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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Soompiers! We're back once again searching for active members who would like to give a hand with one of the biggest forums dedicated to Korean entertainment. Eligibility restrictions Anyone who has an account in good standing with a tenure of one year is encouraged to apply! We're looking for people who are passionate about this community, willing to work under conditions which often require a lot of teamwork and communication on a regular basis. How to enter There's an application form available on the table below. The deadline is January 10, 2017 23:45 EST (Eastern Standard Time). Please verify the table regularly for daily updates! Procedures Selected candidates will go through a probation period of approximately 3 months. The service will end on December 31, 2017. (Renewal will be optional!) Please take note this is not a paid position. It is all voluntary work! Sections Status Sections (cont.) Status K-pop school zone Kdramas & Movies Selling and trading k-entertainment general discussion general discussion sitcoms, variety & reality shows food actors & actresses global celebrities Shipper's paradise beauty & fashion global entertainment current events members 411 Love & Relationships fanfix fitness & sports performers arts, crafts, & home the real world (20+ ONLY) To access the application form: Click here!
  2. WHAT IS “RISING LEGENDS”? Rising Legends is a worldwide audition event for international K-pop star hopefuls, presented by Soompi and our partners and friends over at JYP Entertainment, home to TWICE, GOT7, 2PM, and more! HOW DO I ENTER?* Record yourself singing, dancing, or rapping any song (cover or originals are both accepted) under 2 minutes, upload it to YouTube with the title + “JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition,” and complete our submission form below! EX: “BTS – Dope Cover – JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition” *Personal information will not be revealed to the public. We will only provide information to JYP Entertainment if they’re interested in an interview with said contestant. If you are under the age of 18, make sure you have your parents’ permission before submitting. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SUBMIT? Our staff will review your application and you could be included in the Rising Legends first round voting that is open to all Soompi users. If you pass the first round, we will be contacting you about submitting a new video for the second and upcoming rounds. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE? Finalists will be receiving an interview with a JYP Entertainment talent scout directly. (And we may also throw in some other perks.) WHAT IS THE DEADLINE? Submissions end on August 28th, 2016 at 11:59 AM KST / 7:59 PM PDT. Read the complete announcement here for more info!