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  1. Iep! Unfortunately not subbed yet sigh! I'm waiting for ages!
  2. I'mm so happy to see a thread about this drama here! I'm addicted since the first episode.. loving the plot and the amazing chemistry between the leads! even the silly scenes such as that one with them falling from the roof and bumping into each other without falling to the ground lingering in there implying a kiss do not kiss make me laugh. I'm already loathing that Gina character not because of her falling for hi m.. but because I'm expecting bad moves from her..
  3. Just came back after a long period of absense ... Thanks for the shout out and after reading the synopsis, the story is really my cup of tea... however Viki is not available in my country and the site i usually use to watch my dramas doesn't have this drama available
  4. Omg! Just finished the episodes Do I understand Chinese??? NO!!!!! That said: I really need subs!!!! I 'm dying here!!! on episode 19 they were so cute and i'm sure he teased her, but i need to know everything, every single juicy word that came along with his and her smile!!!! I mean who needs kisses with those kind of scenes!!! Sugaree and fluffy enough to make me grin like a fool and melt. As if it wasn't enough to witness how this is unfolding... GOSH my heart skipped plenty of beatings during this episode ... luckily it melt first in those first 12 minutes or else i'd already be dead with heart attacks... Yikes I really thought I would have a stroke before finishing the drama and I hadn't even seen the worst and the best On episode 20 and Even though that MV that they released had given me enough proof to know better i have to say that i cried in this episode!! Dear God my heart and my body endured too much during this 30 minutes, i still have arrhythmia and I needed to take a break still I knew I wouldn't be able to RESTRAIN MYSELF AS THEY DIDNT IN EPISODE 21 OMG those first 12 minutes on episode 21 left me hanging and i don't understand why !! Dear God what an adrenaline rush and pain plenty of pain! Still i'm glad to say that the feeling remaining is DIABETES!! Plenty of honey, sugar that made my glicose rise! IUPI!! Thank you Mr Director i so wasn't expecting that at least something not as explicit!!! And i can only say FINALLY and Thank you for not being RESTRAINED IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT AND I DID RECALL WHY WE NEED KISSES LOL! i may go sleep with an huge smile on my face and with a plus i'm so expecting a Season two!!! In fact i need a season two! Bring it on!!!! They wouldn't fool us with those last two minutes right? Right?
  5. There it is i'm drawing an illusion, I'll have to move on to ZH father then, and i dislike it Sigh
  6. He was kidnaped right? I've never seen his body being discovered, well at least they did not mention it His daughter was already a gown up right? Or maybe he was unable to return therefore his vengeance I don't know.. there's something that just doesn't feel right. JiBai went look for Zixi's father pipe, the drama starts with him looking for it, that gives me suspicion that Ji Bai is still following his death or maybe disappearance it was one of the things he was staring at Zixis house when he went to visit the crime scene, and the look on his face puzzled me when he was talking to Zixi's uncle at the car while taking him to the police station besides mentioning that Zixi's father thought that he was a match for her, he mentioned that thing that happened 10 years ago, and Jibai was more precise even mentioning the number years, months and days, he knew the exact time!!!! The guy that kidnapped Zixi's cousin husband.. why did he do that? For jealousy only? He said that that family was evil and he's the son of a loyal employee of Zixi's father Or maybe it's just me not wanting to be ZH father lol I might be drawing an illusory line
  7. Episode 18 finished! My body almost fainted and my heart almost skipped out of its place Adrenaline rush all over the place, plenty of action ... The most prevalent feeling: Fear.. everything spot on: acting, expressions and OST just to intensify everything Will i really have to wait an whole week for the release of the episodes?? Being true it will be despairing Still I'm having conflicted emotions.. i want them released ASAP, however i don't want this drama to end!!!!
