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  1. why so quiet?? This drama is soooooooooooooooooooooo good! Best friends turn lovers theme is so mainstream but this drama manages to make it fresh! Their jobs are also fun, not typical jobs we see in kdramas. Their conversation is natural. The second leads are not heavy characters.. Their bickering is so fun and cuteeee Kim Sun Ho and Lee Yoo Young refreshing and simple face, their acting is so natural like they're real I love their kiss scenes My favorite is apricot kisses scene Ep 3-4 are full of feels.. When Hee Nam is singing and the leads are stealing glances, and when he is gazing at her... Errrrrrrrrrrrrr I feel it!! The story towards the ending.. I'm not involved but why I feel that I miss their two shots.. Uuhh I wish this was longer.. I'm okay with short drama, but at least make it 2 weeks Recommended!!
  2. The couple progressing naturally.. I love it!! I watch it without sub, it's okay and understandable. Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin casting is perfect. SYJ as middle 30s woman, she's effortlessly beautiful. JHI delivers the feeling of adult younger man so perfectly. He's so fresh and sweet and handsome. I feel like I become an older woman in love with younger man, when I'm actually younger than them. I was bored about the coffee company stories, until towards the end from their dinner date and using umbrella together, then he actually friends with Jin A's bro, his facial expression when JA's bro said to stop liking 35 years woman. And when he lost his sense when JA's ex grab her hand.. Waaa waaaaaaaaa I'm crazyyyy
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