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13infamyss    1,481






Kon no ki konoha - Only in autumn when the dead leaves flutter about can Akino meet the mysterious boy who lives inside the deep blue tree.


Hikitate Yaku no Koi - been always a fan of this mangaka. she makes such beautiful graphic. its about a story of a girl who always tries to set up dates for her friend. she thought no one would ever take an interest to her even the guy she likes.


kimi wa chiisana kesshou - Kaho puts on a facade in front of everyone, hiding who she truly is, in other words lying to those she cares about in order to make them feel at ease. One day she meets a boy at a social gathering who sees right through her and helps her change...


hidarite no love letter - story about how love communicates through arm/hand writings~


Almost Crying - It's really cute x_x And the drawings looks cute too. The Romance~


Forever Honey - It's not a romantic high school love story, but one about the relationship between a father and his daughter. It was bittersweet and the art is amazing.


Anata no Shiranai Sekai - horror story


Konya mo Hitori de Nemurenai - horror story


Isshun no Tsuki - Mizuho is in love with Shugo-sempai, and even manages to kiss him secretly under the cover of darkness. Only one problem. Shugo is the boyfriend of Mizuho's older sister!


Tonari no Danshi - Super cute story about two childhood friends who are always competing with each other. They make a bet on which of them can get a date for Christmas Eve first! XP


Say I'm Cute - A collection of 4 romance one shots. The art is very nice and the feelings are very raw (realistic?) so I enjoyed them.



Story 1
- Pink Colored Love: About a girl who starts dating a her classmate but becomes unconfident about their relationship when he doesn't show up for a date


Story 2
- Say I'm Cute: About a girl whose boyfriend dumps her for a cuter girl and since then can't let anyone see her without tons of makeup on



Story 3
- Enough to Feel the Heat: About a girl who is going out with a guy who used to have another girlfriend before her but is looking forward to being the first girl he's ever gone to see fireworks with.



Story 4
- A Winter Sun: About a guy who lost his first baseball game in his last year of high school and gave up on his dream of being a high school baseball team coach and about the girl who was counting on him to realize his dream.




A Silent Greeting - Six page manhwa, all color, about a ancient greek woman who waits for her husband to return from the war.


Asa mo, Hiru mo, Yoru mo (Morning, Noon, and Night) - A two volume story (although it also contains some side stories) about a girl who was abused badly by a guy in her last year of middle school. When she got to high school, one of her classmates looks exactly like the man who abused her and she can't stand being near him!! What happens when he tells her he's in love with her?!


Saikou no Kiss wo Ageru (Giving the Best Kiss) - A collection of 6 one-shots. Only 4 have been translated so far:



Heartbeat Mail
- A girl anonymously text messages the guy she likes. Will she get closer to him this way?


7 Kiss
- A girl is transferring schools in 7 days. One morning, she goes up to the teacher she's in love with and kisses him! She also takes a picture of the kiss with her cell phone and tells the teacher that if he doesn't give her a kiss everyday for the next 7 days, she'll show the picture to everyone!



Love Lover-
Shinji and Misaki's parents remarry with each other and so now they are brother and sister. Shinji is two years younger than Misaki. Will any love develop?



Love Honey
- Continuation of previous story. Shinji, Misaki, and their mom and dad go on a trip!




Kimi ga Hajimete (You're My First) - Inoue works part time as a voice actress and she likes to keep it a secret from everyone. What happens when the class playboy finds out her secret?!


Kimi wa Chiisana Kesshou (You're My Small Crystal) - Kaho always puts up an act in front of her friends in order to not offend anyone. She is super polite and chooses her words carefully and never talks about things that may seem uncomfortable or personal. She meets a boy who helps her realize that that isn't what a friend really is.


Honey Flavored Blood - Oh yes, its one of those vampire stories again. But what I like about this story is.... it started with the a vampire and a human girl already dating. So i guess it's pretty unique since it skipped the whole "how-the-vampire-fell-in-love-with-a-human-and-girl-fell-in-love-with-vampire" kind of like story. I thought it was pretty cute.....


