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[info] Hollywood Bowl 2008 (korean Music Festival)

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KHYPE is here to give you the latest info about Hollywood Bowl before it even hits the papers!






LOCATION: Hollywood, CA

DATE: Saturday, May 17, 2008

TIME: 6:30PM-11PM

VENUE: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90078

PRICES: Please see seating chart.

TO PURCHASE TICKETS: Korea Times (LA): 323.692.2055 | 323.692.2068 | 323.692.2070



Brian (Fly To The Sky) | Ock Ju Hyun


Fly To The Sky | SG Wannabe

Super Junior T

Shin Joong Hyun | Yun Hyung Joo | Kim Se Hwan

Choi Baek Ho | Jung Hoon Hee | Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)

Sohn Ho Young | So Nyo Shi Dae (SNSD)

Minwoo | Moon Hee Jun | Chae Yeon



Dear friends,

I would like to start with our sincere appreciation for all your support and trust in us. A lot of things have happened behind the scene for the last three weeks and it was heck of a big challenge for all of us. I should say that it was the first time ever experiencing this level of situation during my professional career.

Many of you have already noticed, but it is regretful to inform you that we have lost two more artists, Eru and Tae Jin Ah. Eru decided to go to the military giving up his US citizenship and notified us that both he and his father would not be able to make it due to that reason. Even if we lost two popular singers(Lee Hyo Ri and Wonder Girls) by that time, we had no choice but releasing him with respect and honoring his voluntary and courageous decision. Regardless of the reason, please generously accept our apology for giving you a confusion and keeping you wait for long.

For the last two weeks, we worked very hard around the clock to make up the holes and finally come up with the list that would ultimately end our casting fro this year's concert. The final names are,

Minwoo (M/from Shinhwa)

Moon Hee Jun (from the legendary group H.O.T)

Chae Yeon, one of the sexy icons in K-pop


Dong Bang Shin Gi(TVXQ)

Super Junior-T

So Nyeo Shi Dae(Girl's Generation)

Fly To The Sky

SG Wannabe

Sohn Ho Young

Ock Ju Hyun

Shin Joong Hyun

Yoon Hyung Ju

Kim Se Hwan

Choi Baek Ho

Jung Hoon Hee

MC: Brian & Ock Ju Hyun

I am aware that many of you have expected to see your favorite singers in the final list, but I hope you understand that the names in our list are also great artists who can provide as much excitement and pleasure as the previous year's. Also we have slightly reduced the number of artists this year in order to give each of them more time to perform. Please come and enjoy the show.

I thank you again for all your patience and understanding, and we promise that we would do our best to present the best show possible for you. I'll see you at the Bowl.

All the best,

C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times USA


Dear friends,

There are several things I would like to announce today that has been an important development for us in the past two weeks.

The official broadcasting partner for this year's concert has been changed from MBC to SBS, another major network in Korea. It was a friendly move for everyone, and I strongly believe that the change will only bring us positive one.

Due to the change in broadcasting partner, however, we had to make a minor adjustment in terms of the artist lineup, and feel awfully sorry and regretful to inform you that two artists, Lee Hyo Ri and Wonder Girls, who we initially announced will not make it for the show this year.

Lee Hyo Ri was scheduled to take a MC role this year (and possibly perform). Her role is being replaced by Ock Joo Hyun, and she will be MC'ing the show along with Brian from Fly To The Sky. Wonder Girls were excited to come and perform at the Bowl, but, because of their live show schedule with MBC, they had to retreat from the inital commitment. Please accept our sincere apology for this.

Regardless of their abscence, our effort to build the best possible show will continue. We are pleased to announce that another idol star, Sohn Ho Young from the g.o.d. and So Nyo Shi Dae (SNSD) will join and perform at the Bowl. It was supposed to be the last addition, but, due to the recent change, we plan to add 1~2 more artist(s) and announce it within the next several days.

As the host of the largest Korean concert outside of Korea, we are proud to present the artist lineup for the 2008 Korean Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl.

