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[Official] Im Yoon Ah/YoonA (임윤아)

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The center of the top girl group of Republic of Korea, the idol of the idols, the dream girl of millions. All these phrases exist because of one person - SNSD’s YoonA

Now SNSD held the throne of the top Kpop girl group , but the journey to earning this title is not easy. 9 members of SNSD have worked hard and there are many tearful stories behind from their debut to becoming a well-known brand image

SNSD’s debut is after WG at at the era where there are  hardly any potential girl groups out there. They are the first long-awaited girl group that debut under SM after TVXQ and Super junior are formed.With their unique debut performances, they were able to hold a unique position of their own.

The biggest strength of these 9 girls is that they have very neat and coordinated dance formation that no other groups can match up.They performed their debut song ‘Into The New World’ with perfect dance choreography and angles which attract the public’s attention greatly. They were able to achieve this result because of the practices they put in regardless of day and night and even listened to the song while sleeping.

The success of SNSD is because they are not over anxious for success, but instead climb their steps up slowly . They displayed variety of looks and music and with the successive hits of ‘Gee’, ‘Genie’, ‘Hoot’ etc, they have already climbed their way up to the ‘National idol’ position


The most unique part of SNSD is that the level and range of fans they gathered is much wider compared to the other singers in the SM. Not only is there children, students, working adults, there are even fans who are seniors or as a family as a whole.

A group with many types of charms, with each member also gathering alot of fans. Not only in music shows, SNSD members’ names can also appeared in variety shows, dramas etc. And among all, the first member who gained public  attention is YoonA who was promoting as an idol singer and also as an actress at the same time.

YoonA acted a supporting role in MBC ‘9 Ends 2 Outs, and as a lead role in KBS1 ‘You Are My Destiny’, MBC ‘Cinderella Man’, KBS2 ‘Love Rain’ displaying an extraordinary existence. Especially in YAMD which is a daily drama and has a very solid audience base, it helps SNSD and YoonA increase their fame and awareness,


Of course, the other members also receive alot of love and SNSD’s name slowly become widespread. The members all excel in areas that they are most suitable for in terms of acting, dancing, hosting etc.SNSD members are able to receive double the love in their name and SNSD as a whole.
 Even so,it is a fact that in the midst of this, YoonA possessed unique charms and personality. She is able to hold the solid spot as the center of SNSD, the top girl group of the Republic of Korea. So, how and when is YoonA’s charms discovered?

» Becoming the center of SNSD at the age of 13


Her beautiful outer appearance is evident when YoonA was still a child so naturally people will have the thinking that ‘she must be scouted on the street’ however it is not true in reality. She always give people the conception that she is someone that can be a celebrity easily yet unexpectedly she is someone who is constantly and repeatedly practicing to get where she is today.

Since second grade, YoonA grown up watching S.E.S, and she has since dream of becoming a singer. YoonA was casted from SM Saturday Open Casting Audition which is even harder than getting into a large corporation. But this does not means that she will be able to debut. From 2002, 13 years old YoonA started out as a trainee in SM and until 2007 where she debut with ‘Into The New World’, YoonA spent everyday doing nothing but constant training
Even though her long trainee life was tiring, but there is no scenarios of her bullying the new trainees before. Jang Hajin, the then SM trainee who got into Kaist wrote In an autobiography “Tell Me Your Wish" mentioning how good tempered and friendly YoonA is.


Jang Hajin first impression of YoonA is “Too beautiful” “She must be a Barbie doll” She also said “Just seeing her will make one happy, she is kind in nature, i have never seen her speaking bad of others before, always giving and compromising, and like to laugh alot. In the 3 years as trainee, i have never seen her throwing temper on anyone” praising YoonA that she is as beautiful on the inside as outside.
"Compared to others, she lack of greed and is not ambitious at all. Even so, the teachers always praise her for being excel in everything she do. Recalling like this she is different from her appearance. She is someone who is easy going and like to do comedic things, impersonating gagman and like to prank, she is a moodmaker. On the contrary, when she is alone, she is someone who has alot of deep thoughts. I like the unnie like this"

In the midst of her lengthy trainee years, YoonA will keep her sufferings and tiredness to herself and her inner mindset changed gradually. She has especially low self-esteem when it come to her low voice. She did not has outstanding singing skills or exceptional beautiful voice, so she began to doubt if she is able to debut as a singer or not.image

The one who held YoonA back when she was thinking of giving upsinger career to pursue in acting career is SM’s dance choreographer Shim Jae Won. He told her that it will be a waste to give up of becoming a singer with her outstanding dancing skills. And because of Shim Jae won’s insights, SNSD with YoonA as the center is able to gain the title of having in sync dance and shone like he said.

YoonA has a long and thin body and is often nicknamed as Sika deer (flower deer), she possess surprisingly high dancing ability. YoonA who has both outstanding outer appearance and great dancing skills naturally become the center of SNSD. Among members, Yuri and YoonA both possess good dancing skills plus with their long and flexbile limbs, earning compliments from fans that their body line are really beautiful.
With YoonA in SNSD’s special stages, the dancing portion shine even more. YoonA is also picked by Shim Jae Won as the best female dancer in SM. Of course dancing is subjective and based on individual assessment, but however it is without a doubt that YoonA’s dancing ability has been recognized. 