God's in His Heaven - A very short (about 10 page) oneshot about a girl and her sister who are being taken cared for by an uncle who is in the hospital because their parents died. Slightly sad.


Holiday - A story about an unfashionable girl who gets a makeover because her childhood friend treats her like a child.


Shuukatsu!! - Kimi ni Naitei - A two volume story...not exactly a oneshot? But it's totally worth reading. It's about a young woman who is in her last year of college and is job hunting...unsuccessfully. On her 50th job interview, she meets a guy who also interviewing but was super confident and great during his interview. After bumping into him again later on the train she wonders if she will ever see him again because even though he slightly annoyed her, she couldn't help be mesmerized by him.


Taiyou wa Kimi ni Kagaya ku - Chinatsu was so amazed after watching a baseball match on TV, that she decided to enter to Tsubakawa High, hoping to be near the baseball team she admired so much.


Ageha - Also previously recommend in this thread. I really enjoyed it. I didn't hate the main girl too much and the guy who helps her out was awesome. I especially loved the ending with the text message and his reaction. lol


Hanbun wa Ai de Dekitemasu - Himari Wataya is maybe dating her senpai, Atari Hoshikawa. Hoshikawa is the top student of their school but he’s also well-known among the students as the the Super S (Sadist) “Prince of Disdain”. What is she supposed to do when he teases her mercilessly and he’s always angry with her? When she’s pushed to the edge, Himari finds out that she might not be as submissive of an M (Masochist) as everyone assumes!


Kaeru no Saiban - Fairy tale like oneshot. About a frog who wants to be human and fall in love. Twist at the end. =)


Talking Arrogantly - Manhwa oneshot that I did not understand too well. It's supernatural. About a gangster dude who notices he's being followed some creepy guy.


Wisteria Colored Sky Apartment - A short josei romance one shot (like 23 pages) about some neighbors in an apartment building.


Adidas Fever - Think you can't be sad after reading a 17 page oneshot? Well, this one can do it. It's really awesome, beautiful art.


Aishikata mo Wakarazuni - the story is all about MISUNDERSTANDINGS.... regrets are all you have left once the relationship has been misunderstood/misinterpreted. sleep.gif.



Aquarium - Three tales of love, loss, and longing. A trio of girls tackle the trials of adolescence and try to find happiness.


Call Me Princess - Remember your first high school love? Everyone does. And Call Me Princess will help bring back memories of those innocent days of dreamy eyes and embarrassed blushes in classrooms and corridors.


Popcorn Romance - Two brothers give up their dreams of fame and fortune to try and help their grandfather save his farm from becoming a golf course.


Just A Girl - On her own for the very first time, Erica finds herself dealing with the pressures of independence.


Miss Me - A fashionable high school girl has a crush on the lead singer of a heavy metal band, but he seems indifferent to her feelings.


Let's Stay Together Forever - From the 80's comes big hair, heavy metal and romance. High school throws everyone together, from shy and geeky bookworms to bawdy outrageous metalheads. These cliques can get very exclusive and people will seldom cross the lines, but when they do…everyone is watching!


Ni no Hime no Monogatari -A collection of three one shots.



Ni no Hime no Monogatari:
A boy begrudgingly becomes the aide to the "turnip" princess of the three princesses that are possible heirs to the throne. The art is really wonderful to look at and it fits the story very well. I love the saying the story follows too.


The Racing Queen:
A girl who wants to become the queen of racing queens. When she finally receives that title, it isn't quite what she expected.



Chijou 20m de Aimashou:
It's time to go home, but the roof's door is locked! What will the three students do?




Daydream World - A girl works at an amusement park, and the guy she likes starts working there too! But, he already has a girlfriend. Perhaps it's time for her to wake up from her daydreams.


The Kings Pawnshop - Amy is really bad at judging people. The last guy she went out with took her money for someone else's abortion! In hopes of becoming better at judging people, she starts working at a pawnshop.


24 Colors - Nanaka loves to paint. So when she enters high school, she gets excited at the prospect of joining the arts club. However, there's only two members-- the mysterious Chihaya and the energetic Kento. They're both good-looking guys, and Chihaya shares Nanaka's love for painting! Alongside the two gorgeous guys (and Nanaka's best friend)...what will happen?