Performing for OLD: Shin Joong Hyun, Tae Jin Ah, Yoon Hyung Joo, Kim Se Hwan, Choi Baek Ho, Jung Hoon Hee

Performing for YOUNG: Dong Bang Shin Gi(TVXQ), Super Juior-T, Sohn Ho Young, So Nyo Shi Dae(SNSD), Fly To The Sky, SG Wannabe, Ock Joo Hyun, Eru (1~2 artist TBD)

MC: Brian & Ock Joo Hyun

Finally, our LA and OC office are going to open for the public between 9:00am and noon on every Saturday until the event date. Purchasing and pickup service is available at the LA office while OC office only opens for the pickup service. Thank you for your support.


C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to release another set of artists who are going to perform at the upcoming Bowl concert on May 17. They are,

Choi Baek Ho

Jung Hoon Hee

Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ)

TVXQ is one of the hottest idol groups in Korea and gratefully accepted our invitation to perform at the Bowl. They are returning to the United States in 4 years after their debut appearance at the Bowl in 2004. Hope you give them a warm, friendly welcome back.

Choi and Jung are another fine additions for older generation. They were extremely popular in the 70's and 80's. It will be their first appearance to the bowl, and surely will make our lineup more mature and balanced.

We will release the final list on Tuesday, April 1. I think that will be our final announcement. Thank you.


C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

I am pleased to release the names of 3 additional artists who are going to join us for the upcoming Bowl concert. They are:

Shin Joong Hyun

Yun Hyung Joo

Kim Se Hwan

While you may be aware of Yun and Kim from the last year's. we are particularly thrilled and honored to have Shin Joong Hyun in this year's concert. He has been known as the Godfather of Korean rock music and one of the most respectable singers whose musical power transcends all generations. He retired from his 40-year carrer with a farewell concert tour in Korea last year, yet gratefully accepted out invitation to perform at the Bowl. This will be the first and may be the last time He's going to perform in the United States.

We plan to release next lineup on Tuesday, March 25. This time it will be 3 additionals and shall be followed by another announcement. Thanks all for the support.


C.S. Hah

Director, SPecial Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

I must start with an apology that there had been a server problem that affected your access to our website. Our IT crews have fixed the problems and it has recovered its normal function as of Wednesday, March 19.

Again our sincere apology for any inconvenience it might have affected you.

As for the artists, it is my pleasure to provide you with 6 additional names today. In addition to SG Wannabe and Fly to the Sky, we are proudly present you

Super Junior T

Wonder Girls

Lee Hyo Ri

Oak Ju Hyun

Tae Jina


More names shall be released prior to Sunday, March 23. Any name that we do

not announce must be considered as "unconfirmed".

On behalf of the Korea Times, I thank you for your continuing support and interest in our upcoming concert at the Bowl.


C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

I would like to remind you that all the tickets purchased will be available for pick-

up starting from Monday, March 17th at designated locations. You will be able to pick up your tickets by bring the confirmation sheet or simply providing your name and phone number.

As for the ticket situation, the pool circle and garden box seats are completly sold

out while limited seats are left in the terrace and side(ramp) boxes and super seats.

Additional artists shall be announced on Friday, the 21st. This time, we intend to

release 5~6 names due to the influx of inquiries and zeal from the fans.

Please know that Korea Times has been doing its best to present the best possible show every year by bringing as many top-tiered performers as possible, and will continue to put all the resources together to meet your expectation.

Thank you.


C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear Friends,

As we promised, we are starting to release the artist list for the 2008 Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. We plan to release 2~3 artists at a time starting from today and will continue to do so until the first week of April.

As a starter, we are pleased to present you two of the most talented R&B singers of Korea,

Fly to the Sky and SG Wannabe.

Tickets will be available for pickup in the designated locations starting from Monday, March 17th. You can either present the confirmation sheet or simply name and phone number when pick up.

Next lineup shall be released on Friday, March 21st. Any names we do not announce must be deemed as "unconfirmed".

Thank you.

All the best,

C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

Hope all is well, and thanks for your continuing support and friendly comments on the 6th Korean Music Festival.

I am pleased to inform you that MBC, one of the three major TV networks in Korea, is going to return as the official broadcasting company. They carried our show in 2004 and 2007, and it will be the third time they would partner with us to air it.

As for the lineup, we have locked in 14 artists(individual/group) so far and will be able to confirm 2-3 more by the end of February. It should complete our casting or this year's concert, and we will start releasing the artist list in the week of March 10th.

