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Found 11 results

  1. For me, I think it's Taeyeon solo and I love her first song as solo (I feat. Verbal Jint) is the best song ever~~. Her powerful voice is so so amazing!!!! This is Taeyeon MV! LET'S check it out! https://youtu.be/4OrCA1OInoo
  2. Title: Heartbeat The Series Native Title: เพี้ยนแล้วไงรักนายแล้วกัน Official: Facebook Airs: ? (will update) Episod: ? (will update) The season of love and friendship begins at a high school. The last senior year of the senior generation in the class has left a smile, friendship, love and nostalgia through love songs to make the younger generation remember each other .... The gimmick began when the school's Boys Band was ordered to write songs for the students. The most popular event, "Tou", was a song for the graduates of the song. The band was very upset, especially "Beam," the band leader and lead singer, who was so arrogant that little people could see his sweet smile. Having to work with a school band makes pitching difficult because he has no talent at all. Moreover, Beam's attitude does not even welcome him, even though his friends are open minded. To the fans of the fan club to push their idols to get closer to Beam with the jinx of the girl. I'm not sure if this is the case. Many times, the pitching and screaming, but there is a "fame" that convinces a close friend to think not to be honest, even in the eyes. On the other side of the secret love is also a "Dream", a shy boy who is watching the "glass" pretty girl friend. He tried to do everything in his heart, but it was not easy when he fell in love with the lead singer, Beam. I do not know what to do. Time passes with many stories. Turtles are getting used to having beams nearby, although Beam does not seem to have any. Beam's silence was the special feeling of breaking up the wall slowly, finally seeing Beam's smile. But it is like a smile to a friend who feels more together. Little happiness makes every effort to make the song complete, even if the destination is hurt. When my friend Fam knew that he never looked at him. He turned away and opened his heart to the "warm" boy who was trying to warm up for a year without thinking about how Fame would think. But before leaving, Fame made Beam aware of how he thought about him, which caused a major turning point. Finally, most of all the relationship will end. They are the only decision makers. And in the ambiance of a wide variety of friendships in this school, they are going to bake their nets with love or love songs. Be aware of your own heart or walk away and leave everything behind. Totally unpredictable because he knows that. "This is no day for you. I will sing this song for you. " "I can sing like you like damn. But I will do the best. " "Because the last one ... I just feel friends with you not really" - Source A high school music band 'The Boys' was ordered to write a song for the famous kid, Toy, so he could sing it for the graduation day. The band got very annoyed, especially Bas who's the vocal and leader of the band. Bas has a cold personality and rarely smile at anything. Toy's uncomfortable to work with the band because he has no talent in music. Furthermore, Bas doesn't seem to welcome him at all. - Source even regret-OST. Heartbeat Even if it's sorry, but at least love her.Love those who dream of being sleepwalking.Even if she doesn't love, it's okay. Will accept with understandingBecause of those times we close closeThere's a lot of meaning, and it's worth it, even it#Heartbeattheseries Source: Source 1 , Source 2
  3. abnoch

    Lyrics That You Love

    Lyrics first, then write the title and artist/creator optionally. Let's share some awesome songs through the words or yeah, feelings I will start here. How can I be so lucky to have met you, who is a blessing If we’re together now Ah how great it’d be Just like letters on the sand where waves were I feel you’ll disappear to a far off place I miss you again and miss you more from IU - Through The Night
  4. Lenka Barborková

    Shinhwa 19th anniversary concert HELP ME :) please

    Hi please don't you know what is name of the "song" that plays in the background in "7:25"...? (Or if is more songs in the video, you know their names) ? I hope to find the answer here
  5. Hey guys! I just uploaded a new makeup tutorial of Red Velvet from their Russian Roulette music video! It would mean a lot if you guys can stop by my channel and check it out! Be sure to share it with your friends and family as well
  6. The Vote - a new music survival series - is looking for vocalists, rappers and dancers to join our show! Video auditions are now open to anyone in the United States who will be 18+ as of August 1, 2018.Online voters will narrow down the talent to the top 15 finalists, who will then move on to performing on a stage in Los Angeles on live broadcasts this summer! You'll be performing in front of a live audience, host Danny Lim, and a panel of three judges (one of whom will be popular YouTube artist Jun Curry Ahn!), plus online audiences.Five lucky winners will form a group and get signed to our Los Angeles record label where they will have their first album and a music video produced, plus their album will be sold on shelves at Choice Music LA, a local KPOP store!The theme of our first season is KPOP, but you do NOT need to audition with a KPOP song. Be aware that if you make it to the top 15, you WILL be asked to perform at least one popular KPOP song over the course of our 4-week broadcasts.To send in your audition tapes and for more information, go to our website at https://www.meltingpoprecords.com/Audition videos must be submitted by May 19th!
  7. radiocat

    Music producers

    Hi guys and girls, i know this might not be the right forum but i am just curious any of you here make music? like with a daw.
  8. So recently, I caught wind of some really interesting news lately. I heard about this group called MASKED. I can't tell you much about the members or anything other than that they are a girl group who wear masks (hence the name) and we will not know their true identities. I'm assuming they'll do other things to keep that hidden. I don't even know what genre the group is. The interesting part I thought was that they were going to be like a k-pop group. It's not that they will be in the States (I think they are American based) and singing in Korean and all that, it's the idea and concept they are using. Sure we have bands like Fifth Harmony who sing and dance but we know the difference between them and BLACKPINK. Although both are great. I heard that MASKED would have choreography rivaling k-pop groups along with some pretty hardcore lyrics. Even as far as considering fan meets, vlogs, and concepts. Honestly I would find it really interesting and amazing to see something like that in western entertainment. I also think they could possibly make it big. Then again you never know it might not be. Another thing is that they may even have specialized roles in this group. Like a k-pop group. (Main rappers, vocalists, dancers, etc.) I can't exactly say where I got this information from, I just heard it from some girl at school who heard it from someone else, but I thought it was really interesting. What do you guys think of this new group called MASKED?
  9. ynaentertainment

    YNA Entertainment

    Hi everyone! YNA Entertainment is a company I just started, we are really small right now but we're looking for individuals who want to become singers, dancers, and rappers, as well as those who want to be instrumentalists. We are also still looking for dance trainers and rap trainers. I'm a vocalist myself, so this company is all about looking out for its artists and not only honoring their dreams, originality and creativity but helping them showcase their talents. So if you're interested please either comment or message me directly. Anyway, I really look forward to working with anyone who is interested! And thank you for taking the time to read this. YNA Entertainment
  10. alexandraa5

    My New Music Video !

    Listen to it & share & sub to my channel it's free !
  11. alexandraa5

    alan walker ft avicii