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B B Cream Aka Blemish Balm #2~ Hottest Foundation Trend In Asia [last Update: 25Apr10

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PLEASE READ POST #1-6 BEFORE POSTINGOriginal Thread: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=234275

Note: Last updated til pp. 94, post #1861 - 25 April 2010 AEST


Please credit us or provide a link back if you take anything from post 1 - 6. We've put alot of effort into creating this from Goodwill and would really appreciated it if you give us some respect for our hard work.We are not affiliated with any BB cream producing companies and/or in any way responsible for the products you decided to purchase and use resulting from the information and advice we've provided. Please take note that information and advice are based on personal experience of consumers (forum members) and not from professional bodies of the trade.Special care has been taken to credit information that we have quoted/used/taken. If however, you've found anything in Posts #1 to #5 that belongs to you and has not been sourced back to you, PM me with proof :)Do not spam this thread with selling/promoting links. You have already broken Soompi's General Rule no.5 by doing so and I will not hesitate to report you. PM me to add your link if it is not already on the "Where to Purchase" list.
Major Contributors (other than myself) to Post#1 to #5: deppstar, kandi, reallyAmused

Blemish Balm aka BB cream has been the hottest craze in Asia (Korea specifically) for quite some time now. But what exactly is it? To put it simply - BB cream is a makeup touted with skincare properties. That being said, double cleansing is required, if not, you will experience clogged pores and pimples like anyone else.

"It's a 4 in 1 multifunctional cream - soothes, moisturizes, protects and covers blemishes."

The most popular brand of BB Cream in Korea is Hanskin. You may see some products spelling “blemish” incorrectly and think that Korean companies can’t spell. Well…. You're wrong! :D The word "blemish" has been copyrighted by a Korean company.

BB Cream is somewhat a makeup product with skincare properties. As mentioned, its was initially introduced to patients who went for cosmetic surgery but still wanted to look good post surgery while in recovery. So it has more soothing/healing properties (varies from brand to brand) compared to our normal foundation. Its still best applied with moisturizer and sunblock. Different brands of BB cream has different textures , coverage and blendability.

To read more general info about BB creams, please refer to the links below:
Makeup For Life http://www.makeupforlife.net/2007/12/bb-cream.html
CozyCots Forum http://forums.cozycot.com/showthread.php?t=26032

FAQ post #2
Product Reviews post #3 - as of 17 Nov '09, only a selected informative reviews and those that follow the format will be referenced
Comparisons post #4 - different products and brands compared
Where to Purchase? see post #4

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1. Do BB creams come in different shades like foundations?
BB creams generally come in "one" shade, they are meant to "sink/seep" into your skin to match your skin tone. However, they do vary in shade depending on the company that produces them. The shades further vary among the different products that the company produces. There are a few companies who do produce two (2) different shades for their BB creams such as Skinfood (TSF or SF) and Missha.

2. What's the difference between Shade #1 and Shade #2 (in SF and Missha)?
Shade #1 is fairer and has yellow undertones. Shade #2 (Natural) is slightly darker and more of pinkish undertones. (P.S: I am NC20/25 and I used to use #1) - by: deppstar

It's best to choose according to your skin undertone rather than your skin tone because you will look colour-washed after application.

What is a skin "undertone"? How do I know what skin undertone I have?
Read me | Watch me
related topic: what skin tone am i? - read pbsadhaka's post towards the bottom of the page

3. Can BB cream get rid of pimples, scars and improve my skin?
"It can't be said that all BB Creams help with blemishes and/or acne because each BB Cream has different ingredients and properties (whitening, wrinkle, etc). Some people have said that they break out less after using BB Cream, but others have broken out because of using BB Cream so it all depends on the person. It may be that this product is just better than the one you're currently using, so you break out less. Or whatever is in the BB Cream might not be suitable for your skin, so you'll break out. Even those BB Creams that say "whitening" (for acne scars and whatnot), might not be strong enough to whiten your skin (in particular).

"...it is supposed to contain properties that help heal your blemishes and the pigmentation of it covers up scarring and stuff. But it is NOT a treatment of any sort for any kind of acne. In fact, if you have active acne, I recommend that you don't try this....

