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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys! So for about 3-4 days I've been wearing double eyelid tape for about 6-8 hours a day. However, I noticed that my eyelids have gotten a bit droopy. I stopped wearing the tape for about 3 days now, but my eyelids are still kinda droopy. Please help! I've been really stressing a lot about this. Will they go back to normal any time soon? Also, if anyone has also gotten droopy eyelids from eyelid tape, please tell me your experience!
  2. GothBeauty138

    Skin lightening question

    I have a question. I wash my skin with milk now and before that I used to use to use lemon on skin to lighten a tan after using papaya soap. Can I still do that without it damaging my skin? My system was to use LIKAS papaya soap followed by lemon on my skin and now I have incorporated milk into my beauty regimen too. Should I rinse the Lemon and LIKAS off before applying milk or should I combine it all, wait a few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water or with the Papaya soap for maximum effect? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, does drinking lemon/lime water lighten skin too?
  3. wildflowers

    Homemade mask recipe

  4. ditecadell

    10 steps Korean Skin care

    Nowadays, Korean skincare is happening all over the world. Recently, 10 steps Korean skin care is also viral in beauty lovers. Honestly, I never use that 10 steps but I have tried 2-4 steps. I have tried double cleansing, mask, exfoliating, and toner. How about you? Do you ever try 10 steps Korean skincare? If you ever try it, how about the result?
  5. Hello everyone!! So I was looking around the beauty thread, and realized there was no thread focusing on How-To tips, skincare routines, and as well as beauty/makeup reviews. I know there are many of us on this forum that love to share each other tips and advice on beauty and makeup. Also if you found any blogger or YouTube videos that are related to beauty how-to, makeup reviews, and skincare and would like to share their inputs, then definitely share it here with the Soompi family. Now, I have been a lurker for years on Soompi but this is my first time actually starting a new topic. *scary* haha I am a more of a recent YouTuber, but I thought I could share with you my tips on "How to Use Sleeping Mask", as well as my Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Review. I hope you can check it out, and also tell me your opinions if you have tried Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. We all have different skin types, so I would love to know. Also, if anyone enjoys my videos, then please subscribe. That would mean so much! Soompi Family, lets share our beauty how-to and reviews on here!!! We can support and learn from each other. P.S. Please let me know if this thread is acceptable. I hope not to violate any rules or terms. Thank you!!!
  6. kanzyltd

    Hair Problem

    My hair are very thin. Kindly tell me some tips to thicken my hair. I am very worried about this problem.