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  1. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Heart breaking as I suspected! Him reaching for her image, him missing her for seven long years and yet not understanding! Thankfully by the preview he might in two weeks since apparently no episode will air this weekend! Sigh! I surely hope he does! JR s pain feeling guilty... everything a huge mess since they didn't fully understand what they want and need! And the image again: JR holdings pic with two faces.. a cage in one a free bird in the other.. And the appearance of the painting again! The one with two meanings, the one you need to look with your heart, with an open mind to see what's hidden! Love this drama! Just got love everything about it
  2. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    @Ana Paula Cioncihere's just a sample Here are the lyrics for I say baby one of the two songs he sings in the drama 不想出去待在家 今晚外面的雨下得特別大 開始想念你長髮 我開始和過去的回憶對話 一個人安靜的think 只聽到寂寞的雨 今晚這樣下去 DJ play my music I say baby 何時才能夠再見到你 I say baby 因為你我寫了這首曲 I say baby 今晚我們相約在東區 I say baby 當我的S.N.G baby Ain't nobody do me like you DJ let the music play 對你如此的想念 可不可以牽著手 讓我帶你去海邊 I don't know what to do if I didn't have you I don't know what to do so lost without you 一個人安靜的think 滿腦子都想著你 更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網 今晚這樣下去 DJ play my music I say baby 何時才能夠再見到你 I say baby 因為你我寫了這首曲 I say baby 今晚我們相約在東區 I say baby 當我的S.N.G baby Ain't nobody to me like you 時間過了多久 我還在想著這段 放不掉的感覺 思念繞著我在打轉 Would you be my B.A.B.Y 還是你只想要have fun 這段不斷rewind 過去不斷remind 就算你不再reply I still live in good life 但如果你願意 will be better no lie So do you wanna fly with me or do you wanna go They call me nickthereal what else you wanna know I know the other one he sings in the drama is this one *Can’t Let Go 不放 by Nick Chou 周湯豪 and its my favourite of the two however I couldn't find the English lyrics!
  3. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    @catocatyouyou'reyou're amazing! Thanks for putting in words some of my thoughts! However I have to add something JR did try to change the outcome... it was clear at episode 9 when ZYwas scrutinizing his backpack! He found out that he was trying to sell some real estates! It became clear to us not then but when ZY was in that meeting and that girl asked the meaning of that financial term I don't recall! After that I united the dots and recalled JR and his father conversation about changes in the company! JR was trying to sell the buildings so that he didn't need to marry Ruby! He knows about the Lehman Brothers, and that apparently had an huge blowing his father company! I believe he wanted to take that step to avoid marrying Ruby! Anni reading too much? Probably, but that's what I felt! I also have to say that ZY indecisive only towards KJ! He showed interest in Ruby in the first 2017, he won that match because he thought Ruby was who he wants! However after that he didn't show us that kind of interest! Ruby only thought he was interested because KJ told her so! He never sent her signals of some kind of love interest and she knows it! She knows it since the end of episode 8! That's why she refused his call on episode 9, that in reality it wasn't from him, but from his father since he was in a coma! The look on her face at the end of episode 8 when seeing him even drunk, laying in bed actively searching for KJ hand said it all! It was painful to see! Oh and that conversation between Men and ZY when he's venting his anger for being refused by ZN! All that Mr Meng said us true sometimes you hide your feelings, you deny them for fear of being hurt and rejected or for being afraid of not being good enough! At this point I'm realizing that KJ is so important to ZY and he's so insecure towards his ability to love, to be unable to not hurt her that he denies.. hides his feelings even from him! Idiotic enough he's doing that right now with his behaviour! Still I can't comprehend why? He has loving fathers and he experienced in first hand through them what true love is! They are a loving couple supportive towards one another! If his parents behaved as JRs or Ruby's I could understand! This way I cant And yes that painting is important! ZY father saw there two hearts hidden! That painting show that we have to open our minds, hearts! Have newvperspectivez not let us be by first impressions! I have to say I saw 6 people screaming with their hands in their faces lol! The birds are important! I still remember the first time Ruby sang in that bar JR had a picture of sort of a bird in a cage in one face and a bird free in the other! That stuck to me, then he found the nest with KJ and afterwards knowing that his father would sell the land to be developed he went for them! He then gave them away and some time later he asked them back! He missed them! They are using such cleaver and surprising moments, things that are seemingly just to fill screen time but they are messages! This drama is making me think and rethink even some steps in my life! I usually can predict the outcome, the ending in dramas! I have to say that we are approaching the ending fast and I just can't!