Caramel Milk Tea - Collection of cute one shots.


Sakura Rhythm - Satsuki, to whom he said some incredibly disrespectful words to, had the worst reunion with him in the high school entrance ceremony! He was the little master of a famous construction company...? A love story of the season of sakura, where things become precious and love forms!


Sweet II - A collection of short stories. They're pretty cute.


Kanojo ga Cafe ni Kayou Wake - Collection of love stories about waiters at a cafe.


X2 -Collection of high school love stories.


Paradise Cafe - Nakazawa works at a cafe with hot waiters, and she's going out with the most popular one! Yet, they haven't been making any progress. Are they really in love?


7th Period is a Secret - Collection of stories. I liked the last two more that the first one.


Suki ni Naru Made Matte - Compilation of cute short stories.


Zettai Oshienai - There's this myth that if you draw your name and the person you love's name under an umbrella in the old principal office, your lives will be bound forever. Is it really true?

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cutiek028    161

^ Sounds awesome! Do you know where you can download it?

I don't loove that many one shots because the ones I've mostly read are shojo one shots where the same thing always happens. Of course there are always exceptions.

I like one volume mangas and I really love short mangas that are really good. =)

Here is a list of One shots I've read:

Bold are ones I loved especially.

The ones I say I couldn't remember are probably not very good.

But yeah.

Aquarium By: Tomoko Taniguchi (Short stories, looved them, Tomoko Taniguchi is shojo done right! ^^)

Shirahime Syo By: CLAMP (beautiful short stories, that seemed mysterious and a little like folk stories)

Popcorn Romance By: Tomoko Taniguchi (Anything by her is good)

Call Me Princess By: Tomoko Taniguchi (Anything by her is good)

SOS By: Hinako Ashihara (Short stories, loooved them! The second one makes people cry!)

Sold Out By: Sakura Kenjo (About a girl who works at one of those trendy clothes stores)

Tenshi no Pocket By:Mitsuba Takanashi (forgot)

When You Looked Like An Angel By: Yukino Miyawaki (forgot)

Swan Lake By: Tachibana Higuchi (By the woman who wrote Gakuen Alice! Really cute stories with fairytale elements!)

1-6000 Honesty By: Hiromi Mashiba (girl who would always say everything was okay even though it wasn't)

Beloved Teddy Bear By: Yoko Kamura (boy who dies reincarnates in a teddy bear)

Haru no Sayonara (Goodbye Spring) By: Mizoguchi Ryouko (really short but really sad D:)

Whispers of the Heart By: Aoi Hiiragi (as good as the movie! Has a sequel)

Always Together By: Makoto Usshiki (Loooved it! About two fat friends who want to lose weight)

Miss Me By: Tomoko Taniguchi (anything by her is good)

Started From A Debut (about two aspiring mangakas)

You Win (forgot)

Caramel Diary By: Megumi Mizusawa (forgot)

Let's Stay Together Forever By: Tomoko Taniguichi (anything by her is good)

Line By: Yua Kotegawa (really interesting! girl gets phone calls telling her someone is about to commit suicide and the location and she has to run and try to stop them)

Mitsukazu Mihara Short Stories (really weird stories)

Nemuri Hime Ni 100 Man Kai no Kiss By: Seto Yuuna (forgot)

She Got Off the Bus at the Peninsula By: Yuki Urushibara (interesting! ghost seeing, slice of life)

White Day By: Gu Hyun-Jung (short colored manhwa)

7th Period is A Secret By: Kazue Chiha (teacher student romance)

A Love For Sweet Things By: Mahiru Hinata (forgot)

Faster Than A Kiss By: Meka Tanaka (forgot)

Otokomae Beads Club By: Kyousuke Motomi (girl joins weird club at school)

Help! By: Fujiwara Kiyo (girl who wants to be a doctor)

Left Hand By: CLAMP (creepy short story by clamp)

Pajama no Ojama By: Watase Yuu (girl teleports mysteriously to boy's room)

Cry Out For Love At The Heart of the World By:Kazui Kazumi (famous sad love story)

Soo Many! I'm not putting the author anymore...if your interested and can't find it, PM me! =)

The Prince Who Fell In Love (forgot)

Throbbing Tonight (forgot)

A Night With A Moon (girl meets boy at the seashore)

Risou no Kao wo Motsu Otoko (forgot)

Oishii Study (forgot)

Kakene Nashi no Love Torihiki (forgot)

Kinderbook (short stories I did not understand at all)

Jisatsu Circle (suicide club, freaky scary story about mass suicides)

Apple Lip-tan (short color story, weird...)

