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  1. IU (아이유)

  2. IU (아이유)

  3. IU (아이유)

    "IU's Palette album was the year's shining example of the power in personal K-pop with a release that employed loads of different sounds and stories to share..." - billboard https://www.https://www.billboard.com/articles/events/year-in-music-2017/8070585/best-k-pop-albums-2017-top-20
  4. IU (아이유)

    ceci_Magazine Musical value IU is the winner of 2017 when no one can dispute it. "아이유는 누구도 반박할 수 없는 2017년의 승자다" http://www.ceci.co.kr/look/article_detail.do?idx=3619
  5. IU (아이유)

  6. IU (아이유)

  7. IU (아이유)

  8. IU (아이유)

    [TRANS] 171210 Actress Park Hwanhee expresses her thoughts on attending IU’s concert through instagram #IUPaletteTour https://instagram.com/p/BchkXRUBivl/ Cr: https://twitter.com/IUteamstarcandy/status/940625398735372289
  9. IU (아이유)

  10. IU (아이유)

  11. IU (아이유)

  12. IU (아이유)

  13. IU (아이유)

  14. IU (아이유)

    For those who want to vote for our Queen.
  15. For those who want to vote for our Queen. Side note, for the concert during the Dear Name song there is a part where names are flash on the screen similar to MMA performance. The difference is for the concert those names are Uaena names (those who join her official fan club). That is why if you see fan can of the live performance you will also see English names (international Uaena). IU and her team names are also in there.