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[movie 2009] Sisters On The Road 지금, 이대로가 좋아요

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Shin Min Ah, Gong Hyo Jin

Sisters on the Road

지금, 이대로가 좋아요

(lit. Now, things are just fine as they are)


Cast and Director profiles on page 2


Shin Min-Ah 신민아 + Gong Hyo-Jin 공효진

Kim Sang-Hyun 김상현

Chu Gwi-Jung 추귀정

Moon Jae-Won 문재원

Bae Eun-Jin 배은진

Ahn Sae-Eun 안세은

Kim Ji-Na 김지나

Written and Directed by

Bu Ji-Young 부지영


Kim Dong-Eun 김동은

Art Direction

Lee Jong-Pil 이종필


Kang Dong-Ho 강동호

Costume Design

Kim Yu-Seon 김유선


Lee Na-Yeon 이나연


Kim Soo-Jin 김수진


Eun Hee-Soo 은희수


Choi Seung-Hyun 최승현


Park Soon-Hong 박순홍

Produced by

Yoo Seung-Young 유승영

Production Company

DNA Production Co. Ltd. (DNA프로덕션)

Domestic Distribution

Sponge 스폰지

International Sales

Indiestory 인디스토리

Running Time

96 minutes

World Premiere

October 3, 2008

13th Pusan International Film Festival

Release Date

April 23, 2009


th_m0020002s2.jpg th_M0020018__0654h.jpg th_m0020001s1.jpg th_m0020025still03.jpg

th_M0020040_s_1.jpg th_M0020019_0676h.jpg th_still360496zn2.jpg

th_imgmovistcom.jpg th_77055962.jpg th_s_2.jpg

th_15977725.jpg th_M0020034_as1.jpg

th_M0020017_0490h.jpg th_M0020067_NC_Sisters_on_the_Road_sti.jpg th_86615801.jpg

th_M0020030_s_1.jpg th_M0020031_s_2.jpg th_still360495jk6.jpg th_still360493tr0.jpg

<click to enlarge photos>







[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J-Qsd-jgdM] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]

Making Of


Crying/Laughing scenes



[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km1fnJq4KJI] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]


Character video: SMA as Park Myung-Eun



[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9flvJR_-bMc] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]


Character video: GHJ as Oh Myung-Ju




[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrzzVK8vMh0] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]


Different fashion styles


[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG6VS46Csbo] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]



Movieweek article article article article|photos


Cine21 article|photos


Nylon article|photos


Yonhap News article|photos


BJY interviews on post#22


2007.12.3 - KBS Entertainment Relay (English subs)

[http://youtube.com/watch?v=cY9fNU0ZT5s] [DL via Ahboo] [screencaps - post#6]

2008.7.28 - Mnet Wide News

[YouTube] [DL via Daum]

2009.4.13 - Yonhap News




2009.4.13 - Yonhap News




2009.4.18 - Arirang Showbiz Extra: Cinema Spotlight (English subs)

[YouTube] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmYMtuWtBVU] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace] [DL via Cutiepie's Drama Goodies]

2009.4.21 - ETN


2009.4.22 - Arirang Showbiz Extra: Entertainment Report (English subs)

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd9O7QFxGxs] [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]


2008.10.3 - PIFF stage greeting and Guest Visit (GV) session






[more videos - post#14]

th_360736.jpg th_360737.jpg th_360803.jpg th_360804.jpg

2009.4.13 - Press Screening








[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQ37NNDQBcU] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1z5Qeg6nn0k] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqxuo9bseg8] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V61JBhBKhZ0]

[more videos - post#34]

th_M0040015_s_1.jpg th_M0040017_s_3.jpg th_M0040019_s_5.jpg th_M0040018_s_4.jpg th_M0040016_s_2.jpg

2009.4.20~2009.5.9 - VIP Screening + Stage Greetings

on page 3



[Daum] [Naver]

[YesAsia] [DVDAsian] [AsianDB] [MadMad]

[MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [RapidShare]

