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  1. g o d 지오디

    god (also known as G.O.D. - acronym for Groove Over Dose.) debuted in 1999 and is a legendary Korean pop music group. The group was very successful, being one of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop. - About god - Members - Discography & lyrics - Links About god g.o.d. is a group debuted with the song To My Mother also known as the so-called The Jajangmyeon Song. Singer Park Jin-young was the producer for the group in which 5 members, Park Joon-hyung, Ahn Danny, Yoon Gye-sang, Sohn Ho-young and Kim Tae-woo performed great musical and dance talents. Since their debut in 1999, the boy-band has been loved by fans in all age groups from teens to the middle-aged. Leader Park Joo-hyung is a rapper with a deep and low voice. Yoon Gye-sang is a high-tone rapper with a good sense of humor. Ahn Danny is Park Joon-hyung's cousin who performs medium rap in the group. Sohn Ho-young is the vocalist for the band who is loved for his soft smile and voice. The leading vocalist Kim Tae-woo boasts great singing talent. Their musical style ranges from hip-hop, disco, latin, punk and R&B to pop ballads. Since their debut, the band has been enjoying steady popularity for its diversity in musical style. In 2002, g.o.d. participated in MTV Asia Music Awards as the Korean representative. In April of the same year, the band also participated in the official album for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan, True East Side. From July that year, the band embarked on a long journey of a 100-day concert. The series of concert ended in March of 2003. In December of 2004, Yoon Gye-sang left the group temporarily to do his military service. As of January 2005, g.o.d. is actively appearing on air performing songs in their 6th album, An Ordinary Day. Members Park Joon-Hyung (박준형)Date of birth : July 20th, 1969 Place of birth : Seoul Family : 2 boys & 1 girl, Park is the youngest Physique : 181cm, 68kg or 80kg (depending on who gives out the info) Blood type : O Religion : Catholicism Education : Thomas Paine Elementary School ,LA Quinta High School, California State University Long Beach Hobbies : Surfing, skateboard, snowboard, martial arts Motto : Be honest and modest. Favorite musical genres : Rock, ballads, hip-hop, R&B, disco Favorite musicians : Will Smith, Ice Cube, James Ingram, Queen, Bryan McKnight Favorite color : silver Debut : A television commercial for a local beer product(1997) Nickname : Joon, Old Man, Road Man Sleeping Habits: snoring and to clean his nose (no wonder the little baby does this too) Danny Ahn (데니 안) Real name : Ahn Shin-won (안신원) Date of birth : December 22nd, 1978 Place of birth : Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Family : 1 boy & 1 girl, he's the youngest Physique : 180cm, 64kg Blood type : O Education : Department of Industrial Design, Dankuk University Hobbies : Listening to music, skiing, car tuning, driving, reading comics Favorite musicians : Ray Charles, Quincy Jones Debut : Rapper for singer Um Jeong-hwa How he enter the show business: Being persuaded by his cousin Joon to participated in a singing competition together with Hoyoung Habits : bit his nail, blink his eyes when he's tried Son Ho-Young (손호영) Date of birth : March 26th, 1980 Foreign Name : Andrew SON (Sohn) Place of birth : New Jersey- some say LA... anyone know for sure? Physique : 177cm, 64kg Blood type : B Education : Department of Theater and Film, Kyunghee University Hobbies : Skiing, basketball, watching movies Talents : All sorts of sports, dance, rap Nicknames : Hoi, Hoppang Favorite color : Red How he enter the show business: Danny persuaded hoi to participated in a singing competition together with him Kim Tae-Woo (김태우) Date of birth : May 12th, 1981 Place of birth : Kumi of North Gyeongsang Province Family : 2 elder sisters, taewoo is the youngest Physique : 190cm, 85kg Blood