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[movie 2008] Portrait Of A Beauty 미인도 美人圖

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Kim Min Sun, Kim Young Ho, Kim Nam Gil, Chu Ja Hyun
Filming started end May and scheduled to debut 13 Nov 2008.

Story is set in the Chosun era, about a talented female painter, who lived as a male, in order to paint.

Kim Young Ho acts as her mentor.

Director : Jun Yoon Soo 전윤수(same as Le Grand Chef)

Cast : Kim Min Sun, Kim Young Ho, Chu Ja Hyun, Lee Han/Kim Nam Gil

Official site : http://www.miindo08.co.kr (I guess too much flesh is shown in this movie, the site is accessible by those 19 and above !)

Related movie site : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=46334

Link to photo gallery : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=46334

Link to trailers : http://movie.daum.net/moviedetail/moviedet...o?movieId=46334






Music Video :





01 미인도

02 월야밀회 (月夜密會) (Main ThemeⅠ)

03 이룰수 없는 (Love Theme)

04 닿을수 없는 (Main ThemeⅡ)

05 눈맞춤

06 어긋난 사랑

07 단오풍정 (端午風情)

08 여우비

09 월화정인 (月下情人)

10 마지막 시간

11 재회 (再會)

12 매마른파도

13 기다림

14 흰여울

15 회상 (回想)

16 엇갈린 운명

17 여심 (女心)

18 미도 (迷路)

19 슬픈인연

20 눈을감아도





















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Press conference 13 Oct 2008.






Director, Jeon Yoon Soo



Kim Min Sun







Kim Nal Gil / Lee Han




Choo Ja Hyun



Kim Young Ho



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I think this is the movie version of Moon Geun Young and Park SHin Yang Drama version painter in the wind.

This is like Ha Ji Won and SOng Hye Gyo's battle of Hwang Jini all over again.


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source : http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/culturenlif...ail.htm?No=1308

Shin Yun-bok in the Spotlight 2008-11-12

Neat, shiny hair, pulled up off the neck, crescent-shaped eyebrows, long and composed eyes, small but alluring lips…a lady in traditional hanbok with a white upper garment and indigo blue skirt is depicted in an old painting. The way the skirt wraps around her slender waist reminds people of the curved line of the Joseon Dynasty’s elegant pottery. Viewers can get a glimpse of the lady’s tender passion through her gaze and the tip of her white traditional socks slightly revealed at the hem of her skirt. It’s Hyewon Shin Yun-bok’s “Miindo,” or “Portrait of a Beauty,” the representative painting of a beautiful woman of the Joseon Era. On November 4, a movie by the same title was unveiled to the press before its premier slated for November 13.

The flick “Portrait of a Beauty” is about the life and art of Joseon’s master painter, Shin Yun-bok. The artist is better known by his pen name, Hyewon. Although the film depicts the life of the 18th century painter known for his realistic depiction of daily life at the time, an interesting twist is added to the historical fact. Though Shin is a male painter, he is portrayed as a woman in the film.

This is a preview of “Miindo.” The main character, Yun-jeong, is the youngest daughter of a family that has been painting for four generations. An artistic genius, Yun-jeong occasionally painted for her brother, Shin Yun-bok. But her normal life becomes complicated when her brother kills himself. To carry on the honor of the family tradition, she gives up her life as a female and lives as her brother, Shin Yun-bok. She becomes the apprentice of Danwon Kim Hong-do, the best painter of the time. Yun-jeong successfully enters the royal painting institute, Dohwawon, but falls in love with a young man. She desires to be loved as a woman, so she stops pretending to be a man…

The flick Miindo is rearranged as a love story by adding liberal imagination to the 200 year-old story. Recently, the literary circle is eyeing Shin Yun-bok, a real figure who lived two centuries ago. The most renowned painter of the Joseon Dynasty is inspiring the 21st century digital generation living in the modern world. Since a novel about Shin entitled “The Painter of Wind” was published last year, a TV series went on air and the Joseon painter’s art work was recently showcased at an art gallery. Choi Wan-su of Gansong Art Museum explains.

At the exhibition, we displayed six paintings by Shin Yun-bok. They were Shin’s representative art works, including “Scenery on Dano Day.” People formed a long line around the museum to see the actual paintings. We used to display Hyewon’s work before, but only people interested in his work came, not like this time. I think the novel “The Painter of Wind” and the TV series aroused public’s interest in the painter. In particular, visitors crowded in front of the famous painting “Miindo.” There were so many people who came to see the great work that even a special line was formed to go directly to the particular painting.

