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Check here for the translation language threads and other stuff!
So back in December, I said I would unpin all the language threads and throw them in a one pinned topic. This is part of an effort to clean up the ugly stack of pinned topics we have in general discussion.

It is now almost March. So I lied phew.gif Although I posted the announcement in the new rules, no one ever seems to read that... tears.gif ... ANYWAY, here's your directory for all the language threads we're unpinning. If anyone posts asking what happened to the pinned topics, look in here first before I lose my hair. Credits to Aziraphale for finding all the threads. Give her a cookie for her efforts! I guess we'll update this topic ourselves...


1. Specific languages aka the pinned ones that you'll all be desperate to find:










2. General Interest

All About Languages

Can't speak your native language well?

Chinese first names

Does It Bug You When People Tell You Not To Speak Your Native Language?

Do you have an accent?

Do you speak an unusual language?

English & your home language

English-speaking Asian Countries

English Version Of Your Korean Name

Fighting phrases

Have You Ever Been Asked....., because you study a foreign language?

How do you pronounce "debut"?

How to say Hi in different languages

If English is your first language, how good are you at your second?

If You're Part [insert Ethnicity], Do People Ask You... if you can speak the language

Korean dialects

Korean Names

Languages you wish you can speak

Learning To Speak Before Learning To Write?

Slang terms

Teenage slang

Unusual Korean surnames

Weird, funny, unique names/surnames

What Does Your Name Mean? (both English & other languages

Which language would you choose?

Your Phrase

Your Vietnamese full name

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