One of the reasons why YoonA received so much attention is no doubt her beautiful face. This is evident from the numerous surveys conducted. Prettiest idol that will still look the same after 50 years, Beautiful idol selected by idols,Female celebrites who are like Cosmos bipinnatus and other surveys, YoonA’s name will always appear.
In year 2012, YoonA crowned as the #1 for the female celebrity that reminds you of First Love, beating Moon Geun Young, Suzy, Han Gain etc.. With her long hair, pure image and slender body, topping with her fresh charms, she is loved by guys of all ages.

Such popularity is not limited to just in Korea. YoonA was voted by netizens as the ‘Top most beautiful Asian woman’ in china’s portal site Baidu. In 2013, she was also crowned first place in ‘Top 10 Asian beauty’ survey conducted . Of course, as both surveys are conducted in China, it may not be error-free, but YoonA’s high popularity is an undeniable fact.


One may become arrogant with immerse love and popularity. Many celebrities’ called an end to their popularity after making one mistake. But while gaining popularity, YoonA is also mindful of her own actions, hence her popularity increased day by day.

"I also want to go to the movies or meet up with my friends.But because i am under the eyes of the public, i can’t do all these freely. But these are the weights one has to carry as  a celebrity. The love fans gave me make me feel really blissful", YoonA expressed her thoughts in an interview. And like she said, a celebrity must be responsible for his/her own actions.

YoonA started charity work way earlier than anyone else. During the early days of her debut when she was still a minor, YoonA already started donationg through World Vision. She also took part in many overseas volunteer work and donations helping the less unfortunate silently. People only came to know of these at a much later period when it was revealed by others.


When she heard that a disabled student is a fan of her, she took time out of her busy schedule to pay him a visit and cheered him on. All these are later revealed by the Foundation. YoonA has always been doing charity works quietly.

» From ‘Saebyuk’ to ‘Nam Da Jung’

In year 2007, YoonA was introduced to the audience gradually through MBC ‘9 Ends 2 Outs’ and KBS2 ‘Upstoppable Marriage’. And through  KBS1 ‘You Are My Destiny’, YoonA successfully became a household name. The advantage of a daily drama is that it has a stable and solid viewers base. Thus, the ahjummas and the seniors have Jang Saebyuk clearly engraved in their mind.


'You Are My Destiny' is a love story of a orphan Jang Saebyuk (YoonA) and Kang Hose, the son of big company that specialize in kitchen sets. At first glance it is a obvious Cinderella story. However, viewers show an enthusiatic response towards the triangle relationship with the second male lead Kim Tae Poong (Lee JiHoon) and are attracted by the gradual intensive plot. With such influence, it is natural that the audience gave such a huge support towards positive Saebyuk.
At that time,SNSD is not as popular as their title of National idol now especially among the elderlys, but just the mention of ‘Saebyuk’ everyone will think of YoonA. With this, ‘You Are My Destiny’s ratings reached as high as more than 40%. It also allows YoonA to establish herself as an actress even more firmly. She also received good results such as winning Best New Actress award and popularity award in Baeksangs Art Awards and also Best New Actress and Netizen award in KBS Drama Awards 
The next challenge is MBC ‘Cinderella Man’ but the result of the drama is a little bit regretful. SBS’s ‘City Hall’ which aired on the same timeslot is very popular, resulting in the rating of ‘Cinderella Man’ to remain low. The drama is about graduate from Paris fashion design school who because of her father’s death, have to take up the huge debt left by his father. Thus she had to work in Dongdaemun Market, in the end discovering Dongdaemum’s charms. Even though it has an interesting plot, but there are still a few regrets.


During the press conference for ‘Cinderella Man’, YoonA expressed: “I have ambition to do well, but because of the insufficient preparation time, it is abit regretful. Juggling between acting and SNSD’s activities, so it is evident that i lack of sufficient preparation.” Not being able to display the kind of acting skills she want made her depressed.
YoonA is always full of energy on the filming set. “YoonA is the energy pill, so no matter how difficult it is, with YoonA around the atmosphere is immediately revived. As YoonA is acting as a designer so she is always in contact with sewing machine everyday and also practice harder in her drawing in order to display better acting skills.” PD Yeo Jeong-joon gave YoonA such enthusiastic and high remarkers
Yeo PD also expressed his expectations on YoonA: “YoonA’s acting has rich emotions, i am anticipating that she will become a very good actress” Even though she received such compliments from experts but the rating of the drama did not allow it to shine.image

Because KBS2 ‘Love Rain’ were led by Asia prince Jang Geun Suk and Asia beauty YoonA, it has became a hot topic before its broadast. Moreover, this drama is the collaboration of director Yoon Seok-ho and scriptwriter Oh Soo-yeon after ‘Autumn Fairytale’ and ‘Winter Sonata’ hence it attract even more attention.
Jang geun suk and YoonA through ‘Love Rain’, portrayed pure love in the 70’s and young love in the modern era. This drama talked about the love that was passed down from his father to the modern era. Both of them have to play two different roles in the drama which is refreshing, however the public put more interests in the rating of the drama.

