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  1. Annyeong dear Investigation Couple chingu deul My eyes teared up when I read that today's episode is cancelled! But then I was so happy to know that 3 July will show Ep21-24 back to back. YES! Monday, July 2 Both MBC and KBS2 will be covering the Brazil vs. Mexico match. As a result, “Partners for Justice,” “Are You Human, Too,” and “Hello Counselor” will not be airing. Tuesday, July 3 “Partners for Justice” and “Are You Human, Too” will make up for the previous day’s cancellations by airing two days’ worth of episodes. From 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. KST, “Partners for Justice” will air episodes 21 through 24, and “Are You Human, Too” will air episodes 13 through 16.
  2. Hi @snowquality chingu, I'm watching ep11 now and nearly finished. Yup very interesting and intriguing. Very curious to know who is the elder. Is Mr X supposed to be elder or the someone connected to Chief Jang?
  3. Jaekyung is indeed pretty, she was Rainbow's leader. This group has disbanded.
  4. I so agree with you @Asianspirit at first I like Prosecutor Kang but as the episodes go on, I start to dislike his impulsive thinking and anger against Dr BB. I know Dr BB is not guilty since he's the main lead unless there's a twist in this drama. Oh dear need to wait another week for the next episodes. How to sleep?
  5. Annyeong, I'm back again. OMG Episode 6 made me laughed out loud. Its been a while that I will laugh hard during a drama. The scene of the spitting was so funny that I just burst out laughing. OMG the nail painter killer was Tae Joon's dad? And in the future, the killings continue because the dad has a devoted fan who carries out his pervert killings? Very interesting, looking forward to next Saturday for ep7. Need to get my chingus here with me ...... @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @Kasmic @kyunii88 @delfin @Ahpheng @maplekist @Sarang21 @nonski @jeonghyang @ohoheli @vangsweetie637 @bebebisous33 @plappi @rain719
  6. Annyeong chingu deul I'm nearly at the end of Ep5 but can't help myself, I just want to come in here to talk about this drama. I like Life on Mars more and more. I like the bromance between Han Tae Joo and Captain Kang. I also like to see Police Yoon Na Young, she's a smart police woman, too bad at that time, the men don't give much opportunity to women. If she's from the era which Tae Joo from, she would be an awesome detective. This drama is very enjoyable, it has all the elements - angst, mystery and comedy. Not sure if there would be any love line between Tae Joo and Na Young. I'm a bit worried about what will happen once Tae Joo wakes up from his coma. This world will disappear.....Ok I need to continue Ep5 now and continue to Ep6.
  7. Annyeong everyone Oh I like ghostly type of drama. Very interesting and furthermore its Daniel Choi so I will be on board for this drama. Would like to call out to my chingu deul :- @moodypie @Ahpheng @onnififi @Sarang21 @maplekist@ohoheli @jeonghyang @plappi @rain719 @nonski @bebebisous33 @Mau_Cherry
  8. OMG I have not really watched Ep10 yet but still I got a shock to find out who's the person behind the Chief/Head of Internal Affairs. Since no one is discussing about it, so I don't wanna be a spoiler. Gosh I really didn't see that coming. I will be back tomorrow to spazz with you all.
  9. hahahahaha that's why we are "Sweetie Pretties" @Mau_Cherry chingu I like your animated icon, where can I use it?
  10. Annyeong @snowquality when I watched the scene, I have the same thought as you that Si Hyun's dad also have a special ability that's how she get it too. I'm so curious about who is the Elder. This Elder seems to be very powerful and more so than Si Hyun. Yup me too like to see the interactions between Si Hyun and Kang Dong Soo, I too am hoping for a romance between them but I think it might not happen because of the dead fiancee.
  11. Welcome to join us, my dear chingu I'm happy that you like LL. Me too.
  12. Annyeong chingu deul Wow I found a new fave drama currently and that's "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim". Just finished Ep5 at work . No urgent work so can relax. Love the chemistry between PSJ and PMY. Yeoksi PSJ is indeed one of my fave Korean actors, he always delivers in any drama he's in. PMY is great too. Like her since SKKS. This episode gives me tingle feelings as I watched OTP staring contest moments . Looking forward to their 1st kiss. Annyeong to my chingus @ck1Oz @ohoheli @nonski @moodypie
  13. Annyeong everyone Whew I marathon Ep1-3 with subs and then Ep4 raw. Park Seo Joon always deliver. No wonder he's one of my fave actors. Park Min Young is very pretty here and so petite along side Park Seo Joon. I noticed that certain angles, PMY looks older now. Anyway I enjoy her acting as well. I see my chingus are here too @bebebisous33 @nonski @ck1Oz @UnniSarah No roll call today @nonski chingu?