So, who is Shin Yun-bok? And why has the artist resurfaced as a cultural icon after 250 years? Hyewon Shin Yun-bok and Danwon Kim Hong-do were the Joseon Dynasty’s best painters who depicted daily life of the time. Shin’s family has worked at the royal painting institute, Dohwawon, for generations. Yun-bok was also a very talented painter who could carry on his family line. Here is Choi again, talking about Shin’s life.

Shin Yun-bok was born into a family that carried on painting for several generations. His father Shin Han-pyeong was also a renowned and representative painter of the time. Though there were many painters during the Joseon Dynasty, Shin Han-pyeong was an outstanding artist who drew many portraits. He worked until he was 75, and the public must have known his son Yun-bok as well. Yun-bok was an art prodigy. Historical record shows that he was designated a high ranking official, which proves his ability as a great painter. This means Shin Yun-bok’s unique painting technique was recognized at the time.

Shin Yun-bok’s father, Shin Han-pyeong, drew a portrait of the king. Shin Han-pyeong must have worked with Danwon Kim Hong-do who is ten years his junior. And Shin Yun-bok is thirteen years younger than Kim. This means that both Yun-bok and his father lived during the time Kim Hong-do lived. But all three painters have different painting styles. In particular, Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok displayed distinctively contrasting technique and artistry. While Kim drew the humble life of commoners with powerful masculine strokes, Shin enjoyed painting colorful drawings full of feminine beauty. Shin used to paint lovers and the refined culture of the upper class, called “yangban.” His works were unprecedented in the rigid Confucian society. Choi speculates about why Shin drew unconventional drawings.

Honestly, Shin Yun-bok must have had hard time being overshadowed by his famous father. And he couldn’t work with his father because Joseon society forbade a father and son to work together in the same workplace. Therefore, since his father usually worked at Dohwaseo, the royal painting institute, Yun-bok could not help but stay outside the mainstream. Since Shin Yun-bok’s family was well off, he had plenty of paint and paper. He used to enjoy an idyllic life by hanging out with professional female entertainers, called gisaeng, and young noblemen and scholars…and the upper class recognized his outstanding painting skill.

But this is only speculation. In fact, very little is known about the painter - only few historic records describe Shin Yun-bok. “Hyewon Shin Yun-bok was born in 1758 as the eldest son of Shin Han-pyeong who was the best painter at dohwawon. He was expelled from the royal painting institute because of his sensual paintings.” We don’t know exactly why Shin Yun-bok enjoyed drawing paintings expressing female sentiment and depicting amorous lovers. Is it the mystery of Shin Yun-bok that stimulates the imagination of artists in the 21st century? Here is director Jeon Yun-su.

When I looked at Shin Yun-bok’s paintings, I was very curious about the renowned painter who drew such liberal paintings in a strict patriarchal society. The unprecedented painting sparked my interest in the mysterious painter and led me to create the flick “Miindo.”

The origin of Shin Yun-bok syndrome is the fictional book “The Painter of Wind.” The novel, which is based on the hypothesis that Shin Yun-bok was a woman, was a sensation among readers. Han Gi-ho from Korea Publication Marketing Institute explains.

The novel assumes Shin Yun-bok as a woman. Historians would be mad about the assumption. It’s a fiction based on the few historical records about the painter. In the novel, Danwon and Hyewon are rivals but, at the same time, lovers. We describe this kind of novel as“faction.” It’s a mixture of historical fact and made-up stories. Added to it, the story incorporates knowledge of professional art history. That’s why it received a great public response.

It’s a novel based on the unique premise that Shin Yun-bok was a woman. “The Painter of Wind” is a “faction” that is attracting many in the publishing circle lately. As the writer adds creativity to the historical fact, readers become engrossed in the story. It encourages people to search historical facts and has piqued interest in Oriental painting. Owing to the popularity of the novel, a TV series with the same title went on air in September.

The TV series “The Painter of Wind” is also based on the novel, so Shin is portrayed as a woman disguised as a man. The drama shows Shin maturing as a painter as her relationship develops with her mentor, Kim Hong-do. Though the star actors’ performance and solid storyline is contributing to the popularity of the TV series, it’s the surprising premise that has viewers’ eyes glued to the TV screen.

- I really enjoy watching “The Painter of the Wind.” It’s a fiction that changes the historical fact. Since it’s rare to find historical facts about Shin Yun-bok, there is more room for imagination. That’s why many works about the painter can be created.

