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  1. Hi chingu, is that why today only showed 1 episode? due to the sport? haizzzzzzzzz so sad! I was expecting 2 episodes tonight.
  2. OMG the ending of Ep17-18 was so heart fluttering. Poor Chan is going to have heartache soon but I guess he will overcome it as he loves his Mr Gong so much. I thought at the ending, WJ would kiss SR but alas....staring contest was on. Oh I thought there's going to be 2 episodes today? Maybe I missed???
  3. Yup I think Cha Eun Woo feels comfortable around Im Soo Hyang. She's very approachable. Have you watched their episode at Knowing Brothers?
  4. Hi @zenya22 I enjoyed reading your detailed comment on the latest episode. I agree with the above, next week's episode will be more suspense, intriguing and exciting. That Butler Jung is very smart, because she knew that KCK monitored the CCTV, she went down to kneel as if begging JEH but instead she was threatening her with an evil and crazy look. I hope this time, JEH is much stronger than the old JEH. I wonder why they don't want to tell JEH about Dara. Is Dara her daughter or KCK's out of wedlock's daughter. His rival told him after investigation, found out he has a house in Japan with a beautiful woman and a little girl.
  5. Ahhhhhh after rewatching the preview for Ep9, I'm mistaken about the part that KS said he's interested in MR. Its actually he told CW that he's not the one he should apologized to. He should apologize to MR. Yup it seems that in the preview, MR is having jealousy pangs.
  6. Yup SA is getting worse. She don't want to see other couples happy. It seemed that Sunbae is swayed by her attention especially she is supposed to be the most beautiful at the university.
  7. Annyeong Gangnam Beauty chingu deul Love love love to see all KS and MR's moments. KS is so cunning, the main reason why he chose to move in WY's place is because of MR. He is jealous of the interaction between MR and WY. This episode shows that MR does have feelings for KS. If I'm not wrong, she admitted she can't see KS as a normal boy friend. She always want a good boy friend not the couple boyfriend. I hope you all know what i mean Wow SA is really a sly bxxxx. Now she's trying to seduce the sunbae who likes Kim Tae Hee. SA is really a bxxxx, she can't see others happy. She's going to ruin TH & Sunbae's relation soon. I hope Yooeun will let the others know soon that SA is liar. There's a scene which KS was sitting alone on the bench at school, SA came to sit besides him, he immediately stood up and took off while saying he's busy and got something to do. Served her right! Next week's episode is getting more exciting. SA is making moves on KS and the sunbae. Then KS told SA that he is interested in MR. (if i'm not mistaken)
  8. Annyeong everyone Looking forward to today's episode but aigoo my usual link suddenly gone dead on me. Can any chingu pm me a good live link? Gomawo chingu.... Omo omo omo I think today's live connection is not good, I can see many of us can't watch live today due to the link not working. Its ok then, I will download the RAW later.
  9. Hi @pad-hari chingu I'm not surprised that there were fans following CEW around, he's an idol after all. He's the most popular member of his group, ASTRO.
  10. Annyeong everyone I just finished Ep1-4 of this funny drama. I laughed a lot. I like Song Ji Hyo in this new drama. Park Si Hoo is one of my fave actors. I was sad due to his scandal and controversy before. I'm very happy that he has made a comeback to dramaland. I think I missed his previous drama before this. Anyway I want to say I enjoy this drama lots so will continue to watch and laugh. Hi @Mau_Cherry chingu, I'm here to accompany you Calling @moodypie @ruzikie @ohoheli @Ahpheng @jeonghyang @plappi @vangsweetie637 @YourHighness . @dimples21 @suchadiva42 @julie721 @missdey @angelwingssf @mslee @packmule3 @Kissy13 @ZarraJae @deandraluv @rain719
  11. You have misunderstood me. I never said JWR is not pretty. She is. Why I commented like that because I know korean group idols don't simply date. If they really want to date, then they will do it secretly unless caught.
  12. Annyeong everyone Sooh Ah the actress' real name is Jo Woo Ri. Jinja! She's dating CEW? There's 5 years difference between them. CEW is 1997 and JWR is 1992. Usually Korean Idols tried to not go public on dating. Cha Eun Woo is a member of ASTRO, this group is doing their best to stay popular, so far I don't think they ever won any 1st Place at Music Shows. And I'm very sure their agency would not allowed CEW to date since he's the most popular member of ASTRO. Unless he really fall for JWR which I doubted.
  13. Annyeong chingu, yup me too. Actually I have stopped watching live for months now. I usually watch RAW if I can't wait for the subs. Or I will wait for the subs the next day and watch. I started to watch live since yesterday and its all because of Gangnam Beauty
  14. Hi chingu, yup I'm having the same feeling as you. I think she's trying her best to win KS over which of course she would fail big time.
  15. Hahahahaha it's nice to watch Kyungsuk's jealousy. I'm sure he's aware that he's falling for Mirae. I pity Mirae's best friend, Hyunjung, because I think she has misunderstood Wooyoung. She somehow thought that he's interested in her after the card reading. Wooyoung is actually interested in Mirae. I hope Hyunjung won't turn against Mirae later because of that. @ohoheli dongseng, pity you have missed to watch today's episode live. Remember to watch the raw or with sub tomorrow ok? Hi @Mau_Cherry chingu, I'm so happy to see you active in here.