type : B Religion : Buddhism Education : Kyunghee University Hobbies : Listening to music, watching movies, dancing Motto : Become someone who is needed by others. Favorite color : Red Nickname : Winnie the Pooh Sleeping habits : love to hold onto something, like pillows or stuffed toys Yoon Kye-Sang (윤계상) Day of Birth: December 20th, 1978 Place of Birth: Seoul, Korea Family: Grandfather, parents, older elder sister, dog (Leesuil-lee), god members Education: Jam-sil elementary school, Jam-sil junior high school, Seoul electron industrial high school, Chung-gang industrial technical school, Kyong-hee University - Major: Post Modern music Height & Weight: 182cm (6ft.), 62 kg Religion: None Blood Type: A Personality: He is not very sociable to strangers, and his physical condition is easily influenced by environment. Habits: Touch his nose. Jinx: I always go to the restroom before going on the stage. Ideal woman: Someone who is very feminine, prudent, wise and respectful Favorite music: Rock, Hip hop, Disco / Kyung-ho Kim, Jin-young Park, Hae-chul Shin, Young-jin Ahn, Still Heart Favorite color: Black, white, silver. Favorite foods: All foods made by my mother. Favorite Style: Hip-hop style, Casual suits. Hobbies: Playing computer games, listening to music, going to the movies, repairing broken stuff. Musical Goal: To open up a new genre by combining hip hop and rock How I joined in god: When I took the audition, I thought it's for a rock group. But as you know, it wasn't. Most valuable possessions: My Cellular phone (cause it was my mother's present) Motto: Do not forget those who do love me and whom I do love. Credits: mandy_quyen, dabin9307 & onlykyesung Chapter 1 Released in 1999, sold approximately 200,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. Intro 2. 관찰 / An Observation / Kwanchal 3. 날 기다려줘 / Try To Wait For Me / Nal Kidaryojwo 4. 작은남자들과 함께 / With Small Men / Chageun Namjadulkwa Hamgge 5. 난 너에게 / For You / Nan Noyege 6. 어머님께 / To Mother / Eomonimgge 7. 니가 다시 돌아올수 있도록 / So That You Can Come Back / Niga Dashi Doraholsu Itdorok 8. 약속 / Promise / Yaksok 9. 왜 또 다시 난 / Why Me Again? / Wae Ddo Dashi Nan 10. 나쁜여자 / Bad Girl / Nabbeun Yoja All Lyrics: Korean | Translated | Romanized Chapter 2 Released 1999, sold approximately 750,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. Exit, 20th Century - Enter The 21s 2. 사랑해 그리고 기억해 / Love And Memory / Saranghae Kurigo Kiyokae 3. Dance All Night 4. 모두 가져가 / Take It All / Modu Kajyoga - 모두 가져가 5. 그대 날 떠난후로 / After You Left Me / Kudae Nal Ddonan Huro 6. Say God 7. 애수 / Sadness / Aesoo 8. 기차 / Train / Gicha 9. Friday Night 10. 21C 우리의 희망 / 21C Our Hope / 21C Ooriye Heuimang 11. 다섯남자 이야기 / The Story Of Five Men / Tasot Namja Iyagi All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Chapter 3 - Lies Released in 2000, sold approximately 1,800,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. 파리 / Fly / Pari (Intro) 2. 촛불하나 / One Candle / Chosbul Hana 3. 니가 필요해 / I Need You / Niga Pilyohae 4. 거짓말 (With 전지현) / Lie / Geojitmal (With Jun Ji Hyun (전지현)) 5. 돌아와줘 / Come Back / Dolawa Jwo 6. 나와 함께 춤을 춰 / Dance With Me / Nawa Hamkke Chumeul Chwo 7. 왜 / Why / Wae 8. GOD Party 9. 장미의 전쟁 / War Of Roses / Changmiui Jeonjaeng 10. 난 사랑을 몰라 / I Don't Know Love / Nan Sarangeul Molra 11. 사랑이 영원 하다면 / If The Love Is Eternal / Sarangi Yeongwondamyeon 12. 하늘색 풍선 / The Sky Blue Balloon / Haneulsaek Pungseok 13. 촛불하나 / One Candle / Chosbul Hana (Instrumental Version) All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Chapter 4 - Road Released in 2001, sold approximately 1,750,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 01. Intro 02. 길 / Road / Gil 03. 다시 / Again / DaShi 04. 바보 / Fool / BaBo 05. 니가 있어야 할곳 / The Place Where You Should Be / NiGa ItsEoYa HalKot 06. 슬픈사랑 / Sad Love / SeulPeunSarang 07. 나는 알아 / I Know / NaNeun ArA 08. 모르죠 / You Dont Know / MohReuChyo 09. 난 남자가 있어 / I'm A Man / Nan NamJaGa Isseo (With Kim Jung Eun (김정은)) 10. 