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Found 1 result

  1. Lmangla

    Smash-up writer's carnival

    You ever finished a drama and thought "poor secretary! why didn't she get a love line?" Or, have you ever thought "that sad character got such a messed love line. if only he had been paired with that great secretary from that other drama..." Well, here's your chance to play matchmaker auntie in this smashup writer's carnival!!! The smash-up has to be characters from two separate dramas and using 5-10 tropes from our trope list (that we did in our previous event), create a scene/write a preview/drama impression etc. (check out our OTP bingo thread to get ideas on how you can create random entries using 5-10 tropes!) Alternatively, you can also create new love line with a fictional lead for a character from drama (and satisfy all those sad feelings for the second lead who ended up alone). Don't worry about your English and you don't have to write a book. It can be anywhere from 50 words to 500 words max. The theme and tone are per your choice. You can dress it up with gifs and emoticons. Basically it is all about your writing creativity and having fun! There will be 3 rounds and it will be based on community voting. So get your chingus to click that button on your post. The more buttons you get, the more likely you are to pass on to the next round. So chingus, even if you are lurking, do click that button and encourage them. If you notice any great writers from interactions here, do poke them to try this out! hahahha... As for the tropes to be included, so you can pick 5-10 tropes from the list of tropes. Round 1 -- you can pick tropes from 1-33; round 2 -- tropes from 34-67 and round 3 -- tropes from 68-100. (see below) While the first two rounds will be based completely on community voting, the last round will be a combination of jury (us organizers) and voting. There will be 5 prizes -- small mystery box of goodies. We are going to kick start this event on Monday (7 May). So let us know you are interested by just posting below. Round 1 - starts 7 May, closes 9 May Round 2 - starts 11 May, closes 14 May Round 3 - starts 16 May, closes 18 May. So you will have 3 days to think and get creative. Please note that closing time is midnight Korea time for each round. Have fun writing!!