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  1. I just start to watch this drama up until episode 4, and gosh I love it. To be honest, this drama is such a gem. I did not expect this drama to be so good, its truly one depressing drama but yet so addicting. A lot of people might already said it but, I do love IU character here and her acting really do improve a lot. It's nice to see IU playing a character that out of her 'usual' self (the cute and pretty one, who do an ordinary things and eventually attract a lot of boys/mens, and her eyes wide open in every zoom in shot you know what I mean), for me I think she play the character Ji An pretty well, she have that emotion that makes you the viewer feel her sorrow, her sadness and also her desperation despite all the bad things that she do to other people including LSK's character. And I do love the brotherhood of these ahjushi, and their own life story. It's hard not to share some emotion and connection to all this character, at least we all feel a little bit depressed in life and we could connect a lit bit from this character, Park Dong Hoon is one of frustrating and lonely man. There are not much lines in this drama, sometimes the character just sit in silents without uttering a word, BUT thats the good part. Even-though we did not hear any word, but their action speak louder and has a lot of meaning. And PDH's wife, she do act like a richard simmons mean lady by cheating from her husband with his junior slash boss. But if you see from her point of view, its not really entirely her fault. All this time the only interaction that I see from this married couple is just so minimalist, if you ask me it isn't an ideal for marriage life. And every time the wife ask something to her husband, her husband just give her a short answer. Any woman can get lonely with a husband like that, that is why she is seeking an affection and attention from another man, I know its wrong but try see it from her shoes. People shouldn't be so sceptical at first and really do give this drama a chance. And can someone tell me, will there be or not a possible romantic relationship between LJA and PDH? Because I don't want to start shipping them in romantic way only end up with a broken heart. (yeah, thats how I ship my drama couple)
  2. Can I pinch Baby Sol's cheek... and Son Seung Won seems like the one who more attach to Sol..
  3. I just found this drama four days a go and have been in marathon until the recent episode 10. I did not expect this drama to be this good... It's light and entertaining, I haven't laugh this often from watching Korean drama. I love how goofy their love story is, the overreaction from the character and the humour of course, its a hidden gem. JTBC have been gearing up their game lately, almost every drama of them is good. And hopefully the 4 episode extension did not lower their standard and plot for this drama. And lastly, can we have more baby sol with the guys scene please. am I the only one who doesn't want KSJ and LJK to have a love line, their relationship is already perfect, and I'm afraid some romance will ruin it all.