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[drama 2009] 2009 Alien Baseball Team / Strike Love 2009 외인구단

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[MBC] Yoon Tae Young, Kim Min Jung, Park Sung Min, Song Ah Young

2009 Alien Baseball Team

2009 외인구단


Debuted on May 2nd, 2009 at 22:40 (10:40 Korean time). Airs two days a week on Saturday & Sunday

Another manhwa turned drama.

Filming of child actors started 23 June 2008. Yoon Tae Young and Park Sung Min started filming on 2nd July 2008.

Also known as : Strike Love

Broadcast network : MBC

Broadcast period : 2009-May-02 to 2009-Jul-??

Episodes : 20 16

Air time : Saturday & Sunday 22:40

PD : Song Chang Soo (송창수)

Scriptwriter : Hwang Mi Na (황미나)

Author : Lee Hyun Sae (이현세)

Official site : http://www.strikelove.com/

Official MBC site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009baseball/

Cast : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009bas...cast/index.html

Previews : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009bas...view/index.html

VOD : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009bas.../vod/index.html

Photos : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009bas...hoto/index.html

Wallpapers : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/2009bas...aper/index.html

Official english site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/09/1738209_31154.html

Daum site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=51826

Cast : Yoon Tae Young 윤태영 (Legend), Kim Min Jung (New Heart), Park Sung Min 박성민 (Legend, Open City), Song Ah Young 송아영 (Mun Hee), Kim Sun Kyung (Legend), Park Jung Hak 박정학 (The Kingdom Of The Winds, Legend), Lee Kye In (The Return of Iljimae, Happiness), Im Hyun Sung, Choi Ik Sung 최익성, Lee Jung Joon 이정준, Ahn Sun Young (Love & Obsession, Who Are You?), Geum Bo Ra (Cruel Temptation), Jun In Taek (Brillant Legacy), Lee Han Sol, Ha Jae Yi, Im Yoo Jin


I'll do whatever you like"

- First TV adaptation of Ultimate Baseball Team, a wildly popular comic book series that was published 26 years ago!

- Voted by netizens as the most wanted TV adaptation of an original story in a 2008 poll!

- A comic book hit about romance and sports that was also made into a cartoon series and full-featured movie with great success!

The Ultimate Baseball Team depicts an eclectic team of players who were kicked off of their respective team by their coaches. There is the former star pitcher who had his childhood girlfriend stolen from him by a bitter rival... Then there's the short, pudgy pitcher who is addicted to games while the captain of the team, a former street gang member, is a one-armed player. Another pitcher on the team is a 41-year-old veteran who was relegated to the bench during his entire professional career.

The story interweaves a sad love story between a star pitcher and his sweetheart, who left him for another man, into the main plot about baseball.

(credits to MBC Global Media)

Character Descriptions

(credits to MBC Global Media)


Oh Hye-sung / Yoon Tae Young

He grew up poor and engaged in petty crimes to survive in the slums. Oh Hye-sung was introduced to baseball by Eom-ji, who was the new girl at his school and became his only friend. But she moved to another city and it was only when they were in high school did they get to meet each other again. But she was already dating Ma Dong-tak, a star baseball player, at the time. In Oh Hye-sung’s professional debut, his team plays against Ma Dong-tak’s team and he shines by pitching a perfect game. But he injures his arm in the process and the doctors tell him that he won’t be able to throw another baseball. Then his father suddenly dies and he falls into despair as his life and career falls apart. One day, a man offers him a spot on a new professional baseball team. He accepts the offer and trains on an isolated island with other players for 4 years. In the meantime, Eom-ji marries Ma Dong-tak...


Choi Eom-ji / Kim Min Jung

Possessing a kind and warm heart, she is a beautiful girl who attracts stares from men. She became friends with Hye-sung when she was younger and inspired him to become a baseball player. After moving to another city, she finally meets Hye-sung again as a teenager. She becomes pregnant with Hye-sung’s baby but he suddenly goes missing. So she eventually marries Dong-tak who deeply cares for her. But then Hye-sung, whom she never thought she’d see again, returns as a player on a new professional baseball team.


