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Rain _ 비 _ Bi , Official Thread

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class="at_ttl"Rain Wins Most Influential Korean Artist Award In China


Singer and actor star Rain was the only Korean artist honored at the 19th China Music Awards, which took place on April 16 at the Venetian Maco Cotai Arena. The awards ceremony is China's biggest music awards ceremony and was broadcast live in 54 cities.

Rain won the Most Influential Korean Artist Award.

 "I want to thank my fans and the China Music Awards for bringing me here," said Rain at the awards ceremony. "I will continue to work hard and show you all my best efforts."

During the ceremony he performed "LA Song" and "30 Sexy," demonstrating the singing talent and dance moves that made him so popular in Korea and throughout Asia.

Rain, who started performing at age 16 in the group Fanclub, has slowly transitioned into acting. He debuted as a solo singer in 2002 and made his acting debut in 2003. His early drama "Full House" with actress Song Hye Kyo won him an award and helped expand his international fan base. And when he finished his most recent k-drama, "My Lovely Girl," with co-star Krystal Jung, he decided to film his next drama in China.

He took a part in the Chinese series "Diamond Lover" which co-starred Tiffany Tang. His role as an aloof perfectionist in the 2015 drama earned him over $5 million. "Diamond Lover" was China's most expensive, non-historical TV production to date. Rain also filmed a 2014 Chinese romantic film "For Love or Money" with actress Liu Yifei.

In an interview about "Diamond Lover" with Chinese media outlet CCTV, the actor said that the experience was great and he learned a lot, but mastering the language was hard.

"Learning Chinese is difficult so I speak a little bit of it in the drama," said Rain. "People sometimes think certain Korean and Chinese words sound similar so it shouldn't be that hard. But to speak with the right tone and emotions is difficult in either languages." 

He learned enough Chinese to say thank you when he received his award. He said thank you in Chinese and then proceeded to give the rest of his short acceptance speech in English.

Rain was recently considering a role in the k-drama "The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days," with Ha Ji Won, but he declined the role which is now being filled by Lee Jin Wook.



Copyright ⓒ 2015 DramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Rain Won The Prize of ‘Most Powerful Korean Artist’ in China


[by You-bin Ha] Rain was awarded in one of the best music awards.

Rain won the prize of ‘Most Powerful Korean Artist’ at the 19th China Music Award in Macao. This award was a live broadcast which aired in 54 different districts and Rain was the only Korean artist named for it.

As the representative of K-Pop artists, Rain said, “I want to thank China Music Award and my fans for bringing me here. I will always do my best in everything”.

He focused his activities in acting these days so it was difficult to see him on the stage. But he fulfilled fans’ anticipations in this award by performing ‘30Sexy’ and ‘LASONG’.

Rain had a tremendous popularity since his debut all around Asia. Showing its constant popularity in different fields, he is definitely in the middle of Hallyu. All his albums, dramas and movies received a favorable response from the public especially in China. Now fans’ expectations are rising for his next work. (photo by CUBE Entertainment)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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class="entry-title"K-media Claims Kim Tae Hee and Rain are Planning Their Wedding, Rain’s Agency Denies Upcoming Nuptials


I feel like if Rain and Kim Tae Hee started dating five years ago, before he left for the army, theirs would be the K-ent star couple to dwarf all other star couples before them. One is the top solo idol of his generation, with a side gig in acting, while the other is a natural beauty and brains Seoul University grad with a toothy grin, together they have brawn, beauty, and moolah galore. What’s not to love? Sadly timing is everything and Rain’s star got shaken after his military service so now the spotlight on the couple is less intense that it could be.

Still the public is keeping an eye on the A-list pair’s moves to spot signs of impending nuptials, and last week the K-media published a report that the couple was indeed planning to get married. The parents have met, the permission granted, and now it was planning time. Rain’s agency Cube Entertainment promptly refuted that by saying a wedding isn’t in the works right now. Not right now doesn’t mean not somewhere down the line, right?