1. 찔레꽃 (Feat. Malo)

2. 지금 이대로가 좋아요

3. 뮤직박스 1

4. 아침

5. 기억

6. Danny Boy

7. 자동차 여행

8. 젓가락 행진곡

9. 렌터카

10. 생명의 은인

11. Wayfairing Stranger (Feat. Malo)

12. 회전그네 1

13. 회전그네 2

14. 뮤직박스 2

15. 기차역에서 (Feat. Malo)

16. 가족

17. 밤거리

18. 터닝포인트

19. 함께 할 날에

20. 찔레꽃 (Reprise)



[Yes24] [Aladdin Bookstore] [Kyobo Bookstore] [Bandi & Luni's] [Book Interpark]



[MyAsianCiNEMA] [Lets Look] [Torrent]

Single file [1.4 GB]: [Clubbox] [Clubbox] [Clubbox]

CD1 [698.9 MB]: [Clubbox] [Clubbox] CD2 [699.1 MB]: [Clubbox] [Clubbox]


[MultiUpload] [MultiUpload]

Watch Streaming

[Youku] [YouTube]


YesAsia | DVDAsian | K2DVD | SeoulSelection | SensAsian | AsianDB | Mr.Kwang | MadMad | Yes24


Variety | Hollywood Reporter | Yonhap News | Soompi.com | Beyond Hollywood



Gong Hyo-jin plays the easygoing older sister who inherits their mother's fish shop and cares for the house in their Jeju Island hometown. Meanwhile, Shin Mina's character is the intelligent but more sensitive, prickly career-woman sister; she struck out on her own and has been independent ever since her university days, and now works in a corporate job in Seoul. [...] In the film, the two share the same mother, but because they have different fathers, the sisters have never cultivated a close bond. However, when their mother suddenly dies, they set off on a trip to locate the younger one's (Shin) father, encountering unexpected obstacles, accidents, and the revelation of startling family histories as they unravel what it means to be family, and sisters. [Dramabeans]

After their mother's funeral, Myung-eun proposes to her half sister Myung-ju a trip to where her father lives. Not theirs, but hers. A hard-grained career woman, Myung-eun wants to recall the memories of her father and deal with her wounded mind, while Myung-ju, like their mother, a carefree fish trader and an unmarried mother of a young daughter, doesn't care about her sister's interest. On their trip, the two sisters start to quarrel over their differences, share their father's secrets, and reminisce about their past days on the road to the past. Director Boo Ji Young captures the delicately subtle atmosphere floating between women, and also how inscrutable life is through the secret of the father at the end of the film. [PIFF.org]

The sudden death of her mother brings Myung-eun back home to Jeju island. There she meets her sister Myung-ju and her daughter Seung-a, still living at their old home, and Hyun-a who has lived with them for over 20 years like a relative. With her complex about being an illegitimate child, Myung-eun tells Hyun-a she will start looking for her father after the funeral. Myung-ju accompanies her sister because of Hyun-a's persuasion and her sense of duty as an older sibling. And so the two sisters who are dissimilar in character, lifestyle and even fathers go on a road trip together. While traveling, they keep arguing over disagreements and conflicts of opinion. The tension and complications between them are deepened by past memories, both shared and their own. Finally, they cannot repress their anger against each other and come to blows. However, after the fight, they begin to understand each other slightly and Myung-eun says to stop their search. Myung-ju confesses that she had burned the letter of Myung-eun’s father and reveals a secret about him. [Indiestory]

After the mother's funeral, the younger sister suggests a trip to the older sister. The two sisters not only have different fathers, but different lifestyles and personalities as well. During the trip, the two constantly quarrel, but they also share the secrets of their fathers and gradually understand each other. The film tells the story of the two women that embrace each other as family as they travel to find their fathers. [IWFFIS]

th_EBB680EC82B01.jpg th_EBB680EC82B02.jpg th_ED8BB0ECA080.jpg

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Ooooh, looks like ShinMinah is a bad girl, looking forward to it! I think she does better in evil roles than the really kind, innocent ones which is why I think most of her dramas and movies don't do very well. The short haircut looks good on her~

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Thank you so much for starting this thread! I'm really looking forward to seeing SMA and GHJ together!!!