Ma Dong-tak / Park Sung Min

He is extremely competitive and has a natural talent in playing baseball. He had a crush on Eom-ji since he was a kid but at the time, Oh Hye-sung was Eom-ji’s best friend. In both love and baseball, he is pitted against Oh Hye-sung as a rival. After Hye-sung suddenly goes missing, he comforts Eom-ji and treats her son daughter like his own. Eom-ji is touched by his kindness and they get married but Hye-sung suddenly returns as a player on a professional team. As he sees Eom-ji emotionally distraught over the appearance of Hye-sung, he plays against Hye-sung’s team to not only win but to also show Hye-sung that he will do whatever it takes to keep his marriage and family together.


Choi Hyun-ji / Song Ah Young

Eom-ji’s cute younger sister. She has a secret crush on Hye-sung. No matter how much she loves Hye-sung, he only has eyes for Eom-ji. This deeply disappoints her and makes her despair over her life.


Baek Doo-san / Im Hyun Sung

Hye-sung’s childhood buddy who is simple-minded and blunt. He grows into a big athlete with a powerful swing but since he had slow reflexes he was never chosen as a starter. Baek Doo-san played in the minor leagues with Hye-seong but after Hye-seong suffered a career-ending arm injury and was let go, he was also kicked off the team. He makes a comeback as a catcher playing with Hye-sung on the new professional team. With a quick mind and smart playing strategies, he becomes a key player on the team.

Lee Chil-sung / ???

He was the leader of the youth gang that Hye-seung joined when he was younger. When Hye-sung stole money from the gang, he went after him but was blinded in one eye after Hye-sung threw a ball at his face. He constantly creates trouble in Hye-sung’s life.


Jo Sang-gu / Park Jung Hak

A very good pitcher. Though he's older than everyone on the baseball team, he's still very powerful as shown through his pitches. He has something to prove to himself, his family, and especially Ma Dong-tak. Dong Tak ridiculed him when Sang-gu was his personal pitcher.


Na Kyeong-do / Moon Young Dong


Ha Geuk-san / Lee Han Sol


Choi Kwan / Lee Jung Joon

The man who trained the baseball team on the island for four years.

Son Byung Ho / actor Jun In Taek

The man from the Seobu Wolves baseball team who gave Hye-sung another chance playing the game that he loves. He also was the one who falsified Hye-sung's death and made Eom-ji believe that he was dead for four years.

Shin Ki Soo / actor ???

Eom Ji & Hyun Ji's mother / actress Geum Bo Ra

Tries to raise her two daughters to the best of her ability after her husband died. She's extremely grateful to Dong-tak who takes care of them. She wants Eom-ji to pay Dong-tak back by marrying him but when she finds out that Hye-sung is back in Eom-ji's life, their mother-daughter relationship changes as neither are willing to relent on their stance.

Yoon Mi Sun / Ha Jae Yi

The Yoo Sung General Manager who wants Dong-tak. When Dong-tak rejects her advances, she vows to break Dong-tak and Eom-ji apart.

Jin Ah / Shim Jin Hee

Young Soon / Im Yoo Jin

Doo-san's neighbor whom he likes. She however looks down on Doo-san because of his inadequate expenses. She works at a bar and entertains wealthy men.

Eom Ji's friend / Ahn Sun Young

Episode Ratings

Episode / Nationwide (Rank) / Seoul (Rank)

01: 7.8 (-) / 8.7 (#20)

02 7.4 (-) / <8.2 (-)

03 9.7 (#15) / 10.4 (#15)

04 6.9 (-) / <9.0 (-)

05 9.4 (#18) / 10.2 (#13)

06 7.6 (-) / <10.3 (-)

07 4.1 (-) / <8.4 (-)

08 6.1 (-) / <8.4 (-)

09 8.1 (-) / <8.9 (-)

10 8.9 (-) / <9.8 (-)

11 10.1 (#11) / 10.8 (#8)

12 8.8 (-) / 9.8 (#18)

13 10.6 (#10) / 11.4 (#9)

14 8.1 (-) / <9.3 (-)

