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[movie 2008] Daytime Drinking 낮술

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[Noh Young Seok] Song Sam-dong, Tak Sung-jun, Lee Ran-hee
Debut in 2008 JIFF, http://eng.jiff.or.kr/02_program/FilmView....=254&page=1

Debuts on commercial screen : 5 Feb 2009

On Singapore's International Film Festival on 18 Apr 2009

Hyuk-Jin has just broken up with his girlfriend and decides to take a trip to Jeongseon in the province of Gangwon-do. The next day, his friends are too hung over to get up, so Hyuk-Jin makes his way to his destination alone. A trip of opportunity takes a cruel and unexpected turn as misunderstanding and crossed paths occur over and over again. The film is full of lyrical puns in the form of repeated words and a sense of humor.

After drinking, Hyuk-jin and his friends decide to go on a trip to console Hyuk-jin who broke up with his girlfriend. However, he now should start the trip to a strange place by himself without his friends who have broken their promise. The film fully follows a romance and fantasy of a man who travels alone. Subverting everyday life, the film conveys a feature of traveling as a strange and odd experience; a romance and failure with a strange woman in a dreamy night; an absurd woman in a bus; a truck driver who has saved Hyuk-jin’s life suddenly turning into a changed man. This is obviously an excess of experiences, but the film naturally creates reality through the landscapes of Gangwon province, the steady camera and minimization of cuts. Daytime Drinking resembles Ramblers(2003) by Yamamini coopera Nobuhiro, in that it expresses the extremity of fears and thrills in a strange place when the expecting friends never show up and everything to be expected goes upside down. Putting the strange trip back to where it used to be, the film seems to mention that this unique experience can happen in everyday life. This event, of course, is like an immaturity and embarrassment to reveal everything inside of a mind like rashness after a daytime drinking instead of a beautiful memory. (Bae Ju-yeon)

Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Cinematographer, Art Director, Editor, Music : Noh Young-seok

Noh Young-Seok

Born in 1976. He graduated from Seoul National University, Department of Industrial Arts, and attended the 8th class at Hankyoreh School of Flim Production. As a composer and song writer, Noh has been engaging in the music business. His first feature film Daytime Drinking was screened at Seoul Independent Film Festival.

Cast : Song Sam-dong, Tak Sung-jun, Lee Ran-hee

Official site :

Official blog : http://blog.naver.com/notsool2009

Related movie site : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45784

Link to photo gallery : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45784

Link to trailers : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=45784


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Posted: Sun., Aug. 17, 2008, 11:13am PT

Locarno prizes Mexican 'Parque via'

Rivera's first feature wins top honors at festival


Top prize at the 61st Locarno Film Festival was awarded Saturday to “Parque via,” a first feature by Mexican helmer Enrique Rivera.

The small but impactful drama centering on the caretaker of a vacant mansion took home the Golden Leopard plus a check for 90,000 Swiss francs ($82,000), shared equally between the director and producer.

The international competition jury, including directors Paolo Sorrentino (“Il Divo”) from Italy, Goran Paskaljevic from Serbia and Dani Levy from Switzerland, presented the special jury prize to Polish family drama “33 Scenes From Life,” the third feature from Malgoska Szumowska.

The director nod went to Quebecois drama “Elle veut le chaos,” by Montreal helmer Denis Cote, while Italian vet Ilaria Occhini copped actress kudos for her role as an aging invalid in femme drama “Black Sea” and Turkish thesp Tayanc Ayaydin won actor for “The Market: A Tale of Trade,” an Anatolian-set fable by British director Ben Hopkins.

Both Asian entries in the fest’s main competition drew special nods: the well-liked Korean road comedy “Daytime Drinking,” by first-timer Noh Young-seok, and mainland Chinese helmer Pan Jianlin’s dour digital drama “Feast of Villains,” which drew way fewer critical plaudits.

The fest’s non-competitive Piazza Grande program -- unspooled every evening in the town’s 8,000-seater main square -- offered a good blend of audience-pleasers. German mountaineering drama “North Face”; Karim Dridi’s Marseilles-set gypsy-kid drama “Khamsa”; opener “Brideshead Revisited”; and Austrian slasher sequel “Dead in 3 Days 2” were among the hits. Audience prize went to U.K.-France co-prod “Son of Rambow.”

The inaugural Variety Piazza Grande Award, presented by Variety critics (including this writer) to the pic best combining artistic smarts and theatrical potential, went to Solveig Anspach’s wry Icelandic comedy “Back Soon,” centered on the chaotic life of a dope-smoking poetess. Pic closed the fest.

On the trade side, the fest’s most successful section appears to be its Open Doors Factory co-production lab, which this year focused on Latin America. The 12 projects selected, from 332 applications, attracted some 550 meetings during the four-day period. Next year’s huddle will focus on East Asia.

Though Locarno’s current director, the well-liked Swiss film buff Frederic Maire, is not due to quit his post to head the Swiss Film Archive until after the 2009 edition, all the gossip during the 10 days was about his possible successor.

Fest prez Marco Solari, who officially starts his hunt today for candidates with an eye toward reinvigorating the fest over the long term, was already busy gathering names and suggestions. His decision will be crucial in deciding whether the Swiss-Italian lakeside fest will continue as a respected but increasingly provincial egghead event or regain its former position as the smallest of Europe’s big festivals.


Golden Leopard: "Parque via" (dir. Enrique Rivero, Mexico).

Special Jury Prize: "33 Scenes From Life" (Malgoska Szumowska, Germany-Poland).

Director: Denis Cote ("Elle veut le chaos," Canada).