가자 / Lets Go / GaJa 11. 134 14 12. 떠나지 못하는 이유 / The Reason Why I Cant Leave / TteoNaJi MosHaNeun IYu 13. 길 / Road / Gil (Instrumental Version) All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Chapter 5 - Letter Released in 2002 sold approximately 500,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. 이렇게 또 / Like This Again / Ee Reoh Keh Doh 2. 편지/ Letter / Pyeon Ji 3. Report To The Dance Floor 4. 기회를 줘 / Gimme A Chance / Gi Hwa Reul Chweo 5. 요즘 / Lately / Yo Cheum 6. 사랑이야기 / Love Story / Sarang Ee Ya Gi 7. 0% 8. 걸어선 안되는 전화 / A Number I Should Never Have Dialed / Keol Eo Seon Ahn Dwe Neun Cheon Hwa 9. 사랑? 사랑! / Love? Love! / Sarang? Sarang! 10. 더듬고 있어 / Stutter / Teo Teum Ko It Seo 11. 눈치 없는 눈물 / Tears I Didn't Want To Show / Noon Chi Eop Neun Noon Mool 12. 우리 / We / Oo ri 13. 5집을 내며 / As We Releasing Chapter 5 / 5 Chip Eul Nae Myeo All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Chapter 6 - An Ordinary Day Released in 2004, sold approximately 250,000 albums. Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. 사랑이 전부였던 날 / The Day Love was Complete / Sarang Ee Jun Boo Yuht Duhn Nahl 2. 자유/ Free / Jah Yoo 3. 사랑의 동그라미 / Circle Of Love / Sarang Ae Dohng Geu Rah Mi 4. 반대가 끌리는 이유 / The Reason Why Opposites Attract / Bahn Dae Gah Kkeul Li Neun Ee Yoo 5. 익숙한 낯선 사람 / Familiar Strangers / Eek Sook Han Naht Sun Saram 6. Loving You 7. Tonight (Feat. J) 8. 절대 안돼 / You Totally Mustn't! / Juhl Dae Ahn Dwae (Feat. Kim Jin Pyo (김진표)) 9. 헤어지지 말자 / Let's Not Separate / Hae Uh Ji Ji Mahl Jah 10. 사랑이 힘들때 / When Love Becomes Troublesome / Sarang Ee Him Deul Ddae (Feat. Lim Jeong Hee (임정희)) 11. 헤어짐보다 아픈 그리움 / The Painful Longing Is Worse Than The Break-up / Hae Uh Jim Boh Dah Ah Peun Geu Ri Woom 12. 한구석에 / In The Corner / Han Goo Suhk Ae 13. 보통날 / An Ordinary Day / Boh Tohng Nahl 14. 약속 / Promise / Yahk Sok (Narration by Kang Gyeong Heon (강경헌)) 15. 사랑이 너무 아프던 날 / The Day Love Really Hurt / Sarang Ee Nuh Moo Ah Peu Duhn Nahl (Narration Kim Dong Yoon (김동윤)) All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Chapter 7 - Into the Sky Released in 2005, sold approximately 150,000 albums.Track #. Hangul Title / Translated Title / Romanized Title 1. 1999년 / Year 1999 / 1999nyon 2. 만남 / Meeting / Mannam 3. 나 그대에게 / From Me To You / Na Gudeyege 4. 니 맘을 몰라 / I Don�t Know Your Heart / Ni Mamul Molla 5. Falling 6. It's Alright (Feat. G-Soul) 7. 무죄 / No Guilt / Mujoe (Narration by Park Soo Hong (박수홍) & Choi Sung Gook (최성국)) 8. Stay The Night 9. Change 10. 유죄 / Crime / Yujoe 11. 2♡ 12. 하늘속으로 / Into The Sky / Hanul Soguro 13. 두개의 문 / Two Doors / Dugeui Mun (Feat. JYP 'The Asiansoul') 14. 2005년 / Year 2005 / 2005nyon All Lyrics: Korean / Translated / Romanized Single - Ugly Duckling 미운오리새끼Released: 2014.05.08 Live Albums, O.S.T, Collaborations & Solo Albums godgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgod godgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgod godgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgod Credits: Official Korean Tracklist & Album covers - maniadb.com; Translated & Romanized Tracklist + Translated & Romanized Lyrics - aheeyah.com Official Soompi Threads: Park Joon Hyung : Actor Danny Ahn : Actor | Music Son Ho Young : Actor | Music Kim Tae Woo : Music Yoon Kye Sang : Actor Kvariety : God Yookailgi (God의 육아일기) Music Videos: * 어머님께 / To Mother / Eomonimgge * 관찰 / An Observation / Kwanchal * 사랑해 그리고 기억해 / Love And Memory / Saranghae Kurigo Kiyokae * 그대 날 떠난후로 / After You Left Me / Kudae Nal Ddonan Huro * 거짓말 (With 전지현) / Lie / Geojitmal (With Jun Ji Hyun) * 니가 필요해 / I Need You / Niga Pilyohae * 하늘색 풍선 / The Sky Blue Balloon / Haneulsaek Pungseok * 길 / Road / Gil * 바보 / Fool / Babo * 편지/ Letter / Pyeon Ji * 0% * 보통날 / An Ordinary Day / Boh Tohng Nahl * 반대가 끌리는 이유 / The Reason Why Opposites Attract / Bahn Dae Gah Kkeul Li Neun Ee Yoo * 2♡ * 하늘속으로 / Into The Sky / Hanul Soguro Social Media Park Joon Hyung : Twitter | Instagram | FacebookDanny Ahn : TwitterYoon Kye Sang : Son Ho Young : TwitterKim Tae Woo : Twitter | Facebook Fansites & Forums: Awards 1999년 * 12.11 KMTV 가요대전 '본상' 수상 * 12.29 SBS 가요대전 '인기상' 수상 2000년 * 11.24 Mnet 뮤직비디오 페스티벌 '남자그룹 최우수' 수상 * 12.01 영상음반 대상 골든디스크 시상식 '본상' 수상 * 12.06 서울가요대상 '본상' 수상 * 12.07 KBS 뮤직뱅크 '거짓말' 3주 연속 1위 * 12.09 MBC 생방송 음악캠프 '거짓말' 3주 연속 1위 * 12.10 SBS 인기가요 '거짓말' 3주 연속 1위 * 12.13 KMTV 가요대전 '본상' 수상 * 12.29 SBS 가요대전 '10대 가수상' 수상 * 12.30 KBS 가요대상 '대상' 수상 * 12.31 MBC 10대 가수 가요제 '30대 미만,이상이 뽑은 인기가수상' 수상 2001년 * 05.02 한국조폐공사, 정통부 선정 The First Korea 2001 '최고 그룹 가수상' 수상 * 06.02 KBS 제2회 대한민국 영상대전 가수부문 '포토제닉' 수상 * 09.03 제28회 한국방송대상 가수부분 최우수상 수상 * 09.06 2001 MTV 뮤직비디오 시상식-'MTV 코리아 뷰어즈 초이스 부문' 수상. * 12.07 제12회 서울가요대상 '본상' 수상 * 12.14 골든디스크 시상식 '본상' 및 '대상' 수상 * 12.19 KMTV 가요대전 '본상' 수상 * 12.22 MBC 음악캠프 - '길' 3주 연속 1위 * 12.23 데니안, 윤계상 생일 축하공연(서울 세종대 대양홀) 및 SBS 인기가요 - '길' 3주 연속 1위 * 12.29 SBS 송년특집 2001 가요대전 '본상', '대상' 수상 * 12.30 KBS 송년특집 2001 가요대상 '본상', '대상' 수상 * 12.31 MBC 10대가수가요제 '30대 미만, 이상이 뽑은 10대 가수상', '30대 미만이 뽑은 최고 가수상' 2002년 * 02.02 MTV Asia Music Awards 한국 대표 참가(싱가포르) * 12.31 MBC 10대 가수 가요제 '본상' 수상 2004년 * 12.25 KBS 연예대상 '최우수 라디오DJ상' 데니안 2005년 * 02.05 뮤직박스 '보통날' 5주째 정상 * 03.04 '2005 각막기증의 해 선포식' 각막기증 홍보대사 위촉 * 04.08 대한안과학회, god공로패 수여 * 11.24 SBS 대한민국 영상대전 가수부문 �포토제닉� 수상 * 12.07 제 20회 2005 골든디스크 본상 및 PAVE 인기상 수상 * 12.10 MBC 쇼! 음악중심 '2♡' 4주 연속 1위 * 12.29 SBS 가요대전 '본상' 수상 * 12.30 KBS 가요대상 '올해의 가수상' 수상 c: Qi Luo (for compiling) + adikkeluangman G.O.D aka Groove-OverDoze by la vifzetta* A group consisting of five members, Park JoonHyung, Yoon KyeSang, Ahn Danny, Son HoYoung, and Kim TaeWoo, G.O.D debuted in January 1999 under the management of JYP (Park Jin Young). Together, the five boys worked hard for two years in preparations for their debut. Releasing their first album (Chapter 1) with hits such as 관찰 (track 2), 날 기다려줘 (track03), 어머님께 (To Mother [track 06]), G.O.D entered the K-pop scene in competition with already big groups as Sechskies and H.O.T and the then promising new boyband of pretty boys, Shinhwa. So what distinguished G.O.D from the other young talented boy groups? The first thing that might come into one's mind is the lack of good looks in the group. Although Hoyoung, Kyesang and Danny have come to be known as the handsome boys of the group, it certainly wasn't so in the beginning, especially when one compared their appearances with rivalling group, Shinhwa. But of course, the definition of beauty is subjective, so it is up to the reader in deciding whether they actually were not as appealing, appearance wise, as Shinhwa. Another thing is their style. Although they did fall into the mainstream cycle, G.O.D had its own uniqueness like the other boybands of the time. Their song, 관찰, gives off a disco slash dance feeling. In general, G.O.D seems to emit an upbeat and energetic atmosphere. This is definitely one of the reasons why G.O.D was able to make its breakthrough amidst the many other groups that also debuted around that time. It is also because of its ability to mix old school music (disco) with the new coming genre of pop that G.O.D succeeded in a way different from their predecessors. As G.O.D continued to gain popularity with their music, one could see the maturing of their music. Starting out as a disco/dance group, they evolved into an R&B/pop group slowly but remained nonetheless unique in their own style of music. In total, the boys had acquired 5 Daesang (the biggest music award given out at the end of the year by various broadcasting companies) over the span of six years. G.O.D also held their first concert in 2001 at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. In between the year 2000 and 2001, G.O.D starred in a reality sitcom, Yooh Kil Ah Gi (? For romanisation), that filmed their daily life with baby JaeMin. Playing the roles of babysitters, the boys showed a lot of their personal sides, revealing their true identity to fans. Through this