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  1. This is a difficult one for me. I really liked the Japanese original, Saikou No Rikon. I loved Ono Machiko in the role played by Bae Doona in the remake. Despite thinking that Bae Doona is the best actress ever, I was worried how she would handle this role. She did a lot of terrific comedy earlier in her career (6 Love Stories is probably my favorite Korean drama), but it's been a while since she's gone all-comic (though there were hints in Secret Forest/Stranger). I didn't know much about Lee El, but I recently saw her in What a Man Wants on a United flight to Tokyo a few weeks ago. I think that she's excellent in the Maki Yoko role. And, while I like Cha Tae-Hyun, it's been a while since I've really been impressed with his work. That said, I liked episodes 1-2 a lot. The writing was very good. The adaptation of the original to this remake has been done well. And I came away really liking the interaction between Bae Doona and Cha Tae-Hyun. Their relationship is complex and has been portrayed well. I'm looking forward to following this drama.
  2. @liddi I'm sorry that I didn't join the discussion earlier. While I'm not new to Soompi, I haven't been active in some time. Almost all of my forum activity was associated with the 50-episode drama, "Glamorous Temptation", from 2016. I was going through a Choi Gang-hee phase at the time, watching almost all of her movies and dramas! I think that I will give the original Korean version of "Signal" another chance. In light of your analyses of the two series, it will be interesting to examine the differences between the two. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks very much, liddi, for the detailed summary of the final episode and comparisons with the original Korean series. I watched episode 1 of the original series, but I didn't continue since it seemed so similar to the Japanese version. I find the resemblance of the cast members to each other somewhat eerie! I've seen Cho Jin-Woong in a number of movies in the past and liked his acting style. The final 10-15 minutes of episode 10 seemed rushed to me and the final resolution was somewhat unsatisfying. Obviously, I'd feel better if I knew that a season 2 (or maybe, more reasonably, an SP) was in the works to tie up some of the unresolved issues. But, overall, I really enjoyed the series. I read a number of comments that some people weren't that impressed with Kichise Michiko's performance, at least compared with Kim Hye-Soo in the original. But, I really enjoyed Kichise's acting in this series. Thanks, again, for the subtitles!
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