  14. Oohhh this drama is a MUST WATCH for me because I always love Fairy Tale. Wow Yoon Hyun Min has come a long way since I first saw him in A Witch's Love 2014, then he was only a supporting role. Now he has been the main lead for few dramas already. Moon Chae Won is not one of my fave actresses but I always like to watch her dramas. Hope this drama will break it for me that she will be inserted in my list of fave actresses. Looking forward to this drama....Yeah!!! Calling my chingu deul here ~~~ @Ahpheng @rain719 @moodypie @Kissy13 @bebebisous33
  15. Annyeong chingu deul Oh Wow Sketch is getting more intense and exciting that I don't even budge from my seat for 1 hour. Just finished Ep5 and now looking forward to Ep6. The actor is doing fine as the perverted younger brother that I feel like I want to kick him in the face. The older brother looks cool but too bad also a very bad guy. I like the look of Sihyun's older brother, he's very good looking and smart. I don't think I have ever seen this actor in other dramas, maybe I had but don't remember. Looking forward to more of Rain and LDG's fighting scene in Ep6. I don't think Sihyun as the heroine will die easily, she's one of the main lead. I wonder if there's romance between her and Dongsoo. I doubt it since he just lost his fiance. Maybe there will be a season 2
  16. I feel the same way too. Thought I was the only one so I'm not weird after all. Yup I told my buddies that even though I watch Wok of Love because of Jang Hyuk and Junho, I find the story quite draggy and felt bored. Anyway I will still going to watch till the end.
  17. Thank you very much @lsbsg for the detailed recap. You have done a wonderful job at recapping every details. Yup Sketch is now getting more intense and exciting. Lately I can't watch online live anymore so unable to participate in the recapping but I will drop in more often now as my interest is spiked by Sketch . I'm enjoying the intense fighting between Rain and Lee Dong Gun. No wonder LDG is looking more leaner and fit, he must have trained hard for this role as well as Rain. I always like Lee Sun Bin when I first saw her in a drama and waited for her main role, so I got my wish came true in this drama. Any of my chingu here? @rain719 @moodypie @bebebisous33
  18. Wahhhhhh Jang Nara has a new drama coming up! Yes! Hurray! I'm so happy. Can't wait to watch this drama.
  19. Hi @bebebisous33 chingu, as usual you are amazing with your detailed comments. I have not started Lawless Lawyer yet but I will do that today because its Lee Jun Ki after all.
  20. Annyeong everyone Its been quite some time that I post anything in Soompi threads. I guess recent dramas don't interest me that much. Most of the dramas look interesting in the beginning but by the middle, I will lost interest and don't continue. I hope Miss Hammurabi will be interesting throughout. I'm interested in this new drama because of Go Ara. I have liked her when she was still in SME, Her acting has improved lots since the first drama I watched her in, After watching the 1st Episode, I''m interested in this drama and will continue. Go Ara's acting is great, I like her character's feisty personality. And I'm amazed with L too, his acting has improved tremendously and OMG he is very handsome in this drama. I know he's handsome, in fact one of the the most handsome idols but I was never attracted to his looks until this drama. He's really cute as Judge Im. Looking forward to Judge Im and Jugde Park's stories and romance. I wonder if there's any of my chingu here or not. Maybe I should invited them to this thread.....Calling my dear @moodypie @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Josie @Mau_Cherry @maplekist @plappi @onnififi @Sarang21 @nonski @dimples21 @suchadiva42
  21. Annyeong everyone Hi @evie7 chingu, welcome to Jang Hyuk's World . Jinja!!! You just discovered Jang Hyuk from Money Flower? Yup like @kohnlee recommended, you MUST watch Fated To Love You. I fell in love all over again with Jang Hyuk in FTLY with Jang Nara. The first time I discovered Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara was in Successful Story of a Bright Girl. Fated To Love You was their second drama together as couple after 12 years and finally they kissed. Looking forward to this new drama as I love Jang Huk and adore Junho too. I already like Junho from 2PM and I started to admire his acting ability at Chief Kim (KBS2, 2017). As for the female lead, Jung Ryeo Won, I have always like her acting as well. First saw her in My Lovely Sam Soon.
  22. hi chingu @bebebisous33 I think there will be a Season 3. I do like this drama even though the romance is barely there. The writer and PD are toying with our interest for the loveline. From this season, I gather that HWS is already in love with YSO and YSO has feelings too for HWS. Yup I'm curious too how bad was HJS' crime that he asked for Secretary Kim's help. I'm very sure Season 3 will be coming up because both Secretary Kim and Yuk are still free. There's only one thing I'm puzzled, i never know that YSO's best buddy was interested in the police. I thought she's just a great chef from Season 1. Then in Season 2, suddenly she's in the police force because she passed the test. Poor YSO.
  23. Annyeong chingu deul What I want to comment here is nothing to do with the drama but about Choi Kang Hee. As I know Choi Kang Hee's eyes are light brown but in Episode 13 almost to the end part, when she was talking about loving the person in front of her then Detective Ha leaned in close to Seol Ok, we can see her eyes and i think she was wearing contacts lens cos the circle around her irises are more dark. I remember her eyes are light brown only without any rings. Hmmm maybe I'm mistaken, will have to recheck. Ok back to the drama, the pervert is so daring to ask Professor Ha's help to find Secretary Kim. Gosh is it really Detective Ha's sunbae is Secretary Kim? So this means he is the villain then, how come Detective Ha don't know? Oh well, we will know hopefully by next week or........ As for the real Seo Hyun Soo, like you all, I'm wondering what did she do so wrong that she has to hide her real identity. And she's willing to say goodbye to her love. Can't wait to see what's the revelation about her and I want Detective Ha to have a closure about his 1st love. The ring proves that Detective Ha has already got serious feelings for Seol Ok, too bad the ring is taken by another. I want to see their shock and surprise too when they found out its the Cake Owner who took the ring all these while.
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