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[movie 2008] Sad Dream 비몽 悲夢

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[Kim Ki Duk] Lee Na Young, Joe Odagiri, Jang Mi Hie, Kim Ta
Debuts 9 Oct 2008.

Director : Kim Ki Duk 김기덕

Cast : Lee Na Young 이나영, Odagiri Joe オダギリジョ, Jang Mi Hie, Kim Tae Hyun, Ji Ah,

Official Site : http://www.saddream.co.kr/

Related movie site : http://movie.daum.net/personInfo?pkey=2667

Links to trailers/making-of :



Links to photos and still cuts :








MV :

http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=h&index=n (Voice of Tears by Ha Dong Gyoon)




01 When I Die

02 I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

03 Love To Death

04 Standing By Your Side

05 When I Cry

06 When I Die (Demo Version)

07 Love Is...

08 When I Cry (Instrumental)

09 Kiss

10 Together

11 Kiss (Repraise)

12 Waiting

13 Fighting Dream

14 Dark Amore

15 We Are One

16 Waiting Again

17 Crying

18 End Is Near

19 Dejavu

20 Murder

21 Weird Dream

22 Dark Lobby Dark Castle

23 Insomnia
























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January 9, 2008

[Talk of town] Nightmare of a new movie


Japanese actor Joe Odagiri began the New Year working with the Korean director Kim Ki-duk on the movie “Bimong,” the film’s distributor Sponge House announced last week.

Odagiri, 31, is known for both his handsome looks and choice of independent films. Kim, 48, is best known for his controversial style and stories. He’s known as the “libertine” of the Korean independent film scene, and his movies have both pleased and enraged critics.

In Bimong, which means “sad dreams,” Odagiri has frequent nightmares about his girlfriend who has disappeared. He then meets another woman (Lee Na-young) who, by some strange quirk of the space-time continuum, gets stuck in one of Odagiri’s hellish dreams. It’s as if his nightmares control the poor woman.

Odagiri made a name for himself in quality independent films such as “La Maison de Himiko (The House of Himiko),” which was directed by Isshin Inudou in 2005. In that film, Odagiri stars as a beautiful gay man.

Roles like that have built a small yet firm fan base for Odagiri in Korea.

By Chun Su-jin


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January 9, 2008

Top Stars Join KIM Ki-duk's 15th Feature


Controversial director KIM Ki-duk has cast South Korean leading actress LEE Na-young alongside one of Japan’s top actors, Joe Odagiri, in what will be his 15th feature film. Titled “Bi-mong” (Sad Dream), the new project began shooting January 4 in Seoul and is scheduled to wrap on January 25.

Much interest is being given the new project as actress LEE is one of Korea’s most adored stars, taking memorable roles in such films as Maundy Thursday (2006) and Someone Special (2004). Paired with Odagiri (Tokyo Tower (2007)), a favorite with women across Asia, the film carries much commercial potential despite the generally cold reception KIM’s films receive in his home country.

The new film will, as in many of KIM’s previous works, distort the boundaries between reality and dream. The story revolves around a man (Odagiri) who dreams that he caused a car accident. Waking, he goes to the place where the dream occurred, only to find that an actual hit-and-run accident has occurred, and that the police have traced it to a woman (LEE) with a sleepwalking disorder.

Director KIM has an impressive body of work, including last year’s Cannes screener Breath starring Taiwanese star Chen Chang, Time (2006), Samarian Girl (2004), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (2003) and Address Unknown (2001). His latest film is produced by Kim Ki-duk Film and Sponge Entertainment and is slated for a May release.

Nigel D'Sa (KOFIC)

Source: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/

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Heee, awesome. Thanks for making a thread for this movie. This is the one movie I'm excited for because I'm curious about both Odagiri Joe and Kim Ki Duk, and Lee Na Young is just simply brilliant.

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Ahhh...another Kim Ki DUk movie...how awesome! The storyline also seems interesting!! Well, i love all of his movie no matter what

sadly, i don't get a chance to watch Breath yet. I need to watch it!!!

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I'm so happy to see Odagiri Joe in new movie & it's a korean..

I agree. I can't wait to see Odagiri Joe & Lee Na Young together. I am sure he will be comfortable as she looks similiar to his co-star in Maison de Himiko - Shibasaki Kou

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wah.. i want to see.. he is incredibly HOT and a good actor!

