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Kim So Yeon 김소연

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Pictures of Soyeon








News about KBS drama "My Daughter is the Kindest"

It was announced today that actor Hong Jong Hyun received the offer as the protagonist of drama "My Daughter is the Kindest".  If he accept he will play theb youngest son of  Hansung Group owner as a marketing strategist. Though he hides his identity for three years, he is promoted to the position of a businessman/manager and overtook Kang Myeong`s  position, as the manager, and  she found out he was a rich man. (It was a Google translation and I hope I understood well everything).

I hope he is one of the three protagonists in this play. He becomes the boss of Kang Mi yeon , and perhaps she wanted this job herself. I don`t know. Soyeon does not play the role of Kang Mi Yeon, that would be the youngest daughter (I guess). She plays the role of Kang Mi Rae (if she will be cast after all) and Hong Jong Hyun will not be the love interest for the second daughter, so I`am relieved. I thought for a moment that this drama will aim for a noona romance. :D I bet he plays the stepbrother because I believe that Mi rae`s biological mother is married in that rich family. :lol:
I still hope Soyeon will play in this drama. I am looking forward for more news.




I wish there is  translated news because the second time that I used Google translate, it gave me that Hong Jong Hyun`s character, Kang Tae Ju was a junior of Kang Mi Ri ( 강미리의 ) who was the head of marketing strategy department. Later Kang Tae Ju was promoted over her. Ouch! :o I hope there is no love line between them.

I wish I know all the casting to see who will be the parner of Soyeon after all (if she will be cast of course).

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I received the award * Really, thanks to you '
Surprise party .  Really impressed.

It was really great power in secret mother field! ❤
I was really happy together.



Lovely. I am happy that she had great time at the party. :heart:


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It looks like tomorrow, afternoon, Soyeon will be a guest at a radio program hosted by comediene and actress Lee Soo Ji. They have a close relationship because they both were in the same drama Falling for Innocence/ Beating Again.  Lee Soo Jin was one of Soyeon`s guests on the variety program We Got Married.

I hope to see some pictures or to hear her voice a little.





I see that the radio program is affiliated with KBS, so maybe we will hear news about her new role for KBS? I wonder.


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The actress Kim So - yeon boasted unchanged affection for her husband Lee Sang woo.


Kim So-yeon appeared as guest on KBS Cool FM of Lee Su-ji' on the 8th January, and talked about her impressions of the year-end awards ceremony.

Last year, Kim So-yeon won the SBS Acting Award and Sang Woo Lee won the KBS Acting Grand Prize. Lee Sang - woo came up to the stage and said, "I love you.

Kim So-yeon said, "I did not hear Lee sang Woo's testimony on the day. I heard when his stylist informed me in the elevator, "she said." I was in tears when I heard the story. I heard a heart of gratitude, and I poured a storm of tears to know how courageous it was. "

"After the awards ceremony, we met at the entrance of the apartment. Not only me but my husband also showed tears. I was very thankful for the courage, "she added. (Google translate)



Actress Kim So - yeon is a hot topic.

On January 8, KBS Cool FM, 'Lee SoJi's Kyoho Square', a special invitation to actress Kim So-yeon appeared on stage.

Kim So-yeon, who appeared as a bright figure on the day, said, "It's not a big fluorescent light here.
Kim So-yeon, who showed nervousness, said, "Thank you, Suzy is nice too.

Lee So Ji said, "I have a job to praise anyway, You received an excellence prize in SBS 'Drama Awards' for 'Secret Mother'.
Lee said, "Then you mentioned your husband, Lee Sang Woo. Kim said, "I did not know that it would be real, but I expressed my feelings with courage, but I was surprised that Sang-woo also mentioned me."



Another article

Actress Kim So-yeon brightly laid a light afternoon with a smile like vitamin.

She appeared as a guest in KBS  Cool FM 'Lee So-ji's Koseo Square' broadcast on the 8th January.

