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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Soompiers! As we're approaching Soompi's 20th birthday, our staff is looking for active candidates willing to join our team with one of the biggest forum communities dedicated to Korean Entertainment. Eligibility restrictions Anyone who has an account in good standing with a tenure of one year is encouraged to apply! We're looking for people who are passionate about this community, willing to work under conditions which often require a lot of teamwork and communication on a regular basis. Available Positions - Moderators Moderators are the backbone force of the Soompi forum staff. They are members who have proven signs of leadership and can also exercise fair decision-making in various parts of our community. Enforcing the rules of the Soompi forums Moderating specific forum sections Helping the community and assisting members Issuing warnings and answering reports/member requests Investigating cases - Event Organizers (New!) Event Organizers are members willing to create and host community events with Administrators and Viki Community Staff. Unlike moderators, this position doesn't have any moderating abilities. Hosting community games Creating giveaways and events Promoting forum events Procedures Selected candidates will go through a probation period of approximately 3 months. The service will last one year! (Renewal will be optional!) Please take note this is not a paid position. It is all voluntary work! How to enter The deadline is November 20, 2017 00:00 PST - Midnight (Pacific Standard Time). APPLY HERE!
  2. Hello fellow soompiers, We've reached the finale ! Entry Period : 1st Aug (12 PM GMT+1) - 8th Aug ( 12 PM GMT+1) Voting Period : 8th Aug (12 PM GMT +1) - 11th Aug ( 12 PM GMT +1) voting is open to all one team will be eliminated RULES Abide by the Soompi Forums Rules as well as the K-Drama Forum Rules Do NOT make duplicate accounts to vote, the additional accounts will be banned. Therewith, the votes from these accounts will be void and your participation for the contest might be affected. Credit your pics PARTICIPANTS - W team - stargazers team FINAL ROUND : The villain(s) Please follow these guidelines : The type of villain she/he is ( eg: tragic villain, serial killer, psychopath, etc.) discuss the villain(s) background discuss his/her relationship with the OTP ( if any) discuss his/her motives discuss his/ her goals discuss his/ her traits discuss his/her impact on the plot advancement describe his/her iconic scene ( NB : for each villain = a description) Only thumbnail pictures are allowed: - Horizontal images should not exceed 200px (width) x 115px (height)- Vertical images should not exceed 100px (width) x 150px (vertical) The voting consists of 50 % fan voting and of 50 % judges voting. Good luck to everyone !
  3. Hello fellow Soompiers. We are delighted to bring you the first ever K-Drama Contest!! The competition will run over four weeks in July and everyone is welcome to participate in the fun. From the poll above, you will see a selection of dramas to choose from. You can only pick one drama to work on. The top four votes will be the dramas automatically entered into the competition. From there, you can use the dramas existing thread to organise yourselves and work on your entries for each round. It is advisable to choose among yourselves a representative/spokesperson for each round. After presenting your answer, we will put them up to vote and each round one team will be eliminated as the contest progresses. Prizes for the winning team include limited Viki Passes, a Group Badge (you can choose your own name), 4000 reputation points, and of course the glory of being crowned Soompi Forums K-Drama of the Year 2016. We hope for a favourable response as we aim to hold a contest every year, so please do join in the fun. We've selected candidates dramas based on the domestic's popularity ( we took into account the average AGB Nielsen ratings- nationwide) and on soompi's popularity ( data as of June 28). Rules and Eligibility: All general forum rules apply as well as the rules for the drama sub section. Please no fan wars, this is a friendly competition so lets keep it in that spirit. All members are eligible but going forward you will be required to have at least participated in the drama thread at some stage. The moderators in charge are @Berou and @MadraRua. If you need to ask any questions, please contact these ones.
  4. WHAT IS “RISING LEGENDS”? Rising Legends is a worldwide audition event for international K-pop star hopefuls, presented by Soompi and our partners and friends over at JYP Entertainment, home to TWICE, GOT7, 2PM, and more! HOW DO I ENTER?* Record yourself singing, dancing, or rapping any song (cover or originals are both accepted) under 2 minutes, upload it to YouTube with the title + “JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition,” and complete our submission form below! EX: “BTS – Dope Cover – JYP x Soompi Rising Legends Audition” *Personal information will not be revealed to the public. We will only provide information to JYP Entertainment if they’re interested in an interview with said contestant. If you are under the age of 18, make sure you have your parents’ permission before submitting. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I SUBMIT? Our staff will review your application and you could be included in the Rising Legends first round voting that is open to all Soompi users. If you pass the first round, we will be contacting you about submitting a new video for the second and upcoming rounds. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE? Finalists will be receiving an interview with a JYP Entertainment talent scout directly. (And we may also throw in some other perks.) WHAT IS THE DEADLINE? Submissions end on August 28th, 2016 at 11:59 AM KST / 7:59 PM PDT. Read the complete announcement here for more info!