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  1. My early two cents... After watching episode 3, I haven't watched 4 yet, I am still on board, but I have to admit that the third episode was not completely an easy watch for me. The ebb and flow of a drama usually comes about when there is good balance. Episode three did not have good balance. The evil MIL got way too much screen time. Once again, her time with her mother was unpleasant. Once again, her time with her father was useless. And we got spoon fed a few sweet scenes between CSH and KJH, and we needed more. The scene with the MIL was just funny to me. I work in the legal field and literally EVERYTHING she said was either senseless or criminal. "You thought that once you divorced then you would be able to cut ties with Taekhung Group? With my son? No,..." Lady, that is exactly what divorce is, cutting ties. Then she threw in the fact that CSH received the hotel in the agreement. However, it was a business that they would've lost and that is why they gave it to her. This whole, "you need us more than we need you" game that they're running is complete and utter nonsense. Yes, their family runs a conglomerate, but no one is talking about them. EVERYBODY is talking about CSH. She alone could get her father in the Blue House if she put her mind to it. Her family doesn't need those horrible people, and no one knows that more than her ex-husband. That director who is acting as a minion for the MIL would have that company in Chapter 11 before the year would be up. The MIL represents so much of the 1% attitude. That "how dare you reject us, and not want to have anything to do with us considering all that we have" mentality. Then, she turned around and threatened her with the idea that her father will never realize his political aspirations without them. Due to the fact that South Korea just ousted a president who had wealthy friends around her advising her while she was in the Blue House, I am pretty sure the father not having too close ties with the likes of that family will benefit him greater in the long run. In order to beat a powerful enemy, you have to be smart. Be on the offensive. CSH needs to lawyer up, and she also needs to hire a private detective to find out who is following her and taking pictures and who hired them. I would also recommend that she starts recording any conversations she has with the MIL.These people are banking on her obedience and passivity because that is what is expected of her. Looking at the long term and how this drama could have a happy ending. The only way that she and KJH can be together is if her father puts his ambitions to the side for once and stand by his daughter. Dear old dad is the only one who can really help them, and at this point, he should. She has sacrificed her entire life for him, he can do this one thing for her. Also, her ex could help, but I doubt he would go to the extent of exposing his mother.
  2. Just a couple of nagging questions before I watch tonight's episodes. Not only am I wondering who Dong Shik's father is, but why would MYR, who was already an orphan come back, a single mother to be and then when she had the baby was so adamant about not keeping it. She didn't even want to look at her child or take care of him. Was she raped? Is the father someone in a HIGH position? I just have this feeling that at some point, she is going to use that little boy to get what she wants. Also, how is LH able to be involved with MYR and not Sunny? Every single time he looks at Sunny, he gets some sort of flashback of his first wife, but he's not like that with MYR at all. Is it because Sunny is the Empress? What happened to his father? The Queen Dowager does not look that old, so I am curious what happened to her husband. I sense some foul play. Too many things happened 7 years ago. The Queen Dowager's guard came up missing. MYR came back to WS and and his mom suddenly with child. The first empress ended up dead. I feel like ALL of this is connected.