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It's Entertainment Relay programme.

It will be showed on KBS World Dec 3 at 11pm Korea time with English sub.

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Seems interesting, yeah Shin Minah can probably pull off the evil character pretty well. ^I like ur Ariel & Joe avator :rolleyes:

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SMA New pics from the set

lovely :wub:




*pls. keep all credit*

Credit: dc || popcornfor2 || sma thread@soompi

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Korean World Premieres at PIFF 2008


by Nigel D'Sa, KOFIC

The Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) is putting its weight behind local films this year, and, under the catch-phrase 'Way to Go, Korea!' will host the World Premier of 15 Korean features. Headlining is closing film I am Happy by YOON Jong-chan, a psychiatric drama based on a novel by Korean literary giant, the late LEE Chong-jun. The fest runs Oct 2 - 10 in the south-eastern port city of Busan.

PIFF's competition section, New Currents, will see the World Premieres of 3 Korean features. Land of Scarecrows is the sophomore effort by ROH Gyeong-tae (The Last Dining Table), a poetical cross-section of the lives of Korea's outsiders in pursuit of vanishing dreams. Members of the Funeral by BAEK Seung-bin is an HD feature about a family mourning the passing of relative and the memories it triggers, while KIM Tae-gon's The Pot focuses on the uncanny happenings surrounding a small family in their new apartment.

In the Korean Cinema Today - Panorama section are several anticipated features, including offbeat comedy Crush and Blush, the feature debut by LEE Kyeong-mi, assistant director to PARK Chan-wook. The film is PARK's first producing effort and centers on the awkward behavior of a jealous school teacher for her married colleague.

Indie-auteur JEON Soo-il is back with a drama set mainly in Nepal, called Himilaya - Where the Wind Dwells, starring top thespian CHOI Min-sik.

Other films making their world premiere in this section are Heartbreak Library, an erotic thriller by KIM Jeong-kwon, Sisters on the Road, by BU Ji-young, a drama following the journey of two half-sisters after their mother's funeral, and KIM Jeong-jun's Oishi Man, about a singer going deaf who travels to Hokkaido to rest.

Accompanying Panorama is the Vision section with several debut selections including PIFF returnee AHN Seul-ki's third feature, How to Live on Earth, a B-movie send up about the marital troubles of a top spy and her bookish husband, a poet. Also on the program are the autobiographical drama, Breathless by YANG Ik-june, The Pit and the Pendulum, a labyrinth of memories induced by a funeral gathering by SONG Young-sung, street-drama Exhausted by KIM Gok, Let the Blue River Run by KANG Mi-ja, The Room Nearby by KOH Tae-jeong, and horror triptych VIY by PARK Jin-sung.

In addition, a Gala presentation will be given to Korean-American director SOHN Soopum's Make Yourself At Home, psychological drama about a newlywed Korean couple, set in New Jersey. It stars popular actress SONG Hye-kyo in her US debut.

Korean feature films will be introduced in 'Panorama' section and 'Vision' section screening twelve (Panorama) and eight (Vision) films. Several premieres films will await the audience.

This year, appearance of women filmmakers is noteworthy. Lee Kyung-mi and Bu Ji-young who are well known for their shorts, will show the vitality of Korean cinema with 'Crush and Blush' and 'Sisters on the Road,' both of which feature female protagonists. In the 'Vision' section, Koh Tae-jung and Kang Mi-ja also feature women and teenagers as protagonists in their works.