'You Are My Destiny' yielded more than 40% in viewership ratings, but in 'Cinderella Man' it only yielded a single digit rating and it is the same situation now. In 'Cinderella Man' as there isn't sufficient time to prepare well, there is some regrets in terms of acting. However there is a higher sense of responsibility for this drama. YoonA expressed frankly: “I prepared hard for this drama as an actress, putting the rating aside, i received positive remarks around me and words of encouragement, so i gained alot of strength”

In actual fact, ‘Love Rain’ barely maintained its rating at 5% But because of its scenic settings, it has gained quite a portion of fans. The space and atmosphere portraying two different eras, the love stories of two eras also attracted viewers.

In the recent broadcast of KBS2 ‘Prime Minister & I’, YoonA shown more stable acting skills. As the role in the drama is similar to herself in many ways, YoonA show passion and seem to get rid of many of the burdens that have been weighing her down a long time.

'Prime Minister & I' is a romance comedy drama about a stubborn Prime Minister Kwon Yul (Lee Bum Soo) and paparazzi Nam Da Jung (YoonA) getting into a contract marriage.  Nam Da Jung who acted as the mother the 3 children of Kwon Yul. YoonA also revealed that she is used to hearing the kids calling her 'ahjumma' in the show that it feels awkward hearing people calling her Nam Da Jung-sshi.

YoonA said in ‘Prime Minister & I’ press conference: “After my previous drama ‘Love Rain’ ended, i realized that one cannot be too anxious”, revealing her candid thoughts. The anxiety now is that she realised how she should walk down this path. Recognising this key has proven that YoonA is no longer an idol born actress, instead she is growing as a real actress.

Lee Bum Soo has high praises towards YoonA for her rich emotions,high comprehension and explosive performing skills. He said “Acting has to go by logic, only when one understands can the audience understand too, YoonA is smart and did really well. I am anticipating her path down as an actress, at the same time i want to give her applause”
In reality, YoonA’s acting in ‘Prime Minister & I’ portraying the reporter who struggled to get exclusive scoops gained alot of compliments such as ‘YoonA’s self destroying image liven up the drama’. Getting into contract marriage with Kwon Yul in order not to worry her father, Kwon Yul who did not understand all the efforts she put in and left Nam Da Jung in tears, YoonA’s improved acting is also recognised. 

YoonA who is blooming on the path as an actress, still maintain a rookie mindset even til now. At the end of every drama filming, she will give each and every staff a handwritten letter with their name written one by one and gift expressing her gratefulness to everyone. It is difficult for staffs not to love someone like her.

» A celebrity among celebrities, YoonA

YoonA is named as ‘SM top 3 beauties’ together with Go Ara, Lee Yeon Hee. Among them, YoonA has the nickname of the ‘real goddess’. She is beautiful even without makeup and because there is hardly any difference after debut, YoonA unchanging beauty earns praises from fans, entertainment industry and celebrities.


SNSD established themselves as the national idol in 2009, and when male celebrities are asked of their ideal girl type, YoonA name will often appear in their answers. YoonA’s fanboy list which is named as the ‘sweet and sour pork list’ includes Jung Woo-sung, GD, Kwanhee, Onew, PSY, Hwang Jung Min, Lucid Fall, Brian etc.
Of course, this is not limited to only celebrities. Volleyball player Kim Yo Han, ex-professional player Hong Jin-ho etc all have high praises for YoonA’s beauty. In terms of overseas, the male lead of ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’ Ko Chen-tung also confirmed he is a fan of YoonA via instagram. China national soccer player Rong Hao also published YoonA’s photos in his own blog declaring himself as a fan.

Japanese national swimmer Daiya Seto not only attend SNSD concerts, but also set their song ‘Into The New World’ as his morning call, proving himself as a famous SNSD fan. As such, after the hidden camera portion showing YoonA’s surprise visit to Daiya Seto  was broadcasted in TBS ‘Honoo no Taiikukai’, YoonA immediately rose up on Japan Yahoo, twitter searches, become a hot topic.

YoonA is also well liked by female celebrities. Goo Hye Sun who participate in the filming of KBS2 ‘Win Win’ also expressed that she “really like SNSD’s YoonA, has secretly contacted her” With YoonA’s sudden appearance, Goo Hye Sun further commented “It is so good my tears are coming out” expressing her excitment to meet YoonA.

Sunbae Sung Yuri also mentioned that “among girl groups i feel that YoonA is the prettiest”. Actress Son Ye-jin after being introduced to YoonA also said that she is really cute. Sunbae Baek Jiyoung who guested in KBS2 ‘Happy Together’ with YoonA also commented that YoonA “is really beautiful. My face is totally red” 
Lyricist Kim Eana’s account after seeing YoonA in real life at the 2010 Melon Music Awards also became a hot news topic. “When SNSD walked past me,the pathway seemed to part and light was shed from the sky. Some called it Heaven. Really beautiful. After seeing YoonA’s face, I don’t even want to look into the mirrors anymore”, praising YoonA with her unique wits image

Representing the hearts of numerous fans is Indie band Sosim Boys who prepared the song ‘Goodnight YoonA’ on her birthday. 

Of course, one can’t enjoy such popularity with just a beautiful face. When YoonA’s debut, there will rumours that SM wanted to fix YoonA with a ladylike image. However, such image is nowhere to be found with YoonA destroying her image through variety shows and radio shows.

Different from other female idols, YoonA do not avoid things that will destroy her image. Destroying her appearance when displaying her personal talents. Fans and members all said that YoonA do not control when she laughed. Thus she gained the nickname of ‘Alligator Yoong’


Among YoonA’s personal talents, there is one that is being called ‘the flounder fish expression’. Even though fans like this side of her, but some fans are also worried if YoonA destroyed too much of her image even with such beautiful face. 