  3. ANYEO BOYFRIEND CHINGUUUUUUUUSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I was waiting for this one. SHK! PBG! And in true fashion, they delivered. One thing I like about SHK as an actress is she establishes herself in whatever role she is playing from the start. It doesn't take her a few episodes to settle into her characters, she makes you forget about her from the very beginning, and that is so endearing. Take me to CUBA! What a beautiful and scenic place to film a drama. Their beauty complimented their scenic surroundings perfectly. I love the pace of this drama. It is steady and it keeps you interested without any unnecessary angst. I love how right away we dispense with the backstory right in the opening sequence and we get right to the meat of the story. CSH is someone who lives a very sheltered and very rigid life. She isn't allowed to live it on her own terms nor is she really allowed to make any mistakes or show too much emotion. I really felt her suffocating. Someone wrote that they felt she took her purse being stolen too well. But, that purse was a part of her armor. It also held her phone, which she could no longer be reached on. It held her identification, which she wanted to temporarily forget about. She really needed those hours in Cuba and I admire that she spent it resting, exploring, laughing, dancing and being doted on, albeit, by a complete stranger. KJH represents the other side of the mirror for her. There is no one in her life like him. He's always smiling and laughing and remains positive. He is someone who isn't afraid of hard work and doesn't feel entitled to anything from anyone. He's honest and sincere. He slips up and tells the truth without consequence and that is so refreshing to someone like her who is always surrounded by people with agendas, judgments and lies. If her ex-husband left her for another woman to make her jealous, then he is as dumb as he looks. I got the impression he wasn't very smart due to the fact that the hotel was not doing well. In such a short period of time, CSH has made it successful and even expanded the brand. I don't know what the ex-mother-in-law has in mind, but if she plans to steal the hotel back, she better hope that her son can maintain CSH's hard work, otherwise, they will be facing bankruptcy again. Saddest moment for me wasn't when she met with her parents, although there clearly wasn't much warmth from them. It was when she was in the car with KJH after their ramen date and he cleared up that his favorite lady was his mother and that is who he was talking to that day. Then CSH asked how he could be so happy and laughing on the phone with his mother, I visibly cringed. That type of loneliness of not knowing what a healthy and happy relationship with a parent is like was just too sad for words.
  4. HELLOOOOOOOO FELLOW PALACE CHINGUUUUS!!!!!!! I am so glad to see so many people I have seen on other threads, and what a drama to be watching as we end the year. I knew I wanted to watch this drama as soon as I saw Choi Jin Hyuk, (yes he is hot, but he is also a really great actor), and Jang Nara. I have watched all of the episodes and I have a few takeaways. I knew from the very beginning that YR was after the Emperor. That the Emperor had a weird relationship with his mother. That Sunny was a fangirl of the Emperor. However, the writer has taken us to the extreme on all three of these points. YR went to the bitter extreme to get a man that she shouldn't be with. No, I am not in the group that thinks she shouldn't be with the Emperor because she had a child or was in a relationship. She shouldn't be with him because she works for him. When you accept a position like that, you are accepting responsibility and pledging loyalty to the royal that you assist. This is not an opportunity for you to get hitched. That episode where she hits her mother/mother figure over the head and then watches as she walks out in the road and gets hit literally took the breath away from me. No matter how much I may dislike someone, watching them die is not in the equation. What struck me was how all it took was one night with the Emperor, and she stomped her way into Eomoni's restaurant and cut ties. I just wish the mother had accepted it. She just had to follow her for such a long distance, then walk up to the vacation house and then argue with her in the woods. You could feel it and sense that something terrible was going to happen. If there is one theme to this drama, it is, "When people show you who they are, BELIEVE THEM"! The Emperor is an overgrown mama's boy. At first, I thought he would get his way because of his position and his desire to break from his mother's watchful eye. But, he's weak and honestly, kind of stupid. He is one of those men that has to be coddled and told what to do which is a clear sign that he is the worst at being the emperor. When they first showed him and his mother together in the car and she was talking to him in this sultry voice and asking him what was the first thing he wanted to do when he returned home, the red flags went off. The Queen Dowager is like so many others I have seen in historical dramas. Once the emperor (their husband) dies and their son has to take over, they become drunk with power and instantly replace the husband with the son. She treats him like he is her lover. At first, I kind of understood why she didn't want YR with her son, but I don't think