Gaaru Reiji (forgot)

Ba-thump Ba-thump Diary (forgot)

Nemuri Hime Ni 100 Man Kai no Kiss (forgot)

Yubikiri (Pinky Promise) (forgot)

Loving A Player (forgot)

Lover's Flowers (forgot)

Love at the Fingertip (forgot)

If I Became a Beauty One Day (girl wished to be beautiful and gets her wish)

Beautiful Name (girl likes boy who makes fun of her and he says she has a great name, i think)

Bitter (Nakechau Koi Monogatari) (good short stories)

+/- Junkie (forgot)

Because You Smile When I Sing (by the author of fruit baskets)

My 1/3 Boyfriend (forgot)

The Ring (manga of the creepy movie)

My Real Fake Boyfriend (forgot)

Ohisama no Hana (forgot, shorts stories I think)

Doll (forgot)

Times Two (forgot)

The One I Love (forgot)

Love For Sale (forgot)

Candy Life (forgot)

Beautiful People (weird short stories...)

The Elevator That Takes You Into Darkness (great scary short story!)

Low Temperature Burn (forgot)

The Dress (great scary short story manhwa!)

Mahou wo Kakete (forgot)

The Kidnapping of Minha Jo's Boyfriend (manhwa about two girls from different schools with a rivalry)

Apple Cheek Love (about a girl who blushes hard I think)

Hajime (forgot)

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms (sad, nice stories about survivors of hiroshima and nagasaki and their decedents)

Covered in Cinders (creepy retelling of cinderella)

Little Sweet Delusion (creepy retelling of little red riding hood)

Love Me Baby (forgot)

AmaIro Omoi (forgot)

Stone Cold (LOVED it! strong woman character! josei manga)

Chocolate Christmas (by the lady who did sailor moon, really cute shojo about a radio station host and a girl)

Pump Up (forgot)

And that's all! ^^ (thank goodness!)

I've read so many one shots thanks to the evilempire.com and the scanlation world. =)

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13infamyss    1,481

^I can give you the link (CLICK!). But I must give you a warning that its a smut manga. LOL. i am a fan :lol:

OH! The Kidnapping of Minha Jo's Boyfriend and Sold Out are my favourites too. I really enjoyed reading them. i kept LOLing especially on that manhwa. kkkkkkkk.

and OH! again...... there's this compilation of one shot that makes me reminisce my high school days. LOL. "Kimi no kachi" The first oneshot was really sweet. It's about a girl who finds nothing special about this popular guy in her school. She kept badmouthing him even without realizing she has already fallen in love. ahh~ high school days. LOL

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cutiek028    161


Thanks so much for the link!!!

I don't mind the smut...much...lol

I already downloaded it!

That Kimi no Kachi one shot you mentioned is also called You Win and I have it on my list! I wrote 'I forgot' next to it.

I remember it more now...I'm gonna skim through it anyways...

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cutiek028    161

I'm rereading it right now! I think I just read the first story and not the rest. Or maybe I did...but I totally don't remember the stories. I remember the coffee and the note at the end of the first story, but nothing of the 2nd. I'll be reading the other 3 stories tomorrow!

But they are soo cute! <3

Oh! And I'll read the I Want tomorrow as well! ^^

Thanks again!

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cutiek028    161

^ Wow! How bold! I could NEVER do that! They'd probably be like! OMG! You're reading porn! :o

OMG! I just read I Want and I absolutely LOVED the ending! I looved it! (She's such a strong character)

Thanks for such a good recommendation!

I really do recommend Always Together.