Although issues on the crisis of Korean film industry have arisen, PIFF introduces various films more than ever before. From genre films to films that feature new settings and characters, 'Vision' section delivers the diversity of Korean cinema. From new narrative forms to personal confessions, the progress of the young directors enables the viewer to anticipate the future of Korean cinema. [PIFF.org]


Sisters on the Road: After their mother's funeral, Myung-eun proposes her half sister Myung-ju a trip to where her father lives. Not theirs, but hers. A hard-grained career woman Myung-eun wants to recall the memories of her father and deal with her wounded mind, while Myung-ju, like their mother, a carefree fish trader and an unmarried mother of a young daughter, doesn't care about her sister's interest. On their trip, two sisters start to quarrel over their differences, share their father's secrets, and reminisce their past days on the road to past. Director Boo Ji Young captures delicately subtle atmosphere floating between women, also the inscrutable life through the secret of the father at the end of the film. (LEE Sang-yong)

snap033mc7.th.jpg snap034zk3.th.jpg snap036rq9.th.jpg snap035ri5.th.jpg


Director: BOO Jiyoung 부지영

Producer: YOO Seung-young 유승영

Cast: KONG Hyo Jin 공효진, SHIN Min Ah 신민아, CHOO Gwi Jung 추귀정, KIM Sang Hyun 김상현

Screenwriter: BOO Ji Young 부지영

Cinematography: KIM Dong Eun 김동은

Art Director: LEE Jong Pil 이종필

Editor: KIM Soo Jin 김수진

Sound: SONG Soo Duk 송수덕

Music: CHOI Seung Hyun 최승현

Korea 2008 96min 35mm COLOR

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GHJ, SMA, and their Sisters on the Road director Bu JiYoung @

13th Pusan International Film Festival

PIFF Village outdoor stage, Haeundae beach, Busan - Oct 3, 12:20pm



















GV session (Guest Visit) @ 1pm screening



More pics @ HyoJin's and MinAh's threads :)

News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News

Videos: No Cut News|DL / Keywui.com|DL / Keywui.com|DL / Keywui.com|DL / Yonhap News|DL / MBC News|DL / MBC News|DL / Daum|DL / Daum|DL / NowNewsTV|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90ebK4JqlkM|mms://cdn.seoul.co.kr/seoulnews/1003_jigumidero.wmv

<아주담담> Open Talk on Oct 4 w/ 5 South Korean female directors including Bu JiYoung


Q&A transcript / Hollywood Reporter / Film2.0 / News + Video / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / More pics

A-list director Lee MyungSe (Nowhere to Hide, Duelist, M) comments positively on the film


News / News / News

credit as labelled

No hotlinking pls!

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Film Review: Sisters on the Road

Bottom Line: Sisterhood is incredible.


October 06, 2008

By Maggie Lee, Hollywood Reporter

Pusan International Film Festival

Korean Cinema Today: Panorama

A pair of half-sisters travels together to search for their long-lost father, but before finding him, they have to get reacquainted with each other. "Sisters on the Road" takes the dog-eared formula of the odd couple on a road trip, and bends it out of recognition with a twist that would give many viewers a double take.

"Sisters" announces the arrival of a newcomer with a distinctive voice. Director Boo Ji-young's slightly over-stylized film language is offset by her solid ability to elicit dynamic performances from a professional cast. Having well-known stars Shin Min-a and Kong Hyo-jin in the lead could help this essentially independent work make a small incursion into the local mainstream.

Although they grew up together on the resort island of Jeju, Myung-eun (Shin Min-a) and Myung-ju (Kong Hyo-jin) are as different as Gap and Gucci. When their mother dies, Myung-eun discovers where her father might have gone, and asks Myung-ju to help her look for him.

Shot over two days, urban yuppie Myung-eun's contempt for her fishmonger sister's bumpkin manners and happy-go-lucky ways erupts into constant cat fights that reflect their individual personalities and hang-ups with a mixture of droll humor and absorbing drama.

Through flashbacks to their formative years, one begins to trace the deep-seated causes of their animosity. Myung-eun, who comes across as the less flattering character with her career woman's hoity-toity airs, is revealed to have been stigmatized by her father's abandonment. Jealousy also comes into play, as Myung-ju is ironically the one who knew Myung-eun's father, and cherishes affectionate memories of the man.