she wants him to be with anybody. Also, did I hear that right? Did they say that he had been married before? Sunny, Sunny...I get fangirling. As a k-pop fan, I have had my moments. However, her character is 30 years-old. She still lives at home with her sister and father, a father who has been quite the burden on them and yet she walks around with this almost childlike disposition. I was trying to figure out if it was a defense mechanism or if she was really that stupid. When she was offered the money for saving the emperor's life, she succumbed to peer pressure and turned it down. Then later on, showed up at the palace randomly and begged for money in a cringey and embarrassing way. She worked for that sleazy theater director, yet the first opportunity he got an investment, he kicked her to the curb and replaced her with someone less talented. What does she do, turn around and grovel and even goes to the extent of asking the replacement for a loan. I get that she wanted to help her father, but her decision making is super flawed. Then there is her involvement with the Emperor. This is where I rolled my eyes the hardest. They had spent four moments together and ALL of them were embarrassing at best. First, she fell on him at their initial meet-cute and the take-away was all about him being a gentleman. The second time was the lunch at the palace where she showed up and damn near leveled the place as soon as she walked in the door. The third was when he showed up unexpectedly at her play as she was thrown all over the stage in a crow outfit. The fourth is when he came to the after party, where she forced fed him food most people don't eat and then proceeded to get drunk and once again, embarrass herself in front of the press. The writers have not given her one real redeeming moment to shine in front of this man. Even when she saved his life, it got overshadowed because she almost drowned and needed NWS to save her. Someone posted that her character is supposed to have a change and some serious development and to that news, I applaud because she needs it badly. Because of her naivete' and her father's willingness to just sell her off, she has entered the palace and it is full of evil that her character couldn't handle on her best day. She is so unbelievably outmatched, that if she doesn't change, she may not make it out alive. Here they had not even actually said, "I do", and she ended up hanging from a crane. What did her in-laws do? They ran for safety. Everyone else stood by and watched as the situations escalated and got worse. I thought, I hope her father remembers this moment as he spends the money he was given to sell of his daughter. I hope he reflects on how he almost watched her die before she could make it in the family good. The Emperor did not even bark orders to save her. He literally ran into the palace with his mother. Her family and the grandmother were the only ones who cared what was happening to her. And even after all of that, she walked around upset that the Emperor hadn't come to dote on her, even though she almost died. It's like exactly idiot, that is how much you mean to him. All of that aside, this drama is fascinating. The acting is superb, especially the actress playing YR. Her ability to switch from pretending to be innocent to smiling sinisterly at the queen dowager is brilliant. I predict that NWS will get the chance to kill the emperor, and in that moment, he will find out YR's role in his mother's death, and his revenge will get derailed.
  5. nubianlegalmind

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    I believe it was from Episode 44. She had a couple of crazy moments in Episode 43, but 44 took the cake.
  6. nubianlegalmind

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    I so need a gif of that moment when the truth came out to the evil grandmother and Sec. Kim started looking crazy as a bat. I was literally laughing out loud. Boy, was that funny. She stood there shifting her eyes all over the place not knowing what to do and then when the grandmother started asking her was it true, she had the craziest look cross her face before she booked it out of there with JPD on her heels. Then the grandmother started grabbing her temples and almost falling out. That was so satisfying, almost enough to deal with the stupidity of the story line. Someone said they believe that Sec. Kim will die and end up telling MCR on her deathbed why she hates the grandmother. Possibly, there is something else, but considering she went through what she made her daughter go through, that is enough. I just want that whole family to go down. The grandmother, mother and father all deserve to have MSA turn on them. They wanted her back but they expected her to be as smart and capable as MCR. That just goes to show how dumb halmoni really is. If MSA was so great, you wouldn't have needed to bring another girl in to "take on her bad luck" in the first place. Even the shaman is tired of her. At this point, I feel like MCR is too good for Makepacific. I would actually like to see her take over Taesan. Let's face it. MJS isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, and MCR could run Taesan better than him, and daddy Moon knows it. He's going along with his son because his son seems to like her and want her back, but his father wants someone smart and stable to help run his own company. I still want to see the Moons go down as well.