Since last November, we have tried our best to secure best available performers who could cover all generations, genders and ethnicity. I hope with confidence that the lieup would not disappoint you, so trust us as you did for the past 5 years.

Regarding the tickets, you can pick up your tickets starting from Monday, March 17. We decided to do so in order to be fully ready for servicing you with less mistake.

Thank you for your understanding.


CS Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


Dear friends,

I hope this email finds you well, and thank you for all your grateful support and interest in our 2008 Korean Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

This year’s concert is set for 6:30pm, Saturday, May 17. Pre-concert festivity shall begin around 2:30pm on the same day in front of the Box Office. I trust that our corporate sponsors would distribute lots of giveaway items, so please come early and enjoy the benefits.

As you are aware, we activated web-sales system last month to better serve you and give everyone a fair chance in purchasing process. Fyi, we have increasing number of audiences, estimating more than 2,000 I believe, calling from other states and countries, and we felt that we had to give them the same chance that folks in LA receive.

Although there were some issues that we needed to improve, we plan to use the system as the main tool for ticket sales in the future. Our staffs have been working hard to facilitate any technical problem, so please do not hesitate to call ticket office at 323-692-2055/2068/2070 for inquiries.

Tickets will be available for pick-up in March just as last year. Since there is an ample time left until the show date and more importantly we keep all the individual records of sales transaction and seating assignment, you can trust us there should not be any problem on this. So please be patient.

As for the artists, we have locked in 12 top-notched performers so far. We are currently working on 4~5 additional artists and plan to release the names some point in March. Therefore any name or list you hear until then should be considered as "unconfirmed".

We will continue to check your posts and opinions on the websites regularly and will try to respond to them as promptly as possible. Thank you.

All the best,

C.S. Hah

Director, Special Events

The Korea Times U.S.A.


What time does concert end?

The concert ends around 11pm due to the fireworks.

Where can I buy tickets?

[] Go to www.koreanmusicfestival.com or call the Korea Times office.

[] You can also try the Buying/Selling Hollywood Bowl Tickets on Soompi.

Where do I pickup my tickets?

[] Korea Times Box Office : 4525 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 Tel.(323) 692-2055, 2068, 2070

[] Korea Times Orange County Office : 9562 Garden Grove Blvd. #A, Garden Grove, CA 92844 Tel.(714) 530-6001

[] Korea Times Diamond Bar Office : 20627 Golden Springs Dr, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 Tel. (909) 595-1007

[] Will Call: You can pick up your tickets at the will call booth on the day of the concert at Hollywood Bowl.

[] Korea Times DOES NOT mail your tickets

What do I need when I pick up my tickets?

[] Name and phone number you bought the tickets under. If you bought your tickets online, you can bring the confirmation sheet/e-mail.

Where can I see the view from my seats?

There are 2 places where you can see the view from your seats. Go to either one of these sites.

[] http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/tickets/seating_chart.cfm

[] http://www.seatadvisor.com/cgi/lookup_venu...?venue_code=802

What are the Pre-concert festivities and what time do they start?

[] Pre-concert festivities start at 2:30pm (before the actual concert.) Sponsors give away freebies like glowsticks, shirts, balloon sticks, cushions etc...

[] There are also performances, but not by the artists on the list.

Is there a Fan Signing Event or any other events with the artists?

There is NO Fan Signing at this concert nor any other events with the artists.

Is rehearsals open to the public?

NO. Rehearsals is NOT open to the public. This is for the safety of fans, artists, staff and stage crew members.

What transportation methods are there to and from HB?

You can either take the bus or shuttle to the HB. You can park at one of the locations below and take the bus or shuttle provided by the Hollywood Bowl. It is completely safe to take these, because there will be a lot of people on the bus and shuttle going to the HB and going back to the lots. Taking the bus is easy and convenient. Because you won't be stuck in the heavy traffic and won't have to find parking. Its very crowded there so finding parking and getting out is a pain.


Park & RideCost per person roundtrip is $5.00 ($2.50 in each direction)

Rowland Heights (Line 665)-Schabarum Regional Park, 17250 E. Colima Road and Azusa Ave. (Parking off Colima Rd.). Bus stop on Parking Lot. Departures will be at 3:30 & 4:00

Chatsworth (Line 653)-Chatsworth Metrolink Station, 21510 Devonshire St. (one block west of Canoga Ave.), and bus stop is in lot. Departure times will be 3:30 & 4:30.