- More people are interested in the TV series because it’s based on the assumption that Shin Yun-bok could have been a female or a male during the Joseon period. His paintings are very humble and sophisticated. They aren’t difficult to understand because he depicted the daily life of the time. So the works are very friendly and attractive.

With the release of the novel about Shin, and now the TV series, the public’s interest in the historic figure is at its peak. But what is it about the painter that is drawing so much attention? Actress Kim Min-seon, who stars as Shin Yun-bok in the flick Miindo, says it’s his dramatic paintings. She says she can imagine the conversation of the characters in the painting when she looks at them.

There is a painting of a woman wearing colorful hanbok who stands facing a wall. She covers her head with the traditional overcoat. I can feel the heavy atmosphere in the painting. It seems like she is not alone. She seems to be waiting for someone. Who could that be? What is going on in the woman’s mind? It’s like watching various dramas. Another painting pictures an old woman facing a young lady. While the young lady is carrying a basket full of fish, the ragged old woman’s basket is empty. Why is that? What are they talking about? It seems like I can hear what they are saying to each other. It triggers great imagination. That’s why it’s very attractive.

People say that if Shin Yun-bok is born again he might become a director for movie or drama. His paintings stimulate the imagination. All of his works are very attractive - “The Lovers under the Moon” is about a couple under the moonlight, “Waiting” portrays a person who is waiting for someone indefinitely and “Scenery on Dano Day” depicts the bare breast and hips of the traditional female entertainers with temperance. Liberal paintings by Shin are even appealing to those living in the modern world.

Personally, I love Shin Yun-bok’s paintings. They were sensual paintings at the time. When I was young, I thought the paintings were vulgar. But as I grew up, I began to realize that Shin must have been a reformer to draw such unconventional paintings. I like his painting titled “Scenery on Dano Day” in which all the characters’ facial expressions are well depicted. Just by looking at the drawings, I can easily see how people washed their hair and were on a swing….

Actor Kim Yeong-ho starring as Kim Hong-do in the flick “Miindo” compared Shin Yun-bok with the 19th century Western painter Courbet. He says Shin’s unprecedented paintings that broke the social mold are comparable to Courbet’s drawings.

Courbet became an unconventional painter with his painting “The Origin of the World” which portrayed a naked woman lying down. Shin became an unprecedented painter due to “Miindo.” While Shin is like Courbet, Kim Hong-do is like Vincent van Gogh. Shin’s freewheeling disposition freed him from stereotypical ideas.

Shin’s art works were treated as decadent paintings during the Joseon period dominated by Confucianism. But his paintings are colorful and sophisticated. His use of color and delicate strokes, in particular, are regarded as the best from the Joseon era. Here is Choi Wan-su from Gansong Art Museum.

Hyewon used to utilize paint brushes made with silk thread or hemp strings which enabled him to draw very thin and delicate, yet flexible and wire-like lines. Only an excellent painter could manage such strokes. Since the traditional dress of the upper class was colorful, well-off Hyewon chttp://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=221903#ould afford to use colorful paints as much as he wanted for his work. He could use various colors such as crimson red, yellow, indigo blue…he was able to draw realistic depictions of upper class people.

Hyewon Shin Yun-bok had different strokes and a different view from his peers. His paintings that broke conventional ideas of the time are appealing to the public even after 200 years. Hopefully, the curiosity will continue so that interest in Shin Yun-bok doesn’t become a temporary fad, just passing with the wind.

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Hi Everyone I would like to know Kim nam gil or Lee han He as leader actor or not thank you

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“Portrait of a Beauty” Most Anticipated Film in Fall 2008-09-10

“Portrait of a Beauty,” a film about painter Shin Yun-bok of the Joseon era, was cited the most anticipated Korean movie this fall in a survey conducted by the film site Movist (www.movist.com). In the survey 994 out of 5485 respondents (18%) replied that this faction film was their number one choice for the fall movie.

Starring Kim Min-seon and Chu Ja-hyun, “Portrait of a Beauty” is about a genius female painter, who had to disguise herself as a man to survive in the Confucian era, and the relationship she has with Kim Hong-do, another illustrious painter of the time and her mentor. The release date has not been determined yet, but it’s certain to stir up huge interest in Korean painting, not to mention renewed enthusiasm for the long-struggling Korean film industry.

Following the “Portrait of a Beauty” in the survey were “One Fine Day,” starring award-winning Jeon Do-yeon and Ha Jeong-woo, “Go Go 70” with Shin Min-ah and Jo Seung-woo, “Truck” with Yu Hae-jin, and “Modern Boy” with glamorous Kim Hye-soo and dandy Park Hae-il.


