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  1. Hi @stargazer187 yup I wonder too. If its the Japanese version, then yes. Korean version, not sure but maybe too since MY is a very complicated person and not a committed person especially in feelings until he met JK. But I would like to think that MY did not sleep with SA, if yes, then he's really a bad person because he's pursuing SA's best friend now.
  2. Annyeong everyone Hi @stargazer187 so the Japan version had a sad ending. I wonder if it applies to the Korean version. Anyway I think so too but I'm too involved in this drama so I will continue to the end even though it does not have a happy ending. Hi @AlexandraReid This is the first time I see Seo Eun Soo's acting. I got nothing against her. Maybe she's like that because her character is supposed to act like that. Poor her if she gets lots of criticism. Yup I remember MY did mentioned that to JK that SA didn't apologized for her mum's slap and scorn towards JK. Hi @redmists Yup I agree...JK is always the giver while SA is the taker and never really appreciate JK's friendship. I think for the next coming episodes, their years long friendship will be broken because of MY. MY even confessed to SA that he likes JK. Hi @diamondzr4eva Yup I took note of that too. It seems that MY listens very well to JK's order. Now I'm looking forward to how JK slowly falls for MY.
  3. Annyeong @bebebisous33 wow you are right! I have forgotten all about Harry Potter and Voldemort's love-hate relationship. Yup HP can see the possessed person's actions during killing and so on. And furthermore, more than one possessed person kept on saying HP is one of them. I'm excited to see the end of this drama to see if they are right about HP but I also don't want this drama to end so fast because I'm enjoying my weekly bouts of The Guest. I'm so glad you have started watching this drama and thus, can join us here with your insights. I'm as usual quite passive in the thread, only you can draw me out from my shell
  4. Hi @ellelyana88 I'm interested in your post. Can I ask how come you are there to witness the exorcisms? Wow..you must be a very brave person to be there to witness. Hi @LyraYoo chingu it's good to see you in this thread too. I have not been very active in Soompi lately but I'm back due to the many Korean dramas I was and still watching. Are you at The Ghost Detective too?
  5. Annyeong everyone Wow Ep4 gave me the creeps and chills. Towards the end, I have suspected it was the older bro who was possessed. And the younger brother became his accomplice. Hi @Dramanoona @CI0 I too suspect the other priest which was the first priest that went with Mateo's brother to exorcist young Hwapyung. Now we know the possessed person can act normally just like the older brother. With the flow of the drama, I suspect there won't be any romance at all unless there's a twist. Looking forward to next Wed and Thurs for new episodes. The ratings are rising at each episode.... Date Episode Nielsen Korea (%) TNmS (%) Nationwide Seoul 2018-09-12 01 1.575 1.846 2.2 2018-09-13 02 2.902 3.488 - 2018-09-19 03 2.572 2.857 - 2018-09-20 04 3.207 3.917
  6. Annyeong everyone Normally I don't like to watch horror movie or drama but The Guest.....I can't seem to avoid watching it. Today while watching Ep3, I just realized both of the main male leads were in Coffee Prince together. Both Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook were in Coffee Prince. Now they are together again and this time as the main leads in The Guest. Yup I do agree that The Guest is scarier than The Ghost Detective. I'm watching TGD too. I just finished Ep3 and looking forward to Ep4 tonight. Yup I prefer to watch it during daytime too. I wonder anyone of you here have encounter spirit and ghost before?
  7. Thank you so much for the kissing gifs dear @kangminjae chingu. I'm clicking my mouse button to save all the gifs frantically
  8. DKS kissed MR twice. 1st unexpected kiss to assure MR that he likes her despite her previous original face. 2nd to go in for another kiss. Saw DKS opened his mouth to kiss MR and she responded. I bet many Astro fangirls are either laughing or crying. @ohoheli dongseng! I hope you did screencap the kisses.
  9. BACKHUG!!!! So sweet......... I wonder if there will be a kiss in Ep15 next Friday.
  10. Annyeong chingu deul Hyunjung called Mirae that she will be away to her parents' house. Mirae invited Kyungsuk to her place. Then Kyungsuk said he needed to buy something first and asked her to go ahead. Mirae rushed home and got a shock because her parents were there. Ahhhh Kyungsuk went to buy wine.
  11. Annyeong chingu deul Errrr actually I want to share a video clip of ASTRO but unable to put below the preview. I will put the video under hidden. If KS ever smiled as CEW in the video, Mirae will faint. Eotteokke chingu, I forget how to hide it. Anyway here is the video: Mianhae Mod! Please help to hide. In case some chingu want the preview in youtube format, here it is.....
  12. hahahahaha KS heard from WY that MR has rejected him. KS smiled. Then he called MR to ask her to meet up. When they met up, he asked MR what did she and WY did the night before. Then KS said he heard from WY that MR has rejected him. MR said I didn't know WY is a person who tell tales. Then MR said she will tell him the reason why she rejected WY. She said she likes another person. And that person is you. Then she confessed that she likes him. He just froze for few minutes. They stared at each other for a long time.
  13. Yeah Mirae ran all the way back to the lab and interrupted KS and SA. She said "Kyungsuk ah, let's go"......
  14. Annyeong everyone Are you all ready for today's episode? Let's hope MR and KS start to date in this episode so we don't have to wait for tomorrow. @ohoheli dongseng, odi? Are you here with us? Chingu deul are you all here? @Mau_Cherry @nonski @Moody
  15. Annyeong chingu deul Oh my goodness! I love today's ending. They kissed! WJ told SR that he likes/loves her and SR replied she too. So they kissed. Then suddenly SR scooted away far from WJ, he asked her why. She said because her heart beat so fast and loud, she's scared he heard. Then he laughed and ....... Then WJ asked her to hold hands and while they were walking, SR asked him "one more time" and WJ smiled and kissed her. She continued to say "One more time" and he kissed her again. Then SR said one more time to see the sketch of her and joom joom joom. WJ said something and joom joom joom. Both of them really match each other, both has 4D personality. So cute! I laughed so much at the ending. @ohoheli dongseng, odi? Did you watch live? Ok dongseng, I just saw your screencaps, so you were watching live with us too