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  1. IU’s book recommendations
  2. [SCHEDULE] IU to attend Yongin Cultural Festival on 22nd Sept @ 7 PM KST
  3. [TRANS] 170814 APRIL's Chaewon reveals that she dreamt of becoming a singer after watching IU singing 'Mia' and went for lots of auditions. [UPDATE] 170816 IU to perform at Posco concert with Choi Baekho and SinSeolHee Band on 9th Sept @ 7 PM KST [ENG SUB] Hyori's B&B Ep 8 (Full)
  4. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Those who applied for 'fanclub member' rank, select 글쓴이 & search your nickname in these boards to see if you succeeded If you did not succeed, you may reapply (repeat Part 4 of the tutorial).