Kim So - yeon has repeatedly said "Thank you" from the beginning, greeting listeners and laughing.
Kim So-yeon and Lee Soo-ji, who have begun to make connections through drama "Falling for Innocence".

Lee has been proud of Kim So-yeon, saying, "I took the drama and had a lot of personal stories." Kim So-yeon said, "I still have the most contact with  Susie (So Ji), and I also have a lot of stories that I have exchanged because I have been having good grades recently."

The two ladies recalled Lee's wedding day, and Lee Soo-ji said, "Yoon Hyun-min came up in Hapcheon to see my wedding and went down again." Kim So-yeon, who said that, "Yoon Hyun-min captured the navigation and showed it. I'm really impressed, "she said.""

Kim So-yeon won the Excellence Prizefor her role in  "Secret Mother" at the end of last year's SBS Drama Awards. She said, "I took out the poetry hidden in me and postponed it," she told me about being a character who was a secret character in "Secret Mother."

She said, "I was so busy for three months that Lee Sang Woo was shooting 'I want to play with him', but I'm sorry for not taking much time. After the drama was over, I worked hard on my own," she said. She showed her affection for her husband

Kim So-yeon said, "I did not really expect the prize, I thought of my husband at the end, but I was brave enough to mention my husband." My husband also commented on KBS Drama awards, I heard a story from the elevator after the broadcast was over and I got a tear from the moment I heard that story.

She said, "After the awards ceremony, I met Lee Sang-woo at the entrance of the apartment, and I went to my husband, but he was tearful, so thank you for your courage," she added.

Kim So-yeon has selected the song "Every Time" by Toi as an application song. She said, "It was a song I liked so much, it was a song from "Faling for Innocence  ." When I sang the song at the fan meeting, I thought that it was "fateful." I confessed and laughed.

She said she likes Paul Kim 's "Every Day, Every Moment" and asked Lee So Ji for a song, "I do not know why I prepared the lyrics," and she pulled out the paper with the lyrics. After singing, she said, "If I'm a singer, I should be 16 or 9," she said modestly.

Lee Soo-ji asked about the first time she saw a TV station. "When I was a primary school student, I came to see a broadcasting station and I saw it at that time. I feel the same. "
She also said, "I started acting from the third grade of junior high school, and I was interested in acting, and I had the same kind of classmates who had a friend who goes to the institute of acting, so I took courage. .

Kim So-yeon  was proud of her MBC "Real Men" appearance. " She recalls, "It seemed like I was going somewhere like Alice in Wonderland when I first went there. It was so strange and camera-conscious that it was not working at the beginning of the first day." "Turning point of my life is" "Real Men " It was a short time, but it gave me a great direction, and I highly recommend it if you ask around. " She said, "I am so sorry that I was so weak but  I endured the CBR and so I was very proud of it."

When asked about the best work Kim So Yeon said, "Falling for Innocence." She said, "It is a work that gives a feeling of happiness. "It seems like I can not forget the love, affection and caring that I received while doing it.

She also said, "I am married," and " I have a lot of words that my face has become comfortable."/(I was in a hurry before marriage but now I am enjoying the life outside work. I thought I could have a leisurely and happy life without work.) She added, "I am sensitive, but my husband seems to be taking care of me easily."

Kim So-yeon continued to "thank you" for a word of the audience throughout the broadcast, and Lee said, "Let's see how many times I am thankful." (Google translation)



Kim So Yeon appeared as a guest on KBS Kool Cool FM 'Lee Su Ji' s Songwon Plaza on January 8, and he confessed that her starting point of her acting career was thanks to her friends.

DJ Lee Soo-ji asked, "When did Kim So-yeon live as an actor?" Kim So - yeon said, "I started acting after the third year of junior high school, and there was a friend of the same class who goes to the institute of acting, I knocked on the door of the school along with the friend.

Lee asked, "Is that friend also living an actor?" Kim said, "The friend does not work in the here (as an actor)."








