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☂ [Official] Lee Taemin [이태민] Thread ☂

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@Fahmida Joyti Thanks for news!

I'm so nervous about his solo. wishing him success.


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140907 Taemin official site update


Everyone~ You’re enjoying the Chuseok holiday right~? Today on Inkigayo, the last official activity of ACE album ended..ㅜㅜ
During the time I was promoting, I would like to thank everyone who had been supporting me~

Especially to our fans!!!
Because I was able to fully feel the love that SHINee WORLD gave me, I am very thankful and happy~

So let’s always stay happy~~ and we’ll meet again~~^^

Bye~~~ I love you~♥

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[Trans] Key instagram update - Happy Birthday Key 140923


Trans: Nearly 10 minutes in and I woke up… I am a really happy person !!! Without even giving me time to cry, a cake was smashed in my face (Choi Minho) and on the cake my name was written as “Gi”.

Choi Minho organised everything. Wearing my shirt and taking a photo. But Minho prepared all this by himself and the old man (referring to Onew) didn’t know and he went out to eat udon kekekeke I will receive his wish when he comes back.


Trans: And my little freaks although it seems like I don’t know anything but I have seen it all. Every single thing you guys have prepared for me, I have seen them all without missing a single one. The bus and the subway and the pictures and the letters. luv u always and we’re gonna rock this world !!!!!!!!


finally key day !!!minho prepared surprise partyyyy

Credit: bumkeyk


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Hi everyone. Just wanna say that I am loving Taemin's Ace EP and feel it is the best album I have heard all year. I hope I won't get lynched for this, but when I first heard about Taemin's solo project I was a tad skeptical about whether he would able to pull it off. Ironically enough, I ended up falling in love with him after watching Danger for the first time! :x

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Okay though seriously, I wasn't much of a SHINee fan and pretty much only knew their names, Lucifer & Why so Serious and then Taemin's solo album happened and omg, it is one of my favourites. This whole album gives me license to soar

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5 South Korean celebrities who could easily go viral as the next YouTube star

by Shelly M on Tue, Mar 31, 2015

YouTube stars Michelle Phan, Ryan Higa, Megan Nicole, Bethany Mota, and many others have caught my attention over the years because of their ability to capture an audience. They have used their skills in cosmetology, comedy. singing, and fashion to win over millions of people around the world. 

If they can do it, why can't our favorite South Korean stars try it too?  So, I decided to compile a short list of the best South Korean celebrities suited for possible YouTube stardom.

4. SHINee's Lee Taemin

I'm a big SHINee fan (aka ShaWol)! I try to keep up with as many SHINee-related activities as possible. Many K-pop fans know Taemin is considered one of the cutest members of the popular boy band. I hate picking favorites because I think they are all equally adorable, but something tells me viewers of YouTube would prefer looking at his cute face over and over again. In addition, Lee is an incredible dancer, a powerful vocalist, and he has one of most likable on-screen personalities in K-pop. 


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/-south-korean-celebrities-who-could-easily-go-viral-as-the-next-youtube-star/

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I posted this in the Shinee thread, but then I realized it'd be more appropriate to post it here as well. I did a double reaction video for Taemin's Drip Drop and Press Your Number. I'm fairly new to kpop. I have a youtube channel, where I mostly do reaction videos, but I also post unboxing vids and random vlogs. Please check out the video and support a newbie :)


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Taemins latest M/V release on October 16: MOVE



Rocking an androgyn vibe... what do you guys think?

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Hello friends! I’m an old kpop fan (think fervently awaiting DBSK’s 2009 Mirotic comeback kind of old); I’m passing on the pretty things I’ve collected over the years (lots of SHINee goodies here and some very, very precious to me!) as I’m moving out of the country. I'm not entirely sure if it is okay for me to be posting here but the forum rules didn't explain much so I'm going to try my luck and if I'm out of line, please know that I'm very sorry and please do remove my post.


If you're still reading, my kpop collection has been kept in pristine condition as I take very good care of my stuff - the photos speak for themselves! Below is a list of the items I have for sale; most of them are BNIP (brand spankin’ new and sealed) and all of them, I believe, are out-of-print by now and very hard to come by. I’ve seen people on ebay selling many of these albums for outrageous prices, which I’m not gonna do – most of the albums are priced around $8. I also have in my collection some rare photobooks (like the DBSK Bonjour Paris set and the Big Bang History 2008-2006 set) and autographed collectibles that are so precious to me, and that I will be letting go for a higher price. I’ve tried my best to be as reasonable as I can be so that hopefully y’all can snag some nice gems for yourselves ☺


Feel free to check out the detailed photos of all these gems at the link here: https://carousell.com/babythingss/?collection_id=25

To purchase or ask me any questions, please email me at justbabythingss@gmail.com ☺


Seller Info

  • I ship from Singapore to anywhere in the world, provided the buyer covers shipping costs.
  • For Singaporeans, meetups for collection are available.
  • Payment by Paypal (International Buyers), Funds Transfer/Cash Upon Meetup (Singapore Buyers).
  • Prices may be negotiable for some items, especially if you purchase more items. Feel free to drop me an email with your offer if you're interested in any items ☺

Note: All prices are in USD (followed by SGD in brackets)


Autographed Collectibles:


1.    2PM First Single – Hottest Time of the Day $88 (S$120)

Signed by all 7 original members including Jaebeom (Jay Park) before he left the group ☹

