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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys! I just uploaded a new makeup tutorial of Red Velvet from their Russian Roulette music video! It would mean a lot if you guys can stop by my channel and check it out! Be sure to share it with your friends and family as well
  2. HeyitsKK

    Asian Makeup Products

    Hi! I'm someone who likes to see and try new makeup/skincare products. I sometimes like to review them on my channel or just get my hands on a good product to use regularly. I look around some sites, but I think the best way to find out about something is through word of mouth. So, put here some makeup/skincare products you would recommend to others to try! ^^
  3. Hello everyone!! So I was looking around the beauty thread, and realized there was no thread focusing on How-To tips, skincare routines, and as well as beauty/makeup reviews. I know there are many of us on this forum that love to share each other tips and advice on beauty and makeup. Also if you found any blogger or YouTube videos that are related to beauty how-to, makeup reviews, and skincare and would like to share their inputs, then definitely share it here with the Soompi family. Now, I have been a lurker for years on Soompi but this is my first time actually starting a new topic. *scary* haha I am a more of a recent YouTuber, but I thought I could share with you my tips on "How to Use Sleeping Mask", as well as my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Review. I hope you can check it out, and also tell me your opinions if you have tried Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. We all have different skin types, so I would love to know. Also, if anyone enjoys my videos, then please subscribe. That would mean so much! Soompi Family, lets share our beauty how-to and reviews on here!!! We can support and learn from each other. P.S. Please let me know if this thread is acceptable. I hope not to violate any rules or terms. Thank you!!!
  4. List beauty products that you regret buying and explain why. - Vichy Aqualia thermal sunscreen : It dries after a few seconds after application on the skin and can leave dried cream residue, if you touch again the surface or applied too much product and want to spread more, it just leave white particules on your skin... So annoying. - Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner pens : I heard they are dupes of urban decay 24hr eyeliner pens. The truth: Not at all. They are too creamy and do not stay on my lids even with a primer. - L'Oreal Paris True Match foundation 17 fps : It has very small glitters, doesn't have a good coverage, and looks cakey if I try to build up the coverage, It is not a dupe for Makeup forever HD foundation. -Boscia BB cream : The color doesn't match me at all (too dark) and it has chunky glitters, when applied on the face, they appear randomly, just no good... - Laneige BB cushion : So many people rave about this. The scent is annoying to me. When I want to build up coverage, it looks very unnatural, like I have fake skin. When applied the right amount (lightly), it looks nice, but doesn't stay long on my skin, I need to retouch. There is not a lot of shade available in America, the color doesn't fit me well. I will not repurchase because of the scent, not long-staying, do not look nice building up coverage. - Kiehl's avocado eye cream : I have a combination skin type. This eye cream is too heavy for my eyes area. A lot of small white bumps appeared when I used this cream. When I stopped using, my white bumps started to disappear.
  5. xkatxrinax

    Cute Vs Sexy Makeup

    Do you guys prefer cute makeup or sexy makeup?
  6. soyking


    So I'm a total makeup noob and prom is coming up so I want to try to where *some* makeup. I also have no idea how to eyeliner and I'm scared to ask my friends. My mom also has no idea how to eyeliner. I watched a bunch of diff makeup tutorials. So I was wondering if you could tell me if my eyeliner looked okay or not, and how I can improve. (I took a bunch of pictures with diff angles/lighting)