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September 25, 2008

CJ Entertainment to paint "Portrait"

Korean major to rep film based on life of classical painter Shin Yun-bok

Written by Han Sunhee


SEOUL - CJ Entertainment has snapped up both domestic distribution and international sales rights for period melodrama "Portrait of a Beauty."

Helmed by Jeon Yun-su("Le Grand Chef"), pic is a fatal love story revolving around classical Korean artist painting Shin Yun-bok and his masterpiece 'Portrait of a Beauty, and is skedded for a November 13 release.

The film is the second high profile project in as many months that deals with the subject. The SBS-TV drama "Painter of the Wind", currently broadcasting in Korea, was earlier in the week sold to Japan's Avex for $2 million. Kim Min-sun("For Eternal Hearts") plays the protagonist Shin Yun-bok in the TV skein. The first episode of the drama gained an 11.6% audience share in Korea.


While comparisons will be drawn, both companies maintain that the treatment of Shin Yun-bok and the storylines of both productions will be different.

Meanwhile, the TV drama has been also sold to other territories apart from Japan. Starhub TV and Malaysian drama agency Hwa Yea have both acquired broadcasting rights for $120,000.

Source: Variety Asia, images from empas.com


Looking for something at the News thread?

zz_searchdoc.gif Maybe this helps.

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"Land of Beauty"??? :wacko:

"Portrait of a Beauty" !!

Glad to see that Kim Nam Gil seems more like the leadig actor.. :)



Main Poster


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wait isn't this like the same storyline as that new drama with Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Yang (painter in the wind?) ? :blink:

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source : http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...p;newssetid=746

[오승연 박사 연예뉴스 영어로 따라잡기]김민선 “영화 ‘미인도’ 신윤복역 꼭 맡고 싶었다”

[스포츠월드] 2008년 10월 14일(화) 오후 09:11 가 가| 이메일| 프린트

배우 김민선(사진)이 영화 ‘미인도’(예당엔터테인먼트·이룸영화사 제작)에 출연하고 싶다는 의사를 연출자인 전윤수 감독에게 강력하게 표현했던 것으로 알려졌다.

전윤수 감독은 13일 오전 서울 이화여고 백주년기념관에서 열린 ‘미인도’ 제작발표회에서 “김민선씨는 이번에 캐스팅 안되면 연기 그만두고 미국으로 떠나겠다고 협박했다”며 “영화 촬영이 끝나고 나서 보니 제대로 캐스팅한 것 같아서 만족스러웠다”고 밝혔다.

이 에 대해 김민선은 “한 동안 나의 옷을 언제 찾을까 하는 고민을 많이 했고 역할에 대한 목마름이 있었다”며 “특히 ‘미인도’를 놓치면 공황상태에 빠질 것 같았다. 욕심이 너무 나서 이 역할이 아니면 이번 기회에 공부를 하고 싶었다”고 말했다.

김민선은 이번 영화에서 주인공인 신윤복 역을 맡았다. ‘미인도’는 조선 후기 최고의 화가였던 신윤복이 여장남자라는 설정 하에 그의 스승인 김홍도(김영호), 기생 설화(추자현), 강무(김남길) 등 네 명의 주인공을 중심으로 펼쳐지는 이야기를 다뤘다.

Actress Kim Minsun is said to have strongly insisted that she wanted to be in the movie ’Miindo’ to producer Jun Eunsoo.

Producer Jun said at the ‘Miindo’ production conference held at the Ehwa Women’s High School on the 13th, “Kim Minsun threatened me that if she is not cast as the main character of this movie, that she would quit her job as an actress and fly to the United States. After the filming of the movie, I thought I made a good decision and was satisfied.”

At this Kim Minsun said, “I was wondering for a while what kind of character would fit me, and I really wanted to be the main character of this movie. If I lost my chance to be in the movie ‘Miindo,’ I thought I’d panic. I wanted to do it so badly that if I was not cast, I was thinking about going abroad to study.”

In this movie Kim Minsun took the role of Shin Yoonbok. ‘Miindo’s’ setting takes place in the late period of the Chosun Dynasty, and the story develops under the assumption that painter of the time Shin Yoonbok was a man instead of a woman.

*insist : 주장하다

*production conference : 제작발표회

*threaten : 협박하다

*quit one’s job : 일을 관두다

*decision : 결정

*be satisfied : 만족스러워하다

*wonder : 고민하다, 생각하다

*fit : 어울리다

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