Torrance (Line 657)-Wilson Community Park, 2000 North Crenshaw Blvd. (between Carson St. and Sepulveda Blvd.) and entrance to parking lot is off Jefferson St. Departure times will be 3:45, 4:00, 4:15 & 4:30

Lakewood (Line 660)-Lakewood Center Mall (Lakewood Blvd. and Candlewood St.) and parking area is off Candlewood St. and Graywood Ave. Bus departs across from Hometown Buffet. Departure times will be 3:30 & 4:00.

Shuttle Locations

Cost per person roundtrip is $3.00 (plus parking fee if using Hollywood & Highland Shuttle Lot)

Ventura Lot (Line 668)- 10801 Ventura Blvd. (near Lankershim Blvd.). From the Hollywood Freeway (101) exit Lankershim Blvd. to Ventura Blvd., turn right into lot. Departures will begin at 3:00 and run every 10 minutes up to show start time.

Ventura Annex Lot (Line 668A)-10601 Ventura Blvd. Parking lot is at corner of Ventura Blvd. and Lankershim Blvd. Departures will begin at 3:00 and run every 15 minutes.

Hollywood and Highland (Line 671)-Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex, 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Entrances to parking structure off Highland Ave. or Orange Drive. Bus stop in Orange Court. Please note: Parking Fee Required. Departures will begin at 3:00 and run every 15 minutes.

L.A. Zoo Lot (Line 672)-5333 Zoo Drive, Section C of L.A. Zoo Parking Lot. Departures will begin at 3:00 and run every 20 minutes.


Buying/Selling Hollywood Bowl Tickets - http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=192236

Soompi Meet Up - http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=192303

Other Hollywood Bowl thread started by *SANBI* - http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=189309

UPDATE: 3/25/08







So many questions!! I'll do my best to answer them since I've been to Hollywood Bowl almost every year (I missed one year), and how the whole event is laid out. But number one, PLEASE DO NOT CONVO! Please PM each other.

1) Do we need a confirmation number to pick up our ticket?

It seems as if some people received confirmation numbers and some did not. All you really need is the person's name the ticket was bought under, and the phone number. It's also handy to have the last 4 digits of their credit card number that the tickets were charged under, and also know which section seats were bought. If you are really paranoid, you can call them and ask for a confirmation number. But honestly, when they look for your ticket, it's by your name, and they double check with your phone number.

2) Can we take the bus to and from Hollywood Bowl?

Hollywood Bowl offers a system called Park & Ride (go read SANBI's post). Rather than calling it a bus, you should call it more of a shuttle bus, since it doesn't stop at every bus stop. It picks you up at a specific location, takes you to the Hollywood Bowl, and brings you back. This is for people who want to save money on parking; however, there is a fee to take the "shuttle." Because the Korean Music Festival is during the off season of Hollywood Bowl, Korea Times has to rent out specific locations for the Park & Ride, so not all of them are available.

3) Can you we take a taxi after Hollywood Bowl?

Yes you can, but realize that you have to wait a LONG while after the traffic out there dies out. So many cars are trying to leave that area, that to find the taxi you ordered might take forever. I would suggest waiting it out or you can walk out to Hollywood and Highland area. There are always people walking around, but I wouldn't say it is exactly safe. Always have a number to a taxi company on your phone/wallet. There are also Korean taxi's which are cheaper. But taxi's are quite expensive in LA. There are many hotels near the Hollywood Bowl, so you can go in there and ask the concierge for a taxi company number.

4) What time should I get to Hollywood Bowl?

They do have preconcert festivities which not only includes freebies, but also mini concerts hosted by Radio Seoul. Last time, the group SERIOUSLY had a little performance. They sometimes have little dance performances, taekwondo demonstrations, or fan dances. You don't have to come that early (2 is early!!). Come around 3 or 4. It's also held OUTSIDE of the actual bowl. They don't open the entrance to the actual bowl until 30 minutes before show time. There is one main entrance that people try to squeeze in through, but there are actually THREE entrances into the bowl. There is another one in the middle (but if you go through this way, you won't get your glowsticks!), and there is a Pool Circle entrance on the backside of the bowl dome.