  4. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Just finished the subbed episode! And lord this was an heartbreaking one and by the preview the next one will be even more painful! I really can't understand ZY! How the he'll doesn't he realise his deep feelings! They are clear as water! By the looks of it, that first time travelling changed an outcome! Kia Jia and ZY are apart! And MR and ZN are a couple! SM lol! However I have no doubt that KJ still loves him! Their time travelling didn't change that and apparently it didn't change Ruby's suicide attempt.. so I guess she and JR married all the same! And even though he tried to change .. the outcome was the same! I'm still a defender of ZY and KJ LOVE however I have to say that at this point I'm seriously doubting that ill be able to witness such an ending! However I still believe they've time travelled to know what they really need and want! They've time travelled to face themselves and their desires, some might not know the real ones! And those dreams ZY is having, him dreaming, him looking for KJ, calling for her, searching for her... its as if he's drowning himself in sorrow! And the lyrics of the song sang by Ruby demonstrate all that! Sorrow for not being aware, sorry for losing because one didn't fully understand their feelings or didn't want to face them! That's why they get emotional! I'm so addicted with the story .. with the characters.. with the ost.. The cinematography is amazing! The acting pierces right through me and those metaphors? Two hearts hidden in the picture.. two love birds... LOVE IT!
  5. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    @Transitionyes I do recall that scene it was a picture not only of ZY if I'm not mistaken! She seemed puzzled and also seemed to have remembered something however that call made her forget everything! I'm also quite certain that Zzy lost contact with KJ and for a Lon period of time! He seems to be actively searching for her and by the preview she doesn't seem to be there when Ruby.attempts suicide and we see both JR and ZYnrunning towards Ruby! And that red picture that ZY are trying to understand is mentioned once again! It's as if they ate saying that we need to look to the bigger picture to open our minds and their minds also
  6. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Just finished the episode on maplestage! I really need subs! However I have no doubt whatsoever that ZY finally acknowledged that he loves KJ deeply! However it seems that they be been separated! He seems to be looking for her in 2017 and he also seems to be wanting to get back to 2007 to look for her and change things! Am I wrong or KJ isn't there this time at the gathering when they find that Ruby wants to commit suicide? I might change my mind after swing the episode subbed but I've been saying all along this isn't a drama that focuses on changing the outcome! They 've time travelled to know themselves, to know and understand ... to face their desires! Its what I've been sensing.. none of the 4 characters, well except KJ seems to know what they really want, neither of them ever tried to get what they want, probably because they didn't know, or probably because they opted for taking the comfortable route! I don't know how to explain it correctly, English is not my maternal language! But to me this time travel will allow them to find out their hidden desires, to acknowledge them, take note of them! Of course this might change the outcome of their lives, but if you think carefully ZYwas caught in his desire for Ruby, and when given a chance he didn't had the desire to change things with her! Why? Because he found out what he really wanted and desired! Lord the next episode will be painful, the 9th already was but the tenth will be heartbreaking! At least it seems so by the previews! And I really have to say that this drama is becoming one of my top fivefavourites! So many twists, we're almost reaching the end and we're always being surprised! Its awful but good st the same time! Very few dramas allow me to feel this way
  7. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    I have to say I hate c this preview! I woke up early in the morning and I even thought I was confused, still dreaming! I just can't understand what happened to make KJ take this step! I'm still waiting for ep 8 subbed and now this!!!! Is she feeling guilty towards Ruby? Does she want to erase ZY once and for all from her head and heart? Does she want to get drunk and let herself loose to find out if she behaves the same as ZY and sleeps with someone she's not in love with? Sigh she was the most consistent, rational and mature character and now this? I don't know what to think and I'm dying of curiosity and annoyance! ZY is jealous as always! He's fuming with jealousy! He seems enraged! I am too
  8. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Just finished episodes 8 raw and I have to say that if I understood correctly (I don't understand a single word of Chinese) rather than being annoyed by Ruby's character.. ill start to hate her! She tried to keep KJ Away from the group because of jealousy .. that's gross and that's beyond petty, this isn't insecurity.. this is arrogance and machiavellian behaviour! What puzzles me the most it that she seemingly did it in the past also (the first time around) being true why? Because of jealousy? If so .. of whom? Probably ZY, being true she suspected both KJ and ZY liked each other, and she liked him... Being true she might of tried to kill herself not because of JR betrayal, but because she regrets her actions, and decisions! If I'm right in what I understood this might take things in a different route! AND I agree with @dymm_amie by the preview it seems that ZY wakes up in the future! He seems to have travelled back.. And I wonder how if he fell when trying to save Ruby, and if she did really jump. We haven't seen her Ju!p, or falling! And I keep on remembering., in one of the episodes when ZY was eating ice cream with KJ he wore a t-shirt where we could read in bug letters: Savior ..and I'm curious to know and have been asking myself .. whom will he save? Lord I need subs!!!!