Are you a special person?
Actor # I was with Kim So Yeon!
Is not it foul? Is this possible?
You're not alone with the reflector, are you?
How can it shine like this?
Today's surprise quiz!
Today, Kim So-yeon actress "Thank you"
How many times did you say? (Google translation)




Kim So yeon is taking a friendly pose with DJ Soji. Kim Soon-yeon boasted a beauty that stands out in his comfortable clothes and a beautiful appearance.




Kim So-yeon, who works well and loves well, delivered a new year greeting to <The Fact>.








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I was listening to her voice in the KBS Radio program with Lee Su Ji, this morning. Maybe there will be videos with her visit there later. The 8 January broadcast is avalable. From minute 41:20 we can hear her.





I don`t know why the KBS drama don`t announce its cast. It is so late. Sang Woo`s former drama with KBS (Marry Me Now) started broadcast in March too but on15th December they had the major cast confirmed. I know that they must be  working really hard right now to produce the drama but I feel there is some problems. I hope it is not that. I Hope they are on schedules. I am still waiting for news. Any news.


Update: It seams that actor In Gyo Jin will be cast in KBS drama as a main character too. Let see if it is true. We have to wait for official confirmation.

 I don`t know what role In Gyo Jin will play. Maybe one of the husbands of the leading ladies.

I recently watched In Gyo Jin in a comedy role, in drama Feel Good to Die. He played the hilarious villian there. It`s hard to imagine him in a serious role. :)

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We have the confirmation today.





Kim So Yeon returns to KBS for 10 years...confirmed to star in "My most Beautiful Daughter in the World"

Actress Kim So Yeon returns to KBS2 TV new weekend drama "My most Beautiful Daughter in the World". According to a source from the broadcasting station on Jan 10, Kim So Yeon has been casted as the main character in the drama 'My most Beautiful Daughter in the World' that is scheduled to be aired in March 2019.

The story is about the mother and daughter who are living in Korea now. It is intended to find out where the problems of the young generation such as marriage and divorce come from.

Kim So Yeon plays the role of Kang Mi Ri in the drama. Kang Mi Ri is the second daughter of Mimi's soup kitchen and the marketing strategy director for large companies. She is a typical of capable Alpha Female with a good looks.

Kim So Yeon will return to the small screen after 8 months since the SBS drama "Secret Mother," which ended in last July. Especially, she appears in KBS drama for the first time after more than 10 years since the drama "Iris" in 2009. Meeting viewers on KBS after a long time, she plans to portray the life of a woman in this era who lives as an alpha female.
Meanwhile, "My most Beautiful Daughter in the World" is broadcasted after "My Only One". Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2019011017310310221
Trans by: Sso Fanpage

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Actor Kim So-yeon is in the process of examining the drama 'My daughter is the most beautiful in the world'/ "My Daughter is the Kindest".

Management company Jwide Company said on January 11, "Kim So-yeon is receiving the proposal of 'My Daughter is the Kindest"

` My daughter is the kindest/My daughter, the most beautiful in the world, is a family drama that tells the stories of mother and daughter living in Korea. The intention was to show where the problems of the younger generation such as marriage and divorce are coming from.

Kim So-yeon was offered the role of Alpha Girl Kang Mi-ri, the second daughter of Mimi's rice house in the play and the head of marketing strategy at a large company. If Kim Soo-yeon accepts the offer, it will appear for eight months after SBS drama "Secret Mother".






Usually I am not surprised when a sure cast is just a positive reviewing soon after the news broke. Then, soon it is an official confirmation again. This time I am surprised. There were rumors that she is almost a done deal in early December but in January she is still considering? Maybe it is hard for the production to find a good Noona Donsaeng couple. If she won`t do the drama, it`s alright, but I want to know.

If she will accept I support her 100%. If not, I will pray that she will get another offer soon. I miss Soyeon on screen.


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It looks that Soyeon will present an award at 28th Seol Music Award. I saw her name in an article. We`ll see elegant Sso again. :wub: It will be broadcast through KBS on January 15. That`s tomorrow! Super! 



28th Seoul Music Awards Reveals Presenter Lineup

by D. Kim


The presenters for the 28th Seoul Music Awards have been unveiled!