I've read, a lot of people seem to be under the mistaken impression that this is some kind of acne/blemish treatment and don't wash it off properly or wear it to sleep when it is actually a makeup cosmetic product. It is probably better for you skin than typical foundations and concealers, but it might irritate your acne even further." - nanshi

It is supposed to help with scarring from blemishes; it's original creation was to soothe/heal and cover skin after they went through intense chemical peels or laser treatments.

If you're using BB Cream solely for the purpose of getting rid of blemishes/acne, I wouldn't set my hopes too high. Using these BB Creams are like any other product...It's all trial and error, hit and miss!" -by babyleese

"You may not be able to whiten and get rid of the spots, but I've learned that before you concentrate on the APPEARANCE of your skin, the texture of your skin is a lot more important: It's easy to cover up things like a mole here or a scar there, but if your skin is bumpy it's bumpy, no BB cream can make the bumps go away. If your skin is dry and flaking off, no BB cream is going to be able to smooth that out, you need MOISTURIZER not BB CREAM." -by mikanpuriname

4. How do I wear BB Cream? Can I wear it alone?
"BB Cream is NOT a skin treatment and should NOT replace your usual moisturizer or sunscreen.

A lot of people seem to think that BB Cream really is just a healing balm, but it is actually a makeup product. So you should treat it as such. I think it is just a tinted moisturizer -- maybe with more coverage? -- that contains certain ingredients that makes it heal your skin faster and help clear up blemishes and scars and such. " - nanshi

"It's not advisable to apply BB cream alone. BB cream is still considered as a makeup product with skincare properties . You shouldn't apply it directly to your face. Apply your normal skincare routine first - i.e. moisturiser.
for better coverage use pressed or loose powder over the bb cream." - by deppstar

Depending on whether you want to start wearing makeup or not, some bb cream doesn't cover so well. If you wanna cover up your acne, use concealer. The good thing about bb cream is; it has healing properties, so it makes ur acne scars lighter though some may cause you to have breakouts. It depends on the person. - by izawa

4a. Do you need to apply sunblock even if bb cream has spf?

Best is to apply sunblock, since the spf for the bb creams can be pretty low. If you are ok w/o applying, you can go ahead. once again, it's personal preference.

4b. Do you apply sunblock first or bb cream first?

If you find that bb cream does heal your skin, then for healing properties, apply bb cream first then sunblock. else sunblock first then bb cream (since bb cream is considered a type of makeup, and sunblock should always go before your makeup). again, it's personal preference.

4c. Do we need to apply foundation after applying bb cream?

Usually people apply Loose powder to set their bb cream, or dust on a layer of mineral powder. both are fine. foundation is usually not necessary, since most people use bb cream as a 'foundation'.

Concealer can be applied before or after bb cream. it's up to personal preference.

4d. Do we need a primer?

Once again, it's up to preference. Personally, I prefer getting a makeup base with spf properties, so it doubles up as sunblock + primer. cuts down on the layers of stuff you apply on your face as well.

4e. Can I sleep with bb cream?

unless it's the night bb cream (which skin79 has) that you have bought. BB cream (and I must stress again) is makeup. you don't sleep with makeup nor sunblock.

4f. Do we still need to apply moisturizer if we use bb cream?

Your skincare


be replaced with bb cream. bb cream is not a skincare product, unless it's specifically night bb cream, where you can wear apply it as a night moisturizer and wear it to sleep.

- by deppstar

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Reviewers, please use this format when reviewing BB Creams.

[bB Cream Brand & Name]
Coverage: Sheer, Medium, Heavy, Buildable
Texture: Thick, Liquid, Creamy
Shade: Foundation Shade & Undertone - for Reference of the foundation colour you use
Fragrance: Scented, Non- scented, if scented what does it smell like? Is the smell strong? etc.
Oil-Control: No oil control, Good oil control
Dewy or Matte (finish):
Overall comments:

Credits: The format above is provided by Kimoko @ LJ (and revised by annieangel). Please seek her permission if you decide to use it outside of soompi.

Please also fill this out at least once or if you change anything. Not necessary to fill this out everytime you review a new bb cream.