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I heard about this..and uber-hottie Joe Odagiri in a Kim KiDuk movie...

Lee NaYoung is a cool actress..it's gonna be a beautiful movie..Wow..

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wow, i can't describe just how excited i am about this movie.....Odagiri Joe and Lee Na Young - my fave japanese actor and korean actress in one movie *hyperventilates* sugoiii!!! B)

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DREAM/Bi-mong ~ dir: Kim Ki-Duk with Jo Odagiri and Lee Na Young 2008-2009

First Posters For Kim Ki-Duk's DREAM With Jo Odagiri!

The first poster images for the latest from 3 Iron director Kim Ki-Duk arrived at the Hong Kong Filmart and they are tasty bits of work. The film is titled Dream and it features Japanese star Jo Odagiri in the lead as a man whose dreams seem to be bleeding out into reality and who has a strange connection with a sleep walking woman. The film is through principal photography and into post production now.


Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a traffic accident on the way to his ex-girlfriend’s home. The dream drives him to the very spot and stumbles upon an aftermath of an accident which unfolded in the same way as his dream. The police track down the assailant and and Jin follows them to the suspect’s home and meets a woman named Ran. She denies the hit and run accusation since she was asleep the entire night. Jin explains his dream to the police and asks to be charged instead. The police dismiss him as a nut and arrest Ran. Jin is wholly convinced that there’s an unexplainable connection between him and Ran. He soon discovers that when he dreams, Ran unconsciously acts out his dream while sleepwalking ... Essentially, the two become one.

Director: Kim Ki-Duk

Screenplay: Kim Ki-Duk


Jô Odagiri ~ Joe Odagiri

Na-yeong Lee

News-Tidbits courtesy of Dramabeans.com:

Famed director Kim Ki Duk casts his newest film

January 2nd, 2008 // by javabeans


Top Korean actress Lee Na Young is teaming up with top Japanese actor Joe Odagiri in a Kim Ki Duk film. Indie lovers rejoice!

(Although Kim Ki Duk is entirely underrated in his own native country, at least he's gained much-deserved recognition outside of Korea as a premier arthouse director as the force behind such films as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring, 3 Iron, Samaritan Girl, and The Coast Guard.)

The film, Bi-mong, draws an unusual love story between a man believing dreams to be reality (Odagiri) and a woman who experiences (suffers from?) sleepwalking (Lee). She encounters the man's dreams in her reality, and wanders among his dreams as a mysterious figure.

This will be Lee Na Young's first project back after a year's absence following her 2006 film Our Happy Time, aka Maundy Thursday, which also starred Kang Dong Won.

The article doesn't give an indication of the language issue — does Joe Odagiri speak Korean? But then again, 3Iron proved that Kim Ki Duk can work wonders without any words at all.


source credits: twitchfilm.net / dramabeans.com


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source : http://www.hollywoodreporter.com

Seven tapped for San Seb competition

Daniel Burman, Kim Ki-duk films in official section

By Pamela Rolfe

June 26, 2008, 06:22 PM ET

MADRID -- The latest films from Daniel Burman, Christopher Honore, Kim Ki-duk and Jaime Rosales will compete at the 56th annual San Sebastian International Film Festival, organizers said Thursday as they revealed the first seven titles in the official section.

Burman, who won the Silver Bear at Berlin in 2004 with "Lost Embrace," comes to San Sebastian with "The Empty Nest."

Honore's "La Belle Personne," transports the classic novel "La Princesse de Cleves" to present-day Paris, starring Louis Garrel, while Korean director Kim will screen his look at hidden desires, "Bi Mong" (Dream), and Rosales returns to San Sebastian with "Tiro en la Cabeza" (Shot in the Head).

Danish director Kristian Levring's "Fear Me Not," co-written with Oscar winner Anders Thomas Jensen, and Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi's look at daily life in Ramallah, "Laila's Birthday," also will compete, along with U.S. director Courtney Hunt's directorial debut, "Frozen River."

Also rumored to be screening at this year's fest is Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Festival organizers had no comment on local media reports that the comedy, which filmed in Spain and debuted at May's Festival de Cannes, will unspool in the seaside town.

San Sebastian is set for Sept. 18-27 in Spain's northern Basque region.