YoonA’s reversal charms do not stop there. Different from her lean body, YoonA is named ‘Shikshin’ due to her big appetite. SNSD members all named her as the ‘Shikshin’ saying that even “after ricing she will still want to eat cereals”

Kim Min hee who debut as a child actor revealed a story of YoonA’s big appetitle. She said that she saw Yoona at a samgyeopsal restaurant treated her to food. In the end the total bill for 4 people are 210,000 won worth of pork belly, shocking everyone.

This news is also spreaded to Japan when YoonA and Yuri name both appeared in Japanese SAT hangul exam in 2012. The question asked was “YoonA ()  ate breakfast and went to school” in which the correct answer is ‘hurriedly’. Even though SNSD is not mentioned inside, but netizens think that this reflected their popularity in Japan

YoonA who is popular worldwide has to juggle with drama, promotions and SNSD’s hectic schedules. Even though she managed her health more than others, but there are health issue that worries fans and members. 

YoonA also relayed her feelings through radio stating that:”I was so nervous that I forgot to thank the members after getting my first acting award. And after that we had to go to a music awards ceremony and thats when i realised i felt really sorry. I was worried if there might be misunderstanding”
After winning an award in KBS Drama Awards 2013, YoonA said “Getting an award infront of the many sunbaes made me feel ashamed. I will work hard to become a better actress that are as great as the sunbaes here”, her sincere feelings gained alot of applause from the sunbaes presented.
YoonA is not just a ‘acting idol’, instead she is an ‘all-round entertainer’ that always do her best to prepare for everything. Hence, fans love her more today compared to yesterday, and anticipate more of YoonA in the future than today. 
Center of SNSD to Worldwide idol. Kpop Princess to Kpop Hallyu Queen, Just the name ‘YoonA’ this 2 letters will bring good feelings, the day when YoonA will attract the World is not long. 

Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&oid=015&aid=0003034284&sid1=001#_=_
Cr: Chinese trans by yoonaya (http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/mw1024/8426f136gw1edny6whm22j20m8b18npg.jpg#_=_)  and limyoonabar ( http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2875273942?see_lz=1#_=_ )
eng trans: mystarmyangel

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Yoona has been confirmed for the female lead of the Korean version of 'Nodame Cantabile'!


She's cast as the female lead Nodame, and she's looking over details. Joo Won will be playing her boyfriend and conductor, Baek Yoon Sik will be playing her teacher, and Tiny-G's Dohee will be playing Sakura.


'Nodame Cantabile' is originally a Japanese manga themed around classical music. The manga was created by Ninomiya Tomoko, and the drama version of the manga aired in 2006 on Fuji TV.


The Korean version of the drama will air on KBS 2TV in October. 


CR: http://www.allkpop.c...odame-cantabile

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Knetizens and I netizens are judging yoona's acting skills way too much as if she's not capable enough to pull this drama off. If yoona takes this challenge, I will be really proud of her since it's a lot of pressure (from the original version). She will need to show people an outstanding acting which I know she will. I know there are way much better actresses but if yoona gest cast then I will support her and wait until the drama aires and see by myself how much effort and how much improvement she put on this project. I already saw the anime version of this and yeah I can tell there's a difference in personalities but that's a challenge yoona needs to surpass so I'm with her  :)

Prove them wrong yoongie, I trust in your acting, I became a yoonaddict after watching "Love rain"  :rlytearpls:  


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YoonA self talk to SNSD (AAGG 2011)

"Taeyeon Unnie. What I recently feel from you is that you have changed so much compared to the past. I don't know how to put into words but it feels like your heart opened up. I like it a lot. We always stay home together and we watch TV together. We should try to find something fun to do outside *laughs*"

"Jessica Unnie, You took good care of me since I was a trainee. You're really caring. I think it's because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me. And I also think of Krystal as my dongsaeng too. People think you're cold and chic but when we're together, you act like a freak and crack jokes a lot. I think we(snsd) changed you and made you be crazy so I'm sorry *laughs* but I like this side of you a lot. I hope you continue to care for the members like you do"

"Sunny Unnie, I think we're alike in many ways. When we like something, we're not the type to let go of it easily. but we're more commanding. So we have out tomboy sides but you're very organized and very smart. You're the brain of Girls Generation. You're winsome. You show a lot of your strong side to the members *laughs* but you use a lot of pretty words too. I'm sure you must have had your hard times, I hope you would share that with us."

"Tiffany Unnie, I feel we've gotten closer since I started to go to church with you. I learned how much you mean to me. You're always bright but at times, you turn very mature. You always amaze me by that. I think you're always very pretty. Whenever there was bad rumors, we would become even more closer. I think we, now, can talk with our hearts open. You're the kind of Unnie that I can talk to when I'm having a hard time, You're the best!"