Other than their Coupang CF together, the couple have been so low key as to have never been photographed together or attended events together. I’m waiting for their wedding, which is happening even if not anytime soon based on industry sources, mostly so I can see their wedding pictorial. I super want to see what the couple’s wedding style is, classy or playful, not to mention all the pretty locales they can pick as their backdrop. Why wait Rain, put on a ring on her!

source : http://koalasplayground.com/2015/04/22/k-media-claims-kim-tae-hee-and-rain-are-planning-their-wedding-rains-agency-denies-upcoming-nuptials/

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***This is a NOTICE from soompi................ :)>-


Dear Forum Friends,

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As our forum content dates back to October 2005 (since “The Big Crash of 2005”), you can imagine how much data we are talking about. The estimate for the forum migration is one week !! This means that the forum as we know it will be offline so that the data can be migrated safely.

Before you have a heart attack, we will have a temporary forum that you can sign into with your Soompi login. We will have temporary Official Threads that will be merged back into the real forum once we go back online so your posts won’t be lost. Let’s all use this time to get used to the new system, including the staff

Our moving day is next Tuesday, April 28, and the site is scheduled to go offline sometime before noon, Eastern Time (GMT-4). We’re working hard to make this migration as smooth as possible, but these things never go exactly as planned. Thanks in advance for your patience through this process!

Looking forward to better days,

p.s. Here is a list of the stock features for those who are curious

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15-04-24 Rain LOTTE HOTEL picture

Posted by memo-rain on April 24, 2015
z1.jpg z2.jpg z3.jpg z4.jpg z5.jpg z6.jpg z7.jpg z8.jpg LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN Ambassador Rain(Jung Jihoon) 롯데호텔부산 홍보대사(2015.1.20~2016.1.19) 비(정지훈) 입니다. LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN Ambassador Rain(Jung Jihoon)   LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN Ambassador(2015.1.20~2016.1.19) Rain(Jung Jihoon) source http://www.lottehotel.com/busan/en/overview/gallery.asp?curr...


15-04-01 Rain Signature

Posted by memo-rain on April 24, 2015

yVKPI.jpg   credit @mizorain  twitter   ジフニ、また来たのかな? 新しいサイン。 http://p.twipple.jp/yVKPI  #줜막걸리아노

15-04-24 Rain Picture

Posted by memo-rain on April 24, 2015

  Credit @千黛薰雨 weibo #RAIN郑智薰出道13周年##RAIN-JIHOON# 朋友说看到rain的新广告 惊呆了[照相机][照相机]#Rain#帅的帅的[心][心] ----------------------------------------------

15-04-24 Rain Lotte City Hotels Poster

Posted by memo-rain on April 24, 2015

fan.jpg     Credit pokky420  https://instagram.com/p/12nSFgLvKc/ class="sCaption"#rain #rain_oppa #ロッテシティホテル九老

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[Pic]15-04-25 2015 Rain Fan Meeting in SEOUL

64.jpg 65.jpg 66.jpg 67.jpg 68.jpg

credit yura827//prikumi //@kazu625 //yoshime4010 //

56.jpg 57.jpg 58.jpg 59.jpg 60.jpg

52.jpg 53.jpg 54.jpg 55.jpg



15-04-25 Rain Leaving CDL

by memo-rain on April 25, 2015




CREDIT @raincloudhk WEIBO



15-04-25 Rain @ Twitter

by memo-rain on April 25, 2015



ㅋㅋㅋ https://instagram.com/p/15WuFKJSmT/ ;


15-04-25 Rain picture




Credit eun_jung_oh


class="sCaption"#비 #팬미팅 공연 끝나고 같이 ㅋㅋㅋ 와우!! 멋쪄멋쪄!!!!------------------------------------------

[Fancam]150425 Rain Fanmeeting in Seoul_By wantan0625


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150426 Rain LOVO picture

Credit: lovo.cn/scorpiola@rain-cloud



ในงาน FMT.นางบอกว่า
จะมี New movie ในช่วงเดือน August - September
แล้ว จะมี Album + Concert Tour ในเดือน October -November.

At FMT. he said
There will be a new movie in the last month August - september
I'll have Album + concert tour in months, october -November.


credit:Rain CloudThailand


[images][fan cam][fan acct] Rain's Japanese fanmeet in Seoul. (4/25/2015

[Cross-posted from Cloud USA]


April 26, 2015


Image credit: Maria Cammarota @FB. There she is, in the row with Rain, all the way to his left. (white blouse).