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Credit Rubie :

January 6, 2008

Japanese Actor Jo Odagiri to Star in ‘Sad Dream’

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Staff Reporter


Korean actress Lee Na-young

Award-winning director Kim Ki-duk chose Japanese actor Jo Odagiri and Korean actress Lee Na-young for his 15th movie "Bimong (Sad Dream)."

"Bimong," produced by Kim Ki-duk Film and Sponge Ent, is about two people who are connected by dreams. Jin (played by Jo Odagiri) is a guy who dreams because he cannot forget his ex-girlfriend. Ran (Lee Na-young) sleepwalks in accordance with Jin's dream. They meet at a traffic accident scene where Ran behaves consistently with Jin's dream.

Kim is known for his distinctive experimental cinematic works. He received Best Director awards in 2004 at two film festivals, for two of his films. At the Berlin International Film Festival, he won an award for "Samaria" (2004) while at the Venice Film Festival he took one for "3-Iron" (2004). However, some of his movies are controversial due to their depiction of the abuse of women and animal cruelty.


Japanese actor Jo Odagiri

Odagiri, 31, is a Japanese actor who studied acting in California State University. Debuting in the drama "Kamen Rider Kuuga" (2000), Odagiri made a name for himself as a star in Korea through the movie "House of Himiko" (2005) and "Tokyo Tower" (2007).

Prominent actress Lee, 28, is said to have brought a new look to the Korean film industry. She won the Best Actress award at the 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards for her role in "Someone Special" (2004). Her last appearance was in the movie "Maundy Thursday" (2006). Lee played the character of a suicidal young woman who regularly visits a convicted murderer awaiting execution.

The movie started filming Jan. 4 in Seoul and is to be completed by the end of this month. The director, Kim, is famous for his low budget films and short shooting periods. It will be released in May.

Credits: meeyoo@koreatimes.co.kr


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I am so looking forward to this! I like Lee Na Young & Odagiri Joe is just... SIGH. He's married ><!

Haven't heard much news at all on it since its the 2 leads were announced... would be great to hear/see/know more!

Anyways, this is the other promo poster released thus far, which I also like- the graphics really work & it does give off this mysterious dreamy feeling.


(source: The Korea Society)

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The film will release in september, in the International Film Festival of San Sebastian (In Spain)

Yes!!! I live there! I will see the film!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

KOFIC to support films overseas

Written by Han Sunhee

th_sunshine1.jpg th_chaser.jpg th_dream1.jpg th_superman1.jpg th_happiness1.jpg

L - R: Secret Sunshine, The Chaser, Dream, The Man Who Was Superman, Happiness

Posters in clickable-thumbnail format, please click to expand the images

SEOUL – The Korean Film Council (Kofic) Wednesday announced $54,000 of financial support to overseas distributors releasing Korean movies. Stichting Nederlands Filmmuseum was awarded Euros12,000 ($18,700) aid to help with its Netherlands release of Lee Chang-dong's "Secret Sunshine" on Sept 12. Hong Kong's Golden Scene receives $12,000 to underwrite its Sept 4 release of Na Hong-jin-helmed "The Chaser" and a further $23,000 to assist November outings of "A man who was Superman," Hur Jin-ho's "Happiness" and the December release of Kim Ki-duk's "Dream."

Source: Variety Asia


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The film will release in september, in the International Film Festival of San Sebastian (In Spain)

Yes!!! I live there! I will see the film!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Copied from Dir. Kim Ki Duk's thread



Thursday, 26 June 2008

Kim "Dreams" of San Sebastian

Written by Patrick Frater


HONG KONG – "Dream," the new film by Korean cinema bad boy Kim Ki-duk, will play in competition in September's San Sebastian festival.

"Dream" ("Bi Mong",) drama about a man whose dreams are acted out by another person, was confirmed Thursday when the fest announced first selections for its main competition line-up.

Other films in competition include "El Nido Vacio" by Argentina's Daniel Burman, "La Belle Personne" by France's Christophe Honore, "Tiro en la Cabeza" by Jaime Rosales, "Du Frygter" ("Fear Me Not") by Denmark's Kristian Levring and "Eid Milad Laila ("Laila’s Birthday") by Palestinian helmer Rashid Masharawi.

"Dream" stars Odagiri Joe and Lee Na-young. It is sold in int'l markets by Showbox. Company has the pic for all territories outside Japan, where investor Stylejam has the rights, and Korea, where local distribber Sponge is producer.

Source: Variety Asia, poster courtesy Twitchfilm.net


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