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  1. @azureblue7- ya i saw in page 583. Thanks alot for posting. What I had meant was, do you have the entire episode of 6? Seems he talked alot but I don't understand anything except for (wife). As I mentioned in previous pages, I started to dig out his talk shows/interviews because I needed to take a break from KPJ. And I bumped into this show called Tasty Road. He's a guest in 1 of the episode. There are 2 women on the show, 1 of them is the actress who acted in Gaekju.
  2. @azureblue7- I can't get in the youku site but thanks for posting. Can I ask again, the 2010 Win Win programme, do you have the subtitle for #006. That's the episode in which he sent a love message to his wife. I want to ask if you have the subtitle for that episode itself. The link at Stuck on Hyuk can't be opened.
  3. @azureblue7- thanks for posting with chinese sub, the Uncontrollably Acting. It's episode 6 that has him demonstrating sword fighting. I just love how he does it. I think he enjoys teaching. Didn't he say he initially wanted to be a Teacher...he just enjoys talking. If I have a Teacher like him, I would be listening attentively (not to the lesson though). When I watched the movie THORN at that time, I wondered to myself, how can any girl student resist this charming Teacher. I don't mind to have remedial class with him everyday, lol. I find him look tired in Urban Cops.
  4. Thanks for recommending Healing Camp. This guy is hilarious! He's serious yo, when it comes to his hotdog. This guy likes bread + sausage I laughed when he talked about rocking his baby to bed. Oh, i watched this programme Uncontrollably Acting (no sub). In 1 of the episode, JH was teaching the young people sword fighting. Look at him, a 42 years old Ahjussi is looking more good than those young people. Yet despite he being a martial arts person, he looks gentle on the outside.
  5. @Prettysup- Oops! Sorry! My eyes needs to be checked...lol...Healing Camp ah...ok will search for it. Have you watched the 2012 or 2013 Win Win where CTH was the guest & JH was also present for some moments. I believe they were talking about their wife/children but me no understand anything.
  6. @Prettysub - Many thanks! I actually didn't realise the heading... @azureblue7- Thanks for the link. But can't get in. Thanks for posting the MF award speech & his speech to his wife. Gosh! Mrs Jung sure has got herself a good husband. In my opinion, although he's private about his personal life, but he never fails to mention his wife whenever possible. Could it be his way of "putting up a fence" against rumour? In Win Win, in Real Men, in Dragon Club, in Mom's Diary, he spoke about wife. In Carefree Traveler he spoke about his boys. I've been watching/re watching MF so want to take a break from KPJ. Trying to dig out his talk shows/interviews but it's so difficult to find with subtitles. Actually I do find him more attractive as he aged. Glad to be here to be able to chit chat with you all. Oh yes, I got locked out earlier...still having this problem.
  7. Call me slow...i really am slow. Just came across a programme Win Win (year 2010). I think there are parts #001 to #007. In #006 he said something to his wife. Unfortunately I don't understand korean language. Anyone knows what he said? His next drama is My Country, is it?
  8. I like how he swept the crumbs to the floor! If at home, dear wife will be because she gotta clean the floor! Probably he needs a (baby) bib, you know the type with a pouch infront to collect food dropped from the mouth! 哈哈哈. I would think in real life he's a simple person. If he's comfortable with who he is with, he would talk alot! @ Prettysub - me too, i shake my head about these shipping fans. Fans who think they have the right to his personal life. @azureblue7- remember you sent me the review for MF. I re watched epi 8. That was JBC/NMH wedding night & KPJ was feeling sad. JMR offered herself as substitute. KPJ self control is very good. I wish NMH was more clingy to him. I like to see KPJ struggling with his emotions. Sorry to be a pain in the neck. But i guess because we come from different region so sometimes cannot find. Do you know where can watch his speech with subtitles when he was took award for Bad Papa, Money Flower.
  9. Oh mine! He looks good in pink & the little girl too! So cute their interaction. I think he really adores children. If you remember in drama THANK YOU, his interaction with little girl (Bomi) was really good. His bts interaction with the little girl in Bad Papa too. Makes me wonder his interaction with his own daughter. I think he spoils her crazy . Although he takes on many projects but when it comes to his children, i think he's attentive to their needs. In Carefree Traveler, he brought books about soccer because his son(s) are interested to play soccer. In Mom's Diary, he mentioned Thursday is recycle day. So even though he's outside, he would come home to do recycling, than go out again if need be (he said). I get annoyed when people talk about him not wanting to go home. Not wanting to go home & not being able to go home are 2 different things. I also get annoyed whenever people hoping he would end up in real life with this actress or that actress, esp after a hit drama. Looking compatible in drama doesn't mean they will be compatible in real life. Shouldn't fans respect his choice (who he chose to be his wife). And we know he got a good wife who stood by him in good times & in bad. Oh I'm sorry for being grumpy today! (Please forgive me).
  10. @Prettysub - Thanks for clarifying. I actually stared at the photos for awhile trying to figure out which part of the little girl looked like JH. Those West Wood photos of him reminds me of him in Beautiful Mind. Personally, I like his hair in MF. I like his hair combed up. Hoping to be able to read more of his interviews with subtitles. I like it most when he talks about his wife. In 1 of the episode in Dragon Club, he mentioned that he reflects when his wife cries. I'm so touched by those words.
  11. I was re-watching Midas. The 1st time when I watched it back then, I fast forwarded quite abit. Couldn't understand the stocks thingy & found the story boring. Re-watching it, found the same stuff boring. However, the lead actress is sweet looking(she acted in Searching for the Elephant too). But her acting is (in my opinion) not very good ya. Come to think of it, makes me appreciate MF even more. MF story is easy to follow & the plot is exciting. BTW, did you watch Searching for the Elephant? I find the movie so confusing.
  12. @AgnesOI think it's me...when I realised he wasn't the main lead in WOL, i got switched off. The rest of the actors/actress doesn't interest me. Actually I wanted to ask a question about MF but I got locked out then. I'm curious if KPJ was ever intimate with MR? Sometimes the way they touch each other is sensual. And I noticed anyone can walk into KPJ bedroom without knocking. KPJ doesn't even have privacy in his bedroom. No wonder KPJ is a lonely man His life is full of sadness. The only relative he has is Grandfather but even after knowing that KPJ is Grandson, old man didn't treat him very well either. But old man's girlfriend is nice to KPJ.
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