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[drama 2009][upcoming] I Love Thee / I Love You 그대를 사랑합&#4

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[MBC] Choi Bool Ahm, Kang Boo Ja, Song Jae Ho, Na Moon Hee
Debuts Mar (or May) 2009, replacing Return of Iljimae.

About sunset romance of the elderly.

Director : Lee Jae Dong 이재동

Scriptwriter : Lee Sook Jin 이숙진

Cast : Choi Bool Ahm 최불암, Kang Boo Ja 강부자, Song Jae Ho 송재호, Na Moon Hee 나문희, Yoon Yeo Jung 윤여정, Uhm Ki Joon 엄기준, Yoon Son Ha 윤손하, Nam Gyoo Ri 남규리

Official site :


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