5) Do they give out Hollywood Bowl t-shirts?

They don't give out shirts. I believe the only year where they actually gave out shirts was in 2006 for World Cup. But other than that, people in the pool circle were given fleece jackets last year.

6) Can we sell our ticket if our favorite artist doesn't come?

It's your ticket, and you can do WHATEVER you want with it. Even if your favorite artist doesn't come, you might see your NEW favorite artist at the bowl! Korea Times does their best to pick only the best and top performers of Korea. And they also make sure to put on a top notch show that EVERYONE would enjoy. If they don't bring your favorite artist, don't sell your ticket! You should still go! There is nothing like going to a HUGE SOLD OUT outdoor Korean concert. I don't think I've ever heard anyone regret going to Hollywood Bowl. And who knows, maybe the artists that they bring will be a new favorite of yours once you see them LIVE!!!

IMPORTANT! Make sure to BRING FOOD! If you forgot to bring food, buying it at the Bowl is EXPENSIVE! You can go out to the main street and walk over to Subway and bring it back. It is a LOOOOOOOONG concert, so make sure to have food and water to keep you energized.Also, it is an OUTDOOR concert, and Hollywood Bowl is up in the mountain area, so make sure to bring a jacket just incase you get cold or winds start blowing.I hope this helped.

credit: khype.com, koreatimes (Please remember to credit if you taking info. out of soompi forums. Thank You. )

Thanks to: *SANBI* for all your help.

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Who do you want to see at Hollywood Bowl?



Big Bang

Big Mama


Brown Eyed Girls



Epik High


Fly to the Sky

F.T. Island


Infinity Sky



JYP (Park Jin Young)


Lee Seung Gi

Rumble Fish



SG Wannabe


SoNyuhShiDae (SNSD)


Super Junior



TSZX The Grace


Wonder Girls

YG Family


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i'm soo excited. i really want to go this year!! does anyone know which seats are best?? i heard that the garden seats had better views than the pool circle. the garden seats were cheapers though. PLEASE PM ME. i want to make sure i reserve tickets when they come out!=]

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Since my dad works near KoreaTimes office in Garden Grove,

I might as well go and ask them for more info about the tickets!!! ^-^

ill be stopping by da area on saturday,

so if i find out anything ill make sure to post it up in here dat nite.

DAMN!!! i was hopin to go w/ one of my friend (whom would definately go)

but she has training for National Guard T___T

It only seems like yesterday when it was hollywood bowl 2007!!! haha

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For those who attended last year..which seats were better? the pool circle or the garden???

pool! the aritst are like right there!!! i got to touch alot of their hands ^^

but then some ppl from garden were sneaking in <_<

does anyone know how much the tickets cost??? last year??

pool - 175 (per person)

gardern- 150

the rest i cant remember ><

but i think it goes as low as 20??? but its all the way up there!

the 23 of jan.? hehe im gonna be calling! woohoo!

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when you reserve the tickets you they only take down your name and number i think. you dont need to pay because you are only reserving not buying. i think for the tickets they can either send them to you or you can go to korea times in LA to pick it up. ^^

Nooo they won't send them. Last year I asked if they could send them to San Francisco and they said no. I'm not sure if the same rules apply if you live in SoCal though.

After you've reserved the tickets but decide not to buy them do you just tell them you don't want them?

How long is it until your able to buy them?

Yeah. In March they'll start calling all those people to confirm if you still want the tickets.

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omg I'm super excited I just finished watching the Hollywood Bowl 2007 on DVD!!!!

When do we know who is performing? and do tickets go fast?

and when we reserve tickets, do we need like a credit card number or anything?!


and another thing.....where can we get the tickets!?

You could pick them up at the LA times place the days before HB, but on the actual day, they have a stand outside of the stadium where they have all those advertisements and freebees so all you have to do is go up there and like.. tell them your name and they'll hand you your ticket.

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After reserving them, when they call you back how do you pay?

You pay by Credit card. Or debit card. You need some type of Credit card. They will ask for the CC number, expiration date etc...

Or if you don't have a CC you can go to Korea Times in LA and pay in cash yourself.

