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Found 1 result

  1. If you feel ForeverAlone™, Soompi has a challenge for you! The Valentine's week has already begun and Soompi scattered some hearts on the forums. From February 14th to February 20th, Soompiers will be tasked to find those hearts for us, in order to worship Overlord Cupid. Now, here’s how this event works: For the first time ever, this year's scavenging hunt features a solo-based gameplay! Soompiers will be competing against each other for the whole duration of the event! Without further ado, this is what the hearts looks like: 5 pictures of those hearts are posted in the most active or recent threads/posts on the forums but no clue will be given this time around! Each picture is worth 5,000 reputation points! The first Soompier who manages to find all 5 will earn a total of 50,000 reputation points! This event is open to all Soompiers, but please don’t be a grinch and ruin the fun by soliciting and/or providing the answers. Gentle hints are acceptable, but it’s no fun if the answer gets posted in this public thread! Anyone revealing the answers will be disqualified! The event ends on February 20th - 4:00pm PST! Submit your answers >>> here! <<<