drama/sitcom, G.O.D gained much popularity with Korea, however, the sitcom was cut short when G.O.D was involved in a devastating car accident. Although everyone survived the crash, Son HoYoung unfortunately suffered the most injury. With a broken nose, HoYoung was stuck in the hospital for some time. And because of the members' injuries, the show was cut short and other promotional activities were also pushed back. Till now, G.O.D still remembered vividly of their time with JaeMin and often sent regards to him and his family. Another thing to note would be their "100 Day Concert" in the year of 2002. Instead of promoting for their 5th album, G.O.D took their time in preparing for this series of concert instead. Over the span of 4-5 months, the boys held concerts almost daily for their fans. Each concert was unique on its own, as the members took turns in hosting and different themes were set. It should also be commented that the boys remained equally energetic throughout the concerts. According to fans, not a single concert showed to be disappointing at all. Who exactly are the members? What are their unique charms? Instead of employing pretty boys from the States like SM Entertainment did, JYP took a different route and scouted boys with individual talents. Of course, appearance was still a measured factor, but it appears to be light-weighted when one studies the talents of the 5 boys of G.O.D. Park JoonHyung, the leader of G.O.D and also the oldest (born on July 20, 1974), was from the States. Older than most of the member in the other groups, Park JoonHyung offered to the audience a more mature presence. To many, he was like a big brother. Specialising in rap, his deep baritone voice helped bring out a unique aura to G.O.D's music. Further, because he was from the States, Joon (his nickname) was also the contributor to the English narrations and raps. Finally, he also helped in the production of songs, with some composition contributions. Yoon KyeSang, who now serves in the Korean military, originally auditioned in hopes of becoming a rock star. Obviously, that hope was shattered but a new dream was created for him when he became a member of G.O.D. Being the 2nd oldest member in the group, he was noted to be a moodsetter of the group. Like Joon, he specialised in rapping but one could hear his vocals becoming more defined as each album progressed. Further, he was also the poster boy of G.O.D for his height and cute but handsome charms. Danny Ahn, Joon's cousin, was also a US-born child. Liking artists such as Will Smith and Puff Daddy, it was no wonder to the world that Danny was also a rapper in G.O.D. It should be noted, however, that his rapping style is much different from the other members. As he was able to recite his raps at a very quick-paced rhythm, his raps became notoriously difficult to copy, hence giving it a sense of originality. According to the members, he was always the one taking care of everyone and hence his nickname was, "G.O.D's mom." Son HoYoung, another US-born child, was a friend of Danny before the group came together. In fact, the two boys were already making and practicing their own music before the group was created. If not for Joon's suggestion to audition, perhaps we would not be able to hear the boys' talents, or perhaps the two boys would have formed a duo on their own! Like KyeSang, HoYoung was more versatile in terms of his role in G.O.D. Not only did he rap, he also focused on singing, but it wasn't until 5th album (Letter) that one could hear his unique singing voice more often. Finally, we come to the lead vocal of the group as well as the youngest member, Kim TaeWoo. Seven years younger than Joon, TaeWoo was a natural in singing. Not only was he the youngest member of G.O.D, TaeWoo was also the tallest and perhaps, biggest, of G.O.D. His voice remains as one of the most outstanding in Korea right now. 2010 : 11th year god ♥ FANgod