The character-driven script offers a platform for Shin Min-a and Kong Hyo-jin to work with roles and performance styles alternative to their usual mainstream appearances. They throw themselves into scenes of conflict with the fierce energy and balletic precision of kick-boxers in a ring.

Director Boo packs a lot of back story into the fleeting flashbacks, which are occasionally befuddling, but fall into place like pieces of a puzzle when the plot's big secret is revealed. The twist may be an outrageous contrivance to some, and to others, proof of Boo's daring in taking realist drama to the realm of poetic license.

Production company: DHA Productions Co. Ltd.

Cast: Kong Hyo-jin, Shin Min-a, Chu Guy-jung, Kim Sang-hyun.

Director-screenwriter: Boo Ji Young.

Producer: Yoo Seung-young.

Director of photography: Kim Dong Eun.

Music: Choi Seung Hyun

Editor: Kim So Jin.

Sales: Indiestory Inc.

96 minutes.

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"Sisters on the Road"

Written by Russell Edwards, Variety

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

"Sisters on the Road"

("Jigeum idearoga joayo")

(South Korea)

A DNA production. (International sales: Indiestory, Seoul.) Produced by Yoo Seung-young. Directed, written by Boo Ji-young.

With: Shin Min-a, Kong Hyo-jin, Chu Guy-jung, Kim Sang-hyun, Mun Jae-won.

Sibling rivalry is fueled by paternal absence in the South Korean meller "Sisters on the Road." Feature bow by helmer Boo Ji-young turns sisterly polarization -- one very uptight, one excessively relaxed -- up to the max while maintaining an affectionate view of both protags. Gay-themed finale may be too soap-operatic for Western fest auds, but this endearing HD effort has a good chance of making inroads with local auds thanks to solid distaff perfs and a bold script.

Moody, fastidious twentysomething career woman Myung-eun (Shin Min-a), based in Seoul, returns to Jeju Island and is reunited with her thirtyish half-sister Myung-ju (Kong Hyo-jin), an uneducated fishmonger, when their mother suddenly dies. Still resentful that her father disappeared before she was old enough to know him, Myung-eun enlists Myung-ju to accompany her on a search for him.

Myung-ju thinks it's a waste of time but agrees to hit the road with her pushy sibling anyway. Whether they're taking a ferry to the mainland, staying in dingy motels or driving around the Korean peninsula, odd-couple dynamics play out with the boozy and flirty Myung-ju consistently rubbing the straight-laced Myung-eun the wrong way.

Narrative uses a flashback structure to fill in the blanks on the sources of Myung-eun's childhood frustrations, and provide the first clue to the pic's rather audacious resolution. Western auds will be quicker on the uptake than Myung-eun, but overall, her final connecting of the dots makes for an awkwardly realized denouement, which might have played more convincingly on the page than it does onscreen.

Despite scripting issues, the one-on-one scenes between the two sisters have a familial authenticity and allow both leads to flaunt their thesping chops. Kong (also in Pusan fest entry "Crush and Blush") is particularly impressive in a lively role that also allows for greater emotional range than that of her onscreen sister.

Boo Ji-young's helming is generally confident, with a functional simplicity. Unfortunately, a subplot featuring Myung-ju's own daughter is initially confusing, as these scenes appear too similar to Myung-eun's childhood flashbacks. HD lensing varies in quality, but other tech credits are solid. At times, pic looks flawless in a good 35mm transfer, but scenes employing warm light sources reveal HD technical limitations and create fuzzy images. Other tech credits are solid.

Camera (color, HD-to-35mm), Kim Dong-eun; editor, Kim Soo-jin; music, Choi Seung-hyun; production designer, Lee Jong-pil; sound (Dolby), Song Soo-duk. Reviewed at Pusan Film Festival (Korean Panorama), Oct. 3, 2008. Running time: 90 MIN.

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Sisters on the Road: Bottom line

by Samuel Jamier, The Korea Society

Boo Ji-young's Sisters on the Road (지금 이대로가 좋아요) is a beautiful melodrama about two half-sisters, Myung-eun (Shin Mina) and Myung-ju (Kong Hyo-jin) who go on a journey to find the younger sibling's long-gone father after the sudden demise of their mother, and by the same token... a bit of themselves and of each other perhaps.