"Hyoyeon Unnie, we used to go eat together a lot but we haven't had a chance lately. You're obssesed with going home lately so you're never at the dorms. because we got to japan a lot these days, you focous on going to your family. That's a good thing of course. we used to go out together a lot and make the other members jealous but Unnie, you are very comfortable. You will make a really good wife. and you're very organized. You're the clown of the group and SNSD can't be the same without you. I think I'm beginning to take after your comic side *laugh* I like you're joking style so I'm always really happy to be with you. I hope you will contunue to be the energizer of our group"

"Yuri Unnie. You're my roomate, right now and we had a long conversation last night. You think of me a lot. I don't take care of my eating habits so you always give me vitamins and tell me what to eat. Unnie you're so caring. We talk about so many things with each other. Same with Tiffany, I can't hide anything from you. You see right through me. Last night was really really fun, *laughs* . With our most necessities: the dim light and music. I really like talking to you about deep things. We' talk a lot more if you didn't sleep so early . Let's find a new fun topic to discuss!"

"Sooyoung Unnie, You're the one I always feel bad towards to the most. because you are so rightous in many ways. I've blown up our dates and promises many times. I'm so sorry. I learned a lot by going to church with you. And I feel like I should learn more from you because you seem very strong (mentaly) So when our members are in a complication, you're so quick to resolve the situation. So, Unnie, we really need you to always be with us. I'm only 3 months younger than you so I'm used to talking to you . Even though you tell me to talk down to you, it's really hard. We've been good friends neverthless. I'm sorry I can't call you by your first name. Please continue to tell us good things, When we go to japan again, you should be our little teacher so study hard. so you can be SNSD's image in Japan."

"Seohyun-ah, you have your own world. A world to which people couldn't get used to. but I think you know now that you had your own little world. It's not that it's bad. It's just seemed like you were exceptionally a goody-goody which we all thought was very unique. It's definetly a good thing. but the fact that you're slowly getting out of that world and started to tell us your feelings more is also good. All the other girls are always fooling around. *laughs* I think you are stronger than me, You have clear opinions, and you have more courage than me. You're the maknae, but you have the charisma to be a leader. I'm sure there are hardships of being the maknae of the group, but I'm glad you're hanging on there. Fighting!"

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SNSD talk to YoonA (AAGG 2011)


"Yoon A! I say this all the time but you have a hard time. Being the one in the middle, the role, and how you might feel as that person must be hard, and I understand because I'm the second child. But you take on that role so well and it's hard to tell if you're my friend or younger because you're so absorbed in us and mingle so well, so thank you. I hope you melt into the team as you do now. Mmm... except those times when you act like a boy, you're perfect. You are born with so much, and whatever you do, you're OK and you're pretty and likeable. Although sometimes you have a timid side, so think broad, broad, and take care of your health. I know you take care of your food, but I feel sympathetic, so take good care of your health, and play that gem role in and outside of Girls' Generation".


"Yoona, Yoona is our beautiful visual of our group. Right?. hope to see you grow more as an actress as well. And I hope you shine in SNSD as well. Thank you for always listening to Unnie. and for being there when I can't go to sleep at night. I hope we stay together in the future."


"My Yoon A~ I always joke, "you're really pretty... but why do you act that way?" But I really think you're adorable making ugly expressions with that pretty face to make us laugh. I'm really glad our team has a girl like you. My No.! baby sisters are you and Seo Hyun. Who could ever be more adorable than the baby sisters? No one. I really treature you, and you're so lovable~ Do continue to show me that winsomeness~ okay?"


"Secondly, uh~ Lim Yoon A, Yoon A! You're like a... I don't know... I can't say, but you'll laugh when you see this. Just...Just... I don't know what to say, but you know what I mean, right? It's cheesy"


"First, To my roommate, Yoona. When I look at you, I feel like the world isn't fair. It really isn't. *sigh* You're beautiful ,you have a great personality. You're really a mystery to me.How can such a beautiful girl exist?. You're well mannered as well. And you're nice to all of your unnies. You're sensible. You feel like a 10-years old friend, not any younger than me. Really. Maybe it's because we've known each other for a long time. but you and I click together. Becuase you are my roommate, I miss a lot of sleep and it can be tiring, but every night I stay up with you can't be anymore fun. .Tiffany always complain because we're too loud but I'm glad we share such a precious time. Let's talk more in the future and let me know if anything is troubling you. okay?"

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Yoona’s 100Q 100A Predebut

Yoona’s pre-debut Q&A post
{} parentheses used for explanations and alternative translations.

Story1# 신상명세
Story1# Personal Details

01. 이름ː임윤아
01. Name: Im Yoona

02. 생년월일/별자리ː1990.05.30(음력)/ 쌍둥이자리
02. Birthdate/Star sign: 1990 May 30th (Lunar)/ Gemini

03. 혈액형ːB-*
03. Blood type: B-*

04. 키ː165
04. Height: 165cm

05. 가족관계ː부모님.언니
05. Family: Parents.Older sister

06. 별명 : 사슴 기린 (ㅠㅠ)
06. Nicknames: Deer, Giraffe (ㅠㅠ)

07. 성격ː 처음낯가림이심하데 친해지면 편하게대한다
08. Personality: At first, I’m shy around strangers but once I get to know them, I become comfortable and friendly.

Story2# 취향
Story2# Taste

01. 좋아하는 음식ː부대지깨 김치찌개
01. Favourite food: Budae Jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae
{김치찌개 is a very popular kimchi stew cuisine
부대찌개 is a version of kimchi stew which adds anything from sliced processed ham, frankfurters, glass noodles etc}

02. 감동받은 영화ː 가을의전설 , 아마겟돈?
02. Film that moved you: The Legends of the Fall, Armageddon?