Skin type: Oily, Acne-prone, Dry, Combo, Sensitive
Skin tone: State your foundation & shade
Skin undertone: Pink, yellow, beige, golden, olive
Skincare Regime: List Day and Night if applicable


[b] [BB Cream Brand & Name]  [/b]
[b]Coverage: [/b]
[b]Shade: [/b]
[b]Fragrance: [/b]
[b]Oil-Control: [/b]
[b]Dewy or Matte (finish):[/b]  
[b]Overall comments:[/b]

[b]Skin type: [/b]
[b]Skin tone:[/b]
[b]Skin undertone:[/b]
[b]Skincare Regime:[/b]

External Links
Kimoko's LJ
Nicole's Blog
soliloquy3's LJ
morgan @ vox
Lotus Palace

Within Soompi
*arranged alphabetically by brand

icee_queen 1484
evz88 1500
hanabiii 1725
MyFishySarangHAEyo 1731
Ryu 1834
phalken 1849
Kawaii. 1858

Beauty Plus http://beautyplus.cn/goods.php?id=193
helloitsme93 1477

BRTC [Official Website]
Gold Caviar BB Cream SPF20 PA++ 40mL





Perfect Cover





Perfect Recover Balm







aimini coopereruhoney




Perfect Blemish Balm


discontinued product




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Blemish Balm (BB cream) vs. Mineral Makeup (MMU)
A good example of these two (2) products would be liquid foundation (bb cream) and loose powder foundation (MMU). More detailed comparisons are provided by:
deppstar: Everyday Mineral (EDM) makeup vs. BB cream
Qwerty2008: Comparison of ingredients and application

Skinfood Aloe vs. BRTC Gold Caviar
GlitzNGlam http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...t&p=9680757

Liole vs. Skinfood Aloe #2
reallyAmused http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho...t&p=9678840

Missha vs Hanskin
yoonahong http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...&p=10639659

Missha Perfect cover & Missha Watery BB cream by AKIRA-x

Missha M vs Missha M Perfect Cover by ayappi
]Skinfood Mushroom, Skinfood Aloe, Dr Jart Black Label Detox Healing, Shills Sakura Blossom BB Cream,L'egere White Multi by beautyjunkie05

Where to Purchase

{IN SOOMPI} PM me to be added :)
BB cream samples and full sized Korean cosmetics
B A B Y L E E S E ' S S H O P [ship to US and Canada only]
ʄ ʬ з з T & ʄ I M P L з ♥
Six Star Survey
Skinfood Products - mstar
BB cream samples - mmitsjojo


www.skin79usa.com Skin79 USA Authorized DistributorHello Miss Skin79 onlyHanskin BB cream samples Yeppuh.com Korean makeup and beauty skincare! [provided by babonnej]http://pinkyrouyi.livejournal.com/Softpeachy - accepts paypal if emailed, western union, concealed cash (discount if do not use paypal)Global Gmarket : gmarket - does ship internationally depending on which sellerCodinara (ebay)BRTC's Website : for brtc products (BRTC can only be purchased online.)http://shop24hrs.livejournal.com/Healthy Skin Care Shop
[8]BB Cream Queen

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izawa: comparing dr.jart black label, skin79 dermarx, and skin79 gold

gmarket image:
2 Dr Jart labels (silver left, black right)

From left to right: 1) Missha M Vita, 2) SKIN79's dermaRX spf 15 & whitening, 3) SKIN FOOD Gingko (3a - light; 3b - natural), 4) SKIN FOOD Aloe (4a - light; 4b - natural), 5) Dr. Jart+ Detox Healing BB cream Black label. by trango


Application: Before & After

sugar_puff <3 Skin79 Gold Label (applied on face )

deppstar Hanskin BBcreams

saranghaese7en post# 1637

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Ingredient List

Please note this is not the complete list; if you find one that is not listed please notify me.


Mineral Oil Please read for more info: Clogs pores? | Is MO bad for Acne Prone Skin?
BRTC: Perfect Blemish Balm, Perfect Protect Balm, Perfect Soothing
Dodo Club
Missha: Silver tube

Arbutin more info: Review
Dr. Jart Detox Healing [black Label]
Dr. Jart Rejuvenating [sliver Label]
Skin79 Dermax

BRTC Perfect Protect Balm
BRTC Perfect Soothing Balm

Dr Gowoonsesang Hydra Intensive BB cream

Dr. Jart [black Label] Detox Healing Blemish Base
Dr. Jart [silver Label] Rejuvenating Blemish Base

Skin 79 Hologram Pearl Beblesh Balm
Skin79 Intense Classic Balm anti-blemish
Skin79 Intense Classic Balm UV

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T___T Can anyone please review BRTC perfect recover and/or BRTC Gold Caviar. A comparison would be great but not necessary. Oil control, coverage stuff like that.

