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Rain Announces March Comeback Plans




Some new updates about Korea’s newest it couple has been released as well as information about an upcoming comeback that is sure to excite fans!

On February 8, Rain’s agency revealed to news outlets that Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee had left for the United States on February 6, adding that it was a personal trip.

The agency also added that Rain is currently getting ready to return to the music industry in March, saying, “Once he returns from the United States, he will start formal preparations for it.”

Following the release of “The Best Present,” a romantic proposal song produced by Psy, Rain married Kim Tae Hee on January 19 after a five-year romance.


Source (1) / soompi news

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*** Ahhh..........there are people invading their privacy again. Well, celebrities always have no privacy especially if you’re popular just like them. :(




Rain and Kim Tae Hee spotted in LA



Newlyweds Rain (35) and Kim Tae Hee (37) have been spotted in Los Angeles, California!


One online user posted the photos below of the celebrity couple in LA, commenting, "I saw the Rain and Kim Tae Hee couple on the streets of LA. Rain's face was white and very small. Kim Tae Hee looked like a very pretty caucasian woman. Even though they were darting across the crosswalk, their 3-dimensional visuals stood out." 


The two left for LA this past February 6, for personal reasons. It was also revealed a few weeks ago that the couple was currently in the process of shopping for a newlywed home. 


SEE ALSO: Kim Tae Hee amazes with her stunning beauty in 'Cellcure' pictorial





source : allkpop


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Rain and Kim Tae-hee, Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryeon, star couples go abroad




Rain and Kim Tae-hee are currently in the United States right now. Rain is there on business and Kim Tae-hee is with him.

They are eating at local Los Angeles restaurants and walking the streets together.

Joo Sang-wook and Cha Ye-ryeon are also currently spending time abroad.


Source : sports.donga.com/3/al...

Translation : Hancinema

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*** An old news but not posted this here yet...................:lol:




Start crying folks, Rain is getting married

Hallyu star Rain and his girlfriend of four years, Kim Tae-hee, have officially announced that they will tie the knot next month.

Korean entertainment media outlets have reported that the couple have set Feb 19 as their wedding date and that they will be getting married in a Catholic church. It will also be a private event, with only family members and very close friends expected to attend.

The singer dedicates a handwritten note to his fans on his official Instagram page. Here’s the translation, according to Allkpop.com

Hello… It’s a cold winter, but I trust you’re all healthy?

This is Jung Ji Hoon.

All of a sudden, it’s been 16 whole years since I debuted. My fans who have been with me all this time, you’ve also grown into beautiful women, or even into respectable mothers to your own children.

I also hope to become a respectable husband and man, as the head of a new family. She has been protecting me by my side indefinitely, whether I was happy or facing difficulties, and has moved me through many things, all this time.

Now that our faith and love have grown, (we’ve) decided to form a bond.

The wedding and the time will be quiet and pious, since it is a time of unrest and economic difficulty for the country. As a result, I ask that you understand that we cannot tell you (about the ceremony).

I am very thankful for your love I received over the past 16 years.

From here on, I will do my best to show you a good side of me as a great singer and actor, with more responsibility and humility…

‘She is the best present for me’.

Jung Ji Hoon.

Rain and Kim first started dating in 2012 after filming a commercial together. In an interview with InStyle magazine, Kim talked about her life with Rain. “It’s completely average. We eat good food and talk a lot. We have a lot in common and similar personalities. I’m a quiet person but he is funny and talks well so our conversations never end,” she said in the interview.

Rain recently released his latest single and music video, The Best Present, which is said to be dedicated to Kim. How sweet!




source : http://www.star2.com/entertainment/2017/01/17/start-crying-rain-is-getting-married/

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*** I hope people stop chasing them around. Hahaha - I wonder why RAIN is not holding KTH's hands - they're crossing the street. Maybe subconsciously he thought all along he's alone - LOL.  I think we have no right to judge Rain based on this picture alone. They don't need to hold hands all the time. :lol:




Rain and Kim Tae Hee spotted around LA




Article: Rain ♥ Kim Tae Hee spotted in LA 'Kim Tae Hee rushing across the street'

Source: Seoul News via Nate

1. [+692, -19] Are you reporters stalkers? Stop chasing them around

2. [+362, -118] But from the picture alone, it does look like they got into a fight or something ㅎㅎㅎ

3. [+313, -174] They're not even holding hands...

4. [+54, -33] Can't help but notice people who run across streets while leaving their family or lovers behind like this.. it's a habit that happens subconsciously so you can tell what kind of person they're like normally..

5. [+53, -21] Looks like Rain's only caring when cameras are watching. He's always looking like this in other candid pictures. I feel bad for Kim Tae Hee just from seeing the pictures.