03. 좋아하는 날씨ː약간 흐릿한날씨
03. Favourite weather: Slightly overcast

04. 좋아하는 연예인ː연정훈 선배님 좋아해요^^-*
04. Favourite celebrity: I like Yun Junghoon sunbae-nim ^^-*

05. 좋아하는 계절은ː겨울
05. Favourite season: Winter

06. 좋아하는 노래ː마법의성
06. Favourite song: Magic Castle
{Magic Castle by The Classic in 2004}

07. 좋아하는 게임ː미니게임천국 가끔스타?
07. Favourite game: MiniGame Paradise, Starcraft occasionally?
{MiniGame Paradise has since been ported to smartphones and is available on the App Store)

Story3# 복합
Story3# Complexes

01. 컴플렉스ː목이길다(ㅠㅠ) 발 손이 너무큼
01. Complex: My neck is long (ㅠㅠ) My hands and feet are too big

02. 핸드폰 액정에 쓰여 있는 것ː연습 공부 성공
02. Written on my phone screen: Train Study Success
{The word for practice is used to cover “training” when used in the context of entertainment agency trainees)

03. 하루에 보내는 문자 수ː매일매일 다름 ^^
03. How many text messages sent per day: It’s different from day to day ^^

04. 내가 가지고 있는 향수ː향수 안씀 *
04. Perfumes I own: I don’t wear perfume *

05. 한달용돈ː2~3만원?-*
05. Monthly allwance: 20,000~30,000 won?
{$23~$34 USD adjusted for 2006 PPP exchange rate}

06. 내 스스로가 한심할 때ː이상한거에 화낼”때-*
06. When I feel like I’m unworthy: When I get annoyed at silly things-*

07. 핸드폰 번호ː^^;;★-*
07. Phone number: ^^;;★-*

08. 내 자신에 점수를 매긴다면ː생각해본적이없어서^^;-*
08. If I were to rate myself: I’ve never thought about it so… ^^;-*

Story4# 사랑
Story4# Love

01. 첫사랑ː2004
01. First love: 2004

02. 좋아하는 사람ːno
02. Crush on anyone: no
{The question can also be read “Who I like”}

03. 사귀는 사람ːno
03. Daring anyone: no
{The question can also be read “Who I date”}

04. 이상형ː자상하고 부드러운 남자 외모는그다지^^;;
04. Ideal type: Caring, gentle man. I don’t really care about looks ^^;;

05. 첫눈에 반한사람 : 없음-*
05. Someone you fell in love with at first sight: Nobody-*

06. 사랑 vs 우정ː우정-*
06. Love vs Friendship: Friendship-*

07. 내가 사랑하는 사람 vs 나를 사랑하는 사람: 나를사랑하는 사람 -*
07. Someone I love vs Someone who loves me: Someone who loves me -*

08. 사랑하는 사람이 제일 보고싶을 때ː글쎄 없어서 모르겠음 -*
08. When you miss the person you love the most: Well, I don’t have anyone so I don’t know-*

09. 이성을 볼 때 제일 따지는 부분ː팔뚝(힘줄?;;) 손 눈 -*
09. What you look at first in a guy: Arms(tendons?;;) hands eyes -*
{The answer implies arm muscles. Tendons can also be sinews, it is possible that Yoona could mean veins.. though we don’t know if she actually likes seeing tendons or didn’t know veins were called something different}

10. 사랑이란 : 글쎄요….^^-*
10: Love is: Well….^^-*
{Answer implies lack of knowledge. As in, “Well, who knows?” or “Well, I don’t know”}

Story5# 무제
Story5# Untitled

01. 가장 기억에 남는 :주위에있던 친구들이 떠나가는꿈 너무무서웠다 ㅠ ;-*
01. Most memorable dream: I dreamed that all of my close friends left me. It was so scary ㅠ ;-*
{Yoona has accidentally deleted the character “dream” from the question but does answer the question using the word “dream”}

02. 이성이 제일 싫을 때ː기린이라고 놀릴때 -*
02. When you hate guys the most: When they tease and call me giraffe -*

03. 존경하는 사람ː윤봉길 의사님-*
03. Who you look up to the most: Doctor Yoon Bonggil -*
{Yoon Bong-gil was a scholar and poet who was also an independence activist against Japanese colonial rule of Korea. In 1932, he was executed for a bombing attack that assassinated the Imperial Japanese Army general and Japanese Chancellor of Shanghai, and injured other Japanese officials. He was posthumously honored is considered and taught tin schools to be a national hero.}

04. 요즘 많이 가는 단골집ː 없다 무슨단골집?-*
04. Eaterie you visit most often recently: None. What kind of regular eaterie?-*

05. 요즘 즐겨 입는 옷 브랜드ː브랜드 잘모름 ㅠㅠ -*
05. Clothing brand you currently wear the most: I don’t really know brands ㅠㅠ -*

06. 사귄지 100일째 되는 날 해주고 싶은 것ː 편지-*
06. Something you want to do on the 100 day anniversary of a relationship: Give them a letter-*
{Literal answer was “letter” but the question implies the full answer}

07. 진정한 친구는 몇 명ː 한 5~6명?-*
07. Number of genuine friends: Maybe 5~6 people?-*

08. 내 평생 최대의 거짓말ː거짓말 한적이 어릴때라 기억이 잘안남 -*
08. The biggest lie I’ve ever told: I was young when I used to lie so I don’t really remember -*