  9. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    I'm feeling the drama not necessarily has a way to change the future, at least not necessarily that! I'm thinking that they are trying to show that we let our lives be conducted by regrets.. by what IF'S! ZY had always regretted losing that match assuming that he would win Ruby's heart! He believed he was in love!!! How is that possible? How does he know that? She was th!E goddess of University, the aim of all man probably but just that isn't enough and he's experiencing that truth in this time travelling! He won the match and didn't pursue her, she pursued him, she invited him to dates, she's showing interest he's showing no interest at all! On the other hand If you recall all of those timeless moments that they remember are still happening .. with slight changes.. but they are happening all the same! By now the changes are all emotion wise, especially in what Ruby is concern, and we continue to see a puzzled ZY! Some of the things they are changing while taking different steps allow us to hope that some changes might occur towards Ruby's career in music! But besides that there's nothing more besides the discovery of the truth love wise! All of the changes that are happening allowed Ruby to fall in love with ZY.. but we can see that that isn't happening with him! And that puzzles him! Why does it puzzle him? There we go again he denies, doesn't acknowledge his feelings towards Kai Jia! Lord he's so jealous how the eck doesn't he realise that? A few episodes back his father told him that sometimes you are so comfortable with someone that you don't even realize you have feeling for her! Come on He wasn't that drunk when he kissed and slepped with Kai Jia in the first episode ,,, he even acknowledged it! He did it because deep inside he wanted it.. he might deny it, he might not wanna face it but that's the truth! This journey will allow them to find the truth about them.. about what they really want and need! This journey to the past might allow them to change Ruby and Ju Ren relationship! They become a couple, a real couple without doubts between them.. a couple that trusts and shares the truth with each other! Why not? Ju Ren is changing, Kai Jia especially is creating cracks in him! And Zhao Yu will understand the depth of his feelings towards Kai Jia! The only character that's showing maturity and consistency! To me this isn't a time travel to change the future, but a time travel to realize the truth about your desires! The truth about you! Face what you need, what you want, acknowledged the truth.. discover it! And it seems gullible to me a ZY KJ ending and RUBY and JR with enough changes that allow that moment when she tries to kill herself won't happen! One things for sure all characters have regrets in 2017! They aren't happy!
  10. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    After watching episode 6 I also have doubts about Ju Ren time traveling.. his reaction to the music was also different however I'm still not certain, he might be only feeling guilty for trying to harm her chances on her musical career! Since episode one I thought Kai Jia also time travelled because if you remember only her and Zhao Yu moved when they saw what Ruby was trying to do.. he went upstairs and Kai Jia took a few steps forward and reached out her arms! I'm also certain that the professor has something to do with their time travelling and what puzzles me the most is why did she approach Kai Jia first, approach might not be the right word, but she was the first to see her.. and if I'm not mistaken the only one so far! Yes she appeared more than once but she wasn't seen! There's no doubts that they are changing the future and probably its outcome! I'm still hopping for an Kai Jia Zhao Yu and Ruby Ju Ren ending! By now I can't conceive another pairing... Kai Jia loves him, even trying to let go, and making an huge effort.. but she doesn't manage to do so yet because he isn't allowing her! There's no doubt to me that he's interested in her not only as a sister however he denies it and I really have to wonder why! There's also no doubt that Kai Jia is piercing Ju Ren shell ... with her compelling nature, maturity, ability to love while letting go ... she's showing him new roads! He didn't need to follow her to the hospital taking another path, but what she said made him take another route! I'm eager to know if Zhao Yu kisses Ruby but I'm guessing he didn't... at least I hope he didn't! He was remembering Kai Jia.. their moments eating ice creams.. and that is really revealing of his feelings! Also that professor lost someone she loved without ever telling him how much he meant to her,(I'm assuming this since they've only revered that he died) that's why she devoted her life and work to time travelling, even at the expenses of losing her mind, life! Maybe that's why they time travelled: to understand .. to find out what they really feel, who they really love to find out what they each person means to each other! And I agree with @irluna87 shez way to young to be Ruby's mother, at least it seems so.. her co worker is in his early thirties in 2007, he was younger when they wrote that book .. so I'm assuming she's about his age, or a little older furthermore Ruby might know who her mother was, since she was his father mistress!