So when you first reserve they will only take your number, name and the tickets you want. Later they will start calling you for payment. Korea Times doesn't mail the tickets to you.

So you have 3 options to get your tickets:

1. Pick them up at Korea Times LA office

2. Pick them up at will call on the day of the concert [At hollywood bowl]

3. Or you can pick up the tickets at one of the Korea Times office near you.

Korea Times Orange County Office

Korea Times Rowland Heights Office

I think there is one in Garden Grove too. Not sure. You can ask the Korea Times LA office to send your tickets to one of the Korea Times office near you.

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i have a quesion. when does the Korea times place open? like, what time do they start picking up their phone calls? THANKS! :D


oh yea, is it possible for the singers to come in two consecutive years? like.. if FTTS and Big Bang came last year, is it possible for them to come back again this year?

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whaaa im getting really excited. i totally missed last year since i got into the fandon after HB.

I have a question though, are we allowed to bring in cameras and such?

Yeah you're allowed to bring in cameras.

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OMG!! i can't believe this..its already the time again...i went to it last year and it was the best moment every!! my cousin and i got a wave by seung-ri when he was coming out!! daesung was following right behind him and gosh they both were just so cute and i miss the so much!! i hope SE7EN and BB comes, but i don't think BB will:( i just hope a lot of good people will come, last year it was fun the end was great!! seeing everyone again!!! CAN'T WAIT!! :)

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can't wait for the list..

i'll definitely come this year. this will be my first HB experience..

is there anyone who's coming from NY/jersey? coz i'm cgoing there alone..^^

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Anytime =)

You can still reserve and probably should reserve because you don't necessarily have to buy the tickets if you suddenly change your mind later or something. It's best to reserve your tickets early so you can get great seats I believe. But they won't make you buy them until later.. most likely around march. They will contact you and ask you to purchase the ticket(s) you reserved. But I would reserve if you want to go. =)

Oh and those numbers are for the Korea Times in LA not the number for the Hollywood Bowl.

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I'm so confused about this. Khype's forums state that Koreatimes isn't taking reservations this year, but... yet the banner states different.

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really!?!? will they take my name or something and give me my ticket on the day of the concert at the hollywood bowl place??

Delivery Option

● General Delivery Policies

Tickets purchased through KoreaTimes.com and KoreanMusicFestival.com will NOT be mailed under any

circumstances. We understand it may be inconvenient to some of you, but it’s part of our effort to keep our

ticketing system without any service handling fee.

● How can I pick up my tickets?

When you place an order from KoreaTimes.com and KoreanMusicFestival.com, you may choose from three

pick up locations we provide or Will Call option. Once you choose your ticket pick up location, we’ll send

your tickets down to the location and it usually takes 2 business days to process. Our three locations are:

- Korea Times Box Office : 4525 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010 Tel.(323) 692-2055, 2068, 2070

- Korea Times Orange County Office : 9562 Garden Grove Blvd. #A, Garden Grove, CA 92844 Tel.(714) 530-6001

- Korea Times Rowland Heights Office : 18722 E. Colima Rd. Suite B, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 Tel.(626) 810-1617

● Will Call

Will Call tickets are available for pick-up at the venue on the day of the show. Please bring your photo ID

the credit card used to purchase the tickets and your confirmation number for verification.


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That's so lame how they're not taking reservations.

The artist list isn't even out yet, how do we know if we want to go?

If SNSD, Super Junior, & Big Bang don't come (I'm not counting on DBSK to come), then it'd be a total waste for me.

-_____________- What to do..

No job so I have to ask parents for money.

But I don't want to get $200 and then find out my favorite artists aren't even coming..

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So I called Korea Times @ 8:57 AM PST today & they told me that this year there will be NO RESERVATIONS like the previous years. Tickets will go on sale on JANUARY 21 @ 10:00 AM. The unfortunate thing is that the performers' list will not be available. So you will be buying the ticket without knowing who's going to come this year! There's no backing out since the previous years allowed reservations, you were allowed to back out if you weren't satisfied with who's coming. Prices won't be announced until the date it goes on sale which is JANUARY 21 @ 10:00 AM.



blahhhhhhhhh. && they raised up the price tickets from last year!! ROAR!!!

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