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[movie 2008] Beyond All Magic / 흑심모녀 Heung Ssi Monyeo / Black Heart

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Shim Hye Jin, Lee Da Hee, Lee Sang Woo
Cast; Shim Hye-jin - Namhui Lee Da-hee - Narae Lee Sang-woo - Jun Kim Soo-mi Lee Kye-in

93min 35mm | Genre : Comedy , Action , Romantic comedy , | Release date in South Korea : Jun 12, 2008

SYNOPSIS :  Nam-hee struggles to make a living selling fruit as she lives with her mom who thinks she is still a young girl (ill with Alzheimer’s) and her senseless daughter who only dreams of becoming an anchorwoman. One day, Joon, a mysterious guy appears before three eccentric women. Having more time together, Nam-hee who got tired of living feels at peace and her heart flutters for the first time through Joon. When Na-rae senses it, she is confused and gets jealous of mother’s love, but finally realizes that mom is also a woman. Thanks to Joon, a love messenger, they become slowly aware of true meaning of family...


^credits to Koreanmovie.com =D

has anybody seen it? i just recently watched it on crunchyroll =D

it was an awesome movie, it was very nice and pleasant to watch.

Lee SangWoo is so hawt ahahahha =D

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yea i saw this movie today =]

it was a very random story plot but still enjoyable.

my sister was like in love with the male actor lol

i love kim soomi. she makes me laugh!

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