florian Mayer has joined, allowing us to create a higher level of 3D quality. We started filming in June and have currently finished more than 40% of the filming. We will finish filming by this August and are planning to return to America to finish the rest."

Hype Nation will be formally meeting with the press on the afternoon of the 22nd at the Yangsuri filming set.

Hype Nation 3D is a movie about American b-boys Jesse (J-Boog) and Tommy (Lil Fizz) battling against Korean b-boy Darkness (Park Jaebum), the henchman for an international drug gang boss (Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa).

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Rookie girl group Rania reveals their leader



Seven membered new girl group Rania’s Riko plays the leading role as a killer for the movie Hype Nation, a film creating great anticipation due to the presence of Jay Park.


Riko’s management company stated on the 26th, “Recently Riko filmed with Korean American actor Dennis Oh during the Hype Nation filming site. Although Riko does not have a major role in the movie, she plays the important role of killing Dennis Oh.”


During filming, Riko acted in a scene where she placed a gun next to Tony’s head (the character Dennis Oh plays). Dennis Oh who acted alongside Riko commented regarding the experience, “It’s not so bad getting killed if I’m going to be killed by such a beautiful woman.”


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