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Dbsk's Choice Of Clothes For Girls

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SeungRi    0

Is that your choice?
Our Dong Bang boys like girls who wear like this? haha. xD


Based on the pictures at the bottom, the one one at the end is Junsu’s choice, then Micky’s, Jae’s, Changmin’s, and Yunho’s.

Junsu’s one made me laugh XD It looks like something my mum would wear xPPP Actually, so does the outfit Micky chose XDDD

I’m not a fan of the denim capris that Jae chose, but I’m going through a long shirt phase right now, so I like the top half

But I think the only ones I’d actually wear are Changmin and Yunho’s; I’m not a huge fan of denim dresses, but the addition of the shirt makes everything better :DDD And Yunho’s choice is simply adorable, and I’m not saying that just because I have a similar outfit XDD

In general, I must say that the boys have really mature taste in girls’ clothing, no boobtubes or miniskirts :o:O:O:O Lol, I’d love to see Kat-tun do this exercise, just to see what my little Bakanishi would choose XDDDDDD (something very different to DBSK, I believe…)

CREDITS :http://imop.wordpress.com/2008/04/17/dbsks-choice-of-clothes-for-girls/

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miki_chan    30

I think there was another thread the same as this.

But I like Jaejoongs, Yunhos and Changmin choice of clothing.

LOL @ junsu, its not that eye catching but its cute cause he chose it.

and micky one doesnt suit my liking. :D

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bBy_sT4r    0

wasn't this already posted?

but yeah, i think they are all okay except for junsu's and micky's.

i'd wear jaejoongie's outfit cus it actually looks like something i'd wear, except i don't really like thos denim capris much either.

junsu's outfit is just total grandma clothes -_- and micky's looks like some sort of hospital gown or surgeon gown.

haha i sound like i'm bashing huh? don't worry, i'm not, i love micky&junsu<3

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Rachel Lee.    103

lol, the bakanishi comment. jin would pick a skimpy bikini, LOL. B)

is your order from left to right? so junsoo's is the way left? cause that outfit looks strange. O_O

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Narda    709

I like the outfit Changmin chose.

much like MY style. *giggles**

errrr.. i agree! the top chosen by micky looked like a hospital gown or something..

Yunho's choice of clothing is conservative ehhh? *sarcasm* hahah.

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