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[movie 2009] Handphone / Cell Phone 핸드폰

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Uhm Tae Woong, Park Yong Woo, Park Sol Mi
Debuts 19 Feb 2009. Filming starts end Oct 2008.

Thriller genre movie.

Story about private life of female top star exposed through handphone.

PSM acts as a female top star, UTW acts as her manager.

Director : Kim Han Min (Paradise 1986, Three Hungry Brothers)

Producer : Cinetory

Cast : Uhm Tae Woong, Park Sol Mi (My Lady), Park Yong Woo (Once Upon A Time, Beautiful Sunday)

Official site : http://www.handphone2009.co.kr/index.htm

Related movie site : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=47721

Link to photo gallery : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=47721

Link to trailers : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=47721



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September 11, 2008

KIM Han-min casts UHM Tae-woong


UHM Tae-woong will tackle the role of a manager in KIM Han-min’s Haendeupon (English translation: mobile phone). The main characters of the thriller are the manager and his female top star.

KIM Han-min wrote and directed last year’s box office hit Paradise Murdered. It was his first feature film after being successful with awarded short films.

UHM is active in both Television and cinema. UHM was successful earlier this year with the surprise box office hit Forever the Moment, a sports drama from the hands of LIM Soon-rye. He also plays in LEE Joon-ik’s Sunnywhich is playing in cinemas at the moment.

KIM revealed that this film will brim with suspense like his previous film Paradise Murdered, a well-structured film with a twist. The casting of the other roles have not been announced yet.

Credits: Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC), image from empas.com


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ooh, great leads! I'll look forward to it! I am SO glad UTW is getting more and more movie roles!

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Credits Rubie.

October 1, 2008

Hanwha dials up "Cell Phone"

Korean conglom unveils first film project, releasing in 2009

Written by Han Sunhee

SEOUL -- Korean industrial conglom Hanwha has unveiled thriller "The Cell Phone" as its first film project.

The group will part finance the pic and produce through its subsidiary ad agency Hancomm in partnership with new shingle Cinetori, and Fine Works. The $3.5 million pic began lensing on Monday, and will wrap in mid December. SK Telecom will distribute the film in the first half of 2009.

Helmed by Kim Han-min ("Paradise Murdered",) pic is tale of an entertainment exec, played by Uhm Tae-woong ("Sunny",) who loses his cell phone and is intimidated by an anonymous stalker (Park Yong-woo.)

Hancomm is also currently in production on TV animation "Rolling Stars", with movie projects "Secret River," a melodrama, and actioner "Black Fury" in development.

Since 2007 Hanwha has invested in various Korean films including "The Chaser," current box office champ "The Divine Weapon" and Korean western, "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" via its Hanwha Culture Content Investment Association fund.

Source: Variety Asia


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ooh this movie seems interesting :lol: i love krn thrillers, the stories are always so carefully drawn out and full of surprises or twists :excl:

cnt wait to c this :)

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Stars who attended the VIP screening today.

Lee Young Jin (Uhm Tae Woong's g/f)



Han Chae Young



Hwang Jung Min


Soo Ae


Yoo Gun


Cha Tae Hyun


Im Jung Eun


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Source: The Korea Times 02-12-2009 17:04

'Hand Phone' Showcases Top Talent


Actors Park Yong-woo, left, and Eum Tae-woong star in the thriller "Hand Phone.'' Coming to theaters Feb. 19, the noir thriller shows how personal information in a lost cell phone can be used in all the wrong ways. / Courtesy of SK Telecom

By Lee Hyo-won

Staff Reporter

"Paradise Murdered'' director Kim Han-min brings yet another unconventional thriller, "Hand Phone.'' But unlike his previous work, the setting shifts from an isolated island to the big city and, like its title suggests, revolves around every urbanite's essential hardware, the cell phone

The cell phone, which South Koreans commonly call "hand phone'' and thus the title of the film, has appeared without fail in recent thrillers such as "Seven Days.'' "Hand Phone'' also has the victim running around as the perpetrator whispers orders from the other line. It capitalizes on the familiar anxiety of looking for a charger when the battery starts dying out on an important conversation. It also shows the perils of losing one's personal information held by cell phones.

The beauty of the film lies in its haunting revelation of the grotesque in things mundane and the unleashing of the latent beast within individuals, including the most docile, under-pressing or unexpected situations. The movie is all about character development, and Park Yong-woo's ("Once Upon a Time in Corea'') skin-crawling yet sympathy-provoking performance is the reason for watching the film.

Seung-min ("Forever the Moment'' star Eum Tae-woong) is a celebrity manager who will sacrifice whatever is necessary for his career. Even as loan sharks threaten the safety of his wife (played by "Paradise Murdered'' beauty Park Sol-mi), he hosts debaucherous parties to kowtow to filmmakers. His only hope is Jin-a (newcomer Lee Se-na), a starlet on the rise for her sweet, innocent image. When Jin-a lands a lucrative modeling contract, however, her boyfriend Yun-ho (model Kim Nam-gil) blackmails Seung-min with their sex video.

To make matters worse, Seung-min loses his cell phone, which stores the sex video and hundreds of contact numbers that are essential to business. A male voice (Park Yong-woo) promises to return the device, but only calls to pry details about Seung-min's private life, showing rather too much interest in his wife.

Fearing that the sex clip will wind up on the Internet, Seung-min decides he has no choice but to follow the anonymous caller's orders: first, to answer calls with a cheerful, "Thank you,'' second, to be polite, and third, to carry out specific actions against certain individuals. But the third order becomes increasingly violent and, when finally his wife becomes involved, Seung-min starts to track down his phone and its new user on his own.

Unlike most cat-and-mouse chases, "Hand Phone'' makes no secret of who the perpetrator is. I-gyu is no serial killer or kidnapper with sinister intentions; in fact he's a diligent manager at a local retailer who never loses a smile even when attending to the most obnoxious customers. When he discovers, however, that he can also exert control over someone ― and be a king like his customers ― Seung-min becomes an outlet for his frustrations, and he submits to his darker side and has his revenge.

Both men are workaholics who allow their jobs to shape their private life, and the movie turns noir in the style of Woody Allen's "Match Point.'' The movie enters a sort of gray zone where the victim is more despicable than the perpetrator. Seung-min's morals are rather questionable to begin with, but I-gyu's "split personality'' is slightly understandable. Viewers may sympathize with this guy next door who is himself a victim ― in the bizarre customer service culture that has recently become omnipresent in Korea, workers are told to submit to customers as if they are like dictators rather than kings.

While the convoluted plotline slightly downgrades its overall quality, the thriller clearly reminds viewers not to lose their cell phones.

In theaters Feb. 19. Running time not yet announced. 19 and over. Distributed by SK Telecom.


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great movie!!!

so clever!!!!

i would compare it to the chaser...the chaser of 2009!

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This is on my (long) watchlist and I'm planning to watch this soon. Mainly because of Park Yong Woo! ^^;; I like him so much. ^^ But why is he so underrated...? Or maybe just not so well known I don't know... :/

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