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[official] Sjm Zhou Mi ♡

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official thread/first page - image heavy




banner by thisgardenoncewas*perfect, cut by fallenframes


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Name: Zhou Mi

Height: 184 cm

Hobbies: music, hosting

Birthday: April 19, 1986


2002 The 2nd MTV 潘婷新声赛 competition - won champion for Beijing area & and champion of China

2003 Shanghai-Asia Music Festival Newcomer Competition - won first place for Beijing area & newcomer award for China

2004 Spokesman for 文曲星

2005 MTV-Music Nation Competition - won first place

2005 The 3rd MTV- 三星校园新空气歌唱大赛 Song Competition - won second runner up for Guangdong area & China idol singer award

2005 匡威校际 Music Festival - won first place

2005 Warner Music Competition - won first place

2005 Won first place for MTV Newcomer Guangdong area

2005 Performing guest for Leehom Wang's Beijing concert

2006 CCTV Hosting Competition - first place for Guangzhou area, 16th place in China (because he dropped out since he signed the contract with SM I guess?)

2008 - Host for Zhang Li Yin's album press conference (1st appearance after signing with SM)

Other Show Participation:

Beijing TV - 绝对现场

MTV Global Music Channel - 天籁村

Hunan TV - 快乐大本营


Model for NEWAY Magazine

Zhou Mi's Sites:

Baidu & Friend

觅觅 (覓覓) Updates

P1: Picspam by l0vel0vek0rean (Pre-Debut)

P1: Picspam by thisgardenoncewas*perfect (Rice Issue2 Coverboy photoshoot Part1)

P1: Picspam by thisgardenoncewas*perfect (Rice Issue2 Coverboy photoshoot Part2)

P1: Picspam by strawberry78 (photoshoot)

P1: Picspam by Panda17 (Pre-Debut + SJ-M Promo)

P2: Picspam by Lishathestain (Pre-Debut + SJ-M)

P2: Graphic by riastasis (SJ-M Sohu Star Chat GIF)

P2: Picspam by ellis (Pre-Debut + MCing Zhang Yi Lin)

P3: Pic by riarobot (SJ-M Very Big Star)

P3: Graphic by doomunleashed (Pre-Debut Icon)

P3: Pic by fallenframes (Pre-Debut)

P4: Picspam by strawberry78 (Pre-Debut Competitions)

P4: Fancam by fallenframes (SJ-M Very Big Star)

P4: Picspam by fallenframes (Pre-Debut wearing glasses)

P4: Picspam by strawberry78 (Pre-Debut MC/Competitions)

P5: Pic by ellis (Pre-Debut)

P6: Graphics by Lishathestain (SJ-M Promo Icons)

P6: Picspam by strawberry78 (photoshoot)

P7: Picspam by thisgardenoncewas*perfect (Pre-Debut)

P7: Picspam by strawberry78 (Pre-Debut + SJM)

P7: Fan account by orange08 (eumsung meeting ZM Pre-Debut)

P7: Picspam by strawberry78 (Pre-Debut)

P7: About ZM by eumsung (Gifts he'd like)

P8: Pics by strawberry78 (Fanart/Gifts/Autograph)

P8: Video by fallenframes (2004 Beijing Normal University)

P8: Pics by strawberry78 (SJM Sohu Chat)

P8: Audio by kissmesoftly (SJM 至少还有你FULL(Radio Version))

P8: Graphic by mjboa (2008 Birthday sign)

P9: Video by fallenframes (2006 MC Competition)

P9: Graphic by i_win (2008 Birthday sign)

P9: Pics by strawberry78 (Pre-Debut)

P9: Pics by fallenframes (Me album + high school)

P10: Pics by fallenframes (Random sina+fansign)

P10: Pics by fallenframes (080505 Sina Interview)

updated by fallenframes.


all credits to unfathomablex at livejournal.com ^^

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Credits to: enet

Omg....i am so sorry.......i didn't see the small words until now.....


okay~well *still feeling sorry....* he's cute~and I saw their video~:)

glad there are more chinese in the korean industry~

and hope they will get more popular later on~:)

*sorry again....*


Since i made the stupid mistake, I'll post some pictures~hahah~so this post will also have pictures~>_<

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can we post yet? I dont see any words we cant... so Im guessing we could?

If not sorry about this.

I'm glad more people here at Soompi is giving him a chance like they gave Henry a chance.

He does have talent. So I hope people in China will stop bashing him either.

He seriously (on the side profile) looks so much like Shiwon and yet sometimes I think she looks

lik ethis HK actor name Kenneth Ma.

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I hope the fans will come in here and shows more pics and talks more about him! :D

Plus i hope that he'll get more attention and look way more nicer to him! :D

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I'm glad there's a ZM thread cos he's GREAT

People needa give him a chance. I admit, at first despite thinking he was good looking predebut, I never really became a fan. After debut I made some preconcieved opinions on him that were unfair and sad now that I think about it.

After seeing and finding more about him, and listening to him sing, I can say that not only is he very talented and EXTREMELY dedicated, he is NOT cocky, but really confident which some ppl may mistake for arrogance (I admit....I did =X). Since two ppl from soompi have met him in person, he appears to be a really nice guy.

Anyway now all I see is a guy working extremely hard to fulfill his dreams, and I would hope EVERYONE supports him and don't let only 13 notions and bias get in the way of finding out what a nice and talented guy he is. He's good loooking too, he needs to gain some weight though, prob SM worked him really hard T_T

ZM JIA YOU 不要担心, ni 有我的支持

add oil ZM, I'll support you for sure ^_~

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Aie, he's soooo CUTE!

He reminds me a bit of Siwon though, lol.

The first time I saw him with SuJu-M I mistaked him for Siwon, >_>

Nevertheless, he's cute :]

He's got a great voice too.

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I like the short-haired ZM more :DDD

he still scares me in the MV but it's all good cause he's very cute in interviews, and such.

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Yay!!! A Zhou Mi thread.

I think he would look soo much better without makeup b/c his features are already

sharp enough, no need to enhance them.

Zhou Mi is handsome. I hope he gains some more weight.

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AHHH yyayyyy zhoumi threaddd. am i the only one who NEVER disliked him?? i always thought he was adorable [before & after his debut]

i hope more people come to love/appreciate/respect him

sorry, i wish i had pictures to share.

but yay thanks for making this & i hope this thread gets reallly longggg. lol

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^^^ NOPE, you're not the only one, my sister and I have "never" disliked Zhoumi. There's no reason to dislike him.

Zhoumi is extremely tall and handsome. His voice is sweet and his rapping is pretty tight. In a lot of his photos, he's pretty gorgeous. Such a thin guy though.

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Wow, I didn't really like his looks in the U MV, but he is EXTREMELY handsome with the shorter hair! And I don't get all the hate for him, he's obviously really talented or else they wouldn't have put him in the group. I predict that if you give people time, they will grow to accept him like they did with Henry. Poor guy could stand to gain some weight, but he's probably been under a ton of stress lately.

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he looks like a mix of siwon, leeteuk, kangta , shawn yue, and kyuhyun.... wow

in the first pic he heckof looks like siwon!

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Credit: Friend, Euphonic, & Soompi

Finally! A Zhoumi thread.

Glad to see him getting noticed more now, I've always loved the guy, even when he was just rumored to be in SJM.

He's really talented, his singing is mind blowing, lol, I was also suprised when I saw him rap, very impressive. Thanks for starting this thread.

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