As she was headed to the airport and back to Japan with her lovely Japanese Cloud friends, and then home, CloudUSAer Maria (@tonicny) posted a brief account of Rain's Japanese fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea, which just happened this weekend. She visited Gori and Hongshi's restaurant, John Magkeolliano, and tried magkeolli for the first time. Texas CloudUSAer Tammy was there as well!

"Rain mentioned he will be in a Korean drama in August or September, hoping to have a new album by end of year..."

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150424 Rain LAviva ads will be on trains, bus, TV, and at subway stations starting 4/27
Credit: LAviva乐维饮冰果茶 / scorpiola -








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credit : scorpiola -

(Rain part @ 01:01~) 


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- This thread is for music activities -



Rain's Upcoming Drama  >> My Lovely Girl <<

Follow RAIN on twitter @29rain

  Rain has been popular for his singing and dancing talents since he was a teenager.
As a young teen,Rain discovered his passion for dancing ever since he was in the 6th grade
In order to make his dream of becoming a singer come true, Rain joined a dance music group named "Fan Club". 
After releasing its 2nd album in 1999, Fan Club decided to disband. 
After the band broke up,Rain didn't want to give up on his music career.
Rain went for lots of auditions before being accepted as a trainee with Park Jin-young (JYP).
Under JYP wings,Rain worked as a backup dancer while learning the skills in dancing and singing.

Three years of hellish training behind closed doors , devoting more than 20 hours each day. 
He tore his life into two parts: One half dedicated to singing, the other half to dancing.
This was the life Rain went through before he became a pop sensation. 
Rain debuted as a solo singer in April 2002.






2002 Apr.28 _1st album _ ' Bad Guy' 

2003 Oct.16 _2nd album _'How To Avoid The Sun

2004 Oct.08_ 3rd album_ 'It's Raining' 

2006 Jan. 25_1st Japanese single_'Sad Tango'

2006 Jun.07_ 2nd Japanese single _ 'Free Way' 

2006 Sep.06_3rd Japanese single_'Move on' 

2006 Sep.13 _ 1st Japanese Album _'Eternal Rain'

2006 Oct.14 _ 4th Album_ 'Rain's World'
2008 Oct. 15_ 5th Album _' Rainism'Label: J. Tune Entertainment

2008 Dec 16_ 5th Album _' Rainism Asian Special'

17 tracks include : Rainism Chinese / English Version , Love Story Chinese / English Version 
Love Story [English version]

2009 Mar.05 _ Rainism Recollection 

21 tracks + LOVE STORY Movie full Version mv 

2010 Apr.07 _ Special Album ' Back to The Basic'
2011 Aug.15 _Digital Single
Busan Woman
2014 Jan.02 _ 6th Album ' RAIN EFFECT '

============= Korean Dramas =============

SBS_[Sitcom] Orange 


KBS_SangDoo! Let's go to school 


KBS_Full House


SBS_[Banjun Drama] 

For Her / Wanted to Say / Romance Solver

KBS_A Love To Kill


KBS _ 도망자 / The Fugitive : Plan B 

SBS_My Lovely Girl 
upcoming Sept,17

============ Korean Movies ============= 

I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok 
Rain as Park IL Soon , Director : Park Chan Wook 

R2B: Return To Base  //  Soar Into The Sun 
Rain as  Jung Tae Woo , Director : Kim Dong-weon

============ Hollywood movies ============= 

[2008 ,May 9th] 
' Speed Racer ' 

Rain as Taejo Togokhan ,Director : Wachowski Brothers , Studio : Warner Bros. Pictures

[2009, Nov.25th]
' Ninja Assassin '

Rain as Raizo , Producer : Wachowski Brothers , Director : James McTeigue , Warner Bros. Pictures 

The Prince
Chinese movie 
Difficult Love
2014 Nov,11




======== Rainy Day ========= 
===== Rain's Coming [ Rain World Tour] ===== 

===== Legend of Rainism =====

====== Love Tour 2010 ======
Dec.31 - ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN _Seoul Jamsil stadium