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T___T Can anyone please review BRTC perfect recover and/or BRTC Gold Caviar. A comparison would be great but not necessary. Oil control, coverage stuff like that.

yes, i want to know too! i ordered the brtc gold caviar one. also, can anyone comment on liole's beyond solution vs. liole's whitening + wrinkle repair AND the elastic sun powder one too? i posted this before - sorry. i'm so ready to order but i refuse until i hear some reviews!

oh i came across this site that has a full line of liole stuff!

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I'm sorry if this is repeated question ><" but I am trying to seek for my new tube ( I used Derma RX)

I know that bb cream is considered cosmetics.
However, I am just wondering if anyone has got breakout from BB cream???
If so, which one did you use??

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Ahhh screw it xD

I just ordered the BRTC Gold Caviar and the BRTC Perfect Recover. I figure I'll try them both and buy more ofthe one I like better. So when they arrive I'll have four bbcreams. Hanskin Super Magic, Missha Perfect Cover in shade #21, and the two BRTC's. They're sooooooo cheap here in korea. My hanskin and missha were about 15 each and I'm spending about 40 on the BRTC's together. So might as well get as many as I can while I'm here. I'm gonna buy a few bottles of the bbcream I like the most after I try all four =)

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Are there any reviews for Missha Perfect Cover #21? Been really lazy to put on make-up, so I'd like something easy. Plus it's more affordable now, but I want to see what other people think. >_<

so it seems like the liole bb creams seem to suit best for yellow undertoned peeps. i noticed they have 2 bb creams - liole beyond solution cream & liole whitening & wrinkle repair cream. does anyone know which one is better? also does the whitening & wrinkle cream have the same yellow undertone as the beyond solution cream? another thing....they don't have spf in them. for those of you using bb cream without spf, do you guys mix in your separate spf with it? does that change the texture of the bb cream? i'm also thinking that you can put liole's elastic sun powder pact on top of the bb cream? has anyone tried this? thanks and sorry for all the questions!

I have only tried Liole Beyond the Solution BB cream, but I must say that unless you don't have much of an undertone it would work better with a PINK undertone. I am a yellow undertone and when I tried it on it looked off. You can use a primer/moisturizer underneath that has SPF for sun protection. I actually think a primer/moisturizer helps make it glide and look better on the skin. You can try the powder pact on top, but it might be heavy and you need a LOT of powder to get the specified SPF. Hope I helped. (:

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The undertone of Liole Beyond the Solution BB cream is such a.... "grey" topic. Some say its yellow and other say its pink.. what colour is it really >_< Maybe its neutral? O_O

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The undertone of Liole Beyond the Solution BB cream is such a.... "grey" topic. Some say its yellow and other say its pink.. what colour is it really >_< Maybe its neutral? O_O

i know! i think the conclusion really is to try for yourself. so many peeps had so many various results of the same products! i will post my review of brtc's gold caviar when i receive it!

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I have hear about BB cream for a while and i was very excited to get one of these miracle workers. lol

I wanted to look my best for school tomorrow....First day of school -.-;

So i went to a local korean skin sop and they only had one kind of BB cream. since i wanted them so badly i paid her 70 bucks...well my dad did xD but i hope it was worth it

I got the Super Premium Magic BB cream from Hanskin. the bottle was so tiny... but i got lots of samples from LANEIGE. lol


Hanskin SUPER Magic Blemish Balm BB Cream SPF 30 PA ++ One of the most trusted brand for BB cream. Produced by Hanskin. This premium BB cream is a multi-functional cream, with whitening, reduce wrinkles and SPF 30 PA ++ .

I heard the whitning effects were good but not really sure about the coverage and oil control yet... im gonna use it tomorrow so i'll give you guys feedbacks tomorrow!

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Hi guys. One of my friends is going back to korea and I'm thinking about asking her to buy me one of Dr.Jart's BB cream since its supposedly one of the best. But what's the differences between the Black and the Silver BB cream?

I'm yellowish/a little tanned n I have some acne and a little oily skin so which one would be better? THANK YOU

P.S. How long does one average package of BB cream normally last for you guys?