The film is a formidable vehicle for both actresses and in more ways that I can get into here, a great "woman/human stoy". Now, I must admit I've never been too fond of Shin Mina and never thought too much of her acting skills, but she truly shines here, as she has never done before. Somehow, Boo Ji-young found a way to capture a hard-to-put-in-words quality about her, a je-ne-sais-quoi that, well, pretty much blew my mind away. Her sullen, subdued performance as a recently bereft and overly busy businesswoman, is nothing short of amazing. Of course, Kong Hyo-jin does an excellent job as the quirky ne'er-do-well fishmonger sister. Thing is: she always does a brilliant job at doing this, and it feels like "we've seen that from her before". Still, once again, she's good.

True enough, Sisters on the Road feels a bit reminiscent of Kim Tae-gyun's(sic) Family Ties (that might just be me, though) and works within established melodramatic conventions, but it never feels derivative, or "borrowed". The directing, the strength of the performances and the sheer quality of the emotions conveyed in elevate this into a unique and extremely poignant film experience.

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Sisters on the Road was featured in the <멋진 Girl, 언니들의 영화! - 2008 여성 감독 특별전> (loosely translated - pls correct me if I'm wrong) Great Girl, Women's Movies! - 2008 Female Directors Special Exhibition at Artsonje Center Art Hall from November 8-26, 2008.

News / News / News / News / News



credit: http://kr.blog.yahoo.com/asiafont6112/20911 + http://blog.naver.com/asiafont/140058663035

related links:





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Sponge teams with CJ CGV to release indie titles


by Jean Noh in Seoul, Screen International

10 Feb 2009 17:11

Korean importer/producer Sponge Entertainment has announced a deal with leading exhibitor CJ CGV to screen a slate of Sponge's upcoming local independent films.

The films will be screened under the CGV Movie Collage label, an arthouse/independent cinema brand at CGV multiplexes.

Sponge Entertainment, best known for importing and distributing arthouse films such as Babel, Maison de Himiko and I'm Not There, has also recently delved into co-producing low-budget films including Kim Ki-duk's Dream, Jang Hun's Rough Cut and triptych Tokyo! with shorts by Michel Gondry, Bong Joon-ho and Leo Carax.

The new slate includes Hong Sang-soo's highly-anticipated Jal Aljido Mot Hamyeonsuh (original title), romantic film Oishii Man, directed by J.J. Kim (Hers); Pusan festival entry Sisters On The Road starring Gong Hyo-jin and Shin Min-ah, and smuggler drama Boat, starring Ha Jung-woo (The Chaser) and Tsumabuki Satoshi (Pandemic).

The Sponge slate will also go to screens in Sponge's own Spongehouse cinemas as well as others. The company noted it expects the secure distribution network coupled with quality films to yield great results.

The deal follows the success of a slew of "small films" at the Korean box office - including the documentary Old Partner, currently at number four in the Korean chart with 300,000 admissions, and sleeper hit Once, the Irish musicians' film from Summit Entertainment.

<2009, 빛나는 선택>

February 19: Oishii Man (오이시맨). Directed by Kim Jeong-jung. Starring Lee Min-ki and Ikewaki Chizuru.

April: Like You Know It All (잘 알지도 못하면서). Directed by Hong Sang-soo. Starring Kim Tae-woo, Go Hyun-jung, Uhm Ji-won and Ha Jung-woo.

May: Sisters on the Road (지금 이대로가 좋아요). Directed by Boo Ji-young. Starring Gong Hyo-jin and Shin Min-ah.

May: Boat (보트). Directed by Kim Young-nam. Starring Ha Jung-woo and Tsumabuki Satoshi.

Also via Yonhap News / Munhwa.com / No Cut News / Asia Today / Herald Biz / Segye / Stage Magazine / Joy News / Mk.co.kr

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