6. [+47, -26] The fact that he's crossing while leaving his wife behind like that... well, I guess it's an indication of their married life. Looks like the woman's going to suffer quite a bit.

7. [+41, -15] Now it feels like Kim Tae Hee loves Rain more than he loves her for some reason..

8. [+37, -10] Most women really hate it when their men walk ahead of them without them

9. [+29, -5] Just looks like they're trying to rush across to beat the traffic light, what's with all the speculation on their relationship ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+25, -12] Wow, that's mean of Rain to run across on his own like that..

11. [+23, -8] What the, so him pretending to take care of Tae Hee in front of journalists was just an act?

12. [+22, -4] I know that he can't always be holding her hand and stuff but it's funny that he really only does it when cameras are around

13. [+20, -9] The pictures look like they fought ㅎ


source : netizenbuzz

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***It's RAIN's 1st time in Grammy............... Great to know he is there! I read that Tablo is at the Grammy’s too! Good for them. So NICE that he has this invites. And NICE view there, huh?:lol:




Rain is at the Grammy Awards!




The business that Rain had in America seems to be attending the Grammy Awards!

Rain and his wife Kim Tae Hee had traveled to America for some personal business, and it looks like that was to attend the Grammy Awards. He posted a photo of his invitation ticket and the stage at the 59th Grammy Awards. Most likely, he's there with Kim Tae Hee as well for an incredibly unique experience that most K-pop stars don't get to experience.
Hopefully, they're having a great time!



source : allkpop

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*** I'm proud & happy for RAIN. :lol:



Rain, Kim Tae Hee, Kris Wu and Tablo invited to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards




Rain, Kim Tae Hee, Kris Wu and Tablo were in attendance of this year’s Grammy Awards, marking their presence amongst other countless talented stars.

Getting an invitation to the Grammy Awards is a near impossible goal unless you are a significant player in the music industry. These celebrities represented Korea and China when they were invited, and fans expressed their happiness at the news.

Tablo announced that he received an invitation to the event on February 11 through Instagram and later posted a photo of himself on the day of the event.


(skipped unrelated.....)


Rain and Kim Tae Hee went to Los Angeles together for personal reasons on February 9. Many fans spotted them around the city and it looks like their stay coincided with the event and were in attendance. Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s photos at the event haven’t surfaced yet but Rain updated his personal Instagram with a photo of the awards show.



At the Grammy Awards, Adele went big and won Album of the Year along with every other nomination. She won Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, and Best Pop Vocal Album.

Congratulations to all other winners and we hope Rain, Kim Tae Hee, Kris Wu and Tablo had a great time at the event.


source : Koreaboo

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** At 16, he debuted in 1998 as a member of Fan Club.  Fanclub was a 6-member K-pop boyband during the late 90′s. - The group was short lived. Fanclub released only two CDs. Rain described the Fanclub members as "caged animals" since they were locked in the rehearsal room for up to ten hours without food. The group was dismissed at 1999. :lol:




From Rain from Fan Club to Bad Boy and to Kim Tae-hee's man




Singer and actor Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee have become the 'couple of the century'. They had a secret wedding on the 19th of January and everything about their wedding became a trending topic.

They were spotted shopping after the wedding and they were also spotted in LA. This proves why people say they are the 'couple of the century'.

Rain debuted in 1998 at the age of 17 with the idol group Fan Club. He then danced for JYP and Park Ji-yoon until 2002 when he made a name for himself as Rain.

His hit songs "Instead of Goodbye" (2002), "How to Avoid the Sun" (2003), "It's Raining" (2005), "Raisnism" (2008) and others created a significant reputation for the singer.

Not only that, he became actor in "Sang Doo! Let's go to school" (2003), "Full House" (2004), "A Love to Kill" (2005) and others also proved he was a talented actor. "Speed Racer" (2008), "Ninja Assassin" (2009) and "The Prince" (2014) allowed him access to Hollywood and he became a world star representing Korea.

We look back on Rain's past.


[1998] Rain when he was in Fan Club


[2003] Rain in "Sang Doo! Let's go to school"


[2004] Rain at the 15th Seoul Gayo Awards


[2005] His first exclusive concert


[2006] His debuting movie "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK"



[2007] Jumping and flying, he's the best on stage


[2008] Press conference for Hollywood movie "Ninja Assassin"


[2008] Interview for "Speed Racer", he used to have sexy long hair


[2009] The whole country was all about "Rainism"..."I'm gonna be a bad boy~"


[2010] A classic, "The Song To Hold You Back"


[2010] Drama "The Fugitive Plan B", they met their life partners


[2010] Rain at the closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games


[2011] Rain at his concert before joining the military


[2011] Rain right before being admitted


[2013] He's back as a man


[2014] "My Lovely Girl" his comeback drama


[2015] Rain on Psy's stage


[2016] "Please Come Back, Mister", who knew?




