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[tvb] 刑事情報科 Cib Files

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Chinese Title : 刑事情報科

Cantonese/Mandarin title : Ying Si Ting Bo Fo / Xing Shi Qing Bao Ke

English Title : CIB Files /

Language : Cantonese

Episodes : 20


• Bowie Lam as Chung Shun (Tony) 鍾信

• Wong Hei as Chung Jing (Mark) 鍾正

• Patricia Liu as Chur Wei Yun (Vivian) 徐慧欣

• Joe Junior as Mo Sir

• Gregory Charles Rivers (河國榮) as Gum Lai Sau (Kim) 金禮濤

• Maggie Siu as Hui Sum Yin (Samantha) 許心言

• Christine Ng as Ching Mei Lai (Emily) 程美麗

• Wai Ka Hung(韋家雄) as Kwok Ming Wah (Daniel) 郭明華

• Kenny Wong(黃德斌) as Hung Hou Cheung (William) 孔浩祥

• Chan Hung Lit as Chung Gam Yuen (Albert) 鍾金元

• Rachel Kan as Joey

• Joey Chan as Michael Chung

• Yue Yeung(于洋) as Jim Yan Keung (Jim) 占恩強

• Queenie Chu as Rachel Yu

• Josephine Shum as Carol

• Ellesmere Choi as Cheu Wei Lun 趙偉倫

• Cha Cha Chan as Wendy

• Annabelle Lau as Elaine

• Chris Lai

• Fanny Yip as Chan Man Man (Bonnie) 陳文文

• Felix Lok as Yip Ying Yeung 葉鷹揚

• Catherine Chau as Ching Mei Mei (May) 程美美

• Karen Lee as Suki

• Suet Nei as Ngo 娥

DDL Here:


Download each part and use HJSplit to join them. Links will not die.

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