  7. nubianlegalmind

    [Drama 2018] Hide and Seek, 숨바꼭질

    I have been actively lurking on the Tomorrow is Also Sunny thread. Now that that drama has ended, I caught up somewhat to this one. *SIGH* A few takeaways: The grandmother is evil, sinister even, but she also is vulnerable and stupid. She sounds like the headmaster for Slytherin house, always going on and on about blood and family. She's visiting a very questionable shaman, that she doesn't even listen to, who kind of tells her the truth mixed in with what she wants to hear so she can keep her coming back. This woman is trying to operate an entire company on folklore and fairytales. She schemes and comes out of a bag on everyone, including her precious blood-related family. She is the worst. The past 4-5 episodes have really shown the weakness of the father. He is in the CEO/director position? Yet, it is CR and the son who always have to dig them out of things because he operates from a place of weakness. He makes it easy for companies like Taesan to step in and take advantage of them with just the wave of a check. Honestly, if CR hadn't been in the position of CFO all of this time, Makepacific would have already gone under. CEH has been the one person who I have a continuous love-hate relationship. On the one hand, I do ship he and CR. He seems to love her fiercely and is willing to fight for her. On the other hand, he is a liability. His role in the whole kidnapping incident really screwed CR over and is yet another reason why she didn't say anything when she found out who the real SA was. His ongoing dysfunctional relationship with his real father is burdensome. He makes moves, but he is always a step slow, which is why he is in the position that he is with the Moon family. Here he has been their right hand man for years. He came from a nice well to do family, yet, he's living in squalor. It just doesn't make sense. Even though he knows how that family has treated CR over the years, the fact is she has lived better than that. He needs to step up. MJS and his father - I really don't like how the writers dropped the story line with them. Mr. Moon was out here operating like a mob boss, getting his son to marry daughters of rich families then setting them up just so he could take over their families' company. What happened to that? Surely the evil Mr. Moon has something else up his sleeve, or maybe he is somehow involved in the whole SA/CR mess. Either way, that plot feels unfinished. Also, JS now all of a sudden has feelings for CR? What? And, he wants to kill CEH too? I think JS just doesn't like the fact that he can't have CR. He had to divorce her because of the lie about her real identity, but he never showed her any interest. Now all of a sudden, he just has to have her or no one can. MSA - Her character development has been as predictable as a Tyler Perry plot. I knew she was going to show her true colors. She didn't turn evil, she was already like that. She just never had the means to be her true self before because she was poor. But, here she was being treated like a princess by her adoptive mom. She was favored and her adoptive mom spoiled her, and here she was walking around wishing she was rich. Then once she got in the Min family and realized her birthright, her true self is showing. The problem is she is ignorant to what it takes to be a real heiress. She doesn't understand the responsibility nor does she care. Her spoiled upbringing has her feeling she is entitled to any and everything. She really thinks she can just waltz into a family that she knows nothing about, mix and mingle with the wealthy and upper echelon of society and run a multi-million dollar company simply because by blood she is a Min? That kind of stupidity is clearly inherited. MCR - Her biggest flaw is that her desire to be loved and belong to a family is a weakness she wears on her sleeve. She could've been left that family. She should've realized a long time ago that she was better off without them, but she is so attached to this idea that this is her family and she is going to love them through all of their evil deeds. So, I like that it took her receiving real love from someone else for her to realize that what she was holding on to was smoke and mirrors. This new development with Secretary Kim is problematic. CR was finally getting on equal footing, and here she comes almost physically forcing her to stay in that awful family so she can exact some type of revenge. *is this mic on* LADY, IT HAS BEEN 20 YEARS!!!!!!!! If you can't get revenge within that time, forget about it. I would like to see CR move on from the Min's, Makepacific, the Moons, SA, all of them. I would like to see her go to another company, build it up and become successful beyond her imagination with CEH by her side.
  8. This really made me laugh. Just the idea of them having to visit her outside the jail is amusing considering how she thought she had it made doing all of that conniving behind her sister's back. Predictions: HG and HN get engaged and they both live in JH's house. JE stays in reclusion in the country with halmoni. DG decided not to date for a while and focus on his publishing business. He has much success and works with JH as his apprentice. JH helps HN turn her business into a reputable brand. HG becomes a top manager at the home shopping network. HG's mother takes SH's place at SJ Boutique. SH's husband and Lee Papa go into business together. Maybe something that will compliment the side dish store. EA's business goes viral and becomes more successful. Her and her daughter move downstairs into the Park's old house. YR continues a relationship with EA and SR, even after her mother gets out of jail. Grandma gets happy with news that she will have a great-gran.