09. 현재 헤어 스타일ː긴생머리.ㅜ-*
09. Current hairstyle: Straight black hair.ㅜ-*

10. 이상적으로 생각하는 고백 장면ː피아노치면서 고백-*
10. What you imagine a perfect love confession would be like: Confessing while playing the piano-*

Story6# 사랑
Story6# Love

01. 누군가를 사귈 때 좋은 점ː힘들때 위로 받을수있다 -*
01. Best part of dating someone: They can console you when you’re suffering -*
{Suffering can also be translated to “tired” or “exhausted”}

02. 누군가를 사귈 때 나쁜 점ː신경이많이쓰인다 -*
02. Worst part of dating someone: They’re constantly on your mind -*

03. 연상 or 연하 or 갑ː 연상-동갑-연하 순서-*
03. Older or Younger or Same Age: Older - Same Age - Younger, in order -*

04. 좋아하는 이성에게 받고 싶은것ː편지? 피아노연주-*
04. Something I would like to receive from a guy I like: A letter? Piano performance -*

05. 좋아하는 이성한테 선물하고 싶은 향수ː향수없음 -*
05. Fragrance you would like to give a guy as a gift: I have no perfumes -*

06. 누군가를 좋아하게 되면 제일 먼저 하는 것ː상상 공상 ㅡㅡ-*
06. First thing I do when I start liking someone: Fantasize ㅡㅡ-*
{Not necessarily ual. Literally “Imagine a fancy”}

07. 내가 생각하는 이상적인 연인상ː생각해본적이없음 -*
07. My ideal lover: I’ve never thought about it -*

08. 연애대상하고 결혼대상의 차이점ː 글쎄 현실적이게되지않을까요..-*
08. Difference between a potential lover and a potential husband: Well, wouldn’t you become more realistic..-*

09. 날 진정으로 사랑하는 사람에게 해주고 싶은 말ː사랑해-*
09. Something I want to say to someone who genuinely loves me: I love you -*

10. 좋아하는 사람에게 들려주고 싶은 노래ːloving you-*
10. A song I want someone I love to listen to: loving you-*

Story7# 과거
Story7# Past

01. 나를 좋아한다고 말한 이성은 모두 몇 명ː3명? 4명? 기억이잘안남-*
01. How many guys have said they like you: 3? 4 people? I don’t remember-*

02. 내가 고백했던 이성은 모두 몇 명ː1명-*
02. How many guys I have confessed to: 1 person-*

03. 제일 처음 알콜에 손을 댄 때ː마셔본적없음 -*
03. First time you tasted alcohol: I have never drunk before -*

04. 제일 많이 울어봤던 기억ː하도많이울어서ㅠ -*
04. Time you remember crying the most: I cried so much then so ㅠ-*

05. 가장 기억에 남는 여행ː2004년 12월 31일 정동진여행 -*
05. Most memorable vacation: 2004 December 31st outing to Jeongdongjin -*

06. 힘들 때 가장 힘이 되었던 위로ː 언니의위로 -*
06. What comforted you the most when things were too much: Older sister consoling me -*

07. 지금 후회하고 있는 것ː없어요-*
07. What are you regretting now: Nothing-*

Story8# 어떤 것
Story8# Things

01. 좋아하는 것ː영화보기.옷.신발.가방-*
01. Favourite things: Watching movies. Clothes. Shoes. Bags-*

02. 싫어하는 것ː사생활간섭-*
02. Things I hate: Invasion of privacy-*

03. 지금 몸에 걸치고 있는 것ː츄리닝에 반팔티 (잠옷)-*
03. What are you wearing: tracksuit pants and short-sleeved t-shirt (pyjamas)-*

04. 내가 살고 싶은 집ː언덕위의하얀집?(죄송 ㅋㅋ)-*
04. House I want to live in: White house on top of a hill?(Sorry ㅋㅋ)-*

05. 보물 1호ː나 할어머니 유품인 회중시계-*
05. Greatest treasure: Pocket watch given by my grandmother-*

06. 좌우명ː책임질줄아는사람이되자-*
06. Life motto: Be a person who is responsible for their actions-*

07. 사람들에게 제일 많이 받는 질문ː밥먹었냐?-*
07. Thing that people ask you the most: Have you eaten yet?-*
{Common informal greeting between close people, literally asking if they had eaten a meal relevant to the time of the day yet. Usually followed by an offer to go eat together.}

08. 지금 당장 너무 갖고 싶은 것ː 노트북 -*
08. What you want to have the most: Laptop-*

09. 내 외모 중 가장 맘에 드는 부분ː눈-*
09. Part of my appearance I like the most: My eyes-*

Story9# 양자택일
Story9# This or That

01. 담배 피는 이성 싫다/좋다ː너무싫다 진심으로 술 담배 싫음-*
01. Like/Dislike a smoking guy: Hate it so much. I honestly hate alcohol and cigarettes-*

02. 결혼할 때 부모님이 결혼을 반대한다면 헤어진다/도망간다ː 도망갈듯..?-*
02. Parents disapprove of who you want to marry. Break up/Run away: I might run away..?-*

03. 자신의 과거를 떳떳이 밝히는게 좋다/싫다ː당연히 밝혀야지..-*
03. Like/Dislike confidently talking about the past: Of course it should be talked about..-*
{Word used for “talked” is literally “reveal”}