2.    Big Bang Remember Album $118 (S$160)

Signed by all members of Big Bang

3. Boys Over Flowers Original Sound Track $44 (S$60)

Signed by Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon

4.    CNBlue Official Singapore Fan Meeting Poster $44 (S$60)

Signed by all members of CNBlue

5.    DBSK Rising Sun A4 Promotional Card $88 (S$120)

Signed by all five members of DBSK before they broke up ☹

6.    FT Island Cross and Change Album $44 (S$60)

Signed by Minhwan at FT Island’s Singapore fanmeeting

7.    FT Island Jump Up Mini Album $58 (S$80)

Signed by all members of FT Island

8.    IRIS Drama OST $44 (S$60)

Signed by Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Seung Woo, T.O.P and Juny. This signed CD was obtained from my friend’s uncle who works in KBS broadcasting station. Only about 10 copies were distributed. The autographs have proof of authenticity (Not-for-sale printed at the bottom of the album).

9.    Outsider Autographed Vol. 3 Hero (BNIP) $12 (S$16)

I purchased this album pre-autographed from a record store in Seoul, which explains why the album is still BNIP. I can only presume that a limited number of signed copies are distributed to select record stores in Korea.

10.    SHINee World $145 (S$200)

Signed by all 5 members – Key, Minho, Jonghyun (rest in peace ☹), Taemin and Onew

11.    Wonder Girls So Hot EP $58 (S$80)

Signed by the original Wonder Girls members (Sohee, Sunmi, Yubin, Yeeun and Sunye)


Other Albums and Merch:


1.    2AM I Did Wrong Album (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

2.    2NE1 First Album (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

3.    2NE1 First Mini Album (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

4.    4Minute For Muzik First Mini Album (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

5.    Big Bang History from 2008 to 2006 Photobook (BNIP) $75 (S$100)

6.    BoA Copy & Paste Six Album Repackage (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

7.    Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 Sound-G Album (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

8.    CNBlue 2nd Mini Album Blue Love $8 (BNIP) (S$11)

9.    CNBlue Bluetory Mini Album Vol. 1 $5 (S$7)

10.    CNBlue I Don’t Know Why (BNIP) $5 (S$7)

11.    CNBlue Thank U Album (BNIP) $9 (S$12)

12.    CNBlue The Way (BNIP) $5 (S$7)

13.    CNBlue Official Fan Banner $6 (BNIP) (S$8)

14.    DBSK 2009 Official Calendar (BNIP) $18 (S$25)

15.    DBSK All About DBSK Season 1 $36 (S$50)

16.    DBSK All About DBSK Season 3 $36 (S$50)

17.    DBSK Bonjour Paris Limited Edition Photobooks Box Set (BNIP) $182 (S$250)

18.    DBSK Mirotic Platinum Special Edition + File (BNIP) $9 (S$12)

19.    DBSK “O” Album Version C (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

20.    DBSK/Tohoshinki Stand By U Bigeast Edition (Junsu Card and Bigeast Card) (BNIP) $12 (S$16)

21.    DBSK/Tohoshinki The Secret Code 2CD+DVD (5 Members’ Card) $16 (S$22)

22.    DBSK/Tohoshinki T Album 2CD+2DVD (All 5 Members’ Cards) $16 (S$22)

23.    FT Island 2010 Official Fanclub Calendar (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

24.    FT Island 2010 Official Fanclub Diary (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

25.    FT Island Official Merchandise (Files, Notebook, Key chain, Cards) (BNIP) $18 (S$24)

26.    FT Island The 2nd Year of FT Island Photobook (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

27.    FT Island Beautiful Journey 2nd Mini Album (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

28.    FT Island Colorful Sensibility Album + Photocards $8 (S$11)

29.    FT Island Official Limited Edition Figurines Set $18 (S$25)

30.    FT Island Grown Up 4th Mini Album (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

31.    FT Island The Ultimate Story of Five Treasures MBC DVD Collection (BNIP) $14 (S$19)

32.    FT Island So Long, Au Revoir Album (BNIP) $12 (S$16)

33.    G-Dragon Vol.1 Heartbreaker $20 (S$28)

34.    Jay Park Count on Me EP (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

35.    JYJ In Heaven Special Edition Album (BNIP) $21 (S$28)

36.    JYJ The Beginning (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

37.    JYJ The Beginning Special Limited Edition Box Set + T-shirt $16 (S$22)

38.    JYJ Their Rooms Music Essay (BNIP) $18 (S$25)

39.    Outsider Vol 2 Maestro (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

40.    Outsider Vol 2.5 Outsider $6 (S$8)

41.    SHINee 1st Album Amigo Taiwan Special Edition + Calendar (BNIP) $12 (S$16)

42.    SHINee Hello SHINee Second Album Repackage (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

43.    SHINee Nana’s B Promotional CDs (Pink and Yellow) (BNIP) $8 each (S$11)

44.    SHINee Taemin Jonghyun Minho Fanart Book (Lowrys) + Stickers $13 (S$18)

45.    Shut Up! Flower Boy Band OST (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

46.    Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST + Photo Card (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

47.    Super Junior LG Promotional CD + Photobook (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

48.    T-ara Vol Two Temptastic (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

49.    U-Kiss Only One 1st Album $5 (S$7)

50.    Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears EP (BNIP) $6 (S$8) – 2 copies available

51.    Wonder Girls 1st Album The Wonder Years (BNIP) $8 (S$11)

52.    Younha Growing Season Album (BNIP) $6 (S$8)

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