  9. So now that we know what happens this last episode. I have some things to say... Dear Writers, We have watched for 117 episodes both SH and JE wreck utter havoc on JH and even the slightest possibility of her finding her missing daughter. We have watched them steal, lie and connive to do horrible things to HN. We have watched them hire hit men to steal, sabotage, lie, harm and almost kill both HN, JH and YR on the show. We have watched them use other people (Hanna, HG's mom, DG) to also do evil deeds. And now, that are in the last 4-5 episodes, you want to give them reprieve and forgiveness??? THIS AINT IT!!! Not to sound like Mr. Filch from Harry Potter, but I want some punishment! And I want the punishment to fit the crime. JE and her mother deserve to be thrown in a mental institution, because sane people do not do what they did. JE does not deserve to keep DG. SH does not deserve to live a comfortable life. She needs to learn how to make it on her own since she is so quick to play victim and act like if her mother had paid her more attention she would've somehow turned out better. Well put your money where your mouth is. Let's see what you are made of. I would like to see her husband leave her and live whatever type of life he would like. I also hope the son continues to do design. What I do not want is to see the past two episodes centered on these evil witches trying to make the viewers have sympathy for them after all that they have done. This drama has been on since May, we deserve watching them go down.
  10. This is ALL I want. I want HN to have an independent recollection of that day. I want her to remember JE throwing her marble into the street and watching her go after it, get hit and then kidnapped. Because let's face it, now that the you know what has hit the fan, I can see HN going to JH and feeling sorry for JE and her family and asking her not to kick them out on the street. I want her to remember how evil her cousin was when they were six, and how she remained quiet FOR 20 YEARS!!!!
  11. Yeah, the whole ultrasound picture is the biggest plot hole of the past couple of episodes. First of all, yes, the name of the mother, the date and time of the ultrasound are usually all on the picture. But, I won't beat the writers up too much, after all DG is a dumb dumb. But, this entire plot by SH to have JE be pregnant was just dumb. First of all, at some point, when she is not showing, it will be clear that she is not pregnant. If the plan was to have some sort of an accident and then try and make HN look like the bad guy and that was why she lost the baby, well that is going to blow up, because well, she's NOT pregnant. But most of all, at what point will Hanna start asking about her missing ultrasound. She is not the type to be quiet about something like that. That mixed with the fact that SH made her take a pregnancy test is going to expose JE as being the liar that she absolutely is. I think SH and HG's mom are going to have an epic fight about that. Meanwhile, the whole family is going to be so disappointed in being lied to about the baby. On the other hand, it would be so redeeming of the writer if we got the pregnancy that we all want and that is with HN and HG. Actually, a baby may be the one thing that would turn his mother around.
  12. Sorry to cut your post, but this has been bothering me since the first couple of episodes. Yes, if she hadn't stolen SJ's marble and taken it, then SJ would not have had to come outside looking for her to get it back. But, JE did several things that led to where we are today. First, she NEVER gave SJ her marble back. She threw it out onto the street instead. Second, when SJ ran to get the marble and was hit by the car, then subsequently kidnapped, JE stood there and watched. Then, when JH came frantically looking for her, she was mute. She stood there and cried but didn't say a word. Now, she had to have been about six years-old at the time. So, JE turned, 7, then 8, then 9, then 10, then 11, and 12, and so on. And year after year, she never once thought to tell the truth? She never once felt compelled to come clean and confess to get her cousin back? SJ getting kidnapped turned their household upside down. She has stood by and watched her aunt go through hell and back, and she said nothing. She watched the grandmother and everyone else, including her own mother do all that they could to help the aunt find her cousin and she didn't say a mumbling word. We ALL make mistakes. ALL of us can look back onto our childhood years and remember things we said or did that we wish we could take back. However, at some point, we get opportunities to make things right, and while it takes courage, you do what you have to do. Even if she didn't want to be completely honest about throwing the marble in the street, she saw her own flesh and blood get hit by a car, then taken by some strange man. You don't know what has happened, you don't know if she got killed, raped, beaten or abused in some way. I question her character from all of this. Here she is an adult and she STILL is keeping quiet about what she saw. Honestly, the fact that she threw the marble isn't a big deal. But how can you watch your family get hurt and kidnapped and stay quiet, for 20 YEARS???? At some point, JE was glad this happened, and relieved the SJ was no longer around. She saw that her parents were weak and unsuccessful and she coveted her aunt's life. She wanted to be the aunt's daughter and had no plans of SJ ever coming back, nor did she care what had happened to her. But, can we talk about JH grabbing HG's mother's arm when she was about to hit HN, again. That grab was, "don't you dare lay a hand on my daughter, I've spend half my life looking for". I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.