You can read it here: http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/series/...lways_together/

Edit: I finished reading You Win. I hadn't read the other short stories. Just the first one. They other four stories were so cute! I <3ed them! =)

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13infamyss    1,481

^ Yeah, you're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I really love that oneshot. I'll never get tired reading it. It's one of those kind of manga that you wish it was longer but then again on the second thought maybe its better it ended that way :)

And I read the Always Together. LOL. that manga reminds me to lose weight :) It's one cute story and must not be decieved by the artwork.

Yeah Kimi no Kachi is one good oneshots compilation. The other one I like was the story about these two friends and how the guy is moving out.. and at the end he was like "Friends don't kiss" LOL. i just thought it was cute. BUT NOTHING BEATS YOU WIN! hahahaha

my friends read one-shot smut manga during school HAHAHA LMFAO

LOOOOOL. how awsome can your friend be? :lol:

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pie.x3    32

^ going to read all those recommended =]

yeah good oneshots leave you with really warm feelings after you finish reading them, and they make you wanna read them again... and since they're so short... well yeah :)

i think Katakoi no Tsuki/Moon of the one-sided Love is pretty good too ^^ ( Link )


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cutiek028    161


I just read Moon of One Sided Love! It was really cute! =) They had a very interesting friendship. Although...

in the end I liked Chiaki (black hair guy) more than the other guy ...do you think Chiaki was just acting like he liked the main girl or did he really like her? I wanted main girl to stay with Chiaki cause the other guy was a little dumb...


But yeah! Nice! ^^

Thanks for the recommendation~

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13infamyss    1,481

^LOOOOOOOOOOOL. wow, eh? :)

i think Katakoi no Tsuki/Moon of the one-sided Love is pretty good too ^^ ( Link )

Oh yea i read this one the moment SD released its 1st chapter. I actually liked it. This reminded me of Senpai to Kanojo

and yea I'm glad that the couple who i want to be together ended up being together at the end.

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matchacake    2,392

I <3 one-shots, they're the perfect way to kill time and not have to tear your hair out wondering when the next chapter's going to get raws/scanlated. I can't really list all the ones I've read and loved (I'd be here all night!), but they pwn most forms of entertainment.

My favourites, though are CLAMP's one-shots, I love crack!versions of their characters, and CLAMP in Wonderland/ CLAMP no Kiseki always gets me laughing. Shirahime-Syo is different from anything they've done before, but I love the folk-tale, sad feel of it- and it's utterly gorgeous.

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cutiek028    161

I recently read a collection of short stories in a manga called: It's Only Love

It was really good!! I loved it!

The mangakas are Yasuko and Yabuki Kentaro. I downloaded it at theevilempire when it was online, but I don't know where else to download it...I had it saved in my computer since this summer.

They are love stories where one of the minor characters, or sometimes people just briefly mentioned, in one story is the main characters in the next. All the love stories also have some Greek god reference. I loved the stories~~~


Evil Empire is back!

Here is the link:


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cutiek028    161

I read another oneshot last night. It's called Shutter Love

It was pretty unique, the story line...not the best. The art was beautiful. By the same mangaka who wrote Suppli.


Ever loved taking photos? For Maki taking photos is as natural as breathing, yet she does not dream of becoming a pro. One day her carefree approach to photography is going to change, as she encounters a rival not only in taking photos...



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ah, my group, VNScans is currently working for a oneshot by Azuki Ryou titled H2Love.. if you don't mind, please look for the release soon in our forums: vnscans.forumotion.net.. we have 'one bunko's titles lined up in our upcoming project but we'll need to wait for the translators to translate it ^^..

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ceralyn    0

I don't normally read one-shot manga but I really liked Town of Evening Calm/Country of Cherry Blossoms (pretty title too) and Goth. I used to read Salad Days which is basically a whole bunch of one-shots which are about young love and some of them are set in the same high school. They were really cute and just nice to read.

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cutiek028    161

^ I'll try Salad Days! Sounds nice! ^^

But is Goth really good? It sounds interesting although I don't love detective stuff...maybe I try it too.

I just finished reading a one shot called After Friends about two childhood friends. The art was soo nice and the story was short and cute~wow! You guys should try it! (Not long at all!)


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