04. 나는 사귀다 헤어진 사람과 친구로 지낸다/못지낸다ː모르겠다 얼마나좋아했냐에따라-*
04. I can/can’t stay friends with someone I used to date: I don’t know. Depends on how much love there was-*

05. 나는 남자/여자라서 만족한다/불만이다ː만족한다-*
05. I am satisfied/dissatisfied with being a boy/girl: Satisfied-*

06. 좋아하는 사람에게 차이면 화낸다/운다ː화내고 울듯-*
06. If I get dumped by someone I like, I get angry/cry: Probably get angry and then cry-*

07. 나는 외모/성격이 좋은 사람이 되고 싶다ː성격-*
07. I want to be beautiful inside/outside: Inside-*

Story10# 미래
Story10# Future

01. 장래희망ː연기자 외교관?-*
01. Future dream: Actress, foreign diplomat? -*

02. 타임머신이 있다면 가보고 싶은 연도ː1980(그냥 내가태어나기10년전으로)-*
02. When would you visit if you had a time machine: 1980 (I just want to go back ten years before I was born)-*

03. 하루동안 투명인간이 된다면ː남탕?(ㅋㅋ)-*
03. If you were invisible for a day: Male baths?(ㅋㅋ)-*
{Public baths are common in Korea, as is friends and family of the same gender going to these places to wash together.}

04. 미래 자신의 아이에게 지어주고 싶은 이름ː아랑-*
04. Name you want for your future child: Arang-*

05. 유학을 간다면 어느 나라로ː호주 뉴질랜드-*
05. Which country to be an exchange student in: Australia, New Zealand-*

06. 내일 하루 당신의 일정은ː학교-연습 (ㅠ)-*
06. Your plans for tomorrow: School-Training (ㅠ)-*

07. 가고싶은 대학교ː생각안해봤음 -*
07. University you wish to attend: I haven’t thought about it -*

08. 100문 100답을 쓴다면 만들고 싶은 질문 : 글쎄요 ..-*
08. Question you want to add to 100Q100A: I don’t know..-*

09. 앞으로의 계획ː 연습.공부.성공-*
09. Future plans: Train Study Success
{The word for practice is used to cover “training” when used in the context of entertainment agency trainees)

cr: http://oniontaker.com/post/26510559965/yoonas-100q-100a#ixzz1ziJuYxIb

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YoonA to forego role in 'Nodame Cantabile' for a movie debut


It turns out that the role for the female lead in the Korean remake of the Japanese production 'Nodame Cantabile' is still up for grabs as Girls' Generation's YoonA ultimately turned down the offer and will instead be making her screen debut in a Korean-Chinese movie.

SM Entertainment revealed to OSEN on July 14, "'Nodame Cantabile' was one of many offers she had received; after completing her review of it, she has ultimately turned it down."

What she has decided on will be a Korean-Chinese romantic comedy, 'Goodbye Ani,' in which she will be playing the bright and lovable female lead, Ani, working alongside a Chinese actor as the male lead.  Filming for her very first movie will begin later this year.

Cr: Allkpop

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Not long ago, Ko Chen Tung (Ke Zhen Dong) was invited to Louis Vuitton’s showcase and was interviewed by Gogoboi (remember the one who interviewed YoonA at Chanel showcase back in May?)

*note only translating YoonA’s portion*
G = Gogoboi
K = Ko Chen Tung


G: So what kind of dressing style on girls do you prefer?
K: For girls i would think casual will be better, something that suits her, however every girl is different.
G: Yes, its good enough as long as (the style) suits her. Next, let me show you photos of some girls (actually they are female celebs), which type do you like the most?

(Being the scheming me who is afraid that Ko Chen Tung may try to avoid answering, i pasted Nami (One piece’s character) over the female celebs face)


K: The first one (without any hesitation)
G: The first one right? So do you want to know who is the one you picked?
K: Anything~

G: The first one is YoonA of SNSD.
K: Look, isn’t it accurate.
(At this moment, he proudly look at the camera and winked, and even make a suave pose.)
G: (She is) totally your type right? So is there any style that you don’t like in particular from the photos?
K: This is hard…. this.

(At this time, his manager and his brother were furiously waving their hands, trying to hint him not to answer this question, however Ko Chen Tung frowned a bit before picking one out… how can be so honest!!? In order not to create trouble for this kid, i shall not reveal here.)

Source: Gogoboi’s weibo 
Trans: mystarmyangel

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Amore Pacific’s cosmetic brand Innisfree domestic model YoonA who has been endorsing the brand for past 6 years has won the hearts of the public with her crystal clear image together the brand’s concept. In light of this, YoonA has been selected to be the global model for the Asian countries that Innisfree has entered in. YoonA’s pure charms and beauty on top of being a member of top hallyu group SNSD, through releasing of groups’ albums, solo dramas, variety shows etc has make her into the leading Wannabe Beauty Icon.

Innisfree representative expressed: “Among the Asian countries that Innisfree advanced in, YoonA is the model that overseas customers wanted to see most.” Going forward, YoonA will represent Innisfree to spread the beauty in Korea and also all over Asia.

Source: http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=103&oid=076&aid=0002550142
Cr: Chinese trans by  林允儿吧
Eng trans: mystarmyangel

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