Actress: Ilaria Occhini ("Black Sea," Italy-Romania-France).

Actor: Tayanc Ayaydin ("The Market: A Tale of Trade," Germany-U.K.-Turkey-Kazakhstan).

Special Mentions: "Daytime Drinking" (Noh Young-seok, S. Korea), "Feast of Villains" (Pan Jianlin, China).


Main prize (ex aequo): "The Fortress" (Fernand Melgar, Switzerland), "Alicia in the Land" (Esteban Larrain, Chile).

Special Mention: "Prince of Broadway" (Sean Baker, U.S.).


"March" (Haendl Klaus, Austria).


"Son of Rambow" (Garth Jennings, France-Germany-U.K.)


"Back Soon" (Solveig Anspach, Iceland-France).


Netpac Prize: "Daytime Drinking."

Fipresci Prize: "Parque via."

Oecumenical Jury Award: "Black Sea."

International Cine-Club Federation Prize: "Yuri's Day."

CICAE Prize: "Autumn" (Ozcan Alper, Turkey-Germany).

Critics Week Prize: "Kites" (Beata Dzianowicz, Poland).

Youth Jury Prizes: First Prize: "Yuri's Day," Kirill Serebrennikov, Germany-Russia); Second Prize: "33 Scenes From Life"; Third Prize: "Black Sea"; Environmental Award: "Sleep Furiously" (Gideon Koppel, U.K.).

Read the full article at:


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Press Conference pics 21 Jan 2009.

Director, Noh Young Suk







Kim Kang Hee


Lee Ran Hee


Song Sam Dong



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Credits RUBIE.

January 9, 2009

Daytime Drinking’s Korean and U.S. release

After critical acclaim from international film festivals, NOH Young-seok’s independent film Daytime Drinking will be cinematically released in Korea and in the U.S.

The winner of Locarno International Film Festival’s Special mention and NETPAC award, and Jeonju International Film Festival’s Audience award will meet Korean audiences from 5 February.

The U.S. release is scheduled for March. In addition, Daytime Drinking has several more international film festival invitations in 2009, including Hong Kong Film festival and Copenhagen Film Festival.

NOH’s humorous film’s storyline follows a man’s trip to the countryside where misunderstandings and drinking lead to unexpected twists.

Credits: Yi Ch'ang-ho (KOFIC)

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credits RUBIE.

January 22, 2009

Movie Review

Intense yet lighthearted, 'Daytime Drinking' delights audiences

By Shin Hae-in


Image from donga.com, thanks to 'Daytime Drinking' soompi thread

SEOUL, Jan. 22 (Yonhap) -- The internationally acclaimed film "Daytime Drinking (Natsul)" proves two things beyond doubt: One, drinking in the daytime is bound to cause trouble, and two, US$10,000 is more than enough to make an excellent movie.

The movie, director Noh Young-seok's feature debut, has garnered intense attention from critics and film buffs here long before it is scheduled to hit the local screens.

The low-budget, self-produced movie was invited and awarded by several film festivals, including the Jeonju International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival and Locarno Film Festival, last year, and will be screened at several more international events this year. "I hope you didn't come with too high expectations," the director told audiences at the movie's first preview in Seoul on Wednesday. His self-deprecation only served to increase the anticipation however, and luckily for him, the movie appeared to easily live up to its hype.

Faithful to the title, the film starts in Seoul one winter when Hyeok-jin (Song Sam-dong) meets his friends for a drink after being dumped by his girlfriend. Several rounds of soju, or Korean hard liquor later, Hyeok-jin and his friends agree to take a trip the next day to Jeongseon in the distant province of Gangwon. The next morning, many cigarettes and phone calls later, the heart-broken 20-something realizes that none of his friends, hung over from their previous night's heavy session, are going to make it.

Hyeok-jin decides to take the trip anyway, oblivious to the odd chain of coincidences that awaits him.

While befriending and being taken advantage of by strangers, including a gay truck driver, a seductive female thief and a nasty guesthouse owner, Hyeok-jin stumbles toward an epic hangover. Though he is desperate to leave the strange town immediately, the indecisive male finds himself held back by appeasing offers of drinks and food by weird but intriguing strangers. "I wondered whether this movie will be understood by foreign viewers because the theme and the tone are ultra-Korean," Noh said.

Indeed, "Daytime Drinking" is a strictly-Korean tale centering on the country's drinking culture which, unlike in the West, invariably involves endless sidedishes as well and accepting drinks out of politeness.

Yet the mildly black comedy about men's endless desire for alcohol and women has managed to tickle audiences worldwide. Even roughly shot scenes and somewhat awkward acting by a largely unknown cast attribute to the comic essence of the movie, leaving audiences roaring with laughter. "A remarkable achievement for its shoestring budget, this is a truly independent project with an untamed spirit," Canadian critic Giovanna Fulvi said after the movie was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year.

The multi-talented director, who not only directed, produced, wrote and edited the film but also decorated the sets and composed the music, says the movie is based largely on his personal experience. "I would take trips alone, wondering who I will be meeting along the way and how fun it would be," Noh said, adding many of the scenes were shot when actors and himself were "really drunk."

Giving renewed hopes to the domestic film industry and emerging directors with little money, the movie has been sold to American distributor Eleven Arts and will hit the screens in the United States early this year. The only minor weak point appears to be the movie's lengthy running time of 115 minutes, which may seem a little tedious for audiences used to movies that unfold speedily.

"Daytime Drinking" will be screened at local cinemas beginning Feb. 5.

Credits: hayney@yna.co.kr via yonhapnews.co.kr

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