======= The Best 2011 Rain Asia Tour =======

======= 2011 Rain The Best Show in Korea =======


credit : benamoo


===== Rain's official website =====

The Cloud Official 



===== Rain's CF VDO =====
Credits & Thanks to The Owners and All uploaders 

Ice cream
NATE - pink girl
TU 4 U (Festival)
Palm Square
VITA 500 - pool
VITA 500 - bike
VITA 500 - snow
VITA 500 - chase & swan
1492 Miles
Vivaldi Park
Speed - 1
Speed - 2
Speed 3 - Ara and Bi
Speed 011 - red
Speed 011 - blue
Speed 011 - yellow
Kyo Chon Chicken -1
Kyo Chon Chicken - 2
LG Art PC blackpicasso
X-NOTE turbo" 2007 ~version2
Pepsi (circus ver.)" 2007
Pepsi - Christina Aguilera and Rain
KB Credit Card -1
KB Credit Card - 2
KB Credit Card - 3
KB Credit card with LeeHyoRi
XTM Extreme
Lotte (today's tea)
Dutch Mill Milk
Nikon D80 CF - 2007
2007 Nikon coolpix - 1
2007 Nikon coolpix - 2
Nikon Reality
Nikon D300
Nikon Camera [CoolPix S600]
Nikon D90
OHUI for men 
Giordano -1
Giordano - 2
Clinic Clear Shampoo
Miiow Sports 
FUMA cake cf
NATE - Dance Battle with Namjin
2006 SKT Nate Story CF_with Lee Na Young
SK Telecom - 1
SK Telecom - 2 
SK Telecom - 3
SK Telecom - 4
SK Telecom - Pocket Size Rain 
SK Telecom -speed CF dance
SK Telecom - Chrismas Greeting
SK Telecom CF - Freeegg - 1
SK Telecom CF - Freeegg -2 
SK Telecom - T brothers time signal -1
SK Telecom - T brothers time signal - 2
SK Telecom - T brothers time signal - 3
SK Telecom - Music Awards
SK Telecom T-bag 2009
Lotte Duty Free Shop
Lotte DFS-So I'm Loving You
Korea Sparkling 2007 - 1
Korea Sparkling 2007 - 2
Korea Pizza Hut - 1
Korea Pizza Hut - 2
Korea Pizza Hut - 3
Infinitely yours, Seoul
Nature Republic - 1
Nature Republic - 2
Nature Republic - 3
Nature Republic - 4
SK Telecom_ Rain & JDG & SMA
Tous Les Jours 
Tous Les Jours _Christmas 
Nikon D5000 -1
Nikon D5000 -2
Nature Republic - 5
SK _W phone # v.1
SK _W phone # v.2
SK _W phone # v.3
SK _W phone # v.4 
Samsung Life Insurance # v.1
Samsung Life Insurance # v.2
SK W - phone # v.5
SK W - 900 Be With Aura
Lotte Shopping_Charlotte N CF_25s 
Lotte wolrd premium CF
CJ One Card 
Mentholatum (Icy Charcoal Face Wash) 
Haechandle 01
Haechandle 02
Mentholatum Water Tank Lotion
Mentholatum Power-Up Essence
Mentholathum power tank face cream 
Adidas :rule the winter
Adidas: own the street 
Anchor beer 



Purchase Rain's MERCHANDISE


....Please read .... Korean Music FORUM RULES 

Thanks to ceej & J.Lee for taking care of this thread from the beginning. 
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150429 Rain LAviva ads in subway stations and on bus @ China

credit as tagged/scorpiola@rain-cloud




















[鼓掌][鼓掌]美尚万人演唱会特邀演唱嘉宾大公布[惊讶]!世界上最红的韩国嘻哈组合——EPIK HIGHee8cae.png!“韩流”领导歌手亚洲天王Rainee8091.png!想看HIP-HOP高手台上竞技?想现场感受亚洲舞王的魅力?最豪华的万人演唱场馆!最劲爆的舞美!深圳湾体育馆,美尚会约定你ee8485.pngee8485.png



credit @爱绘梦-女神兔绘梦团 weibo/ratoka



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