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hey guys, this whole bb world is driving me insane! sooooooo many products but not enough reviews so here i am once again asking y'all for help. i think i've posted like 3 times about my brtc's gold cavier bb order (i'll review & post before/after pix when i receive it) but in the meantime, i'm thinking of ordering lioele's bb - either the beyond solution bb OR the whitening/wrinkle repair bb cream (still waiting for more reviews on both). on top of that, i want to order some powder from lioele as the finishing touch BUT there are like 4 powder choices i'm interested in:

1. lioele's elastic powder pact

2. lioele's elastic sun powder pact (spf 26)

3. lioele's natural mineral powder

4. lioele's real crystal pact

I have more of a yellowish undertone, does anyone know which powder works best with their bb cream? Also, just to reiterate, can anyone give me their review of lioele's beyond solution bb VERSUS lioele's whitening/wrinkle repair bb?

I know some of you have posted their comments on the beyond solution bb but haven't heard a thing about lioele's whitening & wrinkle repair - maybe this one is too new? Thanks for your posts on that :)

I'm so ready to order one of their 2 bb creams & one of their powder but I can't since I have no information on which bb cream is better of the 2 and nothing on their powder :( please help! thanks so much :)

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puckapow: I've been using that Hanskin BB Cream for about 2 months, it's not bad, coverage is decent, but it tends to make me oilier (I have oily skin, I think it's better suited for dry skin). It's a bit thicker than my other BB Creams :)

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T___T Can anyone please review BRTC perfect recover and/or BRTC Gold Caviar. A comparison would be great but not necessary. Oil control, coverage stuff like that.

Here are the reviews of My BRTC Perfect Recover & Missha M Perfect Cover SPF 42 BB Cream

I've been using BRTC Perfect Recover for about two weeks, but yet seeing any skin improvement. No breakouts so far.

My Skin type: Oily, acne-prone, enlarged pores with some black&whiteheads, no big red zits and some small old acne scars and freckles.

My skin tone: Light and my face always turns red. I'm still not sure if I have yellow or pink undertone.

Texture: Thick, hard to spread with fingers in my opinion. My solution is just to squirt it with an appropriate amount on the back of my hand, rub it with fingers to make sure that cream will stick to my fingers then dap dap dap with a little pressure onto the skin (no rubbing on face, only pressing the fingers on skin though) I did it more gentle than the lady in video below.

Coverage: Sheer to medium (in case you layer it)

Tone: Light shade similar to Missha M Perfect Cover SPF 42 Shade #21, but more pinkish, matte finish.

Oil-Control: Extremely Good, it would last up to 6-8 hours for me without blotting. It is not suitable for someone who has normal or dry skin as it might dry up the skin dramatically if you don't put enough moisturizer. Even me oily skin, I still have to put good moisturizer on my face. Last week, I used the very light moisturizer and I noticed that I had a flakey skin. Not anymore after changing to another kind of moisturizer.

Overall: This is the best to control shine in my opinion despite its thickness, I still in love with this bb cream. It gives me matte all day long.

Missha M Pefect Cover SPF 42 shade #21 = about 1 week usage.

Texture: Better than BRTC Perfect Recover, easier to blend but again I like to rub the cream on my hand first as I mentioned above.

Tone: Light a little yellowish. My mom has a bit darker skin than mine, once she put it on, her face looked obviously grayish white. I believe this shade is suitable for NC15-25. (a little lighter than BRTC Perfect Recover but more yellowish)

Coverage: Medium, dewy finish. Again the amount I used was as little as BRTC but it had better coverage. If I layer it too much, it will look so grayish white (same problem with BRTC). Anyway, I like its coverage.

Oil-Control: Poor for me as my face looked so shiny within an hour. Not sure if it's called dewy or what but I had to blot after 3 hours with soft tissue. I saw it absorbed lot of oil so I think this is not dewiness but oiliness greasiness instead!! I even applied a mattifying moisturizer before this bb cream but it didn't help at all. Let me try it again with another brand of mattifier.

Overall: Not impressive with the oil-control but love its coverage. I might use this bb cream in winter.

Recently, I purchased 6 more BB Cream (Skin79 DermaRX, Coogi Flowertox, Missha M Watery, Dr. Jart Silver, Lioele, Dr. G Brightening Balm). I will give you more reviews later. Thanks for spending your time reading my post. I might sell the samples but still thinking as I don't have any small containers for those at all. :unsure:

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