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  1. According to the comment in https://mydramalist.com/26760-the-legends, the official youtube channel finally allow this drama to be subbed, hopefully there are people who are willing to sub this drama finger crossed
  2. Lo i am also in the minority, i like BQ and DFS’s interaction, it’s really fun watching both againts each other and also watching DFS yielded after seeing BQ crying by releasing YL.
  3. I thought the male lead looked familiar, it turned out he played Yang Kang in the recent adaptation Legend of Condor Heroes. I don’t like Yang kang so i have minimal memories for his performance in LOCH, is he okay in this drama?
  4. So what happen to the Wang family? The man who chained at the end of ep, was he from Wang family?
  5. Can we request this drama to Netflix? Does Netflix has the request form like VIki?
  6. Will there be any romantic relationship between Yeoning and Yeoji? But Yeoning will eventually be king, so it probably a sinking ship
  7. Someone sub the scene in the library In the trailer ep 11-12, it seems MQ treat ZY nicer than before, he let her hug him and even pick her up, did he know his “student” was ZY?
  8. I think because the eng sub is not available atm, that’s why not many people watch it including me lol. I’m waiting patiently until the eng sub come out.
  9. How many years difference between DI and EH? the second male lead was 29 years old, compare to DI, then the age difference was 8 years old,
  10. I like the second male lead, he’s charismatic and charming, never see him as main lead, hopefully in the next drama he can play as main and get the girl
  11. Can’t stop Lol-ing watching DI’s response to EH’s line “i’m your home” LOL The female lead’s character is very interesting
  12. Trailer with Eng sub
  13. Watching BQ and DFS scheming againts each other is really fun lol, the former wants to cancel the marriage while the latter wants to force the marriage, lol they are really cute couple