  11. Is it just me or that granny of his managed to put some kind of contract or agreement in all of those pile of things Tingen signed? She called XiaoBi... and in the next morning he was there with all that stack of papers to be signed and Tingen as always didn't read them! Being true I surely hope us something good for these two! She really seems to fancy Wei F! Can't wait for Sundays episode .. I'm expecting even more funny and huge chemistry moments
  12. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    Since episode 4 I'm quite certain that they've married only because they felt compelled.. forced by their parents and that I hate! Even if having feelings towards one another, that kind of marriage is up to a big fall, and that unfortunately happened! They might of really like each other but failed to be true to one another and to that feeling!That kind of decision might bring misunderstandings and hate towards one another! And it did! That said and after watching episode 5 only two minutes ago I have to say I pity Jun Ren the most! After watching this episode I could understand his pain, in the forth episode I saw his frustration, in this one I witnessed his pain! He's trapped between his desires and needs and the needs of his father! He could go all the length to try and menace her career without her even knowing! He tried to do it on episode 4 and almost managed it but then something happened and they managed to perform to a crowd! In today's episode Z U came to the rescue and she went to that performance.. I don't know if Ju Ren was mad because of that or if he was feeling jealous! These last two episodes made me even more certain that Ka Jia and Zhao Yu belong together! He really loves her there's no doubt about it, he always did but he never acknowledged it! He's way to jealous, he's becoming petty, come on he's a man on his thirties and he's behaving like a teenager! He says he doesn't want her, but he doesn't want her to be with anyone else! What he feels for Ruby is just a fantasy ...<if only I would win that bet I would have he, she's the woman I wantr> how does he know that? Why throw away all your love life because of that? And if that's true why that petty and jealous behaviour? The fact that both of them did travel in time will help both! Ka Jia wants to change, wants to try and fall in love again, Zhao Yu has already changed a few things yet he's still stuck with Ka Jia! Why?!! She wants to pursue new things, create new things and he's almost preventing that to happen! Ka Jia and her sweetness, her care will create changes in Ju Ren, she's already piercing his thick shell... yes he might fall for her and I bet he will, as Ruby is falling for Zhao Yu! I might change my mind after watching it subbed!I've watched the episode raw and I'm basing my thoughts in their acting and facial expressions! Ayo if only I new some Chinese!!! I guess that their travel in time might help that failed marriage! And might help Zhao Yu understand what he really treasures the most so that he's able to live is life in its fullest In my opinion the end game is Ka Jia and Zhao Yu (it might help that I like their chemistry the most) I wouldn't be able to find out that they aren't close, since they seem so comfortable together, and Ju Ren + Ruby! Argh this drama is making me think to much! Too much feels and I hope I won't be up for an huge disapointment in the end! Still 10 more episodes to go so I might change my mind during the upcoming episodes
  13. [Taiwanese Drama 2017] Love, Timeless 鐘樓愛人

    I'm so happy to have found this thread! I'm highly enjoying the drama and I'm always looking for news about it! So its a beat of fresh air to have found you guys! I'm also following the perfect match and even though I'm enjoying it, love timeless surpassed my level of addiction towards it! I'm not necessarily a fan of time travelling dramas but this one seems to be well built, the plot even with some cliches is interesting, maybe the fact that both travelled in time helps! To me its not about having a second chance to change what you regret, but having a second chance to experience things again only to find out that you've let yourself so focused in events that you've missed others that are even more important! There's no doubt in my mind that Kai Jia and Zhao Yu belong together and I will be really frustrated if this couple won't end up together! I'm loving the chemistry especially between Summer and Nick, the scenes and interactions are gullible and the dialogues have quite an impression on my.. some even pierce through me! Its my first time watching all the actors and I have to say I'm a new fan! But Nick and Summer really blew me away in these 3 first episodes! I'll visit often so please keep sharing your thoughts and findings! I'm having a difficult time discovering updates, it might help my complete lack of Chinese understanding!