  13. So, I can see everyone is getting frustrated with HN. But this time, it is not entirely her fault. With these family dramas, they always make the female lead put family over love. HN loves HG, but not more than she loves her family. And because of this, she has given up on trying to have a love life. First, she was in love with DG, but he friend-zoned her and she got her heart broken. Then, she fell in love with HG and got humiliated and slapped by his mother, then his father even calmly asked her not to get involved with his son. She is up against MORE than HG. He only got rejection from her mom, who also allows him to soften her by working at the side-dish store. HN has no reprieve. Neither of HG's parents are willing for them to be together. Even though HG's dad has softened somewhat, he is hen-pecked and will go along with whatever his wife wants. HN doesn't see how this will end well for her. In Korea, love and marriage for women means leaving their family and joining another. Well her loving family isn't what she originally thought, now that she knows she was a foundling. and HG's family sucks, let's just admit it. So, in a way, I don't blame HN for taking a huge step back and not trying for love right now. Even if her mom comes around and accepts them in a relationship, hell would freeze over before HG's mom accepts them. Nope, the writer isn't going to "soften" her up until it comes out who HN's real mother is. Then, it will be clear that she is only out for clout and just how materialistic she has always been. I think HG should take a step back, focus on his work and his relationship with his mother.
  14. nubianlegalmind

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    Sorry to cut your post, but you posed a lot of good questions. I get the feeling that the Chinese police probably determined that there was foul play, but that it was connected to drugs. MHJ was famous, and he came from a wealthy family. He had two sets of parties who would've paid people off from allowing this to get out. They didn't want to tarnish his image, thus making JGB look like a murderer was the most obvious ploy. This would also help KBS because he wouldn't have to take a loss trying to protect his artist. He could go along with the lie, get paid, and throw her away to the wolves. I get the feeling that he has someone else behind him in the cover up. Could be MHJ's family, which I gathered they were financing a lot of his projects at that time, which is why he was so adamant about allowing MHJ take advantage of JGB. As far as the bag, the fact that it was sold will help JGB because I bet there are personal effects to the bag that will counter the fake the KBS now has. Unfortunately for JGB, she is up against not only her old agency and the scumbag KBS, but she is also up against the legacy of a star who is now dead. No one wants to defame the dead, but clearly, he too was a scumbag who was willing to drug and rape a woman. My concern is, even if GMS remembers everything from the time he was at the tattoo shop, up until the accident, due to the news of his medical condition, no one will believe him or allow it to hold any weight. They desperately need an alibi, a good one.
  15. nubianlegalmind

    [Drama 2018] Devilish Joy, 마성의 기쁨

    Well said my friend, I think the doctor definitely planned to kill GMS and that this whole you have a brain deterioration has been embellished to make him believe that he is going to die, when in actuality, it will be a hit that will take him out. Yoon probably figured that with his condition, people would feel that his being killed was a blessing in disguise. Also, and this has been bothering me since the first episode. Did they imply that his brain condition was a result of the childhood trauma or the accident? I work in medical malpractice and I have worked on a ton of neurological cases and one thing is for sure. If GMS has a neurological disorder to the point of brain deterioration, he would have had it before the accident. That is a condition that usually develops over quite some time.