15 8.7 (-) / <9.8 (-)

16 9.6 (#16) / 10.4 (#13)

Source: TNS Media


Teaser Trailer

Strike Love Trailer 4 Mins. (Eng Subbed)






Cococrust Repository


Episode 1: 1

Episode 2: 1

♥Episode 3: Preview | 1

Episode 4: Preview | 1 | 2

Episode 5: Preview | 1

♥Episode 6: 1

Episode 7: 1 | 2

Episode 8: 1 | 2

♥Episode 9: 1 | 2

Episode 10: 1 | 2

Episode 11: 1 | 2

♥Episode 12: 1 | 2

Episode 13: 1 | 2 | 3

Episode 14: 1

♥Episode 15: 1, 2

Episode 16: 1, 2

Promotional Posters

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2009061211433825.th.jpg 2009061211433836.th.jpg 2009061211433847.th.jpg 2009061211433858.th.jpg

Random Pictures

Strike Love Open Set Day: 1 2


English Subs: WithS2

Watch Online


type in 외인구단 in the search engine

Episode Summaries / Reviews

1 & 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10




01 . 2009외인구단

02 . 눈물로 하룰 더 살아도 -노래0 한경일

03 . 그러는 그대는 - 노래 I U

04 . 너의 이름 - 노래 HUN

05 . 내사랑 이야기 - 노래 Ep

06 . 난 너에게(김세영) - 노래 김세영

07 . Loving U - 노래 HUN

08 . 세상의 중심에서 - 노래 박완규

09 . 난 너에게(김민정) - 노래 김민정

10 . Baseball Theme

11 . Love Theme

12 . Childhood

13 . Horizon

14 . Mission

15 . Friendship

16 . Sadness

17 . My Father

18 . Man Child





[2009-Apr-23] http://news.nate.com/view/20090423n04654

Will show its true colors as a sports drama this week

A look at the rigorous training scenes

Strike Love to end at 16 episodes

[2010-Apr-08] "Strike Love" eyeing homerun with Japanese audience




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Press conference to announce the drama today 2 July 2008.






He is training very hard because he plays the role of baseball expert, something like for 7 hours in a stretch.




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Lee Yo Won!! I absolutely love her to death.

I heard that actor right above my post is the son of a jaebul family in real life, he's pretty cute~

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^ Oh.. Lee Yo Won is not confirmed yet? I heard Choi Jung Won is also being considered for this too, but she's deciding between this and a sageuk drama with Song Il Gook.

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^ Oh.. Lee Yo Won is not confirmed yet? I heard Choi Jung Won is also being considered for this too, but she's deciding between this and a sageuk drama with Song Il Gook.

There is no report of Lee Yo Won being cast, only rumour news. Since she is not in the press announcement, I guess she is not in.

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this year is the year of announcers and producers in dramas, and next year will be all about sport. :P

absolutely anticipating this because of YTY. I like his acting.

They've started filming already and no news about which channel will air this?

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I've started a thread today for YTY.

Just saw these photos (prayer session), so must mean they got cracking for the drama today.












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한류가 한풀 꺾인 것 아니냐는 평가를 받았던 한국드라마가 일본 시장에서 다시금 주목 받고 있다.

내년 상반기 MBC에 서 방송 예정인 <2009 외인구단(20부작)>은 일본 내에서 영화 상영권, 출판권, OST 등에 대한 현지 판권에 대해 4억엔(약 39억원)의 미니멈 개런티로 협약을 체결했다.<2009 외인구단>은 아직 여자주인공은 밝히지 않고 있으나 지난 4월부터 일본 NHK에서 방영 중인 태왕사신기를 통해 한류스타 반열에 오른 윤태영과 박성민이 각각 오혜성과 마동탁 등 주요 배역을 맡아 제작 단계에서부터 일본 팬들의 관심을 끌고 있다.

Seems Japan's NHK has already bought rights to broadcast this drama in Japan.

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Wow! Kim Min Jung is also in it. Is she going to be the lead? Or will it be Lee Yeo Won? I don't see her name in the cast.

I'm going to watch this show :)

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