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Found 5 results

  1. Lenka Barborkov√°

    Shinhwa 19th anniversary concert HELP ME :) please

    Hi please don't you know what is name of the "song" that plays in the background in "7:25"...? (Or if is more songs in the video, you know their names) ? I hope to find the answer here
  2. I need to change my email. But I get an Errror. I sent a message through https://support.soompi.com is that the right way to do it? I got an email from support@soompi.zendesk.com saying it will take 48 to 72 days Or is there another way to do this and have I contacted the right team?
  3. mewni

    thesis issues

    hiya i'm working on my thesis right now. so may i ask you to participate?:) link thanks! p.s. yes my eng is very bad, but it's just science, so ..
  4. Hi, I created this account to seek for people's advice on whether or not should I sign a trainee contract. First of all, I am VERY lucky that I passed an audition and got offered a trainee contract. The agency is one of the big 3 (idk if I'm supposed to mention the name & I'm scared of being kicked out bc of this so I'll just leave it at that). BIG OPPORTUNITY RIGHT? BUT I'm turning 21 this year that's why I was quite surprised they accepted me since I think I'm old. Also, I'm not Korean so I'll definitely need to leave my country and go there for training. I'm currently in university now so I don't know if I should sign this contract since it's not 100% I'll get to debut. BUT AGAIN this is one of the big 3 so I'm feeling very conflicted now. PLEASE HELP!!! And thanks guys!!! P.S: I haven't informed my parents about this yet since I want to make up my mind before telling them.
  5. soyking


    So I'm a total makeup noob and prom is coming up so I want to try to where *some* makeup. I also have no idea how to eyeliner and I'm scared to ask my friends. My mom also has no idea how to eyeliner. I watched a bunch of diff makeup tutorials. So I was wondering if you could tell me if my eyeliner looked okay or not, and how I can improve. (I took a bunch of pictures with diff angles/lighting)