On January 14, the awards show announced the list of celebrities who will be attending to present awards to artists. Male actors attending include Lee Jung Jae, Ryu Seung Ryong, Jung Hae In, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Sang Yeob, Kang Ji Hwan, Woo Do Hwan, Jang Dong Yoon, and Ahn Hyo Seop. The female presenter lineup includes Oh Yeon Seo, Go Ara, Nam Ji Hyun, Lee Si Young, Jo Yoon Hee, Kim So Yeon, Kang Han Na, Nana, Clara, Ahn Hyun Mo, and Kim Sae Ron.


Hosted by Kim Heechul, Kim So Hyun, and Shin Dong Yup, the 28th Seoul Music Awards will take place on January 15 at 6:50 KST at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul and will be broadcast through KBS Drama, KBS Joy, KBS W, and more.


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Soyeon wore a red pantsuit at 28th Seoul Music Awards on 15th January and presented an award.


Kim So Yeon, intense red!







I was thinking that it will be cool if she would wore a pantsuit and I am glad she chose to wear a red one.


Kim So Yeon, a smile of fascination









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Kim So Yeon boasted of beauty.


Actor Kim So - yeon posted a photo on January 16th with a short tag "Seoul Songs" on the Instagram.

The photo shows Kim So-yeon who attended the Seoul Song Festival on the 15th. The visuals that make up the red suit that anyone can hardly digest can also be admired. A perfect side line attracts attention. (Google translation)







with her team



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I wish there is an official confirmation for the role in family drama My Daughter is the Kindest. Seeing Soyeon presenting an award at Seoul Music Awards who was broadcast by KBS, I was sure she will do the KBS drama. My mind is ready to see her in a family drama but my heart still longing for something else. When I see so many new projects for weekday time slot, I asked myself what if she can do that particular drama. Kim Sun Ah`s offer sound so interesting, for exemple.   What IF she could do that SBS drama with Lee Sang Yoon? I want to see Soyeon in  Lee Soo-Yeon`s drama (Forest of Secrets) or another great project. My big wish to see her paired with Kim Tae Hun or Cho Seung-Woo in a drama has to wait.

For now, she will do a family drama with good female cast. Maybe a noona romance too. But I want to know for sure already. Whey they delay so much the announcement?  

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Yoo Seon, Kim So-yeon and Kim Ha-kyung confirmed their casts in the three daughters of Kang Mi-sun, Kang Mi-ri, and Kang Mi-hye, respectively. The performance of these three sisters who are full of personality is already very excited.


KBS 2TV New weekly soap opera 'My Beautifulest Daughter in the World' (Screenplay, Directed by Kim Jong-Chang, Produced by JNJ Productions) is a story  that conveys comfort to mothers and daughters. It will stimulate deep sympathy by drawing the story of mother and daughter realistically.

The first daughter, Kang Mi-su, played by Yoo Sun, is a working mom running fast between her company and home.

Kim So-yeon of the second daughter 'Kang Mi Ri' transforms into a high-ability,

high-income capable alpha girl. She is always in love with work and love, and she is the owner of affection for the mother who has suffered for her.

The youngest daughter, 'Kang Mi-hye, played by newbie actress Kim Ha Kyung, was a promising new novelist once.  (Google translate)


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I like the sisters from KBS drama already. Maybe they are different in personality but I want to see them interact in the drama a lot.


Mi Ri is the second sister and she is, clearly, a career woman. She is not married but if she is, I can see her delying having a child  because she established her career first, maybe she wants to get a promotion. When I read that Han Tae Ju, his junior colleague, will get the promotion over her, I felt so sorry for her. Kang Mi ri is a marketing strategy manager.  It is not very clear how it will be. Han Tae Ju will a junior in her team and he will get her job, or he will be promoted to a higher rank? Either way, it is bad. I am curious how things will go from there. It is complicated.



Kang sisters



Soyeon and Yoo Sun have a close relationship in real life. This will be their third cooperation. They are already like sisters.











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