[2017] The birth of 'the couple of the century'


We can't wait to see their offspring





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*** RAIN will have a FM in Japan on April. This will start on April 27, titled:  “The Confession”. This will be in three cities. 1st day in Aichi Theater in Nagoya. April 29/30  will be in Osaka Orix Theater. May 5 in Saitama Omiya Sonic City. Can't wait! :lol:






17-02-14 Rain @ twitter







“ The Confession ”




월드스타 RAIN
전국3개 도시에서 JAPAN FANMEETING 개최 결정!!

올해 1 월 약 3년만의 컴백으로 '최고의 선물'을 출시한 RAIN.
지난해 봄 일본 공연 이후, 약 1년만의 일본 방문이 되는 이번 팬미팅은
일본 각지의 팬을 RAIN이 직접 만나러 갑니다!!

4 월 27 일 (목) 나고야 아이치현 예술극장 대 홀에서의 공연을 시작으로
4 월 29 일 (토) · 30 일 (일) 오사카 오릭스 극장, 
5 월 5 일 (금 · 휴) 사이타마 오오미야 소닉시티 대 홀 공연까지
전국 3개 도시, 전체 6회 개최할 예정입니다.

RAIN은 오랜만의 일본 팬들과 함께 할 특별한 시간을 위해
팬들의 기대에 부응할 수 있도록 이번 팬미팅 준비에 박차를 가하고 있습니다!!




credit : memo-rain

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*** IDK what date/part RAIN will appear but TODAY, Feb 15 is the 1st day of Good Neighbors concert. You may watch it via Naver TV Good Neighbors Channel. This is open to the public with guests RAIN, Haha, Solbi, Lee Bung So, etc. It's going live on air to start at 11-1pm. :lol:

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*** TODAY, Feb 16 is the 2nd day for the Neighborhood concert. This will start from 6 -8pm tonight. I have a feeling that RAIN will appear tonight. :lol:

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Rain to kick off fan meetings in Japan


Rain will be holding fan meetings in Japan, according to his agency Tuesday.

“Rain will hold six fan meetings in three different cities,” Rain Company said. “He’s trying to make the upcoming events more meaningful for fans.”

The meet-and-greet events, titled “The Confession,” will take place in Nagoya, Osaka and Saitama from April 27 to May 5.

(Rain Company)

Rain, 34, released his latest single “The Best Present” on Jan. 15. The latest release was a serenade to his wife Kim Tae-hee, who he married last month.

The newlyweds are currently in Los Angeles after attending the 59th Grammy Awards there Sunday.

Rain will release a new album in March.




By Jie Ye-eun (yeeunjie@heraldcorp.com)

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***Actually, not only for the couple that I’m interested to see but many stars who were married that I know of.....Like Jang Dong Gun’s kid &Wonbin. :lol:




Netizens vote on celebrity couple's babies they most look forward to!




Netizens made their votes for the celebrity couple's babies they most look forward to!


The online survey was carried out on portal site DC Inside from February 9 to 13 with 4,779 participants in total. 



SEE ALSO: Kim Tae Hee amazes with her stunning beauty in 'Cellcure' pictorial



The celebrity couple to gain the most votes was Rain and Kim Tae Hee. The two received 41% of the votes, equalling 1,964 votes. The second most look forward to are the babies of Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun who received 37% of the votes. Musician couple Jo Jung Chi and Jung In came in third by gaining 3% of the votes. 


In response to the results, netizens commented, "I think their baby will look a lot like Rain", "I look more forward to Won Bin and Lee Na Young's baby", and more. 


Which celebrity couple's baby are you most looking forward to seeing? 


source : allkpop

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[instructions][English ordering] How to purchase Rain’s limited snapback hat on Gmarket.

Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor

Hi, all! R.A.I.N. Company has put the snapback hat Rain personally designed for fans on Gmarket, and the limited online sale started a few hours ago at 8 PM Sunday night (February 12)! For those of you who might want one, here is what you need to know:

•  The English language order page is HERE: → http://bit.ly/2lv64zQ

•  The hat price is $29.oo USD. Gmarket’s quoted international shipping price is around $30.00 USD, give or take. (We know… steep!)

•  As I understand it, the sale will last for as long as the hats last. Quantities are limited.


For anyone who is not familiar with shopping on Gmarket and is having problems following the order process, I’ve made screenshot instructions from when I put in my personal order. I hope it helps! Please see those below:


(CLICK images for larger view)






I wasn’t registered at Gmarket and have never bought anything there before, so it was a complete surprise when the entire process went fast and easy-peasy for me. I had no problems whatsoever, a breath of fresh air!

So, now I wait (international delivery is from 5 to 15 business days) to see how the shipping of my Rain goodies goes.

Praying that it goes well.


Stephe @ cloudusa.blog / CloudUSA.org

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