  8. Kyahhh! The ending of episode 17 Hadn't i been spoiled by their MV i would be crying!!!! Still it was scary! Kudos to the team!!! I'm more and more suspicious that this is Zixi's father vengeance Off to episode 18
  9. Just finished episode 16 on Maple and i'm grinning like a fool! Plenty of fan service at least i'm satisfied it might help that i know i won't get much more than this except a little peck or an head kiss LOL !!! It's amazing how such simple things as glances, smiles, gentle touches give us hints that makes us sure of how their relationship grew! I could feel it I don't understand a single word of Chinese, still their acting, the way it was filmed all of those facial expressions and tension created allowed me to highly enjoy the episode, and it's always been like that They've really become a team in every aspects of life and i'm loving how it's bein displayed, i feel like a detective trying to find every clue that these two leave us to understand them Cant wait to see it subbed just to understand how the case is developing
  10. I've been wondering if it might not be ZIXIs father... Are we sure the man really died? One things for sure this drama makes me keep thinking: nothing is like you see it, trust no one, keep on questioning...
  11. To me Zhao's dad is still alive, he managed to survive and it was probably him who sent that message... Regarding if he became one of the bad guys.. Hum i really think not ... he might be undercover.. but that's all ... he seemed to have a deep bond with his superior and with Ji Bai also and an huge sense of integrity least that memory in episode 13 gave me that impression.. It's impossible that someone could change that much... Those kind of principles are hard to break
  12. OMG Thanks i was also looking for it
  13. That scene really puzzled me too, i wondered why it was needed.. still i think i understand why, she needed closure and he gave her that.. He loved ZiXi as a sister, nothing more and ZiXi understood him more than Ye qiao understood her brother and nevertheless she tired to protect him. And with this we all can see what kind of man Ji Bai is, protective of is family, a man driven by work and his principles, not infatuated by beauty alone, he needs more, much more. ZiXi seemed to me as egocentric and Ji Bai needs someone who can give him a sense of companion, understanding and comprehension... and that's why he feels drawn to XUXU .. His interest runs deeper, it's more raw and mental but i can sense it as passionate also.. as i say its a slow burn, but it burns oh yes it does and it helps that sh'es a beauty too at least in my eyes lol
  14. Well after watching the episodes subbed here are my thoughts: Episode: 13 Well accepting the milk her lecturing and accepting the jacket OMO.. its really unfolding they are moving, snail wise but their affection is definitely moving forward.. She might be a snail however she's the one with the key to unlock his lion heart I'm also as XuXu eager to know why Ji Bai decided to become a cop.. It really puzzles me! The story seems like an octopus... tentacles every where and with a wide range of reach That crying chick at the end gave me the shivers, I wonder if she's not one of the bad guys Episode 14 I SENSED IT ...BLOODY HELL and bloody is the key.. Pain and regret all over the place and this is unfolding so fast.. I really cant believe we're only seven episodes away of the ending On an happier note XuXu is slowly becoming is safe arbor and i'm loving each little sign, glance, touch.. they make me grin like a fool and get all fluttered! Its a slow burn but it burns .. Oh yes it does.. They're moving snail wise but this nail definitely has the key to unlock his lion heart Episode 15 Heartbreaking episode! The pain and struggle of each of the characters seemed real and close to home sometimes, i could sense everything in a fierce and pierced way! But what stroke me the most was seeing them becoming a team, he defended her before his superiors, he's trusting her abilities and strong will to succeed even though he's worried with what they have to face .. And Ji Bai that's the real monster so that you know, not our lovely snail. I'm loving the slow pace of their relationship, we can really sense it moving forward and getting stronger in all chapters: Work, friendship and love. They are on the path to become a team in all of these chapters.. if they're not there already They really do share the same hobby as she said LOL They do share a bound that no one will be able to break, she senses his vulnerability and he accepts her as his safe arbor, he's been doing this all along and it became more than apparent when he gave her his lighter patent ..and XuXu is becoming fierce... And he's so proud .. Come on the way: he continues looking at her!!! GOD Such simple and subtle things show us all that and i